Baby Food Mill - 1 unit

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This easy to use, convenient food mill can make healthy and fresh snacks for your child in 3 easy steps.

Customer Reviews:

  • Just okay
    This grinder was recommended to me, but I have to say I find it frustrating to use. Juice leaks out the bottom when grinding steamed vegetables or juicy fruit, and grinding some things (e.g., green beans) takes a lot of force. While the price is fine, the high cost of "shipping and handling" to purchase one unit made me angry; had I noticed before I bought it, I wouldn't have! Since then I've noticed that this is sold at most local grocery stores....more info
  • Hard to use, clean & in general, not good.
    I broke two of these trying to strain peas & green beans. You really have to over cook/steam the vegetables for this to work well. My friend who has to puree her daughter's food for the rest of her life recommended the bullet. I've been using it & it's the best so far. More expensive but i also use it for myself(chopping onion & smoothies). It's also about the same size of this food mill that's hard to use. My son is 18 months now & I still make his apple sauce with the bullet that I've had for about a year now....more info
  • Food mill works for boiled fruits/veggies but not so good for other foods
    This baby food mill is really great if all you want to do is mash up boiled/steamed fruits and veggies. However, if you are interested in processing anything hard, or raw, or with texture like raw melon or meats and other things, it is very difficult to get the food through the mill. The problem is that 1) the cutter has no blade, it's just a blunt metal tab that turns when you turn the handle 2) To get the food to go up through the holes, you have to push down manually while you turn the crank, and for anything harder than a boiled zucchini, this can take a good deal of effort. Still, this is convenient for the things it can do well, it is easy to wash, and you can feed the baby right out of it. I'd say to get a serving of steamed pears onto the table takes all of maybe 6 minutes. ...more info
  • Ok
    I like this food mill ok. It is great for fruit and veggies and just about anything else you want to mill. The only downfall is that once you have run the food through the mill and want to clean it up it has no easy way of taking the handle/blade off the mill itself. It is isn't a huge deal but you have to clean up the mill and then once that is clean you can take the blade/handle off and clean it. I do recommend it however if there is another mill that offers and easier clean up I would go with it instead. I am not sure one exists though....more info
  • making baby food is now easy
    easy to use, cleans in the dishwasher, and making baby food is easy.
    but my arm does get a little tired....more info
  • AWESOME Baby Food Mill.....makes AMAZING baby food!
    I LOVE this product! I was reluctant to buy one for my first child, but I got one the second time around!!!! I don't know how I survived without it!!!!!! I just put some of MY food in home or at a restaurant....add a LITTLE water to make it the perfect consistancy...and whallah!!!! PERFECT baby food!!!!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this product!...more info
  • Great for 9 month olds plus
    I bought this grinder when my baby started on solids at 6 months and was disappointed. It does not make the smooth purees that beginning eaters need.
    However, from 9 months old on, when my baby could handle food with texture (not chunky) this grinder has been indispensable. It works especially well if you are feeding your baby table food rather than cooking/freezing etc especially for the baby. I use the grinder at the dining table and just grind whatever we are having for dinner...beans, lentils, tofu, rice, vegetables and squashes, fish, chicken, cous cous, chuncky soups etc. If the food comes out too thick, add yogurt, broth, coconut water or gravy to moisten it. The grinder is great for restaurants too. The only problem is that the plastic part with the holes can be tricky to take out to wash....more info
  • pretty good food mill
    We had purchased a Kidco food mill a couple years ago and it had a steel screen and a steel cutting blade. Then we bought an additional one and now the screen is plastic. I wish you could get one that was all stainless steel. Why have a grinder that you can't run steak through. I sharpened the cutter blades on the older grinder with the steel screen and we could grind steak. I am looking for a different brand that is built to actually gind food other than cooked rice and soft carrots. - CHEAP!...more info
  • Terrible!
    This product was advertised as having a metal grater. However, when I received the product, I found that the grater was actually made of plastic, which made grinding very difficult and even more trouble than it was worth. At times, I felt as though I was using my entire body weight to grind simple foods, such as rice and noodles - even after blending them in my food processor first! In the end, I sent it back. I would highly recommend all interested to avoid this product entirely!...more info
  • Baby Food Mill
    I have used baby food mills before when all 4 of my children were babies, a different brand. This product was a big disappointment and did not work well at all. The top grinding piece is plastic (not metal) and was very difficult to process the food through. On anything other than soft vegetables, I had to often ask someone to help by pressing down on the cylinder while I turned the handle. It has no gasket at the bottom of the cylinder and any liquid would run all over the counter. I would not recommend this mill to anyone, it was a waste of money, I quit using it after a week. ...more info
  • good, not great
    The first food I wanted to use was broccoli. It would work wonderfully, then seemed to get jammed, work again, etc. It does work, but with more effort than I had expected. I tried preparing the food to be softer, but I encountered the same problems. I tried nectarines another day, and it made it very soupy. I guess I wish there was a way to adjust the mechanism to grind the food to different consistencies. My 9 month old son can handle chunkier foods, but with this mill the food is very liquidy. The size and minimal amount of parts/assembly make it very convenient and very easy to move. Also the entire mill can be cleaned in the dishwasher....more info
  • not what i hoped for
    it may work for soft over cooked items, for which one could use a potatoe masher. for more fiberous veggies, for which one would actually need a mill, it's a useless plastic failure....more info
  • Happy-Baby Food Grinder
    My sister-in-law used one of these with her children and loved it. So, naturally when we started having kids she gave one to us. It is GREAT! I was able to feed my children whatever we were eating. Not having to buy baby food saved a lot of money. I didn't have to worry about carrying heavy jars of food around and worrying that they might break in my diaper bag. This grinder is so durable. I used it with both of my children who are 3 years apart in age as well as now having gone through 4 neices and nephews. My oldest is now 10. It will even grind meat. Most other baby food grinders only do cooked fruits or vegies. I am currently looking for another one for a nephew. My old one is still being used by another nephew....more info
  • don't waste your money
    Seriously, this item is crap. It doesn't grind up anything. I use my food processor for most things....more info
  • Best investment I ever made!
    Every time I pass the baby food display in a store, I think of how many millions of dollars parents could be saving, if they would just make their own baby food, rather than paying top price for those cute little jars! I take every opportunity to tell parents about using a hand baby food mill. The $10 I paid for my baby food mill was definitely one of the best investments I ever made! I purchased it for my first of six children, and just LOVED it! I found that it was much, much more convenient than a blender, for several reasons. A blender is fine for preparing large batches of baby food to freeze, but not a bit practical for making a single serving for your baby. The blender is much more difficult to clean, not very practical to take to the table, and it is difficult to get all of the food out of the bottom of it. The noise of it doesn't make it especially handy for table use, either. The hand grinder is perfectly quiet, makes use of every bit of food that you put into it, and can be taken and used anywhere! It is very handy for feeding the baby out of, directly, and the parts are easy to hand wash or can be thrown in the dishwasher. Also, it is very easy to feed the baby some of the same foods that you have prepared for your whole family. The food does not come out pureed, like with a blender, but I found that my babies preferred to have a little texture. It can be used on almost anything except for hard, dry foods, like chips, or taco shells. Many harder foods, like fresh apples, should be diced first. Some foods come out better with the addition of a little water or other liquid.

