Bissell 3750 Lift-Off Bagless Vacuum with Free Bonus HEPA Filter

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Product Description

* Full powered upright and canister to thoroughly clean carpets, bare floors, stairs and more * Portable canister detaches to easily clean stairs and other hard to reach areas * "Easy Empty" dirt container means no more bags to buy * HEPA media filter captures over 99.9% of dust mites, pollens, and ragweed * Wide cleaning path-exclusive Power Trak * Extra stretch hose and telescoping wand to reach all the way to the top * Tango Red Model: 3750

The Lift-Off bagless vacuum from Bissell delivers two-in-one cleaning capability and structural smarts for convenient, multi-purpose cleaning. Designed for full-scale use as an upright, the Lift-Off takes its name from the detachable canister that releases from its center for easier maneuvering on stairs and tight corners. A powerful 12 amps in either configuration, the Lift-Off is suitable for low and high carpets as well as bare floors, draperies, and upholstery. The floor nozzle is markedly wide--a full 14-1/2 inches--and delivers dual-edge cleaning, optional brush roll agitation, and seven different heights for floor type variation. The button controlling the brush roll is separate from the power switch, and the nozzle has a view window that lets you track it for clogs or stoppage. Dirt collection on the Lift-Off is bagless, and the removable, rinse-able container locks into place in use. In addition to the cup's built-in filter, the vacuum includes a HEPA Media Filter to keep 99 percent of dust mites, pollen, and ragweed inside the machine. A pre-motor filter keeps particulates out of the engine.

Above-floor cleaning is simplified by the Lift Off's smart attachments, in particular a super stretchy hose that offers nine feet of reach without bulking up the chassis. Other cleaning tools stored on board include a telescoping extension wand, a crevice tool, a stair tool, a dusting brush, and an upholstery tool. Handy extras range from the wide-beam headlight to the extra-gentle furniture bumper to the textured handle grip. The Lift Off comes in a snappy dark red that adds a little spice to cleaning day. Bissell includes a one-year warranty. --Emily Bedard

  • 12-amp bagless upright vacuum with detachable center canister
  • Suitable for carpets, bare floors, stairs, and upholstery
  • HEPA Media Filter captures 99% of dust mites, pollen, and ragweed
  • Includes super-stretch hose and onboard cleaning attachments
  • Measures 44 by 13 by 14-1/2 inches; 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Worked Great Until It Almost Caught Fire
    After reading all the reviews, I can't believe this vacuum hasn't been recalled. I don't know if the company is unaware or simply doesn't care. This vacuum was great for about 2 years and I used it a lot. I didn't have any problems with it losing suction from dirty filters as some people mentioned, but it did short out as many folks have mentioned. I kept noticing a hot smell the last couple of times I used it, and finally started seeing smoke. As other reviewers mentioned, on the bottom of the canister where the canister plugs into the upright handled, the rubber/plastic material around the prongs was completely melted and the metal had turned black.

    This would have been a great vacuum, but the fact that the company hasn't done anything about this problem and how dangerous it could be would prevent me from every buying another Bissell or recommending them to anyone....more info
  • Fire Hazard
    I have barely had this vacuum for a year and, when it was new it worked fine, not great, fine. We received this as a house-warming gift from our parents when we moved into our new home. I don't think they banked on it almost burning the house down.

    As this vacuum gets dirty it doesn't work at all, you have to keep replacing HEPA filters, and washing the other ones for it to work. Now one might say what's wrong with cleaning the filters as it gets dirty? Well, I don't know about you, but I don't feel like cleaning filters every time I vacuum my 1500 sq. ft. home. That's not convenient for a vacuum that touts itself as a bag-less low maintenance appliance. This thing is a piece of crap, stay away from it. I'd give it less than a star if I could.

    Today, the vacuum cleaner caught on fire...more info
  • Fire Hazard!!
    I had the same problem as another Bissell owner. I noticed a burning smell and saw smoke while using the vacuum. After investigating, I noticed that one of the prongs had completely burned off the bottom of the canister and the connection on the base had burned as well. I immediately reported it to Bissell and they are sending a "remanufactured" replacement. The unit is 2 1/2 years old and out of warranty. While I am happy to get the machine replaced, I think they should have a recall on this model as it is certainly a safety hazard.

    Not only that, it is very hard to maintain and the filters constantly have to be cleaned. I finally just went out and bought extras, so I can continue to use the unit while I wait 2 days for the washed filters to dry. I would think twice before purchasing this model....more info
  • Beware: Flaw in lift-off design
    I got this unit for my wife about two years ago and the warranty is past. She loves it! But...
    Bissel lift-off units work extraordinarily well but the electrical connection between the base and lift-off portions is a weak spot. After a year or two the contacts become tarnished and develop resistance which leads to excessive heat build-up at the connector. Eventually, this leads to a melt down of the plug. The unit begins to smoke and the prongs in the connector can get so hot they actually melt off! Furthermore, evidently only half the plug is available as a replacement part while both halves are ruined in this meltdown. This leaves you with the lift-off portion still working fine but the base portion is useless....more info
  • Great Vacuum for the price!
    I bought this vacuum reconditioned about three or so years ago. It is still going strong! I even compared it with a Kirby (that I used for the basement) and the Bissell worked much better.
    Meredith...more info
  • Fantastic Vacuum/SAFTEY HAZZARD
    I have had this vacuum for about 3 years. It has done wonders with pet hair and kid crumbs. Recently I started to smell an electrical burning odor. I noticed when I lifted off the canister that where it is seated when connected to the main frame the prongs were charred and the rubber seat was burnt. I can still use the vacuum but it is certainly shorting out as I can detect it while vacuuming. The motor makes quick stops and starts. I looked at replacement parts, but it looks like the parts(new motor, seats) will cost over $120 to replace! At this point I love its performance, but HATE the fact it could burst into flames at any minute! If they fix this problem I would buy this vacuum again in a heartbeat....more info
  • Super sucker
    We've had this sweeper for over a year now, still love it. We have a large (!) dog and constantly are sweeping up mass amounts of hair/dander. This machine takes it with a smile. It does require a good cleaning periodically, depending on use/abuse.

    If I had to find a fault... the only thing I can think of is that its exhaust is very warm, hair dryer-like. But really, that's nothing.

    I fully recommend this sweeper and would buy it again myself.
    ...more info
  • Decent for the price
    I bought this on an amazon friday sale, for around 40 bucks I think. It works fine, has some cool features. I won't be terribly surprised if it doesn't last a couple years because its a cheap vacuum. If I wanted a vacuum that would last 5 years I would have invested more money.

    It is a great vacuum for the time being, and I have no complaints.

    It gets 4 stars because it does its job, but won't last too long most likely....more info
    Best vac I have ever used, No trouble, empties easily. Does not lay very flat to get under things....more info
  • serious safety hazard
    Well, after two years and two months of using this vacuum, I've discovered a serious safety hazard. The lift off canister has a power prong located at the bottom. This allows the canister to be freely lifted on and off the vacuum. Our vacuum has started smelling hot this last week. After closer inspection, the power prong located at the bottom of the canister is burned and black looking. I'm guessing this is caused by the canister not seating well and with a small bump now and again the unit must short out and arc against itself. This is a fire in the making. I've contacted Bissell, but don't expect much since we are out of our pathetic one year warranty.

    Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this product due to the above concern. It's too bad because other than the fire hazard, it's a pretty decent vacuum. The clear container let's you see exactly what you vacuumed up. The filters are easy to clean. Good thing because they become very clogged after just a few uses. The handle reclines to a 180 degree position allowing you to easily vacuum under beds and other furniture.

    I would recommend finding a vacuum without a lift off canister as that is the weakest link here. Also, I'll try and find one with a longer warranty. Wish me luck.........more info
  • Serious Safety Hazard
    Well, after two years and two months of using this vacuum, I've discovered a serious safety hazard. The lift off canister has a power prong located at the bottom. This allows the canister to be freely lifted on and off the vacuum. Our vacuum has started smelling hot this last week. After closer inspection, the power prong located at the bottom of the canister is burned and black looking. I'm guessing this is caused by the canister not seating well and with a small bump now and again the unit must short out and arc against itself. This is a fire in the making. I've contacted Bissell, but don't expect much since we are out of our pathetic one year warranty.

    Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this product due to the above concern. It's too bad because other than the fire hazard, it's a pretty decent vacuum. The clear container let's you see exactly what you vacuumed up. The filters are easy to clean. Good thing because they become very clogged after just a few uses. The handle reclines to a 180 degree position allowing you to easily vacuum under beds and other furniture.

    I would recommend finding a vacuum without a lift off canister as that is the weakest link here. Also, I'll try and find one with a longer warranty. Wish me luck.........more info
  • Big heavy monster
    I've had this lift-off bissell for a year and i wish i could return it. I orginally had a hoover for 10 years and thought i would try something different. I was attracted to the lift off part of this vacuum due to the many stairs i have.
    THis machine is very heavy and clumsy - the tools that come with this cleaner as not great the brush for the stairs broke after 3 months and the crevic tool is marginal.
    The worst thing about this machine is that you have to constantly clean and wash the filters or it does not suck. I spend more time cleaning the dirt cup than i wish to. If you dont dirt gets suck in the uppper chamber of the vac.
    DO NOT BUY THIS MACHINE. I spent over $230 for it and it was money poorly spent.
    ...more info
  • Good vacuum for the price, but wouldn't buy it again...
    I have had my bissell bagless canister 3750 for 14 months now. I did a lot of research and this one sounded like it was worth the money. At the time, it was going for $150 through amazon.

    PROS: the suction really is quite good and it does pick up an amazing amount of my own hair and the cats' hair (I have 2 cats). The carpet does feel better after vacuuming
    - the lift off canister is handy at times when you're vacuuming upholstery which I constantly do because of my cats
    - not having to fuss with vacuum bags is great
    - hepa filter is good for those with allergies, which I do have
    - roll brush (which spins during upright operation) helps picks up hair off the carpet

    CONS: to keep the suction, you have to constantly clean the upper tank filter with soap and water (I clean mine after every vacuum, which is every 1-2 weeks)
    - things start getting messy secondary to con #1. The dust trapped in the upper filter starts spilling all over the place as you pull this piece out
    - as another review said, the canister is top heavy and you need to go buy the shoulder strap or constantly keep one hand on it to steady it
    - finally, the reason I wouldn't get it again is that just @ 13 months, the roll brush died and stopped spinning during upright operation. This led to the belt breaking and I had to go get the parts. At the vacuum store, the repair man helping me said this is typical of this vacuum and said it may very well happen again in another 6-12 months. The people at bissell could not tell me how to prevent this, and the repair man told me to make sure to get out any hairs from the brush right away. Well I already do this, and the vacuum repair man basically said b/c the roll brush is largely made of plastic is bound to start melting and stop working.

    I don't know about you, but I don't like to constantly have to replace parts on things I own...makes you feel like you bought a lemon. It may be better for those who don't need to vacuum very often as it really does work nicely when it's working. It wasn't a really expensive investment, but if this thing does break again soon, I'm getting a more reliable vacuum. Also, I would think twice about getting it at the more expensive prices I'm seeing now......more info
  • busymom
    I'm generally happy with this vacuum. I've had it 3 months and it has a powerful suck. They're are some drawbacks. The most disappointing feature is the "claw" attachment which stopped working after only three uses. It still sucks but the brush doesn't turn anymore despite it being cleaned out. I have a dog that sheds alot so that attachment is very useful to me. Also, the attachment hose is a bit cumbersome to disconnect from the vacuum and it's very short. It doesn't allow much leeway to use the attachment without it falling over (usually it falls on me). In general it gets the job done....more info
  • DO NOT PURCHASE!!!!!!!!!
    I have only had my Lift-Off since April, and I am about to throw mine out to the trash!! I have only used it a handful of times and the brush will not rotate. When I first purchased this product, it was great. Then not long ago, I had to replace the belt, and after that, the brush stopped rotating all together. The suction is still good, but I have to turn the brush off so that it doesn't ruin the belt again. I have tried everything to fix it myself and what was instructed, but nothing works. This is my third bissell and my second lift-off. My first one, I had the same problem, but I had let a neighbor borrow it and that is when it started to mess up. I just thought it was because the neighbor was rough (I couldn't tell them they had messed it up, they were moving). The second one I owned lasted 4 months and since it was a cheaper model, I didn't think much about it. But when I purchased this one and now it isn't working, I am at wits end. I am begging all of you, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT buy this vacuum. You are better off with another brand. This vacuum is too much of a hassle!!!...more info
  • Early experience has been great!
    Since I bought the Bissell to replace a vacuum that died at 366 days of age, I hesitate to give this one 5 stars as it's still in it's infancy. But so far, I love it; long cord, neat removable canister feature, handy tools, and a great job cleaning. Others remarked that the bagless canister required dumping each time they vacuumed; could my house be that clean? because I haven't found that it filled quite so quickly. But if it did, that would only mean it's doing it's job, right? I give it the thumbs up--and pray that it keeps performing for years to come....more info
  • Worked great for 5 months...
    The brush motor burned out after only 5 mos. of minimal usage (single guy in a 1 bd. room apt.) Up to that point it worked very well.
    I'm glad I only paid $125 for this on sale. For a $240 retail vac, you'd think it would last...and be better constructed.

