Yoga Kids, Vol. 2: ABC's for Ages 3-6

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The Jabberwocky Jellyfish the Volcano the Moo- Meow From Alligator to Zebra this delightful program uses the alphabet to guide kids through 26 playful kid-style poses movements and games inspired by animals flowers and other familiar icons kids love. Teaches yoga fundamentals builds physical fitness & self confidence and challenges coordination & imagination.System Requirements:Running Time 45 Mins.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: HEALTH/FITNESS UPC: 029956999305 Manufacturer No: 120-1503

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent for slightly older kids!
    It is so great seeing Marsha Wenig in action! She is so great with kids and she is like a big kid herself! Very endearing! All the exercises here are lots of fun, but I think the label "for ages 3-6" is a little misleading. All of the models seem considerably older than that, and it is hard to imagine a 3- or 4-year-old following some of these movements. The two little kids on the cover never appear in the video, as far as I can recall. I would say 5-7 is a better age range for this video. Please also check this out: Power Brain Kids...more info
  • love it - my 2 year old tries to follow all the moves and it's so cute to watch.
    As with any new dvd, she needed to get her "toes wet" first but now she loves it! It's so adorable to watch her say namaste and ohm and bow and sit in lotus position. The dvd takes you through the whole alphabet with a word or animal associated with each letter and a pose for it. ...more info
  • Yoga Kids, Vol. 2: ABC's for Ages 3-6
    My 3 year old daughter loves this DVD! When we get stuck in due to weather/household chores I know that I can still give her something active to do that she enjoys. I've also been able to take some of the poses/techniques that are included and use them to help her with other things - "Butterfly breaths" work great when she needs to calm down a little, and "Namaste" (sp?)is nice before bed. ...more info
  • A Nice Diversion
    This one is only tangentially yoga. Most of the exercises are just fun little exercises, using the alphabet and animals whose names begin with each letter. That's okay though. We have a boy 7 and a girl 5 and as far as I'm concerned, any positive activity is a good thing. I did want my kids to be exposed to a bit of traditional yoga but we did have fun doing this so I guess it's a keeper....more info
  • My son loves this dvd!
    My son wants to do ABC Yoga every day. Not only has it teached him different yoga poses and letters of the alphabet, but also words those letters start with. I have fun watching it with him, and so does my husband. Highly recommended. ...more info
  • Lots of fun for mom and daughter
    I bought this yoga dvd after reading the reviews above and really liked it. I was looking for an exercise video my daughter and I could do together and this one fits the bill. I am not in very good shape, so this video is right at my level. It is excellent for stretching out the muscles in my back that get tight from carrying small children around. As an added plus, my two and a half year old daughter loves it and wants to watch it almost every day, so I now exercise regularly. I have never done yoga before, but I didn't have a problem with understanding anything on the tape.

    This video has one yoga move for each of the letters of the alphabet, for example 'A' is for alligator. I like the alphabet format because, unlike other exercise videos, I know how much longer I have until I am done :) The video has a good pace and I don't get bored doing it. Some yoga can get a little too new age for me, but this video doesn't have that issue. I'm glad I bought it....more info
  • I love this DVD more than my kids do...
    But I am hoping that they warm to it! We have all the yoga kids DVDs, and find them challenging to do. My 4 1/2 year old and my 2 1/2 year old still like "Animal Yoga:Level I" better. This one, when I can get them to do it, helps them learn their alphabet. If you are homeschooling, which I currently am, this is very helpful. ...more info
  • we love this DVD!
    my daughter is 2 and absolutely adores this DVD. We already have and love "Yoga for the Kid in All of Us" (also recommended) and I wanted to get her another "yoga show" to expand her repetoire. If you found Yoga for the Kid... a little silly at times, then you will love this one. It is not dumbed down at all, but very pleasant and intelligent for parents and children. The instructor is calm, yet upbeat and does not talk "down" to the kids or use a sing -song voice (this is a huge pet peeve of mine- I cannot stand the dumbed down tone of most kids videos). I enjoy this one a lot. She goes through a different pose or excersize for each letter of the alphabet, usually an animal or object a child is familiar with. her explanation for "Om" (for the letter O) is very good, and the Namaste song for N is quite lovely and we hum it all day after we see the DVD....more info
  • So cute!
    I bought this for my 3 year old son who LOVES it! The DVD runs through a different yoga pose for each letter of the alphabet and couldn't be cuter! The host explains the poses well (and the viewer watches kids doing each pose), goes at a nice pace to keep his interest. Lots of fun for a rainy day!...more info
  • Favorite yoga DVD for kids
    We have all three of Marsha Wenig's DVDs and another yoga DVD for kids. The ABC DVD is by far our favorite. We didn't use it to teach the alphabet--it's just fun! Some of the moves are quite challenging for adults, but little kids have a great time with it. We each develop our favorite letters. It's a lot of fun when your child shouts out, "It's Balloon time!" or "Mommy, you like Namaste."...more info
  • Great Yoga Fun! Plus a little ABC fun!
    My 2-year old daughter loves this video--her "exercise" show! She is a very active little girl so I wanted to get her started on yoga to help her relax and have fun.

