Trudeau Drivetime Travel Mug, Red
Trudeau Drivetime Travel Mug, Red

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Product Description

This mug has a lot going for it. It's roomy so you can have a full 18 oz. of brew. It's covered by a 5 year warranty. It's easy to use whether you are a rightie or a leftie. It features superior "drinkability" and perhaps best of all it is guaranteed NOT to leak! Oh, and if you tend to be the forgetful type be sure to choose one in a bright color.

  • Guaranteed leak-proof lid
  • Generous 18 ounce capacity
  • Handle rotates for right or left -handed use
  • 360 degree drink lid allows hot beverage to pour from anywhere on the rim

Customer Reviews:

  • Trudeau Drivetime TravelMug
    Works great and keeps anything hot for hours! This travel mug is most definitely leak proof. I have turned it over several times and NOTHING comes out. The only con I have is that the drink, for me it is coffee, comes out slow. The lid is nice in that you can drink from anywhere around it. It is very easily cleaned as compared with other travel mugs since you can not throw it in the dishwasher. I adjusted the lid so that the coffee comes out quicker as there is a screw on the bottom of the lid to make this adjustment. Just be careful as to how much you loosen it otherwise the liquid will then spill out....more info
  • Disappointed
    I purchased 3 of these mugs after reading the customer reviews at this site. Unfortunately, the mug lids are ineffective. The opening where the liquid is supposed to flow through (so you can drink it) is so small it's impossible to get a sip. I tried returning them and had 1 successful return transaction but now have 2 mugs which are not usable. I've tried using a screwdriver to create a larger opening and I've tried stretching it with various utensils but the lids end up the way they started: not functional.

    In defense of the mug, the one that works is great. I just paid $36 for 1 instead of 3, and have had the hassle of trying to fix the others without success. ...more info
  • good design, some flaws
    These mugs are very well-insulated and the lid is designed so that coffee won't slosh all over your car if you go over a bump in the road (the lid has an integrated disc which drops down when you switch the mug to open). The lid mechanism also limits the flow of your beverage as well so that you can avoid coffee stains on freshly laundered shirts. The only design flaw is that the mug tapers at the base making it difficult to clean and causing it to fit loosely in my car's cupholders (VW). Also, the lid mechanism does not disassemble easily for cleaning. Overall, high quality for the price with some drawbacks....more info
  • pretty but not the best
    I love this cup until I spilt coffee all down my shirt. I showed my husband the no spill factor and he was impressed then we were driving and I thought that the lid was on all the way, apparently not. It felt tight but unless I over-tightened it it would leak when tipped. Now every once in a while I forget to over do it and end up with a coffee stain on my shirt....more info
  • love this cup!
    I have owned this cup for over a year and it has NEVER leaked when the lid is screwed on correctly. Which is great since I have no cup holders in my car, I can close the lid and toss it in the passenger seat and not worry about any dribbles. Only draw back is that it does not keep beverages hot as long as I would like, but since most of the time I use it for Iced tea that's not a huge problem for me, it does keep things cold for quite a while....more info
  • Don't waste your money
    This cup doesn't leak. Unfortunately, you can't sip from it either (unless you have the patience to drink your beverage at the rate of 4-5 drops per minute). There is barely any difference between the open and closed positions.

    Unfortunately I couldn't return it since I mangled the cup by removing a large o-ring, hoping it would allow the contents to flow more freely. It did, but now there is no difference between the open and closed positions. My suggestion is not to waste your money on this product. ...more info
  • trudeau drivetime travel mug
    This mug in general is nice. Keeps liquids hot. Fits in cup holder in car without a problem. The top screws on. To drink, the dial on the top needs to be turned. This can be a pain. It is fairly leak-proof. For the price, it is a decent travel mug....more info
  • Finally! A Travel Mug that Doesn't Leak!!
    I've tried my entire life to find a travel mug that doesn't dribble coffee all over my chin or lap. The alternative has always been one that works initially, then suddenly stopped working after about a month. This one really does what it claims -- at least for now (I got it for Christmas). It hasn't been that long, I admit, but I'm impressed with the weight, looks, and function it provides. One pain is that it's not dishwasher safe, but I'm willing to handwash it if that's what it takes to keep it in good working order. For what it's worth, it also comes with a lifetime guarantee. I'm very pleased for now but will update my rating if it starts leaking....more info
  • Cap is tricky
    Cap is a bit too sophisticated and one broke immediately. I would prefer simpler caps....more info
  • Excellent Product
    I drive to work 35 minutes everyday and wanted a travel mug that would actually close and not spill. This travel mug is great! I liked it so much I bought two....more info
  • Leaky but vacuum tight
    This travel mug is cute and fits into my car cup holder but it leaks! So I drink it with top off once I get to work. But by the time I get there (a whole 10 mintes later) some sort of heat vacuum thing has happened and I can't get the lid off- no joke. ...more info
  • Terrible, Terrible, Terrible!!!
    I think I could get more coffee from a swizel stick. When it is open, the coffee barely trickles out. It does not allow enough coffee to drink out of it. I will say that yes it is great with being spillproof, but what good is that if no coffee comes out....more info
  • Spillproof from the top but watch out for the bottom
    This is an amazing product. It will not spill, if locked. I have two children, which makes it necessary to have an insulated cup so that I can both have a hot cup of tea and can make sure it doesn't spill all over the car, or my kids, or me, or the sand at the park.... One thing I would look out for though, is the bottom. For some reason, it begins to leak after a while. I have found it's only a problem when you put the hot liquid in. So, I put a napkin under and let it finish gurgling from the bottom, and it's fine. However, if say, your husband, who is in charge of dishes that night and doesn't feel like handwashing this mug decides to put it in the dishwasher, watch out the next day. The amount of liquid that comes out of the bottom when you pour your drink in to the cup, is truly amazing - easily a half cup of water comes out of the bottom! So, don't even think about putting it in the dishwasher. Otherwise, it's a great product....more info
  • Not cancer causing like those plastic mugs!
    This is a great mug for the price! It is stainless steel on both the outside and inside which is exactly what I was looking for. Most 18 oz mugs are a lot more expensive. More importantly it is stainless steel on the inside. Plastic coffee mugs may be a little bit cheaper but you're paying more with your health with the cancer causing chemicals that leak out in the plastic mugs. We're very happy with this product! ...more info
  • Great Mug
    I love this coffee mug! This is the only mug that I have found that truly does not spill. ...more info


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