    My old Hoover upright lasted over 10 yrs. w/ no service ever needed!...more info
  • I lovED this vac BUT....
    Yes, loved is past tense. We just returned it after having it for 6 mo's! The suction on this vac is really great, the stair attachment worked well for the most part, and it worked great on upholstery (my naughty dog cannot seem to understand we DO NOT want him sleeping on the couch at night!) but here is it's downfall...just falls down too easily. They should have made the hose coming out of the bottom of this vac not the middle. If you pull the hose 1-2 ft from the vac the whole thing will fall on top of you and it's heavy, so it hurts. Even if you use the lift-off portion, it will still fall over, it just isn't going to hurt as much! The problem i see if that the "wire enforced" hose doesn't allow it to expand, so it just pull the vac over instead. I called Bissell to tell them about this, because i ended up with a knot on my head and was concerned that if it fell on top of one of my young children it could seriously hurt them. You know what they said?!!?! This is what makes me give the whole product less stars! He said "just be careful!". WHAT?! Apparently they are aware of this problem and have supposedly corrected if for the next model. He didn't offer any help, other than just to "be careful". I thought that if they were aware of the problem they would correct it, maybe by replacing the hose on this back to the store it went. Too bad really because i loved it in many ways, but the tipping happened too easily and it was just too dangerous for me and my family. ...more info
  • Great vacuum!
    This vacuum has great suction power. I love not having a bag and seeing the results. It is very easy to use in hard to reach places because it detaches and to top it off it looks good (pretty red). My only complaints are that sometimes it feels hard to push. Also, I saw it cheaper at Costco and priced the same at Fry's grocery store....more info
    Best, easiest to use vaccuum I have owned. Great features. Would recommend to anyone....more info
  • A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !
    The best product that you can get under $100! amazing for price, quality and performance...very reccomended! ...more info
  • Bissell vacuum
    For the price the unit works well. I looked at user ratings for several models before I made a choice. The vacuum is a bit heavy but really cleans well. We were amazed at the dirt and fuzz that came from our supposedly "clean" carpets. I'd buy another one should this one fail. Oh, and did I mention that it was onlly 118.00 including shipping. That's quite a bargain....more info
  • poor on pet hair
    well I was disappointed, the pet hair kept getting stuck in the top filter part, so one has to take that out clean it off and continue to vaccuum this makes the jod 2 times longer,,,,,,,,
    maybe ok for a petless home,...more info
  • Heavy But Does The Job
    This vacuum cleaner is heavy! Too bad it isn't self-propelling and then it would be nearly perfect. However, the large wheels on the back make it easier to move from place to place, without them I wouldn't be able to use it effectively. It is also difficult to maneuver under beds and other furniture. It does pick up very well and the uphostry tool is wonderful. I have a long haired Persian cat and it took her fur off the cloth sofa quickly and easily. The crevice tool was excellent for getting down in the cracks of my recliner. The cannister lifts off easily. I like being able to turn the brush off for doing non-carpeted floors. Bagless is the best! I always seen to need a new bag when I have guests coming and there are none to be found. I had a Eureka canister that I inherited from my parents that was the best vacuum cleaner ever. It was still working perfectly when I bought this one, however, they no longer made the bags to fit it. Substitute bags that they said would work in it, never fit properly and so much of the suction power was lost. With this one being bagless, I don't have to go searching for bags. ...more info
  • So far, so good
    Not self-propelled so a little on the heavy side. Convenient lift out in the middle makes doing stairs a lot easier. For the price I paid I think it was a great bargain....more info
  • I love my two in one vacuum.
    For someone who needed a hard wood floor vacuum, this product works great. The turbines can be turned off, which is a unique feature to be found. The detachable canister part makes cleaning high places so easy, and I'll never switch back to a non bagless vacuum again. The only thing I don't like, is that the canister part doesn't hold the attachments, so you have to carry them. Oh, and there are two washable air filters so only the hepa need be replaced every sx months or so, which is sweet. All in all this is an excellent vacuum if your looking for something versitile. Oh, and I found that this vacuum can lay flat wothout picking up the vacuum end, which I have never seen before. Do your self a favor and get this vacuum....more info
  • Excellent Product
    I am very pleased with this product. It worked effectively on pet hair in my carpet as well as deep down sand and dirt that I did not even know was there. The "lift off" feature is also very handy for stairs. I can recommend this vacuum cleaner....more info
  • 3750 vacuum
    My son said it was the best vacuum he ever bought. We needed one and bought it too. GREAT DEAL!!! Sucks well!! I couldn't believe all the dog hair that it picked up after I had used the old vacuum! I am sold on this vacuum....more info
  • excellent vac at any price...but yet its half of others...
    So we thought long and hard, read the reviews,and considered the Dyson and all the others...finally we decided the big thing for us was a vac that did really well on our bare floors and carpets also. (We had a hard floor vac with the cleaner and the on board warmer we had wasted money on that and were a bit leary buying this one.) As it turned out our research and time paid off. We bought it locally so if we needed to return it we could very easily. We have had the vac 6 months and love it.

    The best features are the lift off and the cord length. I can do the whole house from the middle room without moving the plug...god I love that. And the lift off makes stairs a brease. My wife says the best feature is the way it cleans but I have to say I EXPECT it to clean well ...I mean thats the point right. Our vac also came with a turbo brush which is great for the furniture and even cleaning the car.

    Down sides. The canister is small so if you have cats and dogs like us it will fill up fast...but its easy to empty so thats painless enough. The brush can suck up you frindge and it does not pop off the belt instead it jams up and makes a horrible burning smell. (ok I am to lasy to be carefull around the edges I know I know my wife tells me to more careful..and you should to.) And really thats it...

    A great vac at an even better price...check it out you'll be happy.
    ...more info
  • Not All That
    I have a dog and a cat, and 2 toddlers, so I need a good vacuum cleaner, but I am budget minded so I thought this model would serve me well. It is, in my opinion, not all that. I was never wowed by the performace.

    Definitely do not buy it for the "lift off" feature, because it won't stand on it's own (falls over) and it too awkward to carry around like the lady on the box does. Quite frustrating for me was that in the instruction manual, it notes that SOME models (not mine, of course) have a shoulder strap to help with carrying the canister part. I guess if you had that, then it would be a very good feature.

    But I am telling you that the lift off part was USELESS for stairs or anything else without a shoulder strap- which I tried to fashion myself, but had nothing to attach the straps I stole from a backpack!!!!...more info
  • Don't believe the amazon reviews for this product!

    I just got the Bissell 3750 and I can say that there is something VERY fishy going on with the reviews of this product. It truly is a HORRIBLE product in design and function. It is a total gimmick. I think someone is writting false reviews to pump up the ratings for this product! There is no person that could possibly rate this thing high... If I can return it, I will!

    For starters, it may seem really neat that you can detach the canister -DON'T be fooled, it is a PAIN to detach. You have to lift it out of the cradle, and then wrestle with detaching the hose from the connector, and then put on a very cheaply made attachment. The attachments are soooo cheaply made, and do not function like they should. There is VERY little suction from the attachments. They are useless.

    Buy something else! or, you WILL regret it!...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    I purchased this a month ago after doing a fair amount of research. I was just amazed at how much money you can spend on a vacuum cleaner!

    Anyway, I am very pleased with this machine. It was inexpensive. It's surprisingly quiet. It sucks up pet hair like crazy. I love the detachable canister - it's very convenient and very easy to use. The filters are easy to get to and clean. The canister is easy to empty.

    I live in 3,500 sq ft evenly divided between tile and a low-pile carpet. The machine works great on both and is easy to adjust between bare floor and carpets.

    My only (minor) complaint: all of the attachments ride around on the unit - except one. So I can never find it when I need it.

    Otherwise, I am very pleased with this machine, especially considering the price. I can't understand how you could justify spending more moeny on a vacuum. ...more info
  • Love this Vaccuum
    I was in the market for a bagless vaccuum and couldn't decide which one to get. I settled on this one because of the price. I made the right choice. This thing sucks up all the dirt and dust built up in my carpet that has probably been there for years. My old vaccuum must of left a lot behind becuase upon my first couple of uses I could go over and over the same areas I would still be picking up dirt. I have a small apt so I haven't been aboe to take advatage of the whole lift off feature but it seems like a great feature. I would recomend this item to anyone looking for a good vaccuum....more info
  • There is NO perfect vacuum!! Is there?
    I just cant believe that after all these years they have not perfected the vacuum. You'd think they could have done that by now but least I havent found it. If you have, please email me and let me know what it is?

    Anyway, first the good about this vacuum: I think the candy apple red color is beautiful. The suction on this thing is pretty amazing. Even though years back I vowed I wouldnt get a bagless vac because they are disgusting to empty, due to issues with my bag vac at the time giving me troubles with installing the bags and leaking stuff out every time I changed it, I decided to try this one...And I'll tell you - every time you fill that cup up you are AMAZED at the crap in your carpets. I think my family should all be dead with whats going on in our carpets!! LOL!! So you do get a feeling of accomplishment when you fill up the dirt cup. The fact that you can turn the roller brush off and that it goes off automatically when in the upright position is a nice feature.

    Now the bad things: The worst problem is that if you over fill the dirt cup the dirt gets sucked up into the top portion of the collection cup, up by the filter and gets stuck then you have to pull it out by hand (UUUHHHHHHGGGGG!!!!)...I even have to get my old vac out to clean up the mess inside the collection cup area.(the filter up there unscrews by hand, but there is still dirt that sticks up there). As a rule I try to empty the cup after vacuming each room but, godforbid you forget, or have an extra dirty room and it fills up faster then your stuck cleaning out the mess by hand etc...I find the lift off feature doesnt help me (maybe thats because I dont have stairs)...but when I tried to use the lift off feature to get to some tight areas, it tipped over and was so annoying that never again!! Mine didnt come with a strap, maybe if I had a strap and could carry it, it would be better. I also dont like the tools it comes with. I just dont think that they are very comfortable to use. Not all of them fit onboard the vacuum so you need a place to store them. I also dont think that the vac works that great on bare floors (whether the roller brush is on or off).

    I just want a perfect that so wrong???...more info
  • Excellent
    This is an excellent vacuum. I used to have Dirt Devil but I don't really like it because of the clean-up issue. This one does the job very well. I've used it for almost 2 years now and you can actually clean the parts easily. I don't understand about the comments made by the other reviewer. I don't really need to use screwdriver to clean the top part of this vacuum. All you need to do is just twist it and it will pop out.

    Normally, I would clean the parts twice a year, and after that the vacuum cleaner works well after it's been clean....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    I am hard to please when it comes to vacuum cleaners, as I am constantly using mine with two young children and a pet that sheds like crazy. I really wanted to get a Dyson after using my mother's for a while, but couldn't afford the heavy pricetag. I bought a remanufactured Bissel 3750 because I really liked the features it offered and a good bit of people left pretty good reviews of it.

    I really love this vacuum. It is a little heavy and hard to lift because of the weight, but that is something I can live with as long as it's my only complaint...and so far that is my only complaint. The lift-off feature is great, I got my stairs vacuumed in a fraction of the time it would have taken with my old vacuum, and as long as you keep one hand on the canister handle while you're vacuuming you don't have to worry about it toppling over. I was amazed at the amount of dirt and dust it picked up the first time I used it, and with a 3 year old with asthma in my house, I really love that this thing is picking up so much dust that my old vacuum didn't.

    All in all this is a great vacuum to get when you can't afford $500 for a Dyson, but still want to get something compareable....more info
  • Mr. Chet Latimer
    It is fantastic machine. Could not believe the dirt I picked up the very first time used. And, continue to do each useage. One suggestion: Clean the filter above the dirt tray each week....more info
  • Not as good as I hoped
    Summary: Overall does a decent job, as long as you maintain the filters regularly, but in my opinion the "lift off" portion is not well designed, and has the potential for a dangerous situation (I now know what electrical fire smells like). Bissell customer service is excellent.

    I am notoriously hard on vacuums--not sure if it's because of the frequency of use, or that we have cats to pick up after (which contributes to the frequency of use), but I went through a number of vacuums in just a few years. This time I was determined to spend a little extra and get a "good quality" vacuum. I'd tried a number of different brands before, and decided to give Bissell a try. I have had it for almost a year, and am not a big fan of this model.

    Overall, it did an okay job, with good suction as long as you keep all the filters clean (you buy a replacement for the HEPA filter, but have to wash the other filters, which means you spend a day letting them dry out when you can't use the vacuum). I also regularly emptied the cup, after each vacuuming session. I'm not sure why they advertise the HEPA filter, because in having to empty the cup you usually get a puff of dust and dirt flying up into the air anyway. It does a good job picking up pet hair from carpet and rugs, but is not so great with upholstery. It's a pretty heavy vacuum overall, but the "brush" feature helps propel it when you're on very short carpet or bare floors.


    I bought this model particularly for the "lift off" feature, since we have a lot of stairs in our house to lug a vacuum over. In actual use, though, I found the lift off portion is not weighted well, so that trying to use it as I'm moving up stairs tends to knock it over. Also, since the hose is out the back, to try and reduce the tippiness you turn the back towards you, which means the hot exhaust blows straight out on you.


    A little less than a year after buying it, I noticed there was a strange smell, and the motor cut off. I checked the filters to make sure they were all clean, but in trying it again, sparks and foul smelling smoke started coming out the front. Not something you ever want to see, much less in your vacuum! I immediately called Bissell customer service, and the very helpful representative walked through some trouble shooting. It turned out that the socket where the "lift off" plugs into the main vacuum looked charred and burnt (it had practically melted together). Bissell sent me a FedEx return label, and I shipped it back to them (after scrambling to find a box big enough to hold a vacuum--here's a tip, keep your empty box in a closet someplace just in case!). Within a day of receiving it they promptly FedExed me a replacement Lift Off (a remanufactured model, not a brand new one). I'm hoping the electrical problem was just a fluke, and will continue to try to use this vacuum, but when it wears out, I'll be looking for a different kind....more info
  • Lift-Off -- Great Features, Great Price
    After our two Eurekas died, we decided it was time to try a new brand of vacuum. When the Bissell Lift-Off popped up on the Friday Sale, I found it very appealing. I love that you can just pull off the canister and go to town on cleaning furniture and upholstery. It completely eliminates the need for a second canister vac to do this, and I prefer to carry it around rather than lug a regular upright with hose attachments.

    Cord Length: Perfect! I find it to be much longer than the average vacuum cord but not too long where it would get in the way.

    Dirt Cup: Very easy to remove/clean. It amazes me how much dust/dirt accumulates in the carpet each week. Bagless rocks!

    Suction: No complaints here. The "side" suction also seems to work very well, much better than other vacuums I've used.