    I was worried it would be too old for her. She certainly can't do all the poses but there are enough easy ones that she is moving a lot during the video. She also really just likes to watch the other kids doing it...and she loves the outdoor scenes (in the grass & on the beach). Several of the poses also have songs that go along with them--our favorite is the Namaste Song.

    The exercises are also easy enough for me to join along, when I am not folding laundry!

    One plus is that it goes through the alphabet as well--each letter is a new pose (i.e. E=Eagle Pose). So it is a nice little lesson in the alphabet too!

    My daughter has been doing this video for over 6 months and she still loves it. I think (and hope) she'll stick with it...and as she gains more motor skills, she become a wonderful little yogi!...more info
  • Fun yoga for kids
    I bought this for my two year old son so we'd have something to do on the below zero days of winter. He is obsessed with the Alphabet Song, so I thought he'd like this DVD. It runs about 30 minutes, and there are about six children and an instructor featured in the video. It goes through the alphabet and demonstrates poses (i.e. "A" is for alligator and you lie on your stomach and wiggle like an alligator while stretching your arms in front of you and clapping your hands together like an alligator opening and closing its mouth). My son is a little young to follow the poses, but he enjoys watching the kids and hearing the music/songs they sing. He also laughs at me while I do the poses and encourage him to do the same. The poses are pretty basic, but they feel good, and there are some helpful explanations for the poses. For instance, the instructor suggests trying the "V" for volcano pose to deal with anger/frustration. I can see my son enjoying this when he's a little older, probably within a few months. ...more info
  • Great gift for kids 5 and 3, boys and girls alike!
    Bought this DVD after my kids ages 5 and 3 loved the first Yoga Kids DVD. I bought them kid yoga mats too which they love. They have been doing these for months and now ask to do 2 videos a night before bed. It's great fun to watch them and know it's a really good thing. This would be a great gift for a toddler with a kids yoga mat. A great way to direct lots of energy! ...more info
  • 2-yrd old asks for namaste everyday
    My almost 2-year old loves this video. She asks for this video by bowing her head and saying namaste (every day). She tries every pose in her own little way. She really enjoys when we do the video together. Some poses she can do better than me. She can do any pose by its name, iguana, quail, volcano. Her favorites are peddle laughing and hot air balloon - and laughs histerically when she deflates her balloon. I think this video has taken her vocabulary and physical abilities well beyond what I would have ever expected. I was so stunned by her interest in this video and doing the poses I checked out every yoga video designed for kids from our library to see if we could get another (for a change of pace). This, Yoga Kids Vol 2, is by far the best, and as a result the only one we own.

