Bionaire BT400 Hygrometer

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Product Description

Monitor indoor temperature and humidity with this digital hygrometer from Bionaire. Those who rely on a humidifier during the winter will find it useful to know whether room humidity levels need to be increased or decreased. Easy to read, this model features a single, large LCD screen and displays in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. A memory function allows the hygrometer to record minimum and maximum readings, and to recall those readings for comparison purposes. A battery is included, and a stand on the back sets the hygrometer conveniently on a shelf or desk. --Ann Bieri

  • Hygrometer measures indoor temperature and humidity
  • Single LCD display for easy reading; battery included
  • Records and recalls minimum and maximum readings
  • Displays in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Battery included
Customer Reviews:
  • Positive experience with Bionaire hygrometer
    I looked up the product because I wanted to by another one. I purchased one many years ago, and it is still in perfect order. It is small and easy to place, and it measures humidity precisely. I was surprised to see the negative reviews. Also, the Bionaire hot damp humidifier works very well.

    Maybe the customers, who find that a product does not perform to an expected standard should get in touch with the producer, and obtain a new product, instead of assuming that the product line in itself is a bad one? ...more info
  • Rusti
    Seems to be accurate with the temp but may be a little high on the humidity....more info
  • Bionaire BT400 Hygrometer
    This devise I am using mostly for my aquarium I have a Snake Pet (Albino Burmese Python) which I really care about. So I need hygrometer to check the percentage of humidity in the aquarium they need a special percentage. I am still using it and everything is going well no problems yet and wish that there is no problem at all.
    Thank You Amazon :)...more info
  • Bad Humidity sensor
    I used this for more than 4 months and the humidity was all the time 61-64%, which is not possible.

    Now I bought The Weather Channel WS-9410TWC and that seems to work - the humidity is close the one reported by the TV weather. The Bionaire is still at 61%....more info
    I bought this and put it in one of our rooms for a couple of hours then I brought in my AMPROBE and another guage and found that this one was off by 20% with humidity and 1.2 degrees.

    Also, the company that it comes from wanted a 10% restocking fee....more info