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The Avent Via Breast Milk Storage Kit lets you safely store your milk in the refrigerator or freezer. Bases are compatable with your Avent ISIS Breast Pump. Pump directly into the 6 oz. bases and put the lid on. Bases are great for storage whether your at home or on the go. Use the Via bottle adaptor to turn the base into a handy bottle.

  • Compatable with the Avent ISIS Breast Pump
  • Via bases and lids
  • 2 nipples and lids
  • 2 bottle adaptors
  • For health and hygiene reasons, we cannot accept returns on this item

Customer Reviews:

  • I prefer storage bags
    I didn't like these for a few reasons. They take up too much room in my freezer. They take too long to thaw. I don't care for the avent isis pump. I have been using the gerber freezer bags instead and I can freeze my milk flat and it thaws much quicker. ...more info
  • Great product
    I was looking for an inexpensive non-disposable storage containers because the bags were emptying my wallet very quickly. I use 3 of the storage containers daily and I absolutely love this product. They hold 6 oz instead of the 4 I continually finding, they do not contain BPA, and they do not leak if accidentally tipped over. I don't have use for the top that holds a nipple as I do not use avent bottles, so I can't comment on those. I do not know if this product is freezer friendly but I already have enough milk frozen that I don't need to do this.
    When I recieved the product the instructions say not to re-use more than 3 times. I may not have purchased had I known this but I have used them for 2 months now and haven't had any problems. I will recycle them when I am no longer pumping. I would use again for any future children. ...more info
  • great!!! even for dads like me
    any mishandled product will malfunction. have experienced the drips & leaks BUT ONLY when I was rushing to screw the lids/adaptors. Paying attention to what I was doing left me with no problems. AVENT is GREAT!...more info
  • Happy with this set!
    I decided to try these for freezer storage since the bags seemed like they would just be a big mess to deal with. I really like these containers and have not had any problems with them. I agree that you have to get it "just right" when screwing on the lids, which can be frustrating. But once the lid is in place and tightly secure, they store the milk perfectly. I haven't noticed any change in my frozen breast milk, ie the bad "taste" and/or "smell" that others have experienced....more info
  • I really like these multi-purpose containers!
    I used these for storing milk in the beginning. I never had a problem with them leaking. You really do need to screw the tops on correctly. The ablility to stack these is fantastic.

    I also use them to store home-made baby food, pudding, etc! The size is perfect for toddler portions and storing bite-sized pieces of fruits and vegies, cereals, etc. Yes, I have the usual collection of other brands of storage containers but I like the sturdiness of these. They don't dent in my diaper bag or purse!

    A great product that is easily re-purposed! ...more info
  • Leaks
    I got this system thiking that it would be great to have something stackable and convienent to use. I was so upset when the containers began to leak. I was even careful not to wash in the dishwasher- thinking that might be the reason for the leaking. I had my milk leak at least 5 times before I gave up....more info
  • Not quite as nice as expected
    I use the Avent bottles and a Medela pump. With my first child I purchased several 4 oz and 9oz Avent bottles and sealing discs once I realized just how much I was spending in milk storage bags. It was considerably cheaper to invest in the bottles.

    With the second child, now 4 months old, I had more milk to freeze than bottles. So instead of buying more bottles, I tried these. I will use them for the 3 allowed times, then I am going back to buying regular bottles as needed.

    -Hard to know if they are sealed, but not had issues with spilled milk since I only transport the milk when frozen.
    -Can only be used 3 times; if you have lots of bottles, it's hard to keep track of this.
    -Lids are not sold separately - I have already cracked one.
    -You still need a collar for the adapter to work as a bottle; the kit doesn't come with collars. You can't buy the collars separately.
    -Measurements on the side are very faint and hard to read.
    -If you fill them to the 6oz/8oz mark, there is not much room for expansion when the milk freezes. I only fill to 5oz or 7oz respectively for fear of explosion in my freezer.
    -The regular 9oz bottles actually use less room for me in the freezer. I have found that a regular soda can rack works well in the freezer with the 9oz bottles. (freeze them upright first and then store them sideways in the rack - easy to keep track of which milk is the oldest)

