Sunpentown Mr. Induction Cooktop SR-1881W

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Product Description

*** with/ FREE PAN HK-1000 *** Electric induction elements provide best cooktop performance, safety and efficiency. Unlike other electric elements, induction elements provide precise temperature control. Turning the dial down, the heat energy to the pan immediately decreases. Magnetic waves have no effect on skin or anything other than iron or steel. If a child accidentally removes pan from the cooktop, no more heat is produced. Four Reasons to buy Mr. Induction: SAFE no flames, butane or burners! Eliminates the danger of gas jets and hot burners. The innovative design of the ceramic plate creates instant heat, but only to induction-compatible pans. FAST no waiting time, heat is instantly transferred to the pan CLEAN reduces pollution, fumes and offensive odor. Easily cleaned with a damp cloth CHEAP induction heat costs 6 ~ 8 vs. $1.75 per hour for butane

  • Free Pan, HK-1000
  • ETL, FCC Listed ( Energy efficiency: 83% )
  • Dual functions: Cook & Warm
  • Up to 99 minutes of Timer Setting
  • 9 levels of Heating Power with 5 indication lights (120F ~ 420F)
Customer Reviews:
  • What I felt
    Cons :
    1. need flat vessels and need induction specific vessels
    2. Plate will be hot after cooking , because it takes heat from the vessel.
    3. If some thing falls on it, it is going to stuck on the plate similar to noninduction stoves. Though it will not burn to black. Simple wiping with paper will not clean it.

    Cooking is fast for small amounts. Morning tea can be prepared in seconds. On big vessels I did not see much time difference. May be because of its power.
    No startup time. Good range of heat settings.
    Looked little bulky.

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  • Clean , easy and safe
    For those who need a portable cook surface or for occasional use, this cooktop is great. Easier to clean than other electric cooking elements because the cooktop itself does not get very hot, so nothing can really burn and stick on it. The power control is great with immediate response - I'm slow at transferring food from the pan to the plate and the fast power down/off saves me from overcooking the food. Also safer if you have children around - without a suitable pan it won't heat up at all. (Of course you have to watch kids when there is a pan on it!) The fan is a little loud for me by itself, but since I usually have to turn on my rangehood before cooking, the fan noise is mostly drowned by the rangehood. Overall, I love it!...more info
  • $40 exercise in futility
    No mention is made of the VERY LOUD fan noise this unit makes. I paid nearly $20 in shipping when I ordered the unit, and then was tagged for a 15% re-stock fee (another $20) when I returned it to this vendor.

    Very bad choice on my part.

    I remain very positive and supportive of induction cooking in general. Since this futile purchase, I have had a Sears induction cooktop installed in my kitchen. It is FANTASTIC!

    This unit is not representative of a good induction cooking experience.

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  • Fantastic unbelievable table top stove
    For most Americans who are not familiar with table top cooking (at the dinner table), Asians usually will make sukiyaki, shabu shabu, hotpot, grilled Korean beef ribs, etc etc on the dinner table. Especially during the winter. Great at potlucks, or any gathering. It's really fun and takes the stress off of the hostess on "what to cook", because you just need to prep meat, veggies to cook, and dipping sauces.

    The induction plate will work with only stainless steel, cast iron, or any other pots and pans that's specifially designed for induction.

    The best thing is, it is ONLY hot inside the "circle", while the outer edges are cold to touch, so no burning fingers! Plus, the controls make it very easy to change the temperature. It is electrical, so you don't have to worry about burning alcohol, or butane or such at the table. MUCH more safe.

    My family can't live without one. I probably cook with it just about every day in winter.

    Two important notes: do NOT put a hot pan on a cold induction plate (or vice versa). It damages the coils, and the ceramic.
    Hot pan goes on a hot plate; cold pan goes on a cold plate. Once you are done with the cooking, turn it off the heat. Let it cool down, and then you can wipe the surface with a lightly damp towel . I've cleaned mine with a paper towel lightly misted with 409. Just make sure you don't let anything drips down into the vents (where it can come into contact with the inside).

    Also, there are vents in the induction plate, and MAKE SURE there are no liquids dripping over it. (It will be like pouring water onto a frayed electrical cord -- bam, plate dies instantly). At that point, it's dead. ...more info
  • Whole new wayta Cook!
    If you have never seen how an induction system works you are in for a real eye-opener. Totally cool, and you can take that literally, since the unit generates no heat, only magnetic waves that interact with a stainless steel or iron pan. Look into it, buy this small starter unit for amazing table-top convenience, and then move up to a Cook-tek or for the ultimate, a Diva. ...more info