Mini Super Dri Aid

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Keep your hearing aids working their best - use this easily portable hearing aid dehumidifier. This must-have item removes all damaging moisture from all in-the-ear and canal type hearing aids. Portable - easy to take with you when traveling. Use every night for best results. Just open the jar and put your hearing aid on the foam padding that covers the super absorbent pellets. In the morning your hearing aid will be ready to go. The moisture-drawing pellets can be reactivated and reused. Blue pellets are mixed in with the white pellets. The blue pellets turn white when they can no longer draw moisture and is a sign that you should reactivate them. Reactivation is easy. Following the directions on the package, your convex or microwave oven is all you need to freshen your Dri-Aid! Product dimensions (imperial): 2 inch H x 2 inch L x 2 inch W Product dimensions (metric): 50.80 mm H x 50.80 mm L x 50.80 mm W

  • Portable - easy to take with you when traveling
  • Use every night for best results
  • Removes damaging moisture from hearing aids
  • Pellets can be reactivated and reused
  • Blue pellets turn white when they can no longer draw moisture
Customer Reviews:
  • Super - Mini Dri Aid
    Mini Super Dri Aid I thought this jar would be too small for my two over the ear aids. It was just fine. I bought a larger jar to use every night and the mini jar to use when I travel. These jars are a must for keeping hearing aids dry. Moisture is the worse thing that can happen to hearing aids. Great product!...more info
  • Information unclear
    Only by enlarging the image did you realize this unit was for ITC and CIC aids. I have a BTE aid, but I thought it would be adequate. I find that I had to reduce the number of pellets to have my hearing aid (a Vivatone) fit in the jar. Also it isn't clear how many of the pellets have to turn blue after a couple of passes with the microwave to show that the unit is activated, and how many befroe it needs to be. I hope it works, but I would have liked the larger one, like the one I had before ("The audiologists friend", or some such name)...more info