    The only plus I have found to this, is that with the Medela/Avent converter, I will be able to pump into a sterile disposable bottle while traveling with my infant. Then I can feed her the bottle while in her car seat, eliminating long stops to feed. I have done this with the regular bottles, but then had to deal with storing empty bottles while traveling....more info

  • HUGE waste of money!!
    I bought 2 packages of these before traveling from MI to NC for a family trip. I wanted to continue pumping for my twins and they seemed like a great idea since they stack nicely. On the way down I lost 3 pumpings worth of milk because the mini padded cooler they were in tilted to its side and all of the milk spilled (like loosing gold!)...

    Thinking MAYBE I didn't tighten the lids enough, I really cranked the next ones on...had to call 3 people before anybody could open them. That was no treat since I had 2 screaming babies waiting for bottles.

    These containers really are constructed poorly...they are sooo easy to cross thread and at least two of them leaked no matter what when I tipped them to the side...what kind of breast milk container leaks?? I strongly recommend purchasing something else!...more info
  • Definitely better than bags, but...
    I bought this set because I was tired of fussing with storage bags. I really love that these are easily stackable, and I haven't had any problems with the milk leaking from the containers at all.

    However there are two drawbacks that I have encountered so far.

    1. If you plan on storing a lot of breastmilk, they do not sell a container/lid combination without having to buy the whole kit. Most likely you won't need that many adapters, so it would be handy to be able to either buy just lids separately or containers and lids without having to buy an extra adapter along with them.

    2. When the milk is frozen in the containers it's nearly impossible to read the ouce markings on the side of the container once you've taken them out of the freezer. Once they're thawed, it's fine, but the frosty condensation on the outside when removed from the freezer makes it impossible. Might not be an issue for you to know exact measurements, but for me it helps me plan.

    So aside from better packaging options and hard-to-read markings, I would recommend them because they are still far better than using the plastic bags....more info
  • A great storage system for all kinds of things
    I was a little skeptical when I first bought these Advent storage containers. That lasted a day. I found that not only did it freeze milk and other items, store liquids and solids, and had a handy adapter to become a bottle, but it didnt leak! My husband even found that he really liked the storage containers. Especially when it came to putting it with a nipple/adapter. If it makes his life easier, it makes mine. Now that my child is older it makes great storage containers for snack items that I toss and go. We also use them for the baby food we make, whether we freeze it or just put it in the fridge. We have worn out our old containers after a year of heavy use and are looking forward to purchasing more as our new child arrives soon....more info
  • These are lifesavers for a working nursing mom!
    I purchased these containers before my son was born. At first, I was storing my milk in the Avent bottles, but after I started to build a milk bank for my return to work, I found that they were expensive and would topple over in the fridge if stacked. I also tried the bags and they were TERRIBLE--messy, leaked, and froze into weird shapes that were hard to store in my freezer. Thank goodness for these containers! They are lightweight, they fit inside each other when empty and don't take up my precious pantry space, they stack in the freezer without falling over and they are durable enough to be transported back and forth between home and the sitter's.

    I have never had a problem with leaks, although I do make sure the lids are screwed on tightly. My sitter loves the ease of using the adaptor and not having to deal with drop-ins. Many people have complained that they take longer to defrost, but I purchased the Avent bottle warmer and can defrost them in minutes with no problem. As for those who do not like to cross out the date and mess up the containers after each use, I use a wipe-off marker on the lid after pumping, which easily washes off, then I make a small mark on the container in permanent marker so I know how many times I have used it.

    I am only giving these containers four stars because the lids can get lost and then you have to buy a new set with the adaptors, but it's not really that big of a deal, especially for the convenience!...more info
  • Spills and Leaks!
    The containers/lids leak milk... spilled milk is like losing gold!!!!! Even the times I think the tops have been screwed on well, they leak. If you tighten too hard and they still leak, it is hard to unscrew without using force and spilling more. I also have the same complaint as some other reviewers that it is hard to see how much milk has been pumped once the milk is in the container; crossing off the dates on used containers; and hard to keep track of used containers when you have a bunch. I'm going out this week to get a new storage system!...more info
  • Almost perfect
    I use these in combination with regular Avent bottles. I have the converter to use with the Medela Advanced Pump, but I actually end up using the Avent hand-pump almost exclusively (faster for me, and quieter).

