Nature's Secret - Ultimate Cleanse, 1 kit

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Product Description

Ultimate Cleanse™ is a unique two-part program that offers 26 powerful herbs, five fiber types (cellulose, hemicellulose, pectin, gums and lignin) and a nutrient-filled superfoods.

  • Does Not Contain: Corn, yeast, dairy, wheat, artificial ingredients.

Customer Reviews:

  • The Ultimate Cleanse
    I tried this product for the purpose of cleansing only. I had a wonderful addition since I lost a few inches around the stomach while cleansing. I took 2 sets of pills each morning and found that I had to take a bathroom break after each meal. I watched my intake of food and found this product worked very well for me. Good Luck!...more info
  • Seems to be working...but intense headaches?
    This product seems to be working, but I have experienced severe headaches, almost like a sinus pressure aching in my temples. Last night after taking it, the headache I already had intensified, and I experienced strong anxiety and a painful burning sensation in my throat-- I felt like I had to vomit but I stuck it out, and eventually the symptoms subsided, but I still have this burning in my throat? Anyone had the same experience with this? I know from the reviews that cold/flu- like symptoms are natural the first week or so on the program, but what I'm experiencing seems like a but much. I'm only on my 3rd day, and this is my first cleanse, so I suppose I should stick to the morning dose only...? ...more info
  • Ultimate Cleanse is ULTIMATE
    I was extremely impressed with how well this product worked for me. I bought it for a total body cleansing and that's exactly what it did! Not to mention losing 8 pounds which was an added bonus! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to cleanse and refresh their system....more info
  • did the job
    This product is a great cleanser that you will find out very quick flushes your system. I do not think it is healthy to use this over long periods of time given its stress on your liver. I just eats lots of fruits and veggies now as opposed to supplements, but i think this option is a lot healthier than other products out there....more info
  • Works as claimed!
    I have been on the product for 3 weeks as of this writing; and, it works as it claims. I am regular for the first time in memory ( I am 62). I definitely feel less bloating,less cramping, and thankfully, less constipation. My personal regimen is to take 1 herbal and 1 fiber the first thing in the morning before breakfast. I am good for the day. I have more energy and I like the way my GI tract is on a normal balance each day....more info
  • It works!!
    Woah, does it work!! I had to cut back on the intervals recommended on the directions, just so I could go out and be human.

    But it SURE cleanses!

    After cutting back on my own specific dosage, it still worked but I didn't have to "run out of the office" several times a day.......

    It's a good cleanse!! And yes, I DO recommend it for you Amazonians out there -- just try it at home for the first few days to get an idea of what it does for you, as you may have to adjust your dosage too.
    ...more info
  • Great Natural Fiber Option
    This fiber treatment works great. It's nice to be nice to your body.
    ...more info
  • Just started, baby steps, very allergic
    I am super sensitive to drugs and allergic to a number of plants, so I proceeded with caution. I took one of the Herb tablets and began immediately to get itchy, burning eyes, a stuffy nose, and then woke up with acne the next day, so I stopped taking those. I started taking the Fiber tablets the following day -- only one per day -- and so far so good. No side effects and I am having 2 bowel movements per day. I will continue with the Fiber tablets, and see how it goes. If I need more results I will take 2 per day, but probably not more than that. Since it is all natural and I am not having a bad reaction, I am pretty confident that the Fiber tablets will work for me. In future I would probably just buy the Fiber tablets if I wanted to do another cleanse....more info
  • Ultimate Cleanse
    Nature's Secret - Ultimate Cleanse, 1 kit

    I tried the product but was unable to tolerate it. I had to quit. Otherwise, it would have been good....more info
  • Good
    This product worked well for me. I did a two week cleanse and now I use it about three times a week once a day for regularity. It works great!...more info
  • This product works
    Works great... Only use every couple days, found everyday use after a couple of weeks just me made too loooose!
    if you know what I mean........more info
  • not bad
    I've been on this cleansing program for about 2 weeks. I sometimes feel my intestines being squeezed but I think it's psychological. In all I think it works depending on the how many pills you take. You start off with one of each (the herb and fiber) and then increase it until you have a couple bowel movements per day. I take 3 of each pill in the morning and night and I really don't want to take more even though it doesn't seem to do what it says except make me feel like I have a constant stomachache. It's really bearable but just seems like a lot of pills to put in my body. But since it's temporary I suppose it is okay....more info
  • Did not do an "Ultimate Cleanse"
    I bought this product anticipating what many of the reviews said - hoping to feel rejuvenated and detoxified. Sadly, I did not have the same results many users have. I consider myself a healthy person - but was expecting some "results". I continued to do the regimen for a week and a half and was not seeing any drastic changes. I am not a fan of black licorice and one of the herbal pills had it in there. Just having it pill in my mouth for 3 seconds, almost caused me to have the gag reflex.... wished it would have had some coating over the pills. I will just stick to my Trust Nutrition fiber pills and Pride Nutrition products that work A LOT better. ...more info
  • Okay
    The pills are huge. And you have to take more then one, usually about three of each. It takes about a few days for the product to begin working. I did notice less bloating. That is about it. Overall the product is ok. There was no cramping of any sort....more info
  • Going another week before making a final review
    I received exactly what I wanted/ordered. Thanks for saving me time and money!...more info


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