Unreal Tournament 2004

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Unreal Tournament 2004 - travel a century into the future, where humanity exists only for the sport of alien conquerors. Reload and ride out to the arenas for all-new action and combat! Take warfare to the next level in the amazing new Onslaught mode

  • All-new arenas and battlefields -- choose to play in planet-bound mayhem, or shoot up the cold vacuum of space
  • New land, air and space vehicles - from lightweight attack craft to behemoth tanks, for more and better destruction
  • Live chat over LAN and Internet with 3D audio (on supported cards), using a microphone and headset (not incl.)
  • Fast-paced sports-style combat
  • The powerful Skaarj return as a playable race for better, crazier combat

Customer Reviews:

  • Great game with a few tech problems.
    Oh, how I was hyped for this game. I waited and waited for it. I couldn't wait to rip open the package and pop it in my iMac. And you know what? (Now at this point, I'm sure you're expecting me to say "Well it sucked" or something like that. Not quite.) UT2k4 lives up to the hype!

    This game is fast online FPS fun at its finest! Not only do you get all the UT2k3 maps, you get the official bonus maps and 45+ plus new maps as well! Naturally, servers only put a few in rotation, but you'll still find a great variety. Even better, if you enter a server using a new Windows-only official map, you download it automatically. In addition to new maps, you get all those great vehicles in Onslaught mod. If you liked the first two UT games, you'll freak over this one.

    UT2k4 runs fairly well on my standard 17-inch iMac. Lag spurts are few and far between and occur mainly on overcrowded onsluaght maps. However, you'll definitely want to upgrade your RAM (or do whatever you need to for making your comp faster) if you're into Assault mode. Most Assault maps are completely unplayable, and the Single Player FMVs are a little jittery when played on "normal" settings.

    Yeah... and then there are some negatives. Guess what? Whenever you try to use a microphone (built into iMac or plugged into G4/G5 port) the game freezes. Whoops! Macsoft screwed up big time. Hopefully, they'll release a patch. Hopefully. Until then, you have a keyboard. But what kept me from giving this exhilerating game a solid five stars is the fact that Macsoft neglected to tell first-time UT buyers (like me) that THE UNREAL EDITOR IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE MAC VERSION OF UT2K4!!! Got it? Well, I certainly didn't. I shouldn't have to do research to find out Macsoft didn't even attempt to put it in their port. C'mon Macsoft! At least give us an editing pack or something!

    Well, with all of that said, I really enjoyed UT2k4. Long story short: Like FPSs? Have a Mac? Buy this....more info

  • Just buy it. Do not think twice.
    This is game is awesome. It works perfect in my Mac (Tiger 10.4.11). It has many players where you can choose. Nice arenas. My wife loves this game. So, if you are reading this comment, just buy this game. In a few words, you won't waste your money I can assure you that....more info
  • amazing game
    I bought this hoping to find a multilayer game with an active community. It does not disappoint. I was a little worried about performance on my now aging g5 (1.8, 2003 model, radeon 9800 se), but it runs like a dream with all graphics maxed. Best of all, there are MANY free mods (red orchestra, frag ops, etc.) that use the ut2k4 engine in entirely new ways. Thus this game doubles, triples, quadruples...

    If your searching for a still playable online game for your older computer (as i was), this is perfect. The newer generation of games such as quake 4 and call of duty 2 run... decent on my machine, but are far too slow to enjoy online with my hardware. I would have to drop another $300-400 on a new video card for a computer that is going to be left in the dark with future games thanks to the Intel switch. Hopefully this and the desert combat mod for battlefield 1942 will hold me over until my next comp-- whenever that is.

    --A little update
    Most of the mods i've tried have little to no players supporting them, but ut2k4 seems to have a consistent community. Single player offers a lot of variety that you do not see in multiplayer because people tend to like the same maps and game modes. However i guess it is hard to tire of dm-rankin...

    My opinion is there are a lot of really nice, creative levels included in the game that see no play on the servers. Alas, the game is still freakin awesome and worthy of 5 stars....more info
  • Wonderful Game!
    This game is fantastic.
    It runs wonderfully on my 13inch Macbook with 1Gb ram, and It doesn't need the disk to play!
    The action is vivid and intense, and often the maps provoke the most hectic gameplay possible. The single player isn't very fun, but the Multiplayer is great! There is a huge variety of weapons, etc. to use for combat.