    I love the pre-sterilized and disposable quality. When I am behind on washing bottles or traveling, it's wonderful to know I have these on the shelf. I also use these for storing frozen milk. I had bad luck with freezing the bags and am much more comfortable with using these. Thawing frozen breast milk may take a little more time (although you can do it in the bottle warmer if you are careful) than a bag, but I'm willing to trade that for the pure convenience these offer.

    I do wish they sold the lids separately. And I wish I knew what to do with the dozen or so extra converter rings (2 with every pack adds up after a few packages). Also wondering why they pack a #1 nipple or two in most kits. My child uses a #3 nipple, so they end up going in the trash.

    Maybe it's just the pen I use, but I've found that I can wipe off the ink from use #1 while I was the container before use #2. I use a sharpie and write on the smooth part of the bottle that looks like it is designed for writing on. In soapy water, the ink wipes off. If I write on the textured part of the container, it stays. So I write my son's name on the textured part (in case they end up at daycare) and put a dot there for each subsequent use.

    These might be too expensive to use exclusively, but they are definately worth keeping a few packages in the cupboard....more info
  • very disappointed
    It's too bad I didn't know how impossible it would be to get the lids off before I had stored a week's worth of milk on these. Neither my husband or I could get the tops off... even using screwdrivers and various other tools to try to pry them off. The only one that came open was the one that dropped on the tile floor as I pulled it out of the freezer, of course, it only came open because the container cracked and the milk cube went flying across the kitchen floor... our dog loved his treat!...more info
  • Can't get the lids off!
    In general, I like this system and have used it pretty extensively for storing breastmilk. The containers fit very well in my freezer. However, both my husband and my babysitter constantly complain about struggling to get the lids off the containers. Although I don't need to open them often myself, I have had a few problems with them. Sometimes, I end up spilling the contents of the container because I'm squeezing it so tightly when trying to turn the lid. My husband, when dealing with a fussy, hungry baby, sometimes punches holes in the lids with a knife to get the breastmilk out quickly (I'm really not happy about that). ...more info
  • Poor lids
    The lids on these are easy to screw on incorrectly and then they leak milk. What a waste....more info
  • Not practical at all---very dissatisfied...
    Not enough lids, takes a lot of space in the fridge---total waste of money---simple bags work so much better! Good advertisement, but not much of a use....more info
  • Easy to use system
    I use my storage units with my avent isis pump. It includes the attachments to hook it up directly to the pump and all I do is twist on the lid when I'm done. Also the attatchments are compatible with Avent nipples so all my husband does is hook up the ring and the nipple and they're good to go! Easy on him, easy on me. Absolutely a must for working moms!...more info
  • Good storage system
    These containers are a bit pricey at first blush, but the insert says they can be reused until they are 'visibly worn.' They do tend to take up a lot more space (obviously) than bags, but I don't have more than 3 boxes worth in my freezer anyway, since breast milk does have a shelf life.
    I used bags with my first child, and I think the fact that these are reusable makes the cost worthwhile. I have not had any problems with leaking at all. In fact, when I used bags, I had more problems, because the milk would expand in the bag when it froze, and sometimes that expansion would tear the bags. You wouldn't know until you started to thaw them out.
    I pump once a day, one hour after nursing, and pump anywhere from 2-4 ounces from each breast (with a 4 week old). I would recommend buying at least 2, maybe 3 packages if you are a working mom. These are a bit difficult to find in the stores right now for some reason.