    Filters: Three filters, easy to remove & clean. I believe other reviews have mentioned the need for a screwdriver to clean the vacuum. That is no longer true, at least with the model we received from Amazon.

    Assembly: Very simple and again, nothing to critique here!

    Regular Operation: It is self-propelled going forward, which takes some getting used to but is nice as the vacuum is a little heavy. The brush will not activate until the vacuum is not in its upright position, which I think is great. There is also a mode for bare floors that does not use the brush so it will not scratch, however I prefer to use a smaller easy-to-maneuver vac (Hoover Flair) for the hardwood/tile floors.

    One minor issue is that the stair cleaning attachment does not have its own spot "on board" the vacuum. A little annoying for me since I prefer to keep everything attached and together, but not disappointing enough to give this vacuum anything less than five stars! You will not find a better vacuum at this price point...If people are so picky that they think this vacuum is terrible, spend the extra few hundred and get a Dyson. Otherwise, the Bissell Lift-Off is a perfect choice!...more info
  • Powerful suction!!

    This vacuum has the ability to suck more dirt that you believed you ever had. That's the good thing about it! The next best thing is the bagless clear cup! It's easy to empty and great not to deal with bags anymore. There is a filter that needs cleaning out every now and then.

    The vacuum has power in movement and this model is equipped with the detachable canister. I don't use it much, because it tends to "fall down" frequently.

    The attachment wand is easy to put together, but you need to always make sure to lock in place, otherwise it comes loose.

    At times you might believe that the brush is not working, but the vacuum brush is made to turn only at a certain position of the vacuum. So don't freak if you think the brush isn't turning.

    The worst thing about this is the NOB to adjust the height of the vacuum for floor or carpet. There is a trick and if you don't know it or stumble on it, it is impossible to turn! I found the trick accidently and can't remember how it worked right now.

    Overall, the vacuum has powerful suction and you can see everything you picked up and empty easily!......MzRizz
    ...more info
  • Love this vacuum!
    I've had this vacuum for almost 2 years now and it's still working great! We have two cats and they shed like crazy. This always picks up their hair plus some extra. I love having the little canister to empty so I can see everything that gets sucked in. It's very easy to empty and clean.
    My only complaint is the weight, the lift off part is a little heavy, so if you have trouble lifting things then it might not be great for you on stairs, otherwise I've had no problems. ...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    I just purchased this vacuum yesterday. Put it together this morning by myself with a screwdriver. Very, very easy. Attachments were also easy to place. Plugged it in and BAM. I couldn't believe how much dust, food and my own hair it had picked up. I have 3 small children and you wouldn't even know they lived here. I was using a Eureka True Hepa (7 years old) and I thought it was great until I used this new vacuum. The Eureka will be out in the trash on Wednesday morning for sure. I've read other posts that say it's heavy, but it's really not that heavy unless you're under 60 lbs yourself. The lift-off canister is wonderful. I had no problems taking it up and down the stairs. It moves freely and really does a wonderful job. The only downfall, in my opinion, is that it doesn't cook or clean the toilets. Love the color and design. Very sleek and very powerful!...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    I really like using the Bissell 3750 Lift-Off Bagless Vacuum. The only down point is the weight. Other than that, it's perfect for me, I have 3 long haired cats & a dog, it really picks up the hair, dirt and well, just everything!...more info
  • good for stairs and uncarpeted floors
    I have a very long haired dog. I only have a small carpeted space, but I have to be sure to vacuum this first because the hair will clog up the filter too much for it to work if I don't. I do not find that the upright position works too well. However, when using it on hardwood floors and up and down the stairs, the detachable canister works great. Buy it for the stairs and hard floors, not carpeting....more info
    I just bought this vaccuum yesterday so my review will be updated in time. I scrutinized the vaccuum after a quick and painless assembly. The areas I looked at were the following:

    1. convenience- this upright has the removable canister which makes it a dual purpose vaccuum cleaner. I rather liked this idea and it was a strong selling point. The attachments it comes with are conveniently housed on the unit itself. The layout was very well designed and easy to use. I was able to remove and return the canister to the upright housing with very little effort.

    2.suction- GOOD BUT NOT GREAT BUT WILL CERTAINLY GET THE JOB DONE! My Rigid 5.5 HP shop vac has great suction but that is like comparing a scooter to a Harley Davidson Fat Boy.
    By comparison to other vaccuums in its class it is competitive. While using the upright with the brush function turned off. I tried to pick up a paperclip without the brush and it struggled. I must say that when the brush was activated and set at the correct height, it picked it up effortlessly. In another test, I poured red pepper and ground basil on an area rug in a horizontal fashion to see how wide of a path it was actually affecting. To my surprise, the suction without the brush activated was actually sucking up the spices up to one inch away from the outside walls of the cleaner itself. The results of these two tests then led me to understand how this upright housing works. Since the spices are practically weightless, the vaccuum had no problem with using the minimal amount of surface airflow to get these particles elevated to where the suction force really kicks in. Since the paperclip was heavier and more wind resistant, it took the use of the brushes to elevate the clip to the stronger air currents. I later tried picking up pennies and dimes and once again it had no problem with the brush turned on.

    3.mechanics- the design of this unit is brilliant. The tiny dust particles get trapped in the two side areas which helps to take the strain off of the filters. The turbo brush attachment is quite easy to take apart and clean but could have been even easier if it didn't use screws to hold it together. The hose and the TWO canisters are also easily removed for cleaning.

    4.ease of use- this could be attached to convenience but I think it deserves a class of it's own. From assembly to breaking the unit down to clean only takes about 6 steps that can be done in under a minute. Dirt disposal is not nearly as messy as my hoover bagless which requires cleaning a HEPA filter that gets loaded with dust in a single use. My Hoover had to be emptied outside or else dust would fly everywhere. Although the unit is heavier than some models, it is still easy to control and move around. The main problem with my Hoover unit is that the rubber gasket seal to the lid of the canister wore out over a period of 5 years.

    CONS- NEEDS MORE OPTIONS! These suggestions are minor but I have to throw them out there. I would expect these options to be sold separately to make this the ultimate all-in-one vaccuum cleaner.

    1. could have come with a spring loaded retractable power chord management attachment. This would keep the consumer from having to deal with 30' of chord all of the time.
    2. could have had another hose attachment. I would have liked to have seen a wider version of the turbo power brush 8" or so.
    3. could have come with an elbow attachment to make vaccuuming the ceiling possible with the turbo power brush.
    4. the retractable two section extender could have been a 3 section.
    5. needs another flex-hose attachment to increase the reach functionality of the canister use.
    6. add some clippers to the power brush and you've got a Flo-Bee. I already tried this brush tool on the dogs and it is safe for use on animals. My wife told me to stay away from her cat though.

  • Very Happy
    I bought this vacuum to replace an expensive Dyson that failed. So far the Bissell has been 100% better and more effective than the more expensive Dyson. Easy to use. Effective beater brushes. Easy to clean. Does a good job overall. A little heavy though. I like the lift off canister vacuum for stairs and cars. Its like getting two vacs for the price of one.

    Well priced. Couldnt be happier with this vac. Worth the money. ...more info
  • So terrible...
    I too have had this vacuum for about a year and at first, it worked well. Now it starts a high-piched whistling after 2 minutes, the brush almost never rolls and it doesn't pick up any of the dog hair from the carpet....more info
  • Overall a great vaccuum!
    After reading a ton of good reviews on Amazon I went ahead and bought this vaccuum. I've had it for about 2 years now and its been great. It picks up pet hair like you wouldn't believe. I would give it 5 stars but my fiancee says that she wishes it had more attachments. Overall its a great buy and would definitely recommend it!...more info
  • Best vacuum I've owned... with 2 dogs and 2 cats!
    I've owned my Bissell 3750 for almost two years now, and have nothing but positive things to say about it. We have 2 dogs and 2 cats, and we vacuum almost every day - we've used the heck out of this machine, but it still works as well as the day we bought it (and I've never replaced any of the filters, belts, or anything else).

    Yes, the filters do need to be cleaned frequently (weekly in our case), but that's because they're doing their job! They're all easy to remove and replace after cleaning.

    I'm confused by several other reviews that say it's hard to clean the filters, it takes too long to dry, it doesn't have good suction, you have to clean the same spot 3 or 4 times... I've found NONE of these to be true. The suction is fantastic, as is evident by the amount you dump out of the collection cup (which is easy to remove and clean).

    And it's nice to be able to easily retrieve things like Legos that get sucked up.

    It works well on hardwood as well as carpet, and is a breeze to use on the stairs (the removable canister is great!), couch, drapes, blinds, and car. I'd buy this vacuum again in an instant, but as well as it's performing, I'd say that's not something I'll have to worry about anytime soon!...more info
  • It's Great
    I have had this cleaner for 1 1/2 years and it works wounderfull. The best that I ever had. Much better than my Kenmore. I have a long hair dog and it picks up the hair with no problems. I also like it as your can locate in the canister that "Lost object". Buy it, you will like it....more info
  • Love how easy it is to clean!
    I just finished giving mine a top to bottom cleaning and was inspired to write a review. Everything comes apart on this vacuum and is easily washed in the sink or dishwasher. There are two filters that need to be washed every 1-2 weeks and then change the HEPA twice a year. I don't understanda previous reviewers remarks when stating that you need a screwdriver to take off the top filter assembly for washing. The filter only requires a quarter turn to remove and on the back another quarter turn removes the top assembly. I give it four stars only because you do need a screwdriver to access the belt and brush bar. With my old Panasonic the bottom was easily removed.

    Cleans wonderfully. The suction is great as long as the filters are clean. I like the lift-off feature for cleaning stairs and the attachments are easy to use. Like many uprights it will tip if you stretch the hose, but that is avoidable with proper placement or by using the lift-off feature. I've had my Bissell Lift-Off for 9-months and am very pleased with it
    ...more info
  • Bitterly disappointed
    I bought a Bissell 3750 less than a year ago because I thought Bissell had good product quality and I liked the 'lift off' feature. I have never been more dissatisfied with a vacuum cleaner. On hard floors it never had enough suction to pick up a Cheerio even when brand new, so I went back to using my broom for hard floors. It picks up a lot of lint, pet hair and other fibers on carpets, but it gets plugged up and needs to have filters cleaned out about once a week. It overheats and shuts down completely if it's plugged and you're not aware of it, which has happened about 3 times in the 6 months I've owned it. It is the highest maintenance vacuum cleaner I've even owned. This week it stopped working entirely, and I found that the plastic ring that supports the brush roller had broken. B & D vacuum service told me that the roller isn't covered by the 1 year warranty, and I can't buy the plastic ring alone; I need to buy an entire new roller assembly for $22! I don't want to invest $22 in this vacuum because I'm concerned that will just be the start of a maintenance black hole. Previously we had a Sears upright and a Dirt Devil upright, each which lasted 10 years with almost no maintenance. I'm extremely disappointed in Bissell's quality, and would advise other not to waste their money on this product....more info
  • Poor Product Design
    I've had this vacuum for 4 months and will be looking for a new one soon. We had a tank Elextrolux for 10 years (handed down to us with probably another 10 years of use) and never had a problem with it. With the Elextrolux all you had to do was change the bag, I didn't even know where the filters were. With this Bissell you have to clean the filters constantly, there are 3, and the bagless container is continually making a huge mess. The suction is next to nothing if the filters aren't constantly looked after. Also, when the suction is compromised it frequently clogs in the hose which is hard to clear. I'm all for product innovation and ease of use, but there is nothing innovative about the core function of this vacuum. I would recommend going on eBay and looking for a vintage electrolux - there is nothing more reliable and easy to use. ...more info
  • powerful, versatile, well-designed
    When our elder son, who is away at University, needed a vacuum cleaner, we gave him our 12-year-old Hoover "Elite" upright and embarked on a quest for a superior replacement. We tend to keep our appliances and cars a long time -- in 32 years, this is only our third vacuum cleaner. It is also our first convertible, our first Bissell, and our first bagless. So far we are delighted with the clever design, the ease of use, and the cleaning performance.

    I have only two gripes with the design. First, I would have mounted the main power switch high on the handle, for faster belt-saving emergency shutdown. However, the tank-mounted power switches are much better located than those on many other modern vacuum cleaners, including our most recent Hoover. Second, I would have eliminated the drive belt or at least made it easier to replace. In both areas, the Bissell is not as good as our 1950s era Hoover, but better than our more recent Hoover....more info
    Please read my one star rating as zero. We bought Bissell-3750 18 months ago after using a bag-type Hoover for 7-8 years. What a big mistake! Bissell worked well for about a year and then it started to suck ... nothing. Cleaning the filters is a BIG pain (see other reviews griping about it) and each HEPA filter is $12!! The motor went on high pitch with some burnt smell. We noticed the belt had worn off in one place. I searched 6-7 stores before I finally found Type 8 belt and HEPA filter. We put the new belt on, and the belt burnt out instantly. We will definitely go back to Hoover now.

    I wanted to make sure I wrote this review so others don't waste their $$$ on this piece of sucking machine. I am guessing the people who wrote rave reviews have used it for less than few months. By the way I still use my Hoover to clean my van and I'm glad I have that as backup while I go shopping for another vac cleaner...

    Updated on 1/26/2006
    After destroying 3 belts, we found out that the real problem was with the brush (red cylindrical component at the bottom). It had somehow stuck to its axle and wasn't rotating at all. We ordered a brand new brush ( and spare belts. Vacuum is now working fine - with the exception of filters getting clogged very quickly. You see, there are many filters in this machine. Two of them are porous (sponge-like) and washable. We are really not looking for extra work to clean these filters often.