    My grinder is in retirement now, after 14 years of use, but it is still in good working order. I am saving it for the day when I will have grandchildren to use it for! I just can't say enough good about it, and hope that many parents will try it. It makes an excellent baby gift, too!

    ...more info
  • excellent item, great gift
    I am so glad the food mill is still around. I was given a hand me down food mill 19 years ago. I used it faithfully with my 2 babies, then passed it on. I have given food mills as baby gifts several times over the years and it is always a huge hit!
    This is such a great way to control what your baby is eating, helpful on a budget, great when dining out. You can put just about anything in here and get great baby food!
    Clean up is minimal, handwash or put in top rack dishwasher.
    Get it for yourself or give it as a gift ... purchase this product with confidence. ...more info
  • This product was ok
    I was so excited to get this but then dissappointed when the food jammed and it took forever because I kept having to take it apart. On softer foods it worked ok. Our baby surpassed the need for food this mushed up and moved on very quickly. Not really worth the money....more info
  • Great product!
    I love this little gizmo. Works great on almost all foods (meats sometimes need to be done separately). Easy to clean. I would take this everywhere when we went out to eat and even on vacations. Both my children ate everything that we did and I never bought baby food because this was so much easier. ...more info
  • Simple and easy to use
    The KidCo food mill uses a simple design that is easy to operate and clean....more info
  • The best thing we got for our baby
    We are using it for few weeks now for our five month old, and so far -- it is great. The food comes out not as well branded as it is in jars we buy, but our kid clearly prefers fresh food. And it takes no time to make a food for him, and clean food mill. It is amazingly useful....more info
  • Very useful little product
    The food mill is very easy to use and clean up afterwards. I have used it to mash up boiled veggies (cauliflower/squash, peas come out esp. well) and banana. The food mashes well, not thoroughly pureed like jarred food, but well enough for my 8 mo. old who as yet has no teeth but is learning to use her jaws. For the price, esp. it is a very good buy....more info
  • As a dietitian I will recommend this great product to clients
    I love this food grinder. It is great because it travels well (to restaurants and outside events) and doesn't need electricity and is great for the home too. This is a great way to use the foods you are already preparing for your baby's meals and a great way to save money from baby food sold in the jar. Growing up we had two of these because my sister was handicapp and could only eat pureed foods.

    Please note that this grinder is to be used for first foods (not chunky foods). Because fruit and vegetables naturally have a lot of water some of them might need a thickener add (i.e. Thick-it) if you find it too watery. Also foods with a lot of fiber or meat may need be harder to push through - this is a manual grinder. I find it useful to add some broth/soup/gravy to meat after it has been ground to make it more pleasing to eat.

    I also recommend Ellyn Satter's books "How to Get Your Kid to Eat ... But Not Too Much" and "Secrets of Feeding a Healthy Family" for guidelines on how and what to feed children....more info


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