    Oh, and as far as only being able to write on the name and date lines one time, I write my daughter's name on them, but write the date on a piece of tape that I can replace when I reuse them....more info
  • Great and easy to use
    I have loved having these containers to freeze breastmillk in. They are easy to use. I pump a little bit at each feeding and fill up containers all day in the fridge and then at night-time, I transfer the containers from the fridge to the freezer. Also, I haven't found any leaking or problems putting the lids on properly. Just be patient and learn how to do it right the first time, and no more problems to speak of arise. My one complaint is that you can get extra containers (they are all pre-sterilized) but you can't buy just extra LIDS which I would really love. So thats my one complaint. Otherwise, I am loving these containers!...more info
  • OK I Guess
    I bought these when my lactation nursae told me I was outproducing my son, and it would be easier when I go back to work. I have a Medela pump I use at home and the Isis that I use at work. Both of which I love, and I use all of the Avent bottles. But I had to buy 3 sets of these just for the lids. It was a complete waste of money. Others have told me that the bags are much worse. I wish that they made replacement sets with the lids. My husband and I also have trouble with the way the lids set on the containers. I can not tell you how many times I wound up wearing 3 ounces of the 8 ounce container. That is when I can get the lid off, most times it takes Hercules to get these things off. I will probably not buy them again. I have tried the sealing disks and think that these are much better. I think I am going to stick with them....more info
  • Don't waste your money
    I made the mistake of purchasing several of the Via containers. My intention was to use them for freezing breastmilk rather than dealing with the slippery bags. They stack nicely, but that's where the pros end. They leaked constantly in my diaper bag, no matter how many times I tried re-screwing the lids. Using the adapter to insert an Avent nipple also resulted in a leaking mess. But, most importantly, after more than a few weeks in the freezer, the fat in the breastmilk in the containers began to break down faster into the "soapy smelling" lipids. This is common occurence in frozen breastmilk, but the smell and taste (yes, I tasted it to make sure it wasn't soured) was much worse than breastmilk that had been frozen the same duration in a Gerber SealnGo bag. Bottom line: Bags are easier; they are pre-sterilized and result in less surface area for air to get trapped in to cause milk fat breakdown. I love all of the other Avent products though( bottles, nipples, training cups/spouts)....more info
  • Bulky
    I love all Avent products including these containers. The only thing I dont like about them is that they are larger than the bottles or storage containers so when you travel with them they take up more room. So for traveling in a bottle cooler Id say to use the bottles or the the plastic containers, you will be able to carry more with you. These lil plastic cups do the job they were intended for though....more info
  • Something I will not buy again
    The fancy design of Avent VIA system did attract me into buying it. However, after the first use, I was so disappointed that I throw everything away. First of all, it leaks. Secondly, it erupt in my frezer when I tried to freeze my breastmilk for future use. Thrid, the cap craked after second use. It was not convienet, not secure and not up to Avent's standard....more info
  • great product!!!
    Product is great - soooo much better then the bags! I am a mother of four and I wish I had these for the other three!<br /> I've had no problems at all and love that they stack in the freezer! If you screw the lid on tightly and don't over fill there won't be any problems with leaks or erruptions!...more info
  • I like bags too!!!
    They are messy when they opened. I get milk on my hands and they cost way too much. I don't have much room in my freezer. when you buy the refills you have to purchase the tops and the containers seperate... it's like $17 for ten :-(...more info
  • Convenient
    I bring these to work with me to store my milk after pumping. They are more durable than the bags, which is nice because I have to share the fridge at work, and you can reuse them which saves you money. This product also includes an attachment that allows you to pump directly into the storage containers and/or attach a nipple and feed from. ...more info
  • Avent's only BPA Free bottle!!
    I love this product because they are the only Avent "bottle" that are BPA free!! I love the Avent nipples since they are more natural shaped and my son switches from breast to these easily. I refuse to use any of Avents regular bottles since they are very high in BPA. So these are great! I can pump directly into them and then attach the nipple and not have to worry about poisoning my son. I wish they had more BPA free bottles that are not disposable but I am just happy they at least have these....more info
  • Great product
    After all the news on BPA came out, my husband and I went searching for bottles and breastmilk storage options that were BPA free. The Avent Vias are great. They don't stack as well in the freezer as I would like but knowing my baby isn't getting BPA makes it worth it. The feature I like the best is being able to connect the adapter to the container, then an O-ring and nipple and be able to feed directly without having to transfer milk to a different container. This does make them difficult to transport, but that's what we use the Gerber bottles for and keep the Vias for home use. These are great!...more info
  • So convenient
    We couldn't live without these. The bags were just too difficult. I don't understand how some people have trouble with the lids when they always work for me, but when I tried using bags I would drop them and make a mess. The pros are: stackable, pre-sterilized, easy to handle. The cons are the cost. I use a Medela pump and just pour into these and stack them in the freezer. I use a permanent marker to write the date. There are 3 lines for dates. You cross off and enter the next one. After the third use, you know to throw them out. In between uses I sterilize in the Avent Microwave Steamer. What could be easier?...more info
  • HORRIBLE ill-fitting top, leaks and wastes milk! DO NOT BUY
    The tops do not fit the bottoms properly, so when you mix formula it leaks out everywhere and the milk gets caught between the top and bottom, making it suction closed and impossible to open. The force required to eventually open this results in more spillage/milk loss. Also, there is no grip or leverage feature, so cups and tops are slippery - again, hard to open. I SO regret buying these things and curse them everytime I have to use them (and then clean my kitchen floor, counter top, etc.)....more info
  • Difficult to unscrew
    This storage kit is great with the pump and bottles. I used the storage kit to carry my son's formula powder to add to his bottle. If the lid was screwed on to tightly or improperly, it was completely difficult to unscrew. Also, if any liquid or power was in the rim of the lid it was impossible to get a tight seal. This storage kit did not meet my expectations for the price. ...more info
  • Buy bags instead
    I started with these, thinking it would be convenient to use the adapter for a nipple, but switched to the Medela bags in less than a week. My main reason is that the cups take up too much room in the freezer and take much longer to defrost/warm milk than the bags do. Also, the cups started to warp when I sterilized them for the first time (even though you're supposed to be able to use them three times before discarding), and the lids don't screw on once the cup is warped....more info
  • Very Poor design and Quality
    I have 2 children and I am a HUGE fan of Avent products. After struggling with the storage bags with my first pregnancy, I was thrilled to read about these containers while I was pregnant with my second child. I immediately purchased them. They have been awful. When I shake them after warming, or when I am feeding my baby, the milk leaks through the seal. I am afraid to use them even just to freeze milk because I am concerned that if the milk leaks when you use them for warming or feeding, then how can it keep my stored milk fresh? I was so disappointed. I went back to using the storage bags and the regular bottles to store milk.