    Updated on 6/13/2006
    The brush that we newly bought just a few months ago jammed again. There is no way to fix it. We bought a new vacuum cleaner. We still use the portable portion of the vacuum cleaner to clean our automobiles....more info
  • Impressive, BUT.....
    The Bissell Lift Off does a very good job on carpet and bare floor,has very good suction and the canister is a nice addition, it picks up a very impressive amount of dirt and is farly easy to manuver, HOWEVER its not that clean to empty, the filters must be cleaned often, its reletivley noisy, weighs 22 Pounds, the canister is very prone to tiping over, and the main HEPA filter is not that cheap to replace ($10.00-$13.00). Overall I whould recomend it if you can live with its list of cons. :-)...more info
  • exceeded my expectation
    i bought this vacuum 2 weeks ago and i'm simply impressed.
    my old vac (sharp) was a bagless one which lasted me almost 2 years.
    i was able to assemble the bissell vacuum in less than 10 mins.
    its suction power is incredible! it sucked more pet hair and dust than my last vacuum.and the color of my cream/off white carpet immediately brightened.the dust in the collection cannister was proof enough for me that my carpet was really clean.
    the other feature that i really love is its can be converted in to a cannister vacuum which comes in handy when you have to clean the stairs.the turbo brush attachment snaps on easy and does a far better job than any hand attachment(i.e.crevice tool).i was able to not only clean the stairs with this tool but also my sofa and car and under the bed!!!!!!!!!!)
    all in all its worth every single penny....more info
  • i LOVE this vacuum!!!
    This is the best vacuum I have ever used! The lift off canister is a really handy item. With 4 cats I need all the help I can get!! The only thing I don't like is the cord comes out on the right side and I'm used to holding the extra in my left hand so it's a little weird if I drop the cord or something that I have to reach around and get it. But other than that it's AWESOME! I love the dirt cup. My old one wasn't as accessible and easy to get junk out like this one. All the attachments are great along with the POWER! Overall a GREAT product!! I highly recommend this to anyone!
    ...more info
  • Don't Bother!!!
    I don't know where to start except that if 0 stars were an option instead of one I wouldn't even have given it that. This vaccuum is tedious, and one reviewer was correct in saying that you have to clean everything (very time consuming pain!) or it won't suck. Now six months later it won't suck despite cleaning. Everything I read in the poor reviews is true of this vaccuum. Don't waste your money on this one....more info
  • Piece of Junk!
    I bought this vacuum after my Hoover Windtunnel started to show it's age - I thought the lift off feature was great for my hardwood floors/stairs. While the liftoff is a nice feature, the shortcomings far outweigh it. It's clumsy and awkward to use, especially when moving from floor to carpet and over thresholds (or any uneven surface). The cord is often in the way, and the suction.. well, it "sucks", but not the way it should! I can't believe how little it picks up - my 6 yr old Hoover does a far better job! The power brush feature is terrible on hardwoods/tile, which would be fine since there's a shutoff, but since the suction is so terrible, you end up just running over the same pieces of dirt. I regret spending money of this waste of a vacuum - I will undoubtedly buy a Windtunnel next time (which will likely be soon, as I cannot spend the ridiculous time it takes to clean just one room with this "electronic hokie". Caveat emptor!...more info
  • I'd purchase something else
    I thought heavily about writing this as I sometimes think this whole idea of the opinions is overrated, but I thought maybe this would steer someone else away from this product. Not that this vacuum is completely a waste of money, but I wish I would have known then what I know now. First, I thought I would like a bagless. I thought it would be cleaner. But the real fact of the matter is it is a whole lot of work, and it's messy. Everything that you collect needs to be dumped out and when you dump it, poof, a cloud of gross dust fills the air. Second, I thought all of these filters would be wonderful for my son with mega-allergies and asthma. Well, the filters need to be cleaned on a regular basis (once a week) in order for them to perform. Makes sense right? Well, that is a job I wish I didn't have to do. It smells bad and it's dirty. So it's important to keep these things in mind because I really thought going bagless was the way to go. By not keeping these filters clean, it doesn't suck up anything worth sucking up. Last, this is a HEAVY vacuum, and I used to associate if it's heavy then it will suction great. No, really it's just heavy. If I could do this all over again, I would spend some time researching Consumer Reports for the best performance vacuum. As it stands right now, I'm trying to justify buying a new vacuum to replace my "new" vacuum because I just don't like it at all.

    But, people are right, it is a cool color....more info
  • Don't Bother
    I bought this vacuum exactly 1 yr. and 6 mo. ago.......
    the motor has gone bad and costs almost as much as the machine to replace. Of course, the warranty is only good for one year!
    I called Bissell.....Not helpful. This vacuum sucks and not in a good way!...more info
  • Sounds too good to be true...and it's not
    I don't consider myself a very picky person and I am not a clean freak but I do like my carpet to get "clean" when I vacuum it. Well, we bought this vacuum about a year ago and it was the first one I have bought for over $100, and it was the first bagless I've tried. Needless to say.. it has many downfalls. The suction is horrible. Infact, I was vacuuming today and there was a small piece of paper on the ground. I went over it not once, not twice, but three times before it finally picked it up. Alot of times it doesn't have enough suction to even pick up some things. It is also very heavy and when I have lifted it up over something, everything that I just picked up comes shooting out the bottom. The lift-off feature is nice but beware, if you are using the handheld attachment don't ever get more than 2 feet away from the vaccum base or it will tip over. Then there is the maintenance part. There are three seperate filters that have to be cleaned. They say the back one needs to be cleaned once every six months...well it's more like every two. And it's not cheap.
    Then when you take the canister that has collected all the gunk out, all the dirt that was in the compartment above it falls out and on to the floor.. so that just makes another mess to pick up. Then there is the wonderful feature of turning itself off when it overheats. Well it gets a little annoying when it turns off after ten minutes. And then you have to wait 15 minutes before it well you turn it back on again. So... I give this wonderful vacuum a whopping 1 star....more info
  • great vacuum for the money
    DON'T LISTEN TO THAT REVIEW ABOUT THIS VAC BEING DIFFICULT TO CLEAN and needing a screw driver to open the top filter, all you need to do is pull out the dirt canister and twist the rubber ring and out pops the whole filter(make sure you turn the safety lock on the back to open first) just like mom said always read your manual all the way through! This is a good vacuum for the money the lift off canister is great light weight and a long enough cord to make it all the way to the top of my stairs . I have three levels in my house including a basement and did not want to lug a heavy vacuum up and down stairs this thing has good suction and works great on carpets. I was amazed at the amount of dirt this thing pulled up. I have mostly hardwood floors and at first I didn't think it had enough suction when the brush was turned off but when I started using it boy did my floors shine! overall for all the features and the amount of power (oh and by the way it is a sturdy well built machine too!) Its great. I tried the dyson and returned it so much money and so little in return. You will be pleased!...more info
  • Suction Vacuum of the First Order
    Does everything the description says it will AND I got a great deal from Amazon. This was not rated highest on Consumer Reports, but it made the list. Apparently other vacuums that work this well (with HEPA filters, etc.) are lighter. But I'm not paying $800 bucks for a vacuum cleaner. Not in this life. Go with this, it's light enough.

    Note one year on: Still works great but don't slouch on cleaning the filters and replacing the HEPA. Motor clogs and it costs to get it repaired. ...more info
  • Bissell 3750 Lift-Off Bagless Vacuum with Free Bonus HEPA Filter
    Awsome product! Well worth the price of $179.99! Unlike a standard vac there's no messy bags & unlike a Rainbow wet vac, there are no water or having to put the thing together! My old, dirty carpet looks soft & fluffy for the first time in the three years I've lived in my townhouse! *****...more info
  • Good Vacuum
    I just recently purchased the Bissell Lift-Off and I love it! It is great a picking up pet hair on the carpet and hardwood floors. We did a test and took our old vacuum (Hoover) and vacuumed the bedroom floor. Afterwards, we took the Bissell and went back over the same area and it was just amazing what it picked up. The only problem with this product is the hose is a little short. Even with the extension wand all the way out it only comes to about your hip. But, other than that it is great. I hope this review has been helpful....more info
    Absolutely, positively DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS MACHINE!! I wish I checked with Consumer Reports before buying this! I have had this exact vacuum for about 6 months and it overheats after about 10 minutes of use!! I called Bissel. They will NOT give me my money back. I've cleaned all the filters, as they have suggested, but the hose keeps getting clogged (and I don't have excessive dirt or dust and no pets, either!). They insist their phone remedies will clear up the problem, but it keeps happeneing! I am tired of ramming a broom handle through the hose to remove standard dust debris (as suggested by Bissel customer service). I thought I might just have a rare lemon of a vacuum, but when my sister called me yesterday to ask if I had the same problem with my vacuum as she is having--also a Bissell Lift-Off, I knew I had to warn people (it sounds as if something is blocked, and the machine starts to run at a high-pitch, and when you turn off the vacuum to try and remedy the problem, it will not turn back on...Bissel says the machine has a default that will not allow it to power up again for 30 minutes to avoid overheating!!) WE DO have the same problem! My sister thought the machine had died, and she bought hers after I did, so hers is LESS than 6 months old! Mine is not an isolated case. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!! In my opinion, this vacuum REALLY sucks, and not the way it's expected to!
    ...more info
  • Best Vacuum
    This is the best vacuum I've ever purchased. Features that I value include
    -- easy to remove handheld canister; great for stairs
    -- long cord
    -- fairly lightweight
    -- does both carpets and bare floors very well
    -- easy height adjustment
    -- easy to remove cup...more info
  • Simply the Best!!!!
    This vacuum is beyond comparison, the best vacuum I have ever had or used in the past 20 or 30 years.

    It is powerful, convenient, and it is an excellent price. I purchased ours a couple months ago when Amazon had a $30 discount off the $179 price, another $25 certificate for a future purchase, two free promotions from Bissell for the Turbo Vac attachment and a Bissell Featherweight ... and of course free shipping. As impossible as it seemed, I ordered online from Amazon on Monday morning, and it arrived on Tuesday - with standard shipping!

    First, at 12 amps, it really sucks! I seriously doubt you will find another vacuum with more suction. Second, it comes with good attachments and there are holders on the vacuum for them. Third, you can detach the canister and use it as a portable unit. Fourth, the power cord is unbelievably long. Fifth, it works incredibly on carpet - I have never seen ours so clean after simply vacuuming. Sixth...I can go on and on - this is just one incredible unit. The folks at Bissell really thought about the design of this vacuum and it shows. I rarely get excited about something as mundane as a vacuum cleaner - but, it isn't often when you buy something these days where you not only feel that you've gotten your money's worth, but you got a really excellent, well-designed product.

    It also comes with an extra HEPA filter which is worth about $10 or $15. Buy it new - for this price, why deal with the remanufactured/reconditioned version?
    ...more info
  • please don't purchase this vacuum!
    I've had this vacuum for over a year now and I absolutely hate it! At first it worked great, great suction and it does have some really neat features. However, as other people have mentioned, the filters are horrible! I don't have dogs or cats either and I live in a small house, and I am ALWAYS cleaning the filters. And the problem is that they loose suction with no warning, often I have just vacuumed the carpet, then moved on to the wood floors before I notice how poor the suction is. Taking the filter out is an extremely messy and gross job! I don't enjoy getting the dirt that was once on my floor all over my hands and sink. After washing the filters, and the surrounding parts with soap and water, they take forever to dry! Many times I have been preparing for a get together, only to be panicking because my vacuum stopped working.

    This is the worst vacuum I've ever had, save your money and purchase something better!

    Erica in Eastern Washington...more info
  • Great vacuum with one drawback - weight
    The vacuum is very powerful as stated. Picks up the little dust from drilling through sheetrock as well as cat hair. It is a little heavier than I like, however having the ability to remove the lift off part to go up and down stairs makes up for it. It was easy to assemble and easy to change to different heights of surface....more info
  • Great Vacuum at Great Price
    I had this Vacuum all thru college and it never let us down. I then recently graduated and moved into my own apartment. I was looking and looking for vacuums and kept coming back to this one. It works great, it is very hand, easy to use and picks up everything. Its nice you can use it on bare floors too. I like it because you can take the center out and use it as a hand held vacuum which comes in handy. I would recommend it to everyone. Worth paying a little more for something you know will work well and last. ...more info
  • awful product
    This is the worst vacuum I have ever owned. The suction is very poor, the upholstory attachment is too rough for fine furniture, the hose attachments are too short, it does not come with a carpet attachment -must purchase seperately and then it does not store on the vacuum.

    The pros... lightweight and the canister is easy to empty.