    I love this game, and I reccomend it to any First Person Shooter fans out there... especially playing on macs. ...more info
  • This game Destroys Halo Online
    Okay the only FPS that can compare to UT 2004 is Halo. Heres how UT 2004 stacks up: Halo takes the single player catagory barely because in halo theres an actual story line UT is more just levels in a tournement(really all its doing is preping you for online play). Halo takes a less powerful computer to run but if u want halo in all its glory u should probabley use a 1ghz processer same for UT 2004. The graphics are pretty much equal. The guns and vehicles are better in UT and there are more guns and vehicles. UT destroys Halo online, UT has better games u can play,more of them,less lag,more players per game. I vote UT over Halo. Also even though UT requires a better sustem i found that UT ran better on my eMac G4 1.25 GHZ 1 mb of RAM 140 GB and a ATI Radeon 9200...more info
  • tadpole (thomas) acually said this is better then halo 2 !!!
    Oh my god tadpole (thomas) my enemy on amazon acually said this game is better then halo and halo 2 ! give me a break halo 1 co op is better then this game probaly plus the multiplayer rox! dont get me wrong unreal 2004 is a great game a hole bunch of weapons! good game play and mutiplayer online is unbeleavible! but when it comes down to halo 2! yeah its halo 2!

    halo 2 is gonna revolutioize gaming as we know it there acually gonna dedecate! a hole day of halo 2 on g4 tech tv!!! and the stored are gonna be packed for halo 2! ummmm i didnt see the stores being full well unreal 2004 came out?? umm and dedicatingg a hole show on g4 tech tv to unreal!! im just saying tadpole!!! your crazy! halo 2 is one of the best f.p.s. and its alot better then this trussttttt mme its halo freakin 2 where talkin about!

    ok about this game great online multiplayer the one player just plane out sux! no co op or nothing theres no story to it the graphics are acually sweet! over like 12 weapons! some combos! and now you can talk on your mic to people your versingg which is awesome! assault mode is back for you fans that where dissipointed in the last unreal 2003 for not having it the but this is what i dont get i good as hell at games now when i play this u get a tiny little dot for your aiming! its like inpossible to kill unless they stand still! everyone never stands still they move every second its like that cheat! i dunno but i had fun with it 9 outta 10 its about 30 bucks go pick this one up but if its between halo 2 or this HALOOOO 2222!!!!!...more info
  • An excellent purchase
    I'm a freshman in college and i just got a macbook pro 2.4 ghz, 2 gb of ram, and an 8600gt nvidia graphics card. for the firs time in my life i have a system thats decent for running games. being new to mac, i had to buy a game to see how good computer games actually are (being that i play ps2). so i bought UT2004 and it was an awesome experience...i still play it (sometimes it's hard to find online players but if u have a friend..u can try it on LAN.

  • Good overall game
    This is an excelent game. The weapons are well balanced, the bots are challenging, and the multiplayer is well set up. The graphics are wonderful, even on lower settings.
    I've found I get the most fun out of this game when I play it with a group of friends on a LAN. The game really lends itself to this sort of venue. The online community is also good, but a little tough to crack into if your a begginer.
    Another thing that made me like this game was the fact that, while gripping, it never pretends to be real. It is a game inside a game. This greatly increases my enjoyment.
    All in all, highly reccomended....more info
  • Just Amazing
    As a HUGE ut2k zealot, I have always loved the games. With the latest installment, they one-up the previous with the amazing vehicles. The new arenas are pure joy,, and the mods make it worth every penny....more info
  • Unreal Tournament for Mac! Let's party like it's 2004!
    UT 2004 isn't just for the PC... Mac users rejoice! After switching to Mac a few months ago for work, I was bummed because I thought I couldn't play UT anymore.

    Well, after looking into it a bit, I found out that UT 2004 was indeed available for the Mac and I immediately bought it and have been having fun ever since!

    This game is renowned for it's graphics and action and it's all the same on the Mac!

    Rick...more info
  • very very fun to frag- compliments of UT2k4!
    It took this game to pull me off of Halo multiplayer! Sure it looks better than Halo (on my setup), but, to my surprise, it looks and plays better than UT2003 as well. Its obvious that all of the original maps were redone for 2k4- especially my old UT fav- Facing Worlds... shweeet (I believe it's called CTF-FaceWorlds Classic)! Really, when I first joined a game with this map I spent the first moments looking around like a tourist in Times Square for the first time- sometimes you guys look too easy to rob! lol Actually, it's not funny, I've seen tourists get mugged for not paying attention.