    I have read customer complaints about the Avent bottles leaking too. When I originally began using them, I had the same problem. I called Avent and they informed me that you can make the bottle too tight. So after making the adjustment they described, I never had a leaking problem again. This was NOT TRUE for these disposable containers. No matter what I did I could not get them to work. Keep buying Avent products just not this one....more info
  • Looking for these cups for a second time.
    I used these cups when my younger child was breastfeeding, now that my kids are both at school I send their snacks stored in them.
    I'm pregnant again, so I'm looking for new ones....more info
  • Great for freezer storage
    If you have used breast milk storage bags in the past, you will immediately fall in love with the Via containers. They are sturdy and withstand freezing and thawing. With bags, there is the problem of how to store them in the freezer to protect from abrasions,rips, cracks or holes which render your precious milk useless. Pumping takes time and energy. The Via system is not perfect, but you can pump directly into the storage containers, they stack well, and they provide a durable plastic shield. It is true that the the screw on lid design has its flaws, although I haven't had any leaking problems. I say start with a smaller package and then make you storage decision....more info
  • bad outweighs the good!
    This is a love/hate relationship

    That they work so well with bottle accessories and cups stuff later on.
    They tack nice and don't take up too much room.
    Fit right onto the Avent pump.
    Store nice and works well for freezing.
    Great stackability.
    Easy to write on in pencil and erase (to know which batch comes first).

    They were hard to screw on (the flat tops to the bottoms and many times were on crooked).
    Leaked too much milk (and as any BFing mother knows... losing milk is well like losing money).
    ...more info


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