Honeywell HFT114B Oscillating Base Turbo Fan

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Product Description

Keep the air in your home, office or workspace circulating and fresh with the HONEYWELL HFT114B Fan. This High Performance Fan features an oscillating base for even air dispersion.

  • Powerful 3-speed fan provides whisper-quiet operation
  • Versatile aerodynamic wind-tunnel design for focused cooling
  • Oscillating base delivers greater, more even air distribution
  • 90-degree tilting fan head; space-saving wall-mount option
  • Measures approximately 12 by 7 by 13 inches
Customer Reviews:
  • Compact but good. A good buy.
    I use a lot of electric fans in my house even though I have air conditioning. Even in winter I like air moving. But it's hard to find a fan I really like: one that doesn't take up a lot of room, quiet, moves a good amount of air.

    This one fits the bill. I've used it for two weeks now, and I really like the way it blows, the oscillating base feature, and the size combined with relative quiet. Price was good, too. I compared it with what was in WalMart, etc., and it was the best buy, I figured. I was right.

    The only negative is minor: I wish the first position on the switch were low speed, instead of having to go through the two higher speeds first. Almost all electric fans do it that way, and I don't like it. But it is not a serious drawback.

    It's a great choice. ...more info
  • What do you mean it's not loud? Yes it is!
    A good little fan to be sure. Moves a lot of air. Absolutely, it is louder than most! I wonder what some of you are use to listening to if you think this is quiet?

    I bought 3 different style fans, all work for what they are designed for, including this one. But, it is definetely on the loud side. My larger Honeywell that was bought years ago (maybe 3 times larger) is quieter than this little train. But hey, it moves air to be sure....more info
  • Just Perfect
    Before buying this item, I read alot of the reviews and I have to say I have to disagree with the ones who were not happy with this product. It has definitely met my expectations and it isn't any noisier than a regular floor fan. As a matter of fact, this fan is quieter than my recently deceased 27" floor fan. I like the small size and it's very powerful. It's also a good buy for the money. I would say go for it!!!...more info
  • You have to have one
    Our hotel maintenance staff loves these. After trying one, we soon bought 10 more.
    On the personal note, I had to buy 4 for myself. Everyone who sees this fan ends up buying one. Yes, they are a little loud. However, they are quieter and more powerful than larger fans.
    ...more info
  • fan
    GREAT fan i got both standing and Oscillating Base Turbo Fan
    wonderful use it for computer area...more info
  • Great Compact Fan Deal!
    I ordered this fan for my new apartment to help circulate the central air that freezes the bedroom while the living room bakes. It really moves a lot of air and isn't loud at all (sure, it isn't silent, but it isn't obtrusive at all and is actually quite pleasant for sleeping.) I really appreciate the oscillating function because it doesn't squeak and helps for a more thorough air flow. It is also quite compact and sleek but with a decent cord length. The head can be adjusted (and stays put!) and has three functions that offer choice. Really nice little fan!

    ***UPDATE! I liked it so much I ordered another one from A really great little fan!...more info
  • good fan for the $
    for the price, this is a good little fan. i've had two of them for a while and they both still oscillate. i would definitely recommend it....more info
  • Good fan
    I am very happy with my purchase for this fan. It's fairly quiet. It's pretty powerful for a small fan. I use it at work in my cubicle. It was definitely worth the cost. I also thought the price was reasonable....more info
  • FANtastic fan
    The fan, as was its predecessor, which I bought 2 of, is quiet, really gets a good breeze going given its size, and has 3 settings, which is plenty. I can't speak to how durable it is, but can speak to its relative quiet and power. I use it in my fairly large kitchen. When blown at or near me it turns a stifiling room into an almost bearable room. I highly recommend this powerhouse fan....more info
  • Not bad, but flimsy oscillating mechanism
    The fan itself works great. I wish the "low" setting was a bit "lower" because I'm using it in a small space, but that's not a big deal. My two complaints are that the oscillating mechanism is a bit flimsy. I've had this for almost a year now, and while it does still turn, sometimes it seems to slip and stop moving for a few seconds. And the switch is on the back of the motor, which means that every time you turn it on or off, or change speeds, you can't help but tilt the fan upwards. The switch should be on the base, not on the back of the fan. It's not a deal-breaker, but it IS an annoyance....more info
  • Honeywell Oscillating Fan
    The fan is not big, but is pretty bulkly and not very quiet. The fan does not angle down at all; either strait ahead or strait up at the ceiling. Other than that its a pretty standard fan....more info
  • Sturdy fan - puts out a lot of air!
    I use this fan in my 9'x9' cubicle at work. I have alternated between oscillating and static modes. The oscillating mode is very smooth and quiet. I have used the fan on level I & II. In this small space, I have no need to go to level III (and barely a need to use level II). It puts out lots of air, and I feel the noise level is "average" for a fan. A fan is going to make some noise if its putting out some air. I would equate it to "white noise" in offices. Its not distracting, and actually can help if you can typically hear office neighbors talking. It makes less noise than a small Holmes fan that I borrowed (until I received this one). I could see this fan even working in a small bedroom. If I needed another fan, I would definitely get another fan like this, or at least look at the honeywell line.

