Panasonic CW-XC124HU 12,000-BTU Air Conditioner

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Product Description

A heavy-duty unit with a wide comfort range, this Panasonic 12,000 Btu air conditioner helps cool and acclimatize 500 to 650 square feet of a home. Plus, like the smaller Panasonics of this type, this model is energy-efficient with an economy-mode setting and a timer that helps tailor operation to an exact schedule. Operated with a remote control or a clearly laid out soft-touch digital panel, the machine features multiple settings for precision comfort. These include cool, economy, fan, and dry, and a temperature range from 60 to 86 degrees F. The fan has three speeds, and the four-way air deflection system distributes the cool air. An especially handy feature for coming home or going to bed, the timer can be programmed to turn the air conditioner on or off up to 12 hours in the future. For easy maintenance and installation, the unit comes with a removable intake grille, a left-right power cord, and a slide-out chassis. For window installation, it requires an opening width between 27 and 39 inches and a vertical opening of 16 inches. It can also be installed through the wall, though professionals are recommended for this procedure. Panasonic includes a one-year warranty on parts and labor and a five-year warranty on the sealed refrigeration system. --Emily Bedard

  • 12,000-Btu air conditioner for up to 650 square feet
  • Soft-touch digital control panel and compact remote control
  • 4 modes; 3 fan speeds; 60 to 86 degree F temperature range
  • 12-hour delay on/off setting timer; 4-way air deflection system
  • Requires window width of 27 to 39 inches and height of 16 inches
Customer Reviews:
  • Quiet, efficient, and easy to install
    I've never installed a Windows AC before. But with some guessing after reading the not-very-detailed manual, I was able to install the unit in about an hour. It is quiet, though not as quiet as the ACs I used in Taiwan. The weather is much warmer in Taiwan and people use ACs much more often. I guess that creates a more competitive AC market and people get to find the *really* quiet units.

    My only other complaint is that the air deflectors are not effective. Vertically, the direction of the air flow can be deflected for about 10 degrees, up and down. Horizontally, which is often more important, it only goes about 5 to 10 degrees each way. That's useless in a room with the recommended size. I think the problem is that there are too few horizontal deflectors and they are hidden too far inside the air channel. When the air does come out of the air channel, it was redirected toward the center. So if you install the unit at a corner window, you will notice that side of the room constantly blown by cold air, while the other side not feeling much until the whole room is cooled down. ...more info
  • manufacturer defect
    Our air conditioner, when plugged in, makes a horrific racket. Some sort of manufacturing defect. We can't seem to repair it and it would cost us to ship it back to the seller. It's 200 lbs. In addition, Amazon's policy is that it will not accept marketplace purchases postmarked beyond one week past the ship date. It took more than a week from the ship date to arrive on our doorstep, so we are stuck with this hunk of cr*p....more info
  • Great value, easy installation
    I bought this AC to replace an 8000 btu unit that was on its last legs. It was very easy to install (I did it by myself; it's just on the verge of being too heavy for one person to install themself). The slide-in cabinet is well made, but there is a very minor problem with the bottom side curtain screws being a hair too long to let the air conditioner chassis slide in without interference (big deal; just back the screws out a couple of turns, and it slides in fine).

    The air condtioner is whisper quiet, and the remote & sleep timer functions are great. While we've not yet had any really hot days since I installed it, I'm pretty confident it will be able to keep up with the heat load. The AC cord is generously long, which was a welcome surprise.

    One thing to watch out for: Be SURE you measure your window clearances for this air conditioner; it's pretty wide, and just barely fit in my window, while the 8000 btu unit I had fit with a lot of space to spare....more info

  • Amazingly quiet and cold
    I purchased this A/C 2 weeks ago. I had previously owned a panasonic A/C that worked great. The difference is this model is fully loaded for the money. The remote control is great once you get over just how lazy we've become, you'll love it. It's so quiet even on high no need to raise the volume on the televeison or stereo. My living room is 14x22 and we never run it above low....more info