Lodge Pro-Logic Pre-Seasoned 12-Inch Skillet
Lodge Pro-Logic Pre-Seasoned 12-Inch Skillet

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The one thing that probably discourages more people from purchasing and using cast iron is maintenance. Like carbon steel woks, cast iron cooking pieces require "seasoning." To many this is a mysterious or overly time-consuming process. Even if you treasure fond memories of eggs and pancakes cooked in grandmother's ancient, blackened skillet, you might have no idea how to turn your new pan into such a treasure. Fortunately Lodge has come out with the new Logic line, which has been evenly coated on all surfaces with an electrostatic spray of vegetable oil. Next the cookware is put into an extremely high temperature industrial oven which bakes the coating into the surface. Not only will you be spared the time and effort of seasoning, but also the new piece you buy will look and perform better than if you had seasoned it at home. Just like that heirloom pan you will find that even pineapple upside down cake doesn't stick to this surface. A perfect pan for cooking up pancakes or homefries for a crowd.

  • 12-inch skillet; made of cast iron
  • Pre-seasoned and ready to use
  • Convenient assist handle
  • Should be cleaned with a stiff brush and hot water; oven-safe
  • 2 inches deep; 8 pounds

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent Skillet
    Lodge has lived up to it's reputation once again. Having cooked with cast iron for many years both indoors and out I was intrigued by the new design and that it was pre-seasoned. I purchased the 8", 10" and 12" sizes of this iron skillet and after a quick clean-up with soap and hot water and a little time on the stove with some oil in them to dry them out completely I started using them. I did find that the first time or two of use some of the things cooked did stick a little but now the skillets are working very well. We purchased a set of them for our daughter who is getting married as a wedding gift and our other daughter wants a set for her family...more info
  • Excellent cast iron skillet
    I selected this pre-seasoned cast iron skillet based on the recommendation of "Cook's Illustrated" magazine. The sloped sides are especially nice and make for easy clean up. The additional small handle is very useful since this skillet is rather heavy. This was an excellent addition to my kitchen!...more info
  • What a difference
    I've been wanting to get into cast iron cookware and, after reading the user reviews for the Pro Logic line I bought a 12" and a 10". These pans are everything they say they are, great quality, absolutely no sticking from the beginning, and the difference in flavor is amazing. I haven't used my other skillets since. They're not hard to care for at all, in fact they're easier than caring for non-stick (if you're caring for your non-stick pans the way you should). I think I'm going to buy the little one now just for eggs or grilled cheese, etc....more info
  • Still getting used to the sheer weight!
    Wow this is heavy, but what a great skillet! Excellent construction, and the loop handle is awesome. The Logic coating worked great for me out the door. It's a little rough, but as others have said will quickly smooth out after a few uses. I tried not to cook things that would get tied up in the roughness like eggs and stuck to frying meats and such until the seasoning is fully developed.

    Care and maintenance hasn't been a problem so far, just a little extra step to scrub it while it's hot. I've been just using Pam spray and a quick wipe after washing and that's been going well. Looking forward to lots of great cooking with this skillet!

    UPDATE: After 8 months this pan is absolutely the workhorse of my kitchen. It's the first pan I reach for for almost any application. The seasoning has developed beautifully and absolutely nothing sticks to it....more info
  • love this skillet
    Love cast iron - hate the seasoning and the awkward heaviness. This pan takes care of both. Although you'll still want to wipe a little bit of oil in the pan after each use, all that pre-use fuss is gone. The pan heats (and holds heat) wonderfully and nothing beats cast iron for browning and oven use. The extra handle is great for balance, order the handle mit also - you'll need it! Great price and great delivery time....more info
  • My most essential cooking utensil
    I love the way cast iron cooks. Not to mention it is so nice to spend less on something that lasts longer and is easier to clean up!