    I've only used it 2 times and am very unhappy with it's performance....more info
  • High claims for a hefty price
    I bought this vacuum thinking that with all its high-tech functions and bag-less system it would be far easier and more efficient than the cheaper vacuum cleaners I have used in the past. The truth is that after a couple months it has lost suction and I notice little pieces of dust that I have to go over again. The portable center makes it easier to use and when you use the hose with tools it is far more efficient but I did not purchase the upright model so that I would be down on the floor getting the edges of the room with the hose. It is hard to clean and I plan on returning mine for something a little less cumbersome...more info
  • Great for the whole house
    This vacuum makes it easy to do the stairs, hardwoods and carpet! I love having one machine that can go all over the house and clean it so well!! It's amazing how much this picks up (makes me wonder how long some of the dirt has been in there!!) I would highly reccomend this product!...more info
    This vacuum is absolutely amazing. The dirt it got out of the carpet after our old one was just unbelievable. Very easy to manuever and roll around. Will lay completely flat when you need to get under beds. Could use a longer hose but the lift off feature is great. Put a shoulder strap on it and it's easy to walk around with and can reach ceiling fans. Dirt cup is very easy to empty without the dust cloud you get with some. This is the most powerful upright and canister we've ever seen. Now a Bissell fan. ...more info
  • Better than I hoped for!
    The convenience of the lift-off cannister is what lured me into buying a new vacuum. I find it very handy but heavy to carry around. You can't lay it down and it does not stand up by itself. I notice that the more expensive model has a shoulder strap to carry the lift-out part around which might be great as you often need two hands when using it. You have to clean 2 of the filters, which is a real pain in the neck, but not difficult. Now that I have mentioned the bad things the BIG PLUS is that it does a fantastic job of cleaning and is easy to empty. For the money it is the best vacuum I have ever owned. I had just finished using my old vac when this arrived. I put it together and took it for a "test ride". I was amazed at the amount of dirt it collected on a carpet I thought was clean. Because it did a so much better job than my old bagless I need to vacuum less often and that is a very good thing!...more info
  • now we want one, too!
    I bought this for my son as a housewarming present for his first home. I did quite a bit of research online, and went to various stores to actually handle it. It ended up being the perfect one for him. He and his girlfriend whizzed through the assembly and instruction book. He tried all of the attachments, the lift off for the stairs, and extentions for the vaulted ceilings. Every part of the operation was easy, he said, almost fun! Ok-he's just pretending to be very happy with it to please me-what a nice kid! Then my husband arrives, and he starts doing the stairs with the turbo brush. You would have thought he discovered gold! There is nothing more we could have wanted from a vacuum with accessories. It is easy to empty the dust cup, to maneuver around and under furniture, and has powerful suction. Now we want one for us, too!...more info
  • excellent!!!!
    first thing is this....hepa filter on a bagless vac? i guess that's ok..that way the dust is'nt floating in the air...when you dump a dirt cup you know there is so much dust everywhere!!! but if your like me and are'nt worried about the dust and love the convenience of bagless....
    this one is great!!!
    lots of power....great suction. came with bonus hepa filter...great price after the special incentive from amazon and some coupons i tax!!! wow!!!
    no drawbacks...some may say an extra 5 feet on the cord would be nice..i agree...just attach it to extension cord!
    lifted the vac off its base to vacuum the car...excellent results using the crevice tool as well!!!
    this is an excellent buy and the color is hot!!!
    the dirt cup is great..just turn lever, remove cup, dump, replace cup and lock lever......advice...don't let cup get overfilled then it is messy and dusty when you remove it to clean!!

    i've had many...many...many vacs....this one has been the best besides my kirby that burned along with my home! some will say "what is the world coming to when you pay over 1000.00 for a vac!!"...there is some truth to that...but that kirby was boss!!!
    ...more info
  • The Best Bang for the Buck
    First I have to say that this Vacuum was bought with a Coupon and we also recieved a free Hepa Filter, + a Power Nozzle and a small portable thru rebates with Bissell and Amazon. There was no better price on the net or in the stores and the shipping was free. *****

    The Power and durability of the Model is Fantastic. We originally had the eariler Lift Off from a few years back and that was good but, this is far superior. If you never had a two in one Vacuum like this then you must buy one. When you convert to a canister you can do the Stairs, Furniture and Drapes which would not be possible with a regular Upright. *****

    If there is one drawback its that you have to empty the waste container and clean the filter areas often, but because this is our first bagless, I don't know if that is typical for this type of Machine. ****

    Otherwise I can't see why people spend $250.00 and up when this is the way to go! *****

    ...more info
  • too much maintenance every time I vacuum!
    I am wondering if the people who gave this product 5 stars still believe this is the best vacuum. We bought this vacuum in May and it did fine for about a month. Now it constantly is getting clogged. You have to take the whole vacuum apart to clean the hose, filters etc! The detachable part of the vacuum is great but when there is NO SUCTION it doesn't really matter if it detaches or not. I think when you write a review you should wait about a month after you purchase the product and then decide if you like it. THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT WORTH THE MONEY!!!...more info
  • vac
    love it thing tho'..little heavy to carry up stairs...need to separate it into separate base and vac...also shoulder strap for vac would be ni...more info
  • Easy cleaning
    One of the better bagless vacuums on the market. Very powerful with a unique feature where the inside works of the unit can be taken out and used as a handheld....more info
  • vacuum with diversification
    Needing a vacuum to clean our new hardwood floors along with rugs, I investigated the types available. I choose the Bissell with ability to stop roller and clean hardwood floors; my present vacuum kept the roller moving, sending debri flying & not into the vacuum. The bagless feature is great, easy to remove and dump. The removable canister exceeded my hopes & my van received and much needed vacuuming with ease. I highly recommend this bissell....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    We purchased this vacuum several months ago and are amazed at how much dirt and animal hair it collects everytime we clean the floors and carpets. It is easy to empty, and the 2 cleanable filters are very easy to clean. We haven't changed the HEPA filter yet, it recommends changing that every 6 months, but we'll probably change it every 3-4 months.

    It is the standard weight for this style of cleaner, and the detachable cannister makes cleaning the stairs so much nicer. Our toddler son, who was afraid of our last upright, loves this vacuum! ...more info
  • not the best dust vacuum, BUT, THE BEST PET HAIR VACUUM
    I vacuum ALL THE TIME! i like to do that. i have about 8 vacuum and this is 2ed best. my 1st best is my hoover Empower. i have 2 dogs, one is a husky, so she shaeds a LOT. And a cat too that shaeds too. So, I LOVE this vacuum. BIG TIME pet hair FREE carpet. it's baggles, {i doun't like baggles} but it does not put dust back in the air. and the HEPA cleaning IS THE BEST i LOVE IT. but, it does not peek much Dust, but dose beter than my bagged DirtDevil. YOU should get this if you BIG TIME SHAEDING pets....more info
  • Excellent vacuum really does the job
    I recieved this vacuum as a gift because my old hoover broke and I have 3 cats who roll all over my carpet. I found that this is the most powerful vacuum I have ever used, it was like a shark on a blood feeding frenzy. It is so powerful and it feels like it is practically self propelled, and with the bagless I saw all the dust , dirt and hair my old one missed and what a difference after I used it. Great features a bit pricey but in my opinion worth it, especially as a gift. Be sure to clean the filters though. ...more info
  • Good vacuum if your willing to put in a little work
    I think the vacuum works great, but it does require a little work after every cleaning. I have only owned it for about a month, so we will see how I feel in a year or so....more info
  • A Great Vacuum Deal
    You will not regret this purchase. Not only is this vacuum an upright but also a cannister and outperforms others. This vacuum has proved itself within the first month of service. It has removed dirt deeply imbedded and made all my carpets look like they were just installed.

    You will not regret the convenience and cleaning power....more info
  • Good vacuum
    I purchased the Bissel 3750 after reading many good reviews on Amazon, and I have not been disappointed with the vacuum. The only downfall I can see is that it is pretty heavy - I knew this going in but figured with a one-story house it wouldn't be a big concern. It's not, but I definitely work up more of a sweat than with my old vacuum. I personally like having the filters, but I have already learned that it's a good idea to clean the top filter everytime you empty the canister - not a problem, just something to remember. I like having the "lift-off" function and find myself using it a lot more than expected....more info
  • Versatility in a vacuum
    One of the best parts are the filters--washable and inexpensive, plus it has great suction. The suction works best in canister mode and weaker when converted to upright. I also wish there were more attachments included. The weight of the canister is 10.5 lbs. and the total weight of the machine is 25.5 lbs. The dirt canister is large and designed to keep most of the large dirt (dog hair+ etc.) from overwhelming the filter. It looks nice and works well...I'm happy. ...more info
  • 4.5 Stars
    My old bagless vaccuum cleaner was emitting clouds of dust whenever I was using it, so I decided to replace it with the Bissell. I found this to be a very good decision and a vaccuum cleaner well worth it.

    The suction power is incredible on this model. I've never seen my floors (I have primarily wooden floors) shine as they do now. (I didn't know they could even shine... ) The available tools are great, except for one tiny pet peeve I have, thus the 4.5 star rating. It has a flexible hose attached on the back of the cleaner that you can detach from the main body and attach various brushes, as well as an extension rod. The hose can be kind of small in length so you'll need to have the cleaner close at hand, however its flexibility is really convenient. I can reach the upper shelves of my bookcases without having to lift the machine off the floor like I had to in the past with my old cleaner... It comes with a two headed brush that you'll need to twist depending on whether you want to use the upholstery brush or the "duster" brush with bristles. These brushes are very useful. They actually can vaccuum the lint off bedskirts... Their triangular shape is also ideal since it can reach weird corners and angles better than round brushes can. In addition, it has a crevice tool and a brush to be used for bare floors. The latter brush is my pet peeve. Perhaps, they need to redesign it. It is not 100% effective in "sweeping" the floor and oftentimes, I find I need to go over a spot several times to pick up things; its bristles get in the way of sucking up the dirt. This can be a little frustrating. Another big plus is the extra long cord, helpful in going the long distances. I can cover a bigger area and longer distance without the fear of getting unplugged during my vaccuum marathons. The canister can be released from the main body frame, yet another feature that makes vaccuuming more bearable and easier to carry for hard to reach places. Its 3 filters effectively contain the dust.

    Overall, I am very pleased with the Bissell, and boy can you see and smell the difference!...more info
  • If I could give it no stars I would....HORRIBLE FOR HOUSE WITH STAIRS!
    I did a pretty dumb thing and let my husband pick out the vaccum cleaner for our newly built 2 story home. We have 4 kids ages 8, 7, 4 and 1 year old. I need something that I don't have to take apart to clean every week. I have enough that I have to do than clean a vaccum cleaner.

    I have read reviews where they state it works wonderfully with stairs. I find this NOT to be the case in my house. I can't stand it. It is heavy!! And it falls over. You always have to have a hand on it.

    I have a son that has severe Eczema and I wanted a vaccum with a bag. But my husband thought this one would be great. It is not. Dust flys everywhere.

    Within the next 6 months I am buying another vaccum cleaner and a separate handheld vaccum to clean my stairs.

    VERY DISSAPPOINTED!...more info
  • Bissell 3750 Lift-Off Bagless Vacuum with Free Bonus HEPA Filter
    Vacuum sucks up the dirt and pet hair really well the first couple of strokes then it will leave a big line of pet hair on the carpet. I have lowered and raised the roller tried it without the roller and nothing seems to make a difference. It's like instead of sweeping up the hair it just drops it back onto the rug. The canister part and the attachments all work fine. I wouldn't buy this item again though in fact I will probably buy another brand of vacuum soon and usually my vacuums last up to 10 years and I can't stand this one after 3 mo. ...more info
  • 5 Stars All the Way!!!!
    We received this vacuum as a wedding gift off our gift registery. WOW! We had just vacuumed and we revacuumed with this one- I am appalled at my old vacuum cleaner! Our carpets have never looked so plush and new as they do now after vacuuming with this vacuum cleaner. It was easy to assemble, and I was able to figure out how the canister pops off without any difficulty. It is not at all akward to use and you should see the way it picks up pet hair!! Definately the best bagless vacuum for the price and quality!...more info
  • Impressive
    I purchased this vacuum based on the features and the reviews that it received. I must say I am totally impressed with this vacuum. It actually has regular suction plus a brush feature that dredges out all the hair and dust that is trapped deeper down in your rug. I used it on area rugs in my apartment and I was amazed how much hair and dirt it sucked out of those rugs. It made me feel as though I had never vacuumed these rugs at all and, in fact, I guess I never really did considering my old vacuum left all that dirt behind. I have already recommended this vacuum to all of my friends!...more info
  • Way too much maintenance
    Ok ok, the thing really does a great job, I bought this item because of all the rave reviews. But the very first day I used it the power brush stopped working because a penny got caught in it. What??? That's right, a penny stopped this thing dead in its tracks. I thought I had broken it but luckily I managed to take the roller off and correct the problem. Then I read the manual... turns out you can't let it suck up things like coins or paper clips or pins, etc. So, before you vaccum you'll have to sweep up. Duh!

    My next dissapointment was with all those filters. When the vac stopped working as well as when I first used it, I returned yet again to the manual to find that there are no less than 3 filters I had to keep clean. Hey, I'm a guy, I dont want to have to clean the thing that's suppose to clean my things.

    One more thing that bugged me was the removable cannister. Put it on the stairs and when you extend the hose, you'll find that it will topple over. You have to hold onto the cannister at all times if you want to keep it from falling down the stairs.

    The only thing that impressed me about this vac was the amount of dirt it collected (but only if you keep the filters constantly clean).

    All you men who are considering this vac because of the tv commercial, you know the one.. the 3 women come in and rescue the poor, helpless, dirty guy... don't fall for it fellas. You'll need at least 3 women (not a sexist comment, tho the commercial sure seems to be) to keep up with the 3 filters.

    If you dont mind cleaning filters, then by all means, this is a great machine. Personally, I hate it....more info
    I have a black lab that sheds piles of fur year round. On any given day I can vacuum my very small apartment and fill the container with her fur. My last vacuum didn't seem to ever have a full bag and I was always fighting with the mess on my floors. Now that I have a baby crawling around on them I am super grateful I have such a nice vacuum.

    I don't find cleaning the filters to be annoying since it works so well after I do it. I feel that the filters do more good than harm, so the little bit of work to clean the out every once in awhile (about once a month for me) doesn't really bother me.

    And I LOVE how quickly I can just pick up the inner unit and carry it into another room to use the hose.

    My mother is going to be buying one soon after seeing how well mine works. I would recommend it to everybody!...more info
    Okay I don't wish to bother you all with a boring review so I'll just state facts. Enjoy.

    Its detachable canister makes it extremely versitile (it's light too).
    The height adjustment knob is perfectly placed, for quick shifts from carpet, tile or wood floors.
    The included attachments are made to be used! Use them to rid your curtains and ceilings from dust.
    Its solid, nothing will get lost or broken, and if you somehow manage to, refer to your manual for part #'s.

    ***Don't listen to the crazy lady that said you need to unscrew something to clean a filter. The upper filter only requires a simple twist and it comes free. The only thing you need a screw driver for is to clear cloats or change the drive belt (the rubber band). This model was built to make it easy to *see* cloats with its clear design. The hose is opaque for light to shine through and the path from the hose to the dirt caintainer is also clear. *I've never experienced a cloat*

    Lots of maintenance. Those of you that are used to those buy it and forget it models should avoid this one. There are 3 filters. The filter in front of the motor is VERY hard to notice unless you read the manual. (It took me a year to notice it. I only decided to look up the manual because it wasn't performing very well. After dusting the filter, it worked the same way as day one. Look at the manual to see what I mean) The other two are obvious, the upper tank filter (above the dirt container, and the HEPA filter (change every six months, or earlier for the dust freaks. They run for $11)

    Guess what guys, thats the only con. If you don't maintain the vacuum, its performance will suffer. But the good this is that it can stand neglect. Like I said, I didn't notice the motor filter until a year (or two) after we bought it and it still runs perfect.

