Go!Cat!Go! Play-N-Treat Cat Balls (assorted colors - 2 pack)

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Product Description

Just fill Go!Cat!Go! Play-N-Treat Cat Balls with food, treats, or catnip...and let the action begin! The contents pour out of the hole as your cat rolls the ball around. Healthy, natural feeding AND rewarding exercise for your little prey-stalker.

  • Food & Treat Dispenser
  • Healthy, natural feeding helps fight boredom and apathy.
  • Challenging, rewarding, continuous entertainment.
  • Easy to load and clean.

Customer Reviews:

  • Better than eating out of a bowl
    I use this with regular dry cat food instead of putting it all into a bowl. With some cat food (like the Royal Canine Allergy versions) it's not quite so trivial to get the food out - maybe 1/2 hour to get a 1/6 of a cup out of one of these. Cat seems to enjoy the activity.

    With smaller round-shaped cat food (Wellness), the food comes out too easily.
    ...more info
  • cute idea
    It's too bad that cats aren't like dogs insofar as they will rip things to shreds for treats. My cats got really bored with this after a while because not all treats fall out of the hole easily. Maybe I need to get tastier treats!...more info
  • shipping overpriced
    I almost bought this for my cat i have been looking for a item like this at local stores so i placed the order and was reviewing everything i also bought several other items so did not think anything of the total until i looked at the invoice for this particular item the toy cost a 1.99 but they get you with shipping it was 6.55 bringing the total to 8.54. i thought it was overpriced and cancelled my order i guess it is buyer beware!!!!! ...more info
  • An engaging toy for food-fixated cats
    Saw this at a friend's house and knew it would be great for one of our cats (he's very fond of his food). After a few minutes he had the thing figured out and was dispensing his supper gradually. A great distraction for a food oriented cat. A little tricky to fill, and dispenses small round food pellets best....more info
  • Squealer loves it!
    My cat loves this. It also helps her to eat a little slower so that she doesn't throw up.....I little hard to open though....more info
  • Old Cats != New Tricks
    Cat "Go, Cat, Go!" Treat Balls / B000197ZQW

    I love this idea - why did I never think of this until I got a puppy and a similar toy for him? Unfortunately, my 4 year old lazy kitties don't seem as interested as I would hope - they like to eat the treats that fall out when I shake it, but they won't chase the ball themselves. Are they too dumb to figure it out? Too lazy to exert the effort? I can't tell you. I think these are a great idea, and I will definitely keep them around in case we have another younger kitty come into the household - I have a hunch that a younger kitten would go after these like crazy!
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  • Good Idea, Bad Design
    This is a good idea for a product, but the design is poor.

    After I had ordered the 2-pack for around $7 with shipping, I found a 4-pack at the 99 store, so I felt that I paid too much.

    The design makes it difficult to put the two halves back together once you have loaded the food or treats.

    I would recommend cutting a small hole in a tennis ball. That is what I have done and my cat seems to like it better.

    If you still want this product, let me know, I'd be happy to send it to you for the price of the shipping. ...more info
  • Treat Balls
    I purchased these little treat balls for my daughter's miniature schnouzer and he learned quickly to treat himself with these. He loves chasing them around too. Keeps him busy and out of trouble....more info
  • Lots of fun
    I agree that this isn't terribly tricky and that cats can get the treats out relatively quickly, but they still love it and get very excited when they see me filling up their "treat balls." Because of the ease of getting the food out I usually fill these up with their regular kibble and let them use it to get some or all of their morning meal-definitely more fun and more active than the usual hovering over the bowl.

    Instead of giving each of my cats their own treat ball, I've started to put one treat ball out at a time-it makes it more challenging and fun for them to have to chase and battle for access to the treat ball (assuming your cats get along as well as ours do.) They make it like a game of soccer, and its very funny to see them trying to steal the ball from each other and to block the ball from being stolen while they chomp down the food that they have earned. One of my cats even has figured out how to "guard" the ball by sitting on it while he is busy eating the treat that fell out. Another has perfected the "swat". ...more info
  • not quite tricky enough and high mess potential
    I got this toy because I wanted my cat to work a little for his food. This toy was not the cat-torturing puzzle I was hoping for. Unfortunately, my cat figured out how to get the food out efficiently in under 3 minutes. It's not terribly tricky as the toy is essentially a hollow plastic ball with a hole in one side. Food comes out almost every time my cat taps the ball. It comes out so easily, more comes out than he sometimes wants to eat in one sitting. I often find little trails of kibble all over the living room. Still, I guess having to tap the ball a few times to get his food is more work than just eating it out of a bowl. Also, you can pry the ball open so that you can clean it, which is a plus. ...more info