Trudeau Drivetime Travel Mug, Black

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Product Description

This mug has a lot going for it. It's roomy so you can have a full 18 oz. of brew. It's covered by a 5 year warranty. It's easy to use whether you are a rightie or a leftie. It features superior "drinkability" and perhaps best of all it is guaranteed NOT to leak! Oh, and if you tend to be the forgetful type be sure to choose one in a bright color.

  • Guaranteed leak-proof lid
  • Generous 18 ounce capacity
  • Handle rotates for right or left -handed use
  • 360 degree drink lid allows hot beverage to pour from anywhere on the rim

Customer Reviews:

  • A stylish, leak-proof, but poorly insulated travel mug
    The Trudeau is most excellent and the price via Amazon beats other easily. Thumbs up for style, form, and part of the function: being spill-proof. HOWEVER, I read somewhere that the "Double wall insulation provides 2 hours heat insulation". Not exactly certain what that means, but I presumed it meant "You can expect to enjoy hot coffee for up to two hours", i.e., after two hours the coffee would start to be noticeably cool.

    Try 1 hour. At 2 hours, the coffee was pretty cool. And yes, I RTM and filled the mug with hot water for a few minutes before filling with coffee. No dice. I am kinda let down b/c of other containers that I have used with satisfaction:

    -- I was given a Caribou Coffee "Stainless Steel Thermos" (you can find it from their web site) and was very content with it - it kept coffee hot for hours. Even four hours later (sometimes meetings in the morning get in the way), the coffee was piping hot. But, it was not a mug, per se. Ok, maybe it's not fair to compare a thermos with a mug. But I think it's fair to expect between 1-2 hours of pretty hot liquid from a travel mug.

    -- I formerly used a Starbucks travel mug (some stainless steel thing with the widest mouth/body and slightly tapered base). Now this was a mug and it, too, kept the coffee hot for 2-3 hours. I mean hot.

    So, the Trudeau is 2 out of 3 cool: looks and spill-free, but not really effective at insulating. At least, this has been my experience. And no, this is not meant to be a plug for either Caribou or Starbucks....more info
  • Just what I have been looking for!!!
    I have had the more well-known travel mugs, and thought that they were the best. Well, I was wrong. This travel mug is by far the best out there. It is truly leak-proof. My friends get tired of me turning it upside down (I guess I'm easily amused hehe), but I really do like a mug that won't spill if tipped over. When turned to the drink side, the liquid flows at about the right rate, not too fast, not too slow. Anyway, I can't say enough about this mug, and the price also beats the competition....more info
  • Didn't do the job
    This coffee mug did not keep the coffee hot. I would not make the same purchase again....more info
  • Perfect!
    Unlike many of my other travel mugs this one does not suffer from the "have to blow liquid out of the airhole to get a sip" problem. Nor does it suffer from "splash back" when you jolt the mug while it's in the open position, such as hitting a bump while driving. This mug kept my tea "SCORCHING HOT" for an hour and warm enough to drink for about 3 hours (total drinkable time 3 hours). When you lock it closed it does not leak at all. Very stylish too! I am going to buy 2 more today!...more info
  • Not a good option for a travel coffee mug
    I used this for only 2 - 3 weeks and the black paint on the mug began to chip off. While it keeps the contents hot, the design of the lid doesnt allow all the fluid inside to come out especially towards the end. I would go with another brand than this mug. Infact I had to return it back to Amazon for a refund....more info
  • Not cancer causing like those plastic mugs!
    This is a great mug for the price! It is stainless steel on both the outside and inside which is exactly what I was looking for. Most 18 oz mugs are a lot more expensive. More importantly it is stainless steel on the inside. Plastic coffee mugs may be a little bit cheaper but you're paying more with your health with the cancer causing chemicals that leak out in the plastic mugs. We're very happy with this product!...more info
  • Not so leakproof...
    My particular model, unfortunately, wasn't so leakproof; even with the lid screwed on as tight as it gets, it spills coffee at the lid's gasket... including during normal usage. In other words, as I'm carefully drinking coffee out of it, I end up with drops of coffee falling onto my tie.

    Bad design. Don't buy, unless you've got a dry cleaner as a friend....more info
  • Guarenteed leakproof lid and drinkproof
    Beautiful mug and the coffee stays hot. When they say leakproof lid, however, they really mean it. Even in the open position NOTHING comes out!!! Can't figure out if it is possible to adjust the lid. We have to drink our beverages with the lid off which defies to whole purpose of "travel mugs". I took advantage of the 5 year warrenty and the replacements had the same problem. Apperently as the gasket on the lid heats up it expands. Then the seal is just as tight as if it were in the closed position. We are very unhappy with this product and I wish to give it -5 Stars....more info
  • Perfect product
    Awesome product. I had an older model for 7 years and lost it. I'm glad I did! I drive an older two seater with no cup holders so I need an absolutely leak proof mug. This is it. Great size, Fits in my other cars cup holder, and does not leak!!! Easy to use, comfortable lid to drink from. Love it....more info
  • good value and quality
    I have had only good experiences with this travel mug as well as with other Trudeau insulated products. The 360 degree drinking (meaning you can drink from any side) is a good feature. The mug needs to be opened with two hands so not good for people who want to open and close it while driving. The black finish is very sleek but isn't a tough finish if the mug is going to be banged around. I have seen ones in stores with scratches on them....more info
  • Leak-Proof!
    This is the only cup I've found that doesn't leak (important to train commuters!). It's not the best at holding heat for a long time, but that is not as important to me as the fact that I can show up to work without coffee stains on me and my stuff....more info


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