    Oh and if you didn't understand this from the forementioned, you have to replace the HEPA filter, the other two filters are washable so buy a few now and save yourself the from hassle later to come....more info
  • Bissell 3750 Lift-Off Bagless Vacuum
    Quiet and powerful - well engineered and very well built.

    The detachable canister feature works great (for stairs, etc)! This is what sold us on the 3750 model.

    Independent power switches for suction and beater-bar a great feature for cleaning (but not scratching) hardwood floors.

    In upright mode, rolls about easily and can get flat for access under couches and chairs.

    Filters work very well - no bypass dust.

    Only thing keeping me from assigning 5 stars is overall weight - probably attributable to the sturdy construction and collection of high quality on-board attachments.

    Although we got ours via Amazon (no problems), found the exact same model cheaper at Wal-Mart.

    ...more info
  • I'm impressed so far
    Okay, I've only had this vacuum for a few days, but it is a huge improvement over my old Eureka. I have been saving for a central vac system but when my old upright broke down, we didn't have enough yet for the central system, so we got this to hold us over.

    Pros: The suction in incredible, I was very surprised by how powerful it is. The wand actually clings to the walls and baseboards, it's wonderful. I was worried when I couldn't really feel a lot of suction on the rotating brush, but I got a disgusting amount of gunk out of my carpet. Eeeew! It's also easy to empty. My old vacuum was also a bagless and the Bissell is a much, much better design. You simply slide a lever and lift the canister out, which is open and easy to dump. With my Eureka, I had to pop the canister off and then open a couple of doors to access the dirt. Inevitably, some would always spill. This vacuum also doesn't shoot dust everywhere when you take the hose out like the old one.

    Now for the cons: This vacuum is heavy. If you're a clumsy vacuumer like me and tend to hit your toes, you'll feel it. The hose is a bit too short, even a few more inches would have been appreciated. It also gets quite hot in the back, which I wasn't expecting.

    I don't know if I'll love it as much when I have to clean it and I wonder if it will start to lose suction as so many uprights seem to do. But for now, I'm thrilled.

    Bottom line: it's a great vacuum, but I will keep saving for my central vac system....more info
  • Great for Homes with Stairs
    I recently purchased this vacuum after a little research on my own. After hearing a lot of good things about this vacuum I decided to put it to the test. I had just moved into my 2-story apartment and I was amazed at how great this product worked. It is easy to use. You don't even have to lose 10 pounds pushing this vacuum because it kind of moves forward on its own. I especially love the detachable part of the vacuum. I use it on the stairs all the time. The fact that it's bagless saves me a lot of money. Just remember to keep cleaning those filters. Keeping those clean helps the vacuum keep good suction....more info
  • Awesome
    Bought the vacuum because of the great reviews, and they are dead-on. This thing picks up EVERYTHING. The lift off canister is great, the cord holder is a plus, and it's really cool that the suction still runs but the brush turns off when it's upright. Bagless is wonderful. The only thing wrong with it: lots of filters, but I guess that's for the best. ...more info
  • Amazed
    After my old vacuum stopped working, we decided our next vacuum purchase would be better than our old special, since we have 2500sq ft, under air to vacuum. After buying the Lift-Off and getting it home, WOW!! It was like we had never vacuumed our carpets, ever!! It is easy to use, has great suction and the lift-off feature is great for our cars. I was thinking of the Dyson, however, my wife & I are very, very pleased we purchased the lift-off. It really does an excellent job....more info
  • Easy to use, great for pet hair
    We bought this vacuum when we moved into our new house. We have 2 dogs and 2 cats, and it works great picking up the animal hair. The lift-off is great b/c we can get the stairs, corners, and everywhere the excess hair hides w/o a seperate machine. The only complaint I have is that my husband never empties the dirt canister! :) A friend of mine tried it at my house and ended up buying one of her own. If you want something under $200 that will perform, I recommend this vacuum....more info
  • Incredible!
    This is a wonderful vacuum. I have never seen anything like it. It sucks up everything. Pet hair, human hair, dirt, bugs, anything in its path. This vacuum has a clear hose and a clear viewing area for the floor brush so you can see were the clog is if you get any. The floor brush can either be turned on or off. This is nice for uncarpeted floors. There are also 7 adjustable floor hights. The attachments stay in there place and don't come off while your vacuuming. I hated that with my old vacuum. This vacuum has nice big wheels on the back for easy handling. Not to mention the lift off canister is wonderful. I would not buy another vacuum; I will stay with this one for life....more info
  • Best vacuum I have had in 35 years
    I have a golden retriever and really work the vacuum. It makes easy work of the dog hair and really sucks up the dirt. I also love the lift out feature. It is great for taking outside to do the car.

    You do need to clean the filters often. I take all the filters out and wash them every other time I vacuum and they need it. It takes just a minute to rinse them in the sink.

    I wonder if not cleaning all the filters often enough could be why some people had trouble with the vacuum dieing after a year or so.

    ...more info
  • Does wonders!!!!
    I just purchase my Bissell not to long ago and can not believe how wonderful it actually works. I have two cats and a dog and thought that my dirt devil was doing the job at getting the hair and other particals out of the carpet and furniture, boy was I suprised at what it missed. I love the fact that I can take it up the stairs with out having to take the whole vacuum up with me and worry about it falling back down the stairs. Plus it is a lot quitter than most vacuums. If I could I would give it ten stars. The only thing is that Amazon does not offer the cheapest price on it,I got mine for $172.00 verses paying $179.99 . Go to Walmart and save yourself some money. ...more info
  • What a DUST BLOWER!
    No Bags. Whoopie! Filters cost more than the bags would. Dust just POURS out of this machine. Constant Maintenance on this vacuum! Yuck! I wish I had the Hepa Bagged Version instead. What an Unimprovement!!!...more info
    I bought this vacuum based solely on an article published in the April 2004 issue of Smart Money Magazine. They compared several leading vacuums from an inexpensive hoover to a pricey Dyson and found this one to be the best of the lot. I LOVE THIS VACUUM!!! It has a special setting for my hardwood floors that even gets the dust out of the cracks in my 100 year old wood floors. Has every attachment under the sun that will accomodate everything from my sofa cusions to my brick walls and textured ceilings. It has THREE FILTERS!!!!! And it's bagless - who can't love that???? And if that isn't enough, it also has a detachable cannister for cleaning those really odd and hard to get to places (under the pantry shelves and up the stairs).'s candy apple red!!! Looks like a cute little hot rod!! And drives like a dream!!!! Very well priced too - considering all that it offers!!!!!!!!!! I highly recommend this vacuum and Smart Money Magazine!!!...more info
  • GREAT vacuum!
    Well, I had finally had enough with my crappy $99 vacuum and decided to fork over more money than I ever had before for a replacement, in the hopes that I would have one worthwhile for once. HOLY CRAP has this vacuum got me excited. I bought it at Target, actually, and rushed home to put it togther (very very easy)and started to vacuum right away. At first, I was sadly disappointed in it's performance. While it was picking up a decent amount, it wasn't the force I had been expecting. THEN I realized that I had the "Brush" feature turned off. I turned it on and went back over the entire area I had just covered and WOW - it picked up a shocking (and scary) amount of dirt...dust, hair (human and pet), fuzz...I had no idea that much stuff was in my carpet! The carpet itself has not looked this new and full in a very long time.

    The only downsides (so far) are the it is kind of heavy to push around, though nothing unbearable. If you have a big living room, expect to need to switch arms half way through.

    I had no problems whatsoever with the removable canister and getting it back on.

    Overall, I am so far VERY pleased with this purchase. Granted, it hasn't been long that I've had it, but if it stays like this for even a few years, I'll be happy!...more info
  • Best vacuum ever
    This Bissell is amazing! We have had it for 6 months and have used it at least once a week. It works the same now as it did when we got it! We have two dogs, one of which has long black hair which sheds all over our cream carpet- The vacuum will pick it all up, and doesn't fill up too quickly. I don't think the vacuum is heavy at all. I am a 140 lb. weakling woman and can carry it up the stairs ok. It was a great purchase. ...more info
  • Bissell 3750 Lift-Off Bagless Vacuum
    If I could,I would give this product many more stars. I can't say enough about the vacuum. It's just amazing the power & suction it has. I've been looking for a long time for a vacuum that has the ability to pick dust up off hardwood floors & tile floors. It realy does a fantastic job at it. The wide sweep is a great feature. It really does pick the dirt up along the edges of the walls & corners of the doorways. All I can say is WOW! I'm blown away. Also I have area rugs in my living room & with the first sweep of the vacuum the carpet came back to life. I'm just amazed. I've never seen a vacuum this powerful. You'll never be sorry you bought this vacuum, ever....more info
  • Absolutely Wonderfull
    This vacuum didn't disappoint me one bit. Assembly was a breeze, just connect the hose up and store the tools and you're good to go. This is the quietest vacuum I've ever encountered. Very nice if others in your house complain when you vacuum. The suction was terrific and emptying the canister was much easier and cleaner than with my old Dirt Devil. This thing just glides across the floor and is a pleasure to use. The handle has a rubber bottom and provides an easy grip. It can lie flat on its back and still have the brush on the carpet. It made cleaning under my coffee table a breeze. Don't give this a second thought. Go get one for yourself, you'll be happy you did....more info
  • PLEASE buy something different..I have used mine for 12 mos
    After a year of using this thing I am finally annoyed enough to write a review of it. I hate to be hard on products but this one I can't let go by.

    A vacuum is something you only buy every one in a while (every 5 years or more) so it's something you wish you could even test drive for how much they cost - well, let me be your test drive.

    I needed a new vacuum and I had a Phantom before this one for 9 years. So I knew I wanted a bagless.

    This is one of the few pluses (but it actually had a minus to it oo). The canister comes out nicely to clean up (esp compared to my Phantom). However, to get to the top part to clean - you need a screwdriver. That's a big minus because I have to clean mine in the sink every week otherwise there is no suction. Why should I have to go get a screwdriver to take it apart.

    CLEANING ct:
    The fact that there are 4 different sections to clean so you think you are picking up lots of stuff - yes..there are 4 and 3 of the areas need cleaned in the sink with soap and water every week (I vacuum every day - I have little children who play on the floor). The 4th is the actaul filter which cannot be cleaned - you have to buy a new one. The plus is that it's not that expensive compared to other hepa filters.

    The minus is that the filters do not air dry quickly and I usually have to dry to dry them myself with a hair dryer to be able to use the thing with 24 hours (I am to chicken to put them in the dryer on account of shrinking - who knows. I would hate to make a bad problem worse).

    As for suction - well, the first month or so I thought it was great. The it just stopped working that well. I have taken the thing apart and cleaned everything you can - and it's still not that great. I even had my husband look at it thinking I am a feeble housewife.

    It really is neat that you can take the entire canister off and clean the stairs. However, the cord is too short and it's top heavy so you must hold it or else it falls over - easily. The hose could be longer and there is no way to attach another. I am sorry but 6 feet or so a not that great. I thought since you can take it apart it would not be a big deal - it is.

    The stair tool has no housing for it so make sure you put it somewhere you can remember.

    The product claims it can edge really close to the wall. Well, sort of. But the problem is that they had to move the belt toward the middle of the vacuum so edging really only works OK in one direction and if you have unmoveable furniture then you are SOL with getting a good clean. ALso, the suction on the edges of the vacuum is lousy. So prepare to vacuum an edge and then move the vacuum a few inches over to get the next path.

    Edging by hand is easy if you take off the canister. Again remember it is very topheavy and falls over all the time. That's a huge negative to me.

    It does clean OK. But I just think for what you spend that I should not have to pass over an area 3 to 4 times to pick up simple lint on the floor. I have green rugs and I am picky (And dark carpets are great to see what you don't pick up - trust me I love it and hate it).

    I don't have cats or dogs and would hate to think how this thing would not work if you have pets. Also as a note: we take off our shoes when we come in the door to minimize the stuff on the floor.

    The cord is nice. It stores away nicely on the side and has a neat lever that releases the entire cord at one time. There is a nice do-hickey (for lack of a technical term) to latch the cord while vacuuming.

    I think it's built well. Nothing has broken off. My light stopped working in the first month but I can fix a light bulb - shouldn't have to though).

    I really can't stand this vacuum and if I could do it over I would really have chosen something else. It's hard to know without using it for a long time (I have had mine for 12 months now). A quick run in the showroom doesn't really show you what you need to know.
    If I could give this thing less than 1 star I would have. ...more info
  • Best vacuum I ever owned!
    I bought a kirby vacuum about 3 years ago for $1,000. & it didn't do the job 1/2 as well as this vacuum. I love the convenient lift off canister. It's so easy to remove & put back. It makes it so much easier to vacuum my car. The clean up is easy, just dump the dirt into the garbage can. The best part is knowing I'll never have to spend any more money on replacement bags. The only suggestion I have is that when you dispose of the contents from the canister you may want to do it outdoors. Some dust & dirt can have a tendency to spill onto the floor. Overall I have to say this is definately the best vacuum I've ever owned!...more info
  • Surprised that I had that much dust in my carpet

    I really wanted a dyson quality vacuum but I didn't want to spend all that money! So I did a little research online and this model is supposed to be based on a retired dyson patent. I have to say I am very impressed with this vacuum; the amount of dust and hair it picks up is enormous! I had no idea that much dust was in the carpet! I just moved into to my new apartment but wow, did I notice a difference. The carpet seems so much cushier and plush after I vacuumed it! Its very easy to empty, it runs smoothly, and practically pulls you forward across the floor. Also you can take the middle out of this vacuum and make it much lighter and take it outside to clean out your car. It really is like having 2 vacuums in 1. I'm so pleased! I really feel like I'm getting my moneys worth with this product!
    ...more info
  • Perfect for an apartment!
    We bought this vacuum with the excess of gift card money we received for our wedding, and it has turned out to be one of our favorite items!! We're in a starter apartment, which is smallish, so this vacuum is perfect! I'm a big fan of the Shop Vacs but this vacuum eliminates the need to have more than 1 vacuum, and really helps consolidate. Whoever thought up the lift-off canister is BRILLIANT!!