    Anyway. My setup is a single CPU FW800 MDD 1GHz G4/1GB RAM/OS X.3.3/Radeon9000Pro OEM/64MB VRAM (yes, I'm one of the few buyers of this model) and I must admit that this game performs quite admirably on this system. I'm running at 800x600@32bit color/textures and all other options turned on and set to Normal (textures/details, etc.- except for Coronas that, although they look nice, they ultimately obstruct one's view when encountered). Don't underestimate the Normal settings, either, this game is beautiful at these settings! I find this a perfect balance of performance and real time graphical beauty although we all love to play at as high a resolution as possible- I'll readdress this after I get my tax refund because I KNOW I'm going to get an ATi Radeon9800- even though I shouldn't (Amazon should sell these...).

    One of the only caveats I have is questioning the option of enabling dynamic net speeds. For awhile I thought my firewall (I use Firewalk X if anyone cares to know) was slowing things down and pressing F1 (which reports scores, info, pings, etc.) would show that I'd a disgustingly high ping- deselecting 'dynamic netspeed' dropped me back down to my regular cable modem pings. I can only imagine that this would only benefit modem users (if it's intended for that so be it- we don't need no steenkin manual!), aka "HPBs" from the QuakeIII days. Another small caveat would be that the game requires the game disc be in the drive- no biggie, we all have to get used to this one.

    Although I happily accept the inclusion and heavy utilization of vehicles I kind of wish Epic had borrowed from Bungie as far as their control- but I'm sure its just something we have to accustom ourselves, to- especially as this setup is more useful (again, AFAIK) with using the gun turrets which are on most vehicles.

    I also adore the novel idea of getting $10 for buying this if you already own UT2003 (if it's not novel in the game software world please feel free to correct me)- and it's a really good price even if you're just buying into Unreal Tournament, AFAIK.

    Well... frag ya L8R!

    Mental note: Don't end posts with a cornball remark......more info

  • Uh-oh, here comes Xan Kreigor... :(
    The outline.

    WEAPONS(17):Assault Rifle,Minigun,Flak Cannon,Sniper Rifle,Lightning Gun,Ion Painter, Redeemer,Shock Rifle,Shield Gun,Rocket launcher,Mine Layer, AVRiL,Biorifle,Link Gun, Target Painter(calls in air strike), Grenade launcher,Translocator.

    Vehicles(9): Goliath(Tank),Hellbender(HumV like thing), Manta, Scorpion(looks like a warthog from Halo), Raptor(Land flight craft),Leviathan(OH MY GOSH! THATS POWERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!), Pheonix(Bomber), Human Starfighter,Skaarj Starfighter.

    Turrets(4) Ion Cannon,[Skaarj] Mothership Turret, Link Turret,Minigun Turret.

    Main Taunts(4):A** Smack, point, throat cut,Pelvic Thrust.

    Other(7): Health, Health Pack, Keg o Health, Shield Pack, Super Shield Pack, Double Damage, Adrenaline.

    Combat Modes(10): Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Assault, Onslaught, Invasion, Double Domination, Bombing Run, Last Man Standing, Mutant.

    THE REVIEW!!!!!!!!!

    Their were to many characters to describe. Unreal Tournament 2004 is one of the best games I've played since Halo. Unlike some other games, this game is set in an arena based setting. The single player has several levels in this order: Qualification, Team Qualification, Ladder, Tournament Finals. If there is any level after that I have never heard of it(I haven't beaten the game yet lol). Weapon wise, the Redeemer and Ion Painter are the best, but they have an extremely large blast radius so keep your distance.

    1. Large selection of weapons.
    2.Hard Levels(Not including the Qualification rounds)
    3.Many challenging game modes.

    1.Game freezes if too many players.
    2.AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! No more cons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. Xan is a leader, Along with Malcolm, Abbadon, and Gorge.
    ...more info
  • Great game.
    One of the classics of my time, brought to MAC. Still a great game....more info
  • Enduring Gameplay
    This has been one of the most refreshing games I've bought in a long time. It's got amazing detail for a first-person shooter and a good variety of gameplay types.

    The best thing I find about UT 2004 is how expandable it is. You can find a great variety of maps, weapons, characters, vehicles, gametypes, practically anything online. Not since the days of Bungie's Marathon series have I seen a game with such a great ability to create new ways of playing (although unfortunately they do not have the editing tools for Mac).

    It's also not a huge graphics hog...I run this on an 800MHz G4 w/ 32MB video card and 768MB RAM (which is technically under min. specs) and I get great performance and graphics on all but the biggest, most complex levels. Just make sure you have the hard drive space: it's a 6GB install and any add-ons you install can mount up quickly (I added another 2GB within a few weeks).

