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Product Description

Diminish the unsightly red bumps caused by Keratosis Pilaris with these two exfoliating products. Formulated with glycolic acid, each formulation aims to even the skin's tone and texture for a healthier-looking finish. The Keratosis Pilaris Kit includes : Exfoliating Body Wash (6.7 fl oz) Body Lotion (8.4 fl oz) Exfoliating Pouf

  • Smoothes and softens skin
  • Reduces the appearance of red bumps
  • Gentle yet effective formulations
  • Hydrates dry, rough skin
  • Great treatment for Keratosis Pilaris

Customer Reviews:

  • It really works!
    After years of having rough, bumpy skin on my upper arms, I tried this product on the advice of a dermatologist. It's a two-step combination of a body wash and a thick body cream. The wash you use in the shower with the buff-puff provided or with your choice of exfoliating fabric. It's pretty unremarkable. Out of the shower, dry off, and quickly apply a very small amount of the body cream to your rough spots. I use less than a dime-sized amount of each---these bottles last me three months. It seems like you've hardly done anything remarkable, but check your skin the next day. This worked almost overnight for me; it made my rough, bumpy upper arms into baby-soft skin. It's amazing stuff and really worth the money. (My dermatologist charged $55 for the same thing as listed here.)...more info
  • How do you use this product in the summer?
    I bought this product to help with my bumpy elbows and back of my thighs and rare end. However, during the summer I shave my legs quite often. A lot of times I will shave everyday. The directions state that you should not use on recently shaved skin. So I must ask, how and when can you use this product to see results? I tried to use it the evening and even the next day after shaving and was in total pain from the stinging and burning of my skin....more info
  • my arms got worse
    At first I was not using this product very often, so I did not see any result. But after using it on a daily basis for a few weeks my arms are definatly worse!...more info
  • Worked for me!
    Buy the lotion. I'm not sure the cleasner really is what helped. The cleasner has a good lather, you dont need alot, will last a while. I feel the lotion did the trick for ME. I'm going to buy more in the next few days & will purchase the lotion only....more info
  • kind of works...
    I've been using this product for a couple of months and the only good thing it has done is make my bumps on my arms smoother. It does nothing to help with the appearance of the KP on my legs and arms and it upsets me greatly. I was really looking forward to wearing shorts without being self-conscious but that is not going to happen any time soon. This kit was overall very disappointing. I only use a small amount so perhaps that's the reason but I doubt it. the lotion also stings sometimes... i don't know what to do anymore about the KP......more info
  • Pretty much a miracle...
    After struggling with KP on my upper arms for about 3 years, I was not expecting any miracles. I tried a variety of ways to lessen the bumps and consequent scarring: scrubs, prescription topical ointments, oil pulling, etc. I had pretty much accepted the fact that wearing anything sleeveless or short-sleeved were things of the past. I heard about the Glytone kit and was rather skeptical. The previous reviews seemed to suggest that the lotion was the key element, so I only purchased it. After just one week, I saw amazing improvement. Suddenly there were no new bumps, and my scarring was starting to fade. I wish I had known about this product 3 years ago, and I was finally able to wear short sleeves again! I'm hoping that by the end of the summer, I will be able to go full on sleeveless.

    Here is my routine that has proved effective:
    While still in the shower, I use a cotton ball soaked in a mild astringent to gently slough off dead skin cells. I then put a tiny amount of the lotion onto my arms. The lotion is extremely thick, so I hardly have to press the pump to get enough. I can see this bottle lasting me at least six months, which makes it extremely cost effective. I think it is very important to put on the lotion while still in the shower. The warm air and steam will keep the skin pores open and will help the lotion be better absorbed. I also exercise everyday to help sweat out further skin impurities, try to eat a balanced diet with lots of vegetables, take a multi-vitamin, and drink lots of water. I had to change a lot of things in my life to get my KP under control, but with this product's help, it was possible and totally worth it. ...more info
  • Very disappointing
    I had KP really bad on my upper arms and about 4 or 5 bumps on each thigh but nothing too bad. I've never seen a dermatologist about it so I've only been working with the info I've learned from the net.
    I chose Glytone based on some reviews. It arrived quickly but that's the last good thing that happened. I've been using the Glytone kit for 5 weeks now religiously. Everyday I showered with the gel and scrubby thing. I followed the instructions. I pat towel dried myself after showering and used the lotion. After 5 weeks my upper arms look just as bad as they did but they do feel a little softer. The worst part is that now that I've been using the Glytone my KP seems to be everywhere! My thighs are way more pronounced. It's on my forearms. It's on my stomach and chest. It's very pronounced on what I would call the love handle region. It's been a bad experience and I've now quit the regimen. The remainder of the Glytone to the trash....more info
  • glytone keratosis
    This product is making my skin feel smoother,but you still see dark spots on my skin.I will continue using it hopefuly it will work in along term,by the way i been using this product for 4 weeks now....more info


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