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Product Description

Austin Air Healthmate air purifiers come in 3 models: Healthmate, Healthmate Jr., and Healthmate Plus for those with chemical sensitivities. These are an economy buy for a HEPA filter machine with no bells and whistles, but good filtration of both particulates and gases and odors. Each unit is encased in a durable steel casing in a choice of 3 colors, and has a superb 5-year warranty on both the filter, and all parts and labor. This saves on filter replacement costs. We view these air purifiers as workhorses offering the consumer good value for money This Austin Air Healthmate air purifier line with HEPA filters, as well as carbon and zeolite filter media, are well regarded in the allergy industry. They have an unusually large amount of impregnated carbon and zeolite mix (15 lbs. in Austin Standard and Plus units and 6.5 lbs in Austin Jr.) for odor and gas control and the standard and plus models are the largest air purifiers of their kind. The economical 1 1/2 H.P. split capacitor only uses 115 watts of power at its highest setting, and the motor only uses 400 CFM of air movement cleaning range of up to 750 square feet (200 CFM on high for up to 375 sq. ft. for the Austin Jr. air purifier model). The air exchange rate is proportionately smaller at maximum fan speed. The included HEPA filter filters out allergens up to .3 microns and 99.97 % efficiency. The units have 3 fan speeds. Austin air purifiers do not produce ozone or negative ions.

  • Energy cost efficient: same energy it takes to run an 80 watt light bulb with at highest setting
  • Quiet on low speed: somewhat quiet at low fan speed, so easier to live with in the bedroom at night
  • Durable exterior: encased in steel - non-gloss surface resists scratching, scuffing, smudging
  • Uses very little energy even on highest settings, 3 speed control switch, air flow 200 cfm
  • Long lasting HEPA + carbon + zeolite filter lasts for 5 years ; 5 year pro-rated guarantee
Customer Reviews:
  • Austin Air=Antiquated Air Filtration Technology
    Austin Air Healthmate Jr is missing UV LIght to kill bacteria filtered from the air, ozone to kill airborne viruses and negative ion output. All it has is a medical grade HEPA filter. The filter will need to be replaced before the 5 years it is supposed to last and it will SMELL when the filter gets clogged. I did the research AFTER I bought a Healthmate Jr unfortunately. Also when you buy this bulky item, ask them about a restocking fee and return shipping. Buying and returning one could easily leave you $50-60 dollars poorer. There are better, more advanced, cheaper air filters out there. I now have 2 Multi-Tech 2 XJ3000D air filters and I love them!!...more info
  • This thing is loud
    I'm disappointed with this unit. It's too loud for the bedroom even on the lowest setting. I think the filtration is good, but too loud. It's gotta be more than the db rating it's published under. In fact, it's loud for any room in the house. Maybe I got a defective unit, but I don't think so. ...more info
  • Basic HEPA Filter Machine
    Not only is this particular model energy efficient, there are three speeds and the filters don't have to be replaced for 5 years. I just ordered a new HEPA filter and it cost one hundred dollars for the replacement, which is only twenty dollars a year.

    The low speed setting allows air to filter in my bedroom while I'm asleep and I can easily move the air purifier around the house while I'm cleaning. The exterior is highly durable and the surface really does resist scratching.

    I have found that I am sick less often now that I have this filter in my home. If you have allergies, this is a must! The included HEPA filter filters out allergens up to .3 microns and 99.97 % efficiency.

    When you order a new filter, they also send you a new liner for the inside of the air purifier.

    This Filter is always running somewhere in my house, so after years and years and years of work, this is still filtering the air and I hardly ever have to dust, especially now that I have a new filter. Also look for the models with "wheels" if that is of interest to you. These filters are not that heavy, but you might want to consider how often you are going to be moving the filter around the house.

    ~The Rebecca Review...more info