    I have had no problems with the vacuum and we've had it for 5 months. It's a pretty reliable appliance. I appreciate that only one filter actually needs to be thrown away and replaced, and the rest are easy to clean (just pop them out, rinse, and air dry).

    My only complaint is that the canister can be hard to get back into the upright appliance if you don't coil the cord back onto the canister correctly. Now that I've figured this out, it isn't a problem.

    You know this has to be a winner when my husband enjoys it enough to get it out to clean! We both still like it so much that we almost fight over who gets to use it. It's definitely a winner in my book!!...more info
  • Excellent Quality
    The reviews were helpful to me prior to I'll return the favor. First the vacuum was of mid-weight...not as heavy as some others...which made for ease in transporting. Assembly consists only of attaching the handle with two screws...easy. It's quieter than my previous vacuum (Eureka.) The detachable canister is great for working in smaller or congested areas...and can be hand-carried in those areas when vacuuming if desired. It comes with a bare floor attachment although the vacuum can be used for bare floors without the attachment. The plastic dirt cup easily detaches and reattaches. The suction is very good whether using attachments or the main unit. It's a quality product and reasonably priced....more info
  • Perfect for People With Pets
    This vacuum is the best! I'm getting ready to move off to college, so I decided that I'd go buy myself a vacuum for my future home. I researched many vacuums, but never could find the exact one I wanted. So, I just went down to the local Wal-Mart and picked this one, hoping that it would be a good choice-IT WAS! We have animals and I have long hair, but that was no problem for this vacuum. My mother had just recently vacuumed the house, but as soon as I got home I had to try out my new vacuum. It was so easy to use; whereas, the Oreck my mother has is hard to push and makes you feel like you're going to break the handle half the time. I tried it on our bare floors, and it was like a dog pulling me-it was SO self-propelled. Not to mention all the hair, dirt, and dust from the litter it picked up. My mother was so amazed that she's thinking of buying one herself. I didn't really like the fact that dust kindof floated out when I went to empty the dirt compartment, but I'm sure I can find ways of dealing with that. It's also kindof discouraging that the area around the filter got dusty so fast, but again, I'll deal with that. And, for car lovers, the lift-off canister is awesome, because with the 30 foot cord, you can just plug it in, and carry the canister to your car. No more using two seperate vacuums for the house and car-that takes up too much space in the closet. I haven't had a chance to try the tools yet, but I know that the hose has a lot of suction, because it will suck so hard that it sticks itself to a wall. As someone else sad, I don't really know why I'd need to turn off the rotating bristles, but I'm sure someone out there needs that feature. I definately recommend this vacuum. It may seem a little expensive, but when you think about how cheap the filters are, and how much you'll save by not having to use the car wash vacuum cleaner, I'm sure it'll add up. And it's well worth it....more info
  • Versatile, easy to use, and powerful. + No bags!
    I've been singing the praises of this vacuum since I got it. I used to do commercial janitorial work so I know my way around a vacuum. This baby takes the cake. I get great suction and multiple height settings to do the floor, Berber carpet, even shag rugs. This vacuum is very lightweight so carrying it around it no problem, especially with the convenient top handle. It comes with great attachments and extenders so you can get to any surface in nearly and crevice in the house. But I haven't even got to the best parts yet. It's bagless so you don't have to fool with that and the canister lifts off with one click to you can carry that around to get spider webs or the stairs or whatever. Also all the buttons are easily located to turn the vacuum on, the beater bar off, the canister removal, everything. I highly recommend this vacuum. ...more info
  • Yowwza!!! is this a car or a vacuum cleaner? : )
    i bought this vacuum after mine had broke and had borrowed the same kind from a neighbor. it has powerful suction, turns into a canister easily. easy to assemble; i did it and my husband was so amazed. my absolute favorite part was the hepa filter with the easy clean filter and holder. i have two cats and a puppy. if you have pets, buy this. oh, it works great on hardwood floors too.

    keep your manual, reciepts,register your product; and follow the safety rules...all common sense. if you don't, you get what you put out there. personally this vacuum rocks!...more info
  • squeaky clean with the red rocket
    My last vacuum lasted 10 year, a Hoover, and I wanted to replace it with something that would last as well. I did a bit of homework before purchasing the Bissell Lift Off Vacuum. Initially I didn't want to spend more than $100 or so but after looking around the Bissell Lift Off seemed worth it. I am very pleased with its cleaning capabilities; it was amazing how much it sucked into the canister. Cleaning areas that were hard to reach was easy because of the lift off feature. The whole unit is a bit heavy, but still very manageable. I'm completely satisfied with my purchase....more info
  • Excellent Vacuum
    Reviews stating that this vacuum can lift hair and dirt from seemingly clean rugs are dead on. Great device. I didn't find that the cup fills quickly like many others have stated...and we have two cats and a big, shedding dog. Maybe we just vacuum frequently? The detachable base makes doing stairs considerably more convenient.

    Though I couldn't care less, this is non-motorized, and a little heavy.

    I received a free mini-vacuum with this, which works great as well. I keep it in the kitchen closet to clean coffee grinds and spilled pet food. Convenient, though somewhat weak, little sucker....more info
  • So many features, yet excelling at none
    I have been desparate for a "real" vacuum cleaner for a long time. I moved into a loft 2 yrs ago and I inherited my s/o's trusty little dirt devil. The loft has a combination of concrete, tile, laminate, and a variety of (large and furry) area rugs to keep clean and the dirt devil wasn't cutting the mustard.

    I bought this one after comparing it to 4 other models at the local Costco. The one I have is green and has a nifty turbo attachment as well, however was priced more than when calculating tax and Amazon's free shipping.

    If you want something that is full of features and attachments, this is the vacuum for you. However, there are so many features and attachments, the resulting vacuum is one that makes a lot of compromises.

    Here's the rundown in no particular order:
    1. Canister and Upright: Yay for both! However, the upright is harder to maneuver, the extender attachment must come off if you have it in canister mode, and the canister looks like it should be kept upright when in canister mode because of the HEPA filter...but it has a really small end to balance on.
    2. You have to put it together before you use it. Not a deal-breaker, but if you're not the most do-it-yourself savvy person, it can be a little intimidating.
    3. The emptying bin isn't so bad to empty, in fact when we were shopping Bissell had the easiest canister to access and empty: just slide the switch and pull it out (the Hoovers and Eurekas looked like they would be a lot harder and messier to empty). Sure dust can fly, but I just empty it into a grocery bag, tie it up, and that minimizes and contamination that can occur.
    4. Hose is relatively indestructible, but doesn't go very far despite its stretchy properties. You need the extender for it to have meaningful reach.
    5. Nice edger tool, but disconnecting the hose in the back is a little complicated if you don't also use the extender.
    6. Turbo brush works relatively well on stuffed animals and throw pillows but not on carpet. Makes a bizzare whirring noise that can get disconcerting.
    7. The cord generally self-unravels. Nice until you start moving around, then it gets messy.
    8. 7 floor settings are great, but I have found that unless you have super-shaggy or ultra-deep pile carpet, the middle setting is the best for your average thick carpet. Any less setting and the suction is so hard you can't move it, any higher setting and you get nothing out of the rugs. Bare floor option is nice, but due to the texture of my concrete the low carpet setting with the brush on is the best.
    9. So many attachments, no onboard place for two of them. The turbo cleaner and the stair cleaner don't have a home on the vacuum. Alas.
    10. Nice that the brush turns off when in an upright position. Disconcerting at first, but once you know about it, it's okay. This almost renders the brush switch pointless for me, but I can see how people who are worried about the brush on their bare floors would want it off.

    11. Vacuums well, but I have some newish Ikea carpet that gives off a lot of fuzz. There were still some embedded fur-balls left after a few passes. But in the machine's defense, I don't think those rugs have ever had a "real" vacuuming.
    12. HEPA filter blows hot air on your legs. Not a good thing especially since you're essentially giving your arms and back a work-out with this machine
    13. Not loud, not quiet. Would have to raise your voice to carry a conversation
    14. Manuverability only so-so. Good for wide open spaces, more difficult when you're vacuuming around furniture or edges. Not thin enough at all when in upright mode to vacuum under any of my furniture save for the bed. Needs a clearance of at least 8 inches to poke under and 10-12 inches. to go fully under.

    All and all, it is NOT a bad vacuuming machine. It can do everything that you could ever want it to do pretty well, but nothing really great. I'm not sure if there is any other vacuum that would work better for me, and for the price, I would say this was a very fair buy. I just keep looking at the Dyson, and wondering......more info

  • Worth every penny.
    There are so many options for vacuum on the market, and it's so hard to find the one that really suits your needs. Am I glad to find this Bissell for my household!! I'd been using Eureka for over ten years, and it finally died on me after replaing three belts over the years. Even though the engine of Eureka was still good, I just thought I really wanted to get a new one this time. After checking so many different models, I finally set my eyes on this Bissell Liftoff. After using it couple times, I am satisfied with its performance. It's much quieter and smoother. Especially the LiftOff part is the greatest feature above all. I get to carry it around to clean the corners and some hard-to-reach spots. It does a wonderful job!! I highly recommend it....more info
  • Good but Heavy
    I bought this due to the liftoff advantage as well as price. For this price, you cannot buy a better suction vaccuum. While Dyson is the ultimate you have to pay a hefty price for that luxury. The Bissell sucks up dirt like I have never seen - takes everything!! But, you better be in shape or start at the gym, because is not easy to maneuver at all. The lift off part is easy to carry but with the cords being tangled, you might not feel like going through that pain. All in all, I like the product and it works well, just a bit heavy for my liking. Check it out at a store FIRST, then come to amazon for lowest price and free shipping :-)...more info
  • This Vacuum is a cleaning machine!!
    I bought this vacuum about 3 weeks ago. When I got it I was amazed on how fast they shipped it to me and then amazed on how easy it was to put together. When I vacuumed for the first time with the Bissell 3750 I was embarressed on how much hair and dirt that was in that container. I couldn't believe it!! Then after that I noticed a big change in how the carpet felt on your feet. I bought this vacuum because it's amasing with it's powerful motor, you can turn the brushes off when you go to tile or hardwood floors, 3 filters!! (but you only have to buy one!) It's a great investment everyone should buy one of these it's the best!! Excellent on tile floors!!...more info
  • Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is a great vacuum!!!!! Sturdy, great features, lots of power, with exceptional cleaning abilities. My husband saw it and exclaimed, "What a gorgeous vacuum!" I replaced an Eureka Bravo with it, and in one day, this vac converted me into a Bissell fan!!!!! Can't wait to vacuum again!...more info
    I just got my new vacuum and could not wait to try it out. Our regular vacuum broke about a month ago, but we have a roomba and use it almost daily. We have two cats and the carpets were still looking great, that is until I used the Bisell 3750. Much to my suprise I filled the container not once but TWICE!!! The carpets are amazingly clean. Our house is brand new and my husband and our two cats have only been there a year. I am so excited about the deep cleaning and lift off ablility (we have a two story with stairs) that my husband said he gets to vacuum next time :) That alone was worth every penny we spent....more info
  • Bissell combines vacuum cleaner with a Hot Rod.
    If you are looking for a do it all vacuum cleaner that will not cost you your first born child, this is the one for you. I bought it to replace an aging 20 year old Electrolux and it works GREAT. It will truly do it all. Carpets, hard floors, ceiling fans, everything. It comes in a candy apple red color too that looks very sharp. I don't want to get mine dirty! All in all, this is a very good vacuum and I am pleased immensly. Thank you for posting reviews Amazon, it helped me find and purchase this fine product....more info
  • This Vacuum is WONDERFUL!!!
    This Vacuum is so versatile - I just love it. I have never been able to find a vacuum I really liked and that includes the $1500 Rainbow Vacuum cleaner. This is a little heavy, but totally worth it. It works great - my carpets have never looked better. I highly recommend this vacuum cleaner - you won't be sorry....more info
  • Great vacuum!
    I've only had this unit for a couple of weeks, so I can't comment on durability. However, it looks and feels indestructible. Even the flexible hose for attachments, although heavy, is built like a metal slinky and isn't disfigured or stressed after I dropped the vacuum part off a table onto it. The filters work great and are simple to change out. The dirt is collected and compacted into the bin, so dust doesn't go everywhere when you go to empty it. Stick it in, move a lever and the bin is sealed again. The `lift off' feature is not really necessary, but seems to be designed well. (I haven't found the Achilles' heel yet, but as an R&D guy in real life, I would want to see how it does attaching and detaching the flexible hose (the slinky) to the base unit a few hundred-thousand times before going to market with it. But, I'm sure someone did.) At some point I am going to attach the unit to a vacuum gauge to see exactly how powerful it is. I had read a bad customer review that was based on poor suction. I haven't needed to pull any industrial strength jobs, but it pulls dog hair galore out of thick carpet, and turned my very thin oriental rug into colors I had never seen before (it had taken on different shades of my dog)... so plenty of suction for anything I've run into. The separate switch for floor brush is nice to turn off for quick dusting jobs. It also flattens horizontally, which is nice for getting under beds and other furniture. However, that same feature makes it a little more difficult to navigate rooms with lots of boarders and power chords, where tilting the front edge of the vacuum up off the carpet to jump over edges is needed frequently. My only real complaint is about the dusting attachment. I had an old Kirby with a dusting attachment with long soft bristles which could be moved across the surface of electronic equipment without bumping into knobs and buttons with something hard. This one has a dusting attachment with a ring of short hard whiskers with which one could poke out an eye. I can't dust the computer keyboard without pressing all the keys, I can't pull dust off a motherboard without clobbering the components. It's really more of a `scraper' than a duster. It would be good for scrubbing a really tough spot off a tile floor... but not for dusting. I'm assuming I'll be able buy something better to fit the hose, thus earning it five stars. Hopefully this isn't naïve optimism....more info
  • I enjoy vacuuming now??? WOW
    I wanted to wait to write my review to see how this machine would perform. I have had it about 3 months now, and I am really pleased with my purchase. My dirt devil deluxe upright, died after 10 needless to say, it was time for a new vacuum, and I was READY.

