DeLonghi PAC700T Pinguino Portable Air Conditioner

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Product Description

In many domestic and office environments window air conditioner installation is impractical or impossible. That's where the PAC-700T Pinguino Portable Air Conditioner enters the picture! Easy to use control panel - includes Fan Only setting 24 hour programmable timer with clock function Adjustable thermostat Built-in dehumidifier Quiet operation Shipping Weight - 106.92 pounds Dimensions - 30-13/32H x 22-21/64W x 17-1/8D One year warranty

  • Easily portable air conditioner with built-in dehumidifier; 10,000, 11,000, and 12,000 BTUs
  • No-drip technology with double condensor; energy-efficient adjustable thermostat
  • Window/door bracket for easy installation and exhausting of hot air
  • 24-hour programmable timer with clock function; quiet operation
  • Measures 30-2/5 by 22-1/3 by 17-1/8 inches; 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Good looking and works for me.
    well shipped without problems, then when I started the unit, I heard some unexpected noise. It turns out one of the part was touching plastic cover so I had to do a little operation to fix it. But since then, it works fine very silent. It has 12,000 BTU. I don't know the relativity, but it cools down my living and dining area (about 400 to 500 SF). It won't make the space cold but, again it cools down....more info
  • Makes a huge difference
    I have had my Pinguino for a couple of years now and it was a great buy. At the time I did a fair bit of research in looking for a portable air conditioner for a house I was renting. In the end I bought a Pinguino and I'm really happy I did.

    Yesterday was the 4th hot day in a row. It was 39 degree Celsius outside, 32 in most of the house. However, the room with the Pinguino didn't get above 27.
    ...more info
  • Run away - terrible warranty policy!
    DeLonghi portable AC is a rip-off of unsuspecting consumers. Mine broke in a month and a half! And here is the best part. To get it fixed under warranty, I would have to ship it on my own expense to a service center in New Jersey, which, giving the weight and fragility of this thing, would cost me a small fortune. Basically, for all practical purposes, this is an expensive product with no warranty. I was lucky the seller took it back for a full refund.

    It works quite well when it does, though. ...more info
  • Pinguino PAC 03U Failure
    Last September 2005 my Mother and brother spent a considerable amount of money purchasing the alleged state-of-the-art current DeLonghi Pinguino PAC 03U portable 7500 BTU air conditioner as a gift for us during a S. CA heat wave. Ironically, we only needed it one day before the weather cooled off during which the unit cooled nicely and worked fine. We carefully emptied it and stored the air conditioner upright until July 2006. We just reconnected it during the current heat wave here in Altadena, CA. We turned in on at night when the outside temperature was 89 degrees. The unit put out tepid air no matter how we started and ran the unit or where we set the fan and thermostat. We followed all "troubleshooting" instructions and find ourselves left with a large white plastic doorstop. It is sweltering today (over 109 degrees out) and we have no air conditioning. The tech support line isn't open on weekends, of course, and is only open Eastern time on weekdays. My family spent a lot of hard earned dollars on the Pinguino and it has lost coolant or failed for some other reason after one use and benign storage! Worse, a search can't even find our model number (Pinguino PAC 03U). It's like it never existed. We are not happy customers and hope to get some sort of compensation from Pingunio, IF we can reach someone about this model. Good luck in staying cool if you've bought one of these things....more info
  • Like it... careful with shipping
    Ordered a DeLonghi unit and like it. After reading some reviews it seems that some units might get damaged in shipping if poorly pacakged/shipped, causing water to leak - so I bought from a company with a good shipping and return policy. Unit seems to cool very well and I don't have to deal with emptying water which is a huge plus compared to different brand unit I tried....more info
  • No service centers for Pinguino products
    I purchased a Pinguino PAC 700T 3 years ago. Rated at 12,000 BTUs, it cools about as well as a 6000 BTU in-window unit. However, at the beginning of this summer season, I find that it no longer cools or dehumidifies air. I found DeLonghi's central service number (800-322-3848 in case you need it) and asked for my nearest service/repair center. They informed me that they no longer have any repair centers in Massachusetts. They suggested that I take the unit to Hartford, CT, about 2 hours from Boston where I live. Having paid $1300 for this unit just 3 years ago, I expected better service than this. It appears that DeLonghi maybe doesn't care too much about supporting their products after the sale. This will be my last DeLonghi product of any kind....more info
  • My Review, PAC700T
    I bought the 700 Pinquino A/C unit because of its excellent energy efficiency and quiet operation. I liked the looks too, so many others look so ugly that I would not have them in my livingroom. I have had the unit for two years now, and so far no problems at all. It works great, and is very quiet, and cools my 700sqft room well, although it takes a while when above 90F. The water reservoir lasts about a day before needing refilling. My only complaint is a minor one: The plastic finish is of good quality, but it scratches easily when moving the unit around and you bump into something. If it had some color matching bumper strips or something around its middle section, that might help. I am happy with this unit....more info
  • leaking at the base
    I bought 2 units last year. At first it worked fine. Then, this season, when I started to use the air conditioners, one of the unit leaked at the base, ruining my wood floor. I thought I could just use it without water, and I found it to be very insufficient to cool off the room. I have used different models of pinguino and I found that the newer models are more problematic. If it isn't leaking, then it is the alarm light that kept coming on, shutting down the unit. I followed the maintenance procedure to clean the unit, but it doesn't seem to help. I am fed up with pinquino. I think I may have to switch back to those window units....more info
  • awful experience
    This product,DeLonghi 700T,was about the worst purchase that I have ever made.The unit ran for 10 mins and then shut off.After several attempts,we finally found the service center that replaced the fan motor--after a 4 month wait for the part.But that did not fix the problem--the unit shuts down after a short run.Because all of this has taken so long,Delonghi says that the warranty is now limited and that I have to take the unit to a service center 50 miles away.It has been close to 2 years and I still do not have a functioning air conditioner....more info
  • Minimal cooling.
    I purchased the PAC600T (one step below this unit) from Amazon one year ago. When it arrived, I filled the tank with water, inserted it in the unit and my floor was covered with water less than a minute later. Turns out the unit's plastic base housing was cracked during shipment. Amazon replaced the unit, with the same results for the second unit. At that same time, there must have been lots of returns because Amazon stopped selling the unit. I stepped up to this unit with its slightly higher BTUs and hefty price.
    The unit arrived fine, no leaks after filling with water, and I used it most of last summer (in a 14' x 20' room with average height ceiling). The unit puts out cool, definitely not cold, air. The only way to really use the unit is to get it started when the temperature isn't too high, then keep it running. I don't think it would be able to cool a warm room. It simply isn't overly powerful. That may have to do with the fact that it operates at 110 volt, rather than 220 like many AC units that are built into apartment walls.
    The unit has been sitting behind my couch all winter. When I went to use it this year, the removable plastic water tank was cracked. It was emptied at the end of the season and not exposed to excessive temperatures, so I don't know what that's about.
    I assumed that with the high BTU (and price tag), this would be the unit to use. But I'm going to try one of the less expensive units this year and check out its performance. ...more info