Panasonic CW-XC64HU 6,000-BTU Air Conditioner

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6000 BTU / Remote Control / Timer / 3 Fan and 3 Cool Speeds / Touch Control Panel 4-Way Air Deflection System Ventilation Control Slide Out Chassis Auto Restart Auto Air Swing Energy Star Compliant Easy to Lift Out Filter Economy Operation Mode Three (3) Cooling Fan Speeds Three (3) Fan-Only Speeds

Effective in use and convenient to operate, this 6,000-Btu air conditioner from Panasonic takes the heat and stuffiness out of a home without sucking a lot of energy. Sized for 150 to 230 square feet, the unit features a handy remote control as well as a clear soft-touch digital control panel. It has multiple comfort settings--cool, economy, fan, and dry--and can be set to keep the room at anywhere from 60 to 86 degrees F. Three fan speeds are also handy, and the 12-hour on/off timer is programmable in 1-hour intervals. To simplify maintenance, the unit comes with a removable intake grille, and its slide-out chassis facilitates installation. For window installation, it requires a horizontal opening between 22 and 36 inches and a vertical opening of 15 inches. It can also be installed through the wall, though professionals are recommended for this procedure. Panasonic includes a one-year warranty on parts and labor and a five-year warranty on the sealed refrigeration system. --Emily Bedard

  • 6,000-Btu air conditioner for up to 230 square feet
  • Soft-touch digital control panel and compact remote control
  • 4 modes; 3 fan speeds; 60 to 86 degree F temperature range
  • 12-hour delay on/off setting timer; removable grille
  • Requires window width of 22 to 36 inches and height of 15 inches
Customer Reviews:
  • From Miserable to Bearable
    After going without power for three days after Hurricane Charley and five days from hurricane Frances I decided to purchase a window air conditioner as "comfort insurance." I was able to buy this unit at clearance price of $129.99 with free shipping and a $20 off promo from Amazon. $109.99 delivered, thanks Amazon!

    I did a test installation through window the day before Frances and it is easy to set up and blows some really cold air. The remote control is simple to operate as well. (Tip for hurricane preparation: I cut a hole in the 3/4 inch plywood over the bedroom window large enough to fit the outer case and made a 1/2 inch plywood splice plate to fit over the hole during times of high winds; it worked great).

    Sure enough hurricane Jeanne hits three days after I received the a/c unit and the power was lost Saturday night. The storm had quieted by midday on Sunday and I sprang into action! A/C installation took about 10 minutes and by 30 minutes the bedroom was a nice comfortable 75 degrees. I guarantee we were the only folks in the hood that were resting comfortably! I powered the unit with my Generac 4000XL, purchased from Amazon the day after Charley (see separate review), which had no problem running in parallel with my refrigerator, freezer, TV, boom box and lights.

    The Seer rating of this unit is fantastic and the cooling capability is impressive. I was almost disappointed late Sunday evening when the power came back on.

    Even though it is too late to buy this unit at the clearance price I believe it is worth the retail price and I have no complaints!

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  • Amazon is HORRIBLE!!!
    I tried to buy this item at Amazon's clearance price with their credit card and couldn't do it so I left the item in my shopping cart. When I called their customer support number (1-800-201-7575, which is hard to find on their website) for a second time to check up on the problem, they ran out of the item and couldn't sell me one for the $129.99 price they advertised. I have to "Check back once in a while to see if the product is back in stock". After arguing for a while on the phone, the only thing they could do for me was "lock the $129.99 price, IF the item comes back into stock". It's so sad that they can't even send me an email to buy a product from them IF it comes back into stock!!! As a business owner, I can't believe that a company like can't provide decent customer service or satisfaction!!! Awful, awful, awful!!!...more info