    The production is very good. The instructor and kids are outdoors in a very peaceful and beautiful setting. The kids are of all ages, ethnicity and abilities. There are many poses (26 for each letter in the alphabet) shown so there are sure to be several poses each kid would enjoy. The namaste song is wonderful and it was a great introduction to idea of yoga. This video is something I am happy she enjoys so much. ...more info
  • i love it, my son loves it!
    i bought this when my son was 3. at first he just watched and then he "participated" by running around the room and saying "i'm running like a friendship flower. i'm running like a caterpillar. etc." now he actually does some poses. it's just a nicely paced video, very engaging for children. also it's a good stretch for me so i enjoy doing the video with my son. highly recommended....more info
  • Silly exercises, little yoga
    For each of the 26 letters of the alphabet, the video features an animal that starts with the same letter (e.g., caterpillar for C), and an exercise to imitate the animal (e.g., crawl on your belly like a caterpillar, walk in a crouched position like a duck). I only recognized two yoga poses (cat-cow and eagle pose) among the 26 exercises; the rest appeared to be silly creations of the video's producers. The exercises alternate between standing, lying face-down, lying face-up, on all-fours, etc. with no flow between them, so you are constantly standing up and lying down throughout the video. Several belly-on-the-floor exercises were the same exercise with very slight variations. We could expect that a fair number of pregnant women might be exercising alongside her children while watching, but they wouldn't be able to do perhaps 1/3 of the exercises. I wonder how many other exercises have potential to cause injury. Little instruction is given for how to correctly enter and exit each pose. In my view, this video is mistitled and mismarketed. I'm giving Wei Lana's Little Yogis video a try....more info
  • Yoga Kids, Vol. 2: ABC's for Ages 3-6
    this video is ok... I have used it for ages 3 to 5 and have found children at these ages would either like more instruction on how to do the poses as well as learn more poses or would rather more capturing animation related to popular kids movie stories such as the Disney series... ...more info
  • Rather do this than watch TV
    I have a very active 4 year old who absolutely loves doing Yoga Kids. I have noticed a change in her behavior when she does Yoga Kids. She is calmer and more focused. Plus her dad and I get a good workout too from doing it with her. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to give their child a healthy start in life....more info
  • Not as exciting as I'd hoped based on reviews . . .
    This DVD is perfectly fine . . . just not really great! I really expected a great product based on reviews I read. I have a 3 year old and a 5 year old and they both started out interested but the 3 year old lost interest quickly and although the 5 year old hung in there, I began to get bored! Too much time is taken on each letter so I feel it's just slow by design. Many moves are fun, but they stick with each one (with each letter) for too long....more info
  • Giggles and grins galore!
    I use this yoga dvd both with my own children as well as with my Kindergarten students, and it is by far their collective favorite. They identify well with the children demonstrating on the video, and really enjoy the wide range of movements and poses (high, low, big, small, static, active...). Ms. Wenig is a nice presenter with a calm manner and appropriate voice tones. The writing that accompanies each pose or movement is also fun - a lot of alliteration in used, which makes the learning part of exercise and body awareness even more fun! This series, with this video in particular, is one I would recommend highly for home and early childhood classroom use!...more info
  • We love it!
    My kids thoroughly enjoy this DVD. They ask me if they can do it all the time! What a great alternative to TV. They use their bodies and their imaginations. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Holiong her interest more now that she's older
    We've had these dvds for 3 yrs. This one has recently been my daughter's favorite. She's 5 now and appreciates that the poses are ABC related and in order. She likes making the animal moves and it just adds to the other 2 in the series. Great for kids...keeps them active and engaged....more info
  • Great DVD for Kids
    This is a great DVD. I bought it for my daughter when she was 4 and I wish I had found it sooner. She loved it til she was almost 7. This is calm and fun and not annoying. Each letter has a pose and is done by kids. I love the volcano, a healthy way to release if you feel angry. Has positives messages and brings a sense of peace. ...more info
  • Kids love it
    I got this for my then 2yr old daughter and she loved it. She is now 6 and she still loves taking this dvd out to play. The movements and interaction is engaging and if we do yoga together I usually get stuck doing this one instead of my Bryan Kest or another on of mine....more info
  • I don't know...
    My almost 3 year old daughter decided that she loved yoga & wanted to do it more often. So, I bought her a couple of DVDs. Unfortunately, she loved the grown-up yoga DVD I already had...! If given the choice between this one (which she demanded we turn off the first time we played it for her), the other kids yoga DVD, or a grown-up one, the grown-up DVD would win every time. This one is cute, but she doesn't like it at all......more info
  • Perfect Yoga Intro dvd for children
    My daughter is almost 3 and LOVES this dvd. I would recommend it to anyone who has toddlers and beyond.......more info
  • We love it!
    My three year old grandson understands - and can do most of the postures in this yoga DVD. He usually stays fully engaged through to the end, and his 18 month-old sister follows along with some of it, too. What she can't do, she watches; the video is designed with beautiful images of places in nature, so her attention stays captivated. I even heard her chanting "Ohm" while sitting in her high chair, waiting for her lunch! I wish someone had introduced yoga practice to me, when I was a youngster.
    The workout on this DVD is a fantastic way for all of us to release pent-up energy on a bad-weather day. To my surprise, one of my grandson's favorite parts is the "zig-zag" breathing, during Final Relaxation. This is a kid who lives in perpetual motion! Yoga is so good for kids, and this DVD makes it fun and inviting for them. We love it!...more info
  • too much eastern philosophy included
    The exercises in this video were pretty good, but I was not expecting all of the eastern buddhist mumbo jumbo philosophy that the teacher directed at the children. I had to turn it off because I did not want my 4 year old son hearing or repeating phrases like "i am you and you are me", or "i am the light in you and you are the light in me", and "om" and "namaste", and "be the flower". Not what I was expecting, and very disappointing. I was hoping that a yoga video for kids would be able to leave all of that out, and that it would be a nice alternative to a lot of the cheesy aerobic videos out there. So, I'm still searching because my son really wants his own exercise video....more info
  • Fit for kids
    These DVDs are absolutely fantastic. My children, boy (6) and girl (5), get up in the morning and put the DVD in and do yoga on their own. They've proudly written their names on their newly acquired yoga mats and talk about how strong they'll be in a few months by doing their yoga regularly.
    My wife was sceptical that it will be a waste of money, but they've proven her dead- wrong....more info
  • YogaKids Rocks!
    I love these tapes... so much that I've started my journey to become a YogaKids teacher! The tapes are fun, encouraging and colorful. Kids love the movement... without all the competition usually found in their daily activities! Thanks Marsha!...more info


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