    All in all, if you're looking for a FPS that is expandable and offers a lot of replay value, this game's for you....more info
  • As Unreal as it gets...
    I've always been a big fan of the Unreal series. I've followed every one of the releases up to this very day. In my opinion, Unreal Tournament 2004 (UT2k4) is still the best of the series. It just has so much going for it. Tons of weapons, maps, and gameplay modes. Not to mention the mass of players online as well. It's been about 5 years since the game's release and there are still people playing this game! Easy to pick up, hard to master. One of the few FPS fathers of the previous genre that is still going strong (along with Half Life, Quake, and Doom), I'd recommend this game to anyone in a heartbeat....more info
  • Im NOT a shooter fan BUT COME ON!!!
    If youve ever heard of this series u know it comnes out evey year....so why buy it now you say? Because this game is SO TIMELESS!!! YOur friends and your friends friends will talk about this one for centuries! And even once youve seen EVEY INCH of the game you find out YOU CAN DOWNLOAD MORE!!! And did i metion the multi player? It WAY BEATTER that Halo. AND FOR THE FIRST TIME THEY ACCTUALLY THROW IN A GOOD SINGLE PLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Graphics: 9/10 For how much is one screen its the best of 2004

    Fun:10/10 .....................HOW CAN IT NOT BE FUN?!?!?!?!

    Controls:9/10 Just your avrage computer shooter controls

    Online:10/10 FOR GOD SAKES ITS BETTER THAN HALO 1 & 2!!!!!!!

    Basicly: JUST GETT THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!

    ...more info
  • Awesome
    This is so cool i love this it is awesome the weapon selection is amazing and so are the vehicles! it is better then Halo, The Lord of the Rings and Return to Castle Wolfinstein (my other action games) if your friends say you should get Halo or Star Wars Battlefront say NO!!!!!!! this is an awesome multiplayer game and they also made the single player nice, i recomend the multiplayer. ...more info
  • dont be confused
    this is unreal championship 2004 and not 2003. not sure y u would be confused but hey u might have been!!!...more info
  • It's a DVD
    Unreal has always been my favorite of all the 1st person frag fests. This game has everything that was good about about the previous games like the pumped up announcer and varied weapons each with 2 different modes. And it adds on even more incredible features like vehical combat, adrenaline combos, an a really fun basketball type game. It plays great with all features turned on with a Radeon 9800 - the best card available on Macs.

    Also, unlike the PC version which is like 6 CD-ROM's, this is a single DVD. It makes for a very convenient install and storage....more info

  • Worth Every Penny!
    I had the demo for so long before I ventured into the full version. There's so much more to do and it should keep you entertained for weeks. There's one section I can't get past but I come to try every so often. Other than that this game offers the maximum bang for the buck and will keep you busy for weeks on end. Just don't forget to pay the bills......more info
  • Outstanding, intense, you gotta get it
    Great graphics, sound effects, music, action, plot, weapons, and originality. What more do you want?...more info
  • Old Unreal Fan Switching to Macintosh
    At first, I had a problem with the CD key, and so I went to Mac Soft's Web site to figure it out. Apparently, my installer would quit after I entered the CD key and you have to download the updated version. They have a link for the download in their "Support" section.

    Even then, you still have to download a couple of patches for the online gaming, which in my opinion, is the only reason to purchase the game. The single Player Game Type is plain boring. The map editing on this game and being able to play your created map along with others online is what makes this unique from the other FPS games.

    Besides that, there is an article I have read about a study that tested 22 players and how their vision sensitivity has improved. The article specifically mentions Unreal Tournament 2004. Here is the link below:
    http://www.livescience.com/health/090329-game-vision.html...more info
  • Something to do with your roommates
    This game is a great way to kill time. Me and all my buddies have big matches in our dorms, it's so much fun. The rocket launcher isn't as good as prior versions and the single player is pretty limited in what you can do, but honestly this is an online game....more info
  • Classic 3D shooter game in a recent package
    I recently purchased the Mac edition of this game and enjoy playing it. Unreal Tournament 2004 has classic gameplay in a recent edition. I always enjoy a shoot-'em-up every so often, and the Unreal Tournament is a nice series of games. The graphics look nice, the "announcer" voice adds a bit of humor, and the weapons are fun. If you like 3D shooters, you can't go wrong with this game.

    One nice thing about this game is that if you have an Intel Mac, an update is available that includes a universal binary, so the game will run at native speed on your Mac. Also, recent copies of this game already include the universal binary. With the universal binary, you will be able to continue playing this game on current and future Intel Macs. It's hard to go wrong with this game....more info


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