    One thing that I don't like, but wouldn't prohibit me from getting another one is the location of the on/off/level knob. It is on the back of the fan, which, to me, is a little difficult to get to. I have to flip the whole fan over and hope I don't mess up the angle I have set up. The oscillating button is located on the front/bottom of the fan - I can even use my foot to turn it off and on. Anyway, not a biggy, but thought I would just mention it - its the only con I could think of....more info
  • XBOX 360 cooling fan on steroids
    I bought this to help keep my XBOX Elite cool. It works great. Matches the color of all my components. The cheap coolers for the XBOX don't have enough gusto and also plug into the XBOX unless you have a nearby USB port like I had on my DVR cable box. This fan has a strong central breeze without a gap like some fan do down the center of the breeze coming off the fan....more info
  • It's ok
    The fan is ok, probably too loud for the size but it gets air circulating as it promises.
    ...more info
  • Shoddy construction and noisy as heck!
    Within 30 minutes of taking this item out of the box, one of the screws mounting the fan to the stand came loose. That didn't seem so bad, so I screwed the piece back in. I enjoyed the fan for a while - it moves a huge amount of air for such a small fan, but even on the lowest setting, this fan makes more noise than most box fans.

    After a month of regular use, the base stopped oscillating, and when I turned off the fan and picked it up, I heard something rattling around inside. I figured that another screw had come loose, but when I opened up the base, I found out that the screw connecting the oscillating motor to the base had snapped, leaving the shaft of the screw stuck in the rotating portion of the motor. Anyway, I now have a noisy, non-oscillating fan (that admittedly moves a lot of air)....more info
  • Honeywell HFT114B Oscillating Fan
    Worked very well while visiting my daughter in New York State. I left fan with her & my son-in-law to use in their home,as they liked its performance as well. I would definately recommend for quality & reasonable price....more info
  • Powerful little fan!
    I am amazed at the power of this fan! It really puts out the air. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Loud and No Rubber Feet
    While this fan is good for the price, it is overly loud, does not have a "low" speed setting ( its low is the same as high for other fans ), and it doesn't have rubber feet, so if you place it on a fairly smooth surface, it will blow itself off and fall onto the floor.

    ...more info
  • Oscillates.... sometimes.
    I'm actually a fan of Honeywell fans, but this particular fan (Honeywell HFT114B Oscillating Base Turbo Fan), I bought because it was supposed to oscillate. Out of the box it worked fine, but less than a week later, it often gets stuck, which is really irritating when you set it up before going to sleep, only to wake up in a sweat to find that the fan has gotten stuck blowing air against the wall.