    I do have problems lifting things sometimes, but this is about the same amount of work as the non-stick pans that I used to have, although slightly heavier, the handles are ergonomic and the loop on the other side of the handle compensates by making a balanced lifting motion easier. ...more info
  • Order Got Cancelled
    Don't know if the item is good or bad, but I am sure the company is doing a very poor job in order commitment. They accepted my order and set the delivery date nearly 2 months later. After I waited for 2 months, they cancelled my order. This one-star rating is for the company that took my order -- either Amazon or Lodge -- I am not sure which one.
    ...more info
  • Exceptional Skillet
    I bought this skillet on recommendations from cast iron web sites (Lodge is made in the US, not China, unlike most others). The price is incredible and so is the pan. I got rid of all the teflon in the house due to health concerns and this pan makes me wish I'd done this a lot sooner. I did season it further though it probably didn't need it immediately. I have both the 10 and 12 inch and both serve their purpose--the 12 is big enough for stirfry for 2-3 people. Since buying this skillet I've purchased the Lodge dutch oven and a few other pieces. They will certainly outlast me! ...more info
  • finally I can use my metal spatula
    I bought at least 4 non-stick saute pan, even I use silicon spatula, but less than one year, they all had broken surface. Finally, I found this one, and it works just perfect, non-stick,(you have to put more oil to prevent sticking), I can use all kind of spatula,cooks evenly. Little bit heavy for me to move around and clean it.this size is just good for small family, 2 to 3 persons....more info
  • Best nonstick skillet you can buy!
    The Lodge Pro-Logic Pre-Seasoned 12-Inch Skillet provides a healthy way to saute food without having it stick to your pan. It is well-made and easy to handle even though it is heavy. I recommend it highly!...more info
  • Good pan for searing
    Overall quite satisfied with this item. This would be my second cast iron pan, and it is great for searing meats, or cooking eggs. No sticking as others have noted, but cast iron does have its limitations. You cannot deglaze after searing something, since wine is usually acidic. You also cannot braise, since tomato sauces, and vinegars are acidic. The sloped edges allow for easy cleaning, and I use a wok brush, as opposed to a nylon brush. Nylon melts when it meets the hot iron surface. It is also too heavy for flipping foods, although the sloped sides suggest you can. No, I'm no measly featherweight cook, but this is still mega heavy, especially with the small handle. Of course, the small handle is good for cabinet storage.
    In summary, I would suggest the straight edge model instead of this one, and don't let this be your only pan. Great for diner style foods I would say. ...more info
  • It Looks Great, But...
    I have to admit, one of the factors that lead me to buy the Lodge Pro-Logic 12" skillet was that it looked sexy. I read a lot of reviews, which were all generally favorable, but now, after having used it for a few weeks, I feel I might have been better off with the more classic design in the 12 inch.

    A few things I'm going to keep in mind if I decide to replace this skillet include the size - the 12' measurement refers to the outside diameter. When you take into account the sloped sides, the flat cooking surface is more like 8.5 - 8.75 inches. A friend has a "Wagner 1891 original" in a 10.5 inch and the cooking surface is the same, give or take a quarter inch. The sloped sides may also make it easier to tip food out of the skillet or maneuver a spatula, but if you're interested in this feature for tossing and flipping food then you need to be a strong person with strong wrists, or get ready to have both hands on the handle (or handles) - this skillet is pretty heavy.

    I was also expecting the handle to be more ergonomic, but It's broad and flat (about 1.5" wide) which turned out to be a little awkward for me. To hold it comfortably (and I have fairly large hands) I have to place the palm of my hand more fully on the underside of the handle for a more "underhanded" grip. Perhaps it's just me, but that's not usually how I hold a skillet.

    The pre-seasoning works well - there was a little bit of sticking the first time around, but I was expecting that. All reviews I've read about the best non-stick performance of cast iron say it simply comes from years of use.

    If you want sloped side cast iron for tossing and flipping food, I would recommend the Lodge Logic 10" chef's skillet. It's smaller, lighter weight, has a nice curved version of the standard handle, and if you're a stickler for detail, you might enjoy the presence of the pour spouts, which are not on the pro-logic 12".

    Experienced Cooks may like or need some of the features of the Pro-Logic, and some might like a collection of different shaped skillets made out of different materials for all sorts of cooking, but I'm just an average guy who liked the idea of buying one skillet which would last the rest of my life. I would recommend a time tested design over the update.
    ...more info
  • Overall Excellent Pan, but Could use a few improvements
    First Off I'd like to say that this pan is awesome, very heavyweight cast iron which gives even heat distrubution, even over a small burner. I like the sloped sides very much compared to a standard cast iron pan, allows for you to easily flip things, and you can spread bacon out all the way.

    I rated this product 4 stars because I feel that the handles are rather thin which may effect durability. Mine are holding up fine but they seem thinner than the traditional lodge cast iron pan handles.

    One reviewer stated that the pan is difficult to hold. I don't think its the shape of the handle that causes this, I think its the shear weight, this is a very heavy pan. ...more info
    Arrived in 4 days! I could not wait to use this pan..I love cast iron but hated the sides..this pan is a dream come true...non-stick(if you maintain it properly), heats evenly, cleans beautifully, and you can toss and flip foods...YES! All that and it's good for you too. My teflon is in the trash where it should be. Thanks Jeannie for teaching me how to take care of the pans properly, for it makes all the difference. Buy this pan, you will not be sorry. ...more info
  • I sure wish that it would get delivered.
    I have one of these skillets and love it. I have purchased another for a gift. I only wish that it would be delivered, I ordered it in August, this is November....more info


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