    I did a lot of investigating as to what type I wanted. I couldn't decide if I wanted to try a canister or stick to the upright type.

    When I found this "lift off" vacuum, it was so exciting because it did EVERYthing I wanted it to do. I use it on med. pile carpeting, hard wood floors, linoleum, and large to small throw rugs with varied piles. It has many different height levels with which to clean at. It cleans like I haven't been able to clean for a LONG time. The carpet looks new again after every vacuuming. Tt picked up things I didn't even see. It was pretty scary the first time I used it...yikes...what it picked up that the other one was leaving behind, whoa! It was also very easy to assemble, I did it myself without my husbands help, and it was a piece of cake.

    It has some powerful suction and rotor brush on it too. I like that you can turn the rotor off and use it on hard floors like wood or linoleum, the other day it stuck to the kitchen floor the suction was so powerful :-). The rotor automatically turns off when you put your vacuum in the upright position and stop vacuuming for a minute. When you turn the rotor back on, it takes off practically on its own, with very little pushing, its a joy to push around. It does not come across as heavy to me, and I am a small person.

    I also like the detachable canister. This also comes in handy if your kids have legos laying around and you suck one up like I did. I can rescue it easily. This aspect of the vacuum is SOOO nice. It detaches with a little lever, you dump out the junk, and put it back on with ease. I love not having to change bags anymore. But here is also where I found my complaint.

    It may just be that I am not used to this type of system yet. But I thought that the container filled up very fast. I have to learn to pay more attention to it, or the dust bunnies start getting up into the filter area too high, and you have to scoop it out with your fingers, and it tends to get the dusty fuzz all over your floor if you are not careful, and you will have to re-vacuum what fell out. Just an FYI, if you are used to bags in your vacuum, you will have to keep a closer eye on this type of system.

    Well after I left the dirt container on too long 1-2x like I mentioned, the filter and filter housing had to be cleaned out. However, this job is actually quite easy. The filters come out very easily for cleaning. The main filter (the one that got backed up) is a foam ring in side a plastic is washable. I already took it apart and cleaned it with water, and it looked like new after it dried. It returns to its location with ease.

    With this purchase I got the little shark vacuum as a bonus, and I used it to vacuum the filter housing with its little pointy attachment. That also worked GREAT.

    One other small complaint that I have found is the length of the cord. I don't feel it is quite long enough, or maybe I'm just lazy, but I find myself unplugging it more often than I did my old dirt devil. I do like (and use) the quick release lever for the cord. I just wish there was a quick way to wind up the cord :-/...oh well.

    I do feel that the price of this unit is very reasonable for the quality and usefulness of this vacuum. Shipping with Amazon was free, plus I got that little shark hand vac. I would definetely recommend this vacuum to someone. At the middle of the road price range, I think this is a sweet treat to work with. It is a nice sparkly red machine that zooms along!! Plus it does so many extra things with all its attachments and the lift off system can go up the stairs with ease.

    I am sure that there are more expensive vacuums out there that may claim to be more powerful, but I didn't want to spend more money...and I am VERY happy with my Bissell purchase. Plus I like to see my carpets looking so new after I clean them, so I clean them more often just to see it do its job...its a good WANT to vacuum eh? That may wear off after awhile though ;-)...more info

  • enjoy the power
    I received my new vacuum about 2 weeks ago. I am so pleased with the way this thing cleans. I have never enjoyed such power from a vacuum. This is very important with 2 dogs and a baby.
    I also own an Oreck. It is very nice and light, but the Bissell blew it away on power. I was actually quite repulsed by what came out of my carpet. The Bissell is very easy to use, the lift-off is great especially for stairs and furnituure, the bathroom and baseboards. I also like that when you put the vacuum back in the upright position while using it, ie. to move furniture, etc, it shuts off the brush. SO, no burnt rubber smell. I have never owned a bagless vacuum and you may be shocked by what goes into it. That may be unappealing to people, but I was happy to know what was getting picked up. It is very easy to take apart and clean, including the filter. It is also pretty quiet for the power you get. I managed to vacuum my whole house while my baby slept. My carpets almost look new.

    Now, I have mentioned all the good, there is one bad thing about this vacuum. It is very HEAVY. I am okay with that, but there are plenty of people who that just wouldn't work for.
    I look at it like killing two birds with one stone-getting some exercise while cleaning.
    Hope you also enjoy........more info

  • goodbye kirby
    I just bought my lift off about 2 weeks ago. I love it I have the all famouas Kirby spent lots of money on the thing easy to carry easy to take apart they said huh thats was a lie! its the worst so I finally managed to talk my hubby into buying me the lift off and it is so easy to use light and easy to carry around easy to take apart for cleaning and no more expensive bags. We have 3 animals 2 of them are white and I had just vacuumed the day before with the kirby and i tried my lift off just to check it out I thought my rug was clean but the canister was completely full when I was done I only did a small patch of space where we walk most. I am so glad we bought the lift off. I would definitely recommed it to everyone. thanks bissell for making a great machine....more info
  • bissell lift-off vacuum
    Got this vacuum a few days ago and had to try it out as soon as I got it. I currently own an Eureka boss and had just vacuumed with it the day wouldn't believe what the bissell picked up and how much fuller it made my carpet look....I couldn't believe how much more dirt and dust it picked up over the eureka. Another nice thing, the bissell is a bagless system and it was so nice to not have to worry if I had extra bags on hand. The dirt container comes out easily and seems to be less messy (dusty) than on my eureka (when I tried to remove it's bag to throw away). Only one down fall, the part of the bissell that lift's out to make it portable for stairs and such, is kind-of heavy and there is nowhere on the vacuum to store the attachment for the stairs....but the on board attachments are easy and accessible to use. Over-all a great vacuum....more info


    YOU WILL LOVE IT...more info

  • Low end suction
    I bought the bissel to replace my six year old fantom lightning canister. After I vacuumed with the bissel, I immediately redid the carpet with the fantom as a test. The fantom picked up 3x the dirt of the bissel AFTER the bissel! I should have been tipped off by the fact that the bissel's dust canister was half the size of the fantom.

    Needless to say, I am returning it for a fantom.


    - Unmaneuverable. The cleaning path is too wide. Ironically, in a furniture filled home, narrower cleaning paths increase maneuverability and effectiveness. Requires the use of the brushless attachment.
    - Low suction. the cleaning path was extended but all that means is that the suction, especially on the left hand side extension, is now distributed over a wider area, i.e. less suction.
    - Uneven cleaning. the cleaning path extension necessitates a 3/4 inch plastic reinforcer that bars the suction. Hard to describe except to say that it leaves a unvacuumed mini-swath that is very annoying.


    - dunno... nice design?...more info

  • Best for pet owners!
    This vacuum blew my dirt devil out of the water. As soon as I got it, I put it together in 5 minutes, and started vacuuming. This thing will make your carpet look like it's been professionally cleaned when you are done. 7 height settings make it easy to adjust to the carpet from room to room. It has a feature that stops the brushes when the vacuum is left upright so that your carpet does not get burned. It's easy to lift off and has powerful suction. You know those fuzzies and lint balls that just will not come out of the carpet unless you pull them out with your fingers? Not anymore! THis thing sucks them right up! My carpets have never looked this good after a single vacuuming session. I couldn't believe how much animal fur came out after the first run over. This thing is AWESOME! I recommend it to pet lovers and families alike! Get one for yourself and see how amazing this is!...more info
  • Happy Cleaning in Lexington, SC
    This vacuum is great. The suction is incredible. I thought my carpets were being cleaned by my old machine but the first time I used this machine, I found out differently. This cleaner sucked up so much dust that I was unaware was even in the house. The detachable canister is awesome. I don't have to lug the entire awkward vacuum up the stairs to clean them. I like the bag-free function. It is easy to clean and easy to clean the filters. Now, my only complaint is that this vacuum, especially the canister, is a bit heavier than I expected but after all, it is a vacuum. Well worth the money... especially with free shipping....more info
  • I love it!!!!!
    I love this vacuum!!!! I have a two year old dirtdevil and it was loosing suction very fast. I have 4 cats so I an constantly vacumming trying to get up as much cat hair as possible. I got my bissel the other day and after using my old vacuum I used this and it picked up so much more!! I am so happy and it is so easy to use and not as noisy as others. It was a breeze to remove and tote out to my car so that I could clean it. I also love the brush on and off feature it is great. I have to admit I liked my old vacuum but I love this one. I also like that the filters are cleanable with out having to beat them to death and having breating difficulties after doing so from all the dust and dirt. Also the double sided attachment is great to use on your furniture I just got new couches and I thought they were still pretty clean but it actually got a lot of stuff out of them and lots of cat hair which will be great for me to do before my mom comes to visit since she is allergic to them. I just hope if you get one you are just as happy with it as I am and I hope this helps....more info
  • Pretty good but...
    I read the reviews and it sounded like a good compromise. After all, I wanted an upright AND a canister so it seemed that I could have both with the bissell lift-off. I am not near as impressed by it as some other users, it does a good job, period. The detachable canister is convenient but not super easy to use. Also don't forget that the no bag stuff, is VERY messy to empty, dust flying all over, nobody is fighting at home to do it... A good vacuum overall but nothing special. If I had $400 to spend in a vacuum, I would definitely go for a real canister, probably Electrolux. That was I was using in Europe, they are a lot lighter, smaller, easier to use and oh miracle, the power cords rolls up inside when you push a button !!!!...more info
  • 2 Vacuums in 1
    Performs far above some of the pricier Name Brands on the market. Also have an Oreck and Hoover Windtunnel. Absolutely love the Filter system on the Bissel as it can easily be cleaned under running water as opposed to beating the dust out of it in the yard. Also love the abilty to use it as a canister vacuum for the stairway as well as cleaning furniture. Definately a 5 Star in my opinion!!!...more info
  • Great vacuum!
    I bought this vacuum to replace a similar Bissell upright that I had used almost daily for 7-8 years. This model is even better! I couldn't believe all the pet hair and dirt that it collected in one use, especially since I constantly clean the floors and carpets. This vacuum is powerful without being cumbersome. It is easy to maneuver, adjust settings, and empty. My favorite feature is the Brush On/Off Switch, located at the top of the canister. It makes switching from carpet to hard floor a breeze. Another great feature is the soft rubber guard around the front that cushions any contact with furniture or walls, preventing scratches or damage. I am a Bissell fan!!...more info
  • Others can't come close!
    Wow......This is one great vacuum. My wife and I had a Hoover prior to this purchase and thought it did a good job at the time but after using this vacuum we realized how much the Hoover was leaving behind. Our carpets look so much cleaner and they are. The proof was in the cannister after the first sweep. We filled it twice in one run through the house and we vacuum on a regular basis. The detachable cannister ruled when doing the stairs and we use it to do our car interiors also. Trust me on this one....this is the best vacuum on the planet!...more info
  • Beat my Hoover V2 and Fantom Cyclone-Awesome Vac!!
    I have an old Fantom Cyclone that I decided to replace because its has been losing power. I bought a Hoover V2 Turbo 7300 to replace my Fantom. The V2 was horrible. The vacuum dramatically lost suction after I few minutes of use. It was also very heavy and has minimum features for being a $300 vac. I decided to return the V2 and exchange it for the Bissell. This was a good decision. This vacuum picked up things the V2 was leaving behind. The canister could not be any easier to clean/drain. The vac has numerous features that are on not my Fantom and V2. Overall, an awesome vacuum that is very well built, has great performance and wont disappoint. I highly recommend for anyone that is looking for a higher end vacuum to check this one out because it has a lot to offer for less money....more info
  • Pretty good vacuum with a few flaws
    This is my first upright in over 15 years and it is a pretty good one. It cleans very well and it's easy to tell when the dirt container is full. The dirt container is very easy to remove, replace and clean. The hose is very flexible and the lift-off canister makes cleaning stairs soooooo easy. However, the tools seem a bit flimsy and there is no place on the vacuum to store the stair cleaning tool. Also, if you are a former canister user like myself, it is rather annoying to have to deal with the power cord it is not retractable. If you can live with these minor annoyances, this is a good vacuum that cleans very, very well....more info
  • The best upright
    When our Eureka(r) vacuum broke a bagless we were sad, but we went to Home depot and saw alot of vacuums, but this one grabbed us closer we loved it so we took it home, when we got it home all we did was screw in the the handle then we used it, It got so much dirt and dust it was a fabulos vacuum, I would recommend this to everyone BUY One now...more info
    This is the best vacuum ever! Huge back wheels make it really easy to move around, garage to house and up and down stairs (even pregnant). I cannot believe the amount of hair, lint and general dust I got off my carpet. If my old vacuum had done that well the bag would have filled up twice as fast. The attachment for upholstery let me do my couch for the first time and I got more dirt off my couch than my floor....eeewww!! Plus, I will never have to buy bags again. The color is beautiful, the canister is lite weight and the price is a bargain....more info
  • Excellent Cleaning Power and Manuverability
    This is by far the best vaccuum I have ever used. The amount of hair that was picked up the first time over my carpet was amazing. My wife and I were very suprised. We have a 5 month old baby and needed something to pick up the pet hair (two dogs) because she will be crawling soon, and this vaccuum is the answer we were looking for. The attatchments are very easy to use and the "lift and go" center is LIGHT WEIGHT and very easy to move around. The telescoping attatchment along with the crevice tool cleans the pet hair in every crack and crevice without even bending over. This is one of my favorite features. No problem with emptying the dirt that it picks up (unlike some other manufacturers) This vaccuum also almost pulls itself over the carpet with minimal effort. Overall, the cream of the crop as far as vaccuums go. Highly recommended!!!...more info