    As a stationery fan, it works fine, but I didn't buy an oscillating fan because I wanted a stationery fan. Another complaint I have is that the fan doesn't point downwards, so if you happen to have it set up somewhere higher than where you want the air, you're pretty much out of luck....more info
  • Amazing Little Fan!
    I just got this fan this morning and I am so impressed with the power of air flow it has. it really moves the air! It is super powerful for it's size! It isnt noisey like most oscillating fans either.. I am so pleased and impressed with it, I am ordering another today.. You couldn't ask for a better fan..I like the small size of it too, it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb like the bigger models do and yet moves the air just as well or better..High quality fan for the size and money. I highly recommend it. If you have kids going to college, it would be perfect for their dorm rooms, it's perfect for any room!...more info
  • perfect little fan
    I agree with the reviewer who was delighted to find such a perfect little fan for $16. It's a great fan and moves between my nightstand and desk. I like the oscillating feature and considering it's typically about 3-4 feet away from me, it's very quiet. You do hear the blades moving but it doesn't bother me at all and it's easy to block out after a bit. ...more info
  • This small fan packs a punch
    I am very pleased with this little fan. Don't let the small size deter you--I can set this by my window in the evenings and it will be enough to cool me down without being obnoxious. Plus, I love the ability to carry this fan all over my apartment when I need cooling in specific rooms. If I needed another fan, I would buy this one again....more info
  • I'd give this 10 stars if I could
    Simply THE BEST FAN EVER MADE. GREAT PRICE. I've owned many fans. This one was fascinating. When my brother bought it, I saw the size and looked at him like what were u thinking? It worked better than any large fan I've seen. AMAZING. PRICE, SIZE AND POWER.
    ...more info
  • Powerful Little Fan
    It's kind of small but it is turbo powered and blows very well. Good buy....more info
  • N &)(*& O @#%@* I *@^&# S !#* Y
    This thing is incredibly noisy. Unsuitable for indoor use. I use to cool coffee beans after roasting..........more info
  • Excellent value for the money
    VEry good product, really helping my family in this hot summer months. powerful yet quite in operation....more info
  • Very strong, well-constructed fan!
    This fan is a great bargain. It produces a very strong breeze, and the oscillation function is well done: It doesn't squeak when it reaches the edge of the oscillation, like a lot of inexpensive fans. I don't know why people were complaining about the noise; it is no louder than any similar fans I have used. Highly recommended....more info
  • cheap, quiet, functional
    -much better than a regular traditional fan. This one does that spiral thing with the wind tunnel effect. Its more effective than a regular fan, sends the breeze further out. Its still spread out enough as well, and you can set it to oscillate anyway.
    -its quiet, since its not a big fan. Even on second highest speed its fairly quiet, and the noise it does make is pleasant, not distracting. On lowest setting can barely hear it. On highest setting its slightly loud, but i could sleep with it on anyway. Its just not a big sized fan, so its not going to get too loud.
    -decent looking.
    -lightweight and very portable.

    -controls are on top of unit, so when you go to change the speed, sometimes you push the fan down and change its angle. Wish the controls were on the base instead. No biggie tho.

    Keep in mind it IS on the small side. Its probably meant for a single small bedroom. Just over a foot high and wide. Base is narrow though (about 6 inches deep) it it will fit easily on any desk.

    Cheap, good looking, looks like it might last for quite a while, solid, quiet, and very functional. Whats not to like? Now I'm ready for summer. ...more info
  • Honeywell Oscillating Fan
    This is a great fan! It's a little loud on its highest speed. But it has great airflow, and it cools down a room really fast....more info
  • Moves air. Did you want something else?
    One of the facts about today's economy that I find amazing is that I can buy a powerful, effective, little machine like this for under twenty dollars. It doesn't seem quite right.

    This fan is among the more solid ones we've owned. It has three speeds, a lot of power, and oscillates without the creaky, squeaky irritation you often get from such machines.

    My wife and I sleep in a room with this fan on 'low', which works great to dampen sounds throughout the house, like the cat yowling, the boys prowling, the dogs clicking their nails on the hardwood floors, and the incessant flutter of bat wings.

    Actually, we haven't had much of the latter, but we're prepared if it kicks in.

    Buy this fan....more info
  • My "Turbo" Blower
    This fan is exactly what I was looking for and couldn't find it
    anywhere in the stores. It gives a strong blow of air to cool
    you off fast. Buy it! You won't be disappointed!!...more info
  • Not the Greatest for Intense Heat
    This fan is okay if you set it on a desk next to you. It has to be relitively close to you, other wise it doesn't seem to produce enough cold air. Also, when I used it as a stand alone fan for one room, (which had no air conditioning in 80+ heat outside) I seemed to be begging for cooler air.
    Having the oscillating feature and three different speeds of air is a good quality. It's a good fan to have on hot days, but when extreme heat hits, you may need an extra fan to help cool a room down...that or just have it in your face blowing the air directly.

    The design is good looking, however. I find that to be a plus when a fan has to sit in a room along with other household items....more info