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Surfers and secret spots from around the world are profiled in this documentary. Studio: Lions Gate Home Ent. Release Date: 09/05/2006 Starring: Robert August Run time: 88 minutes Director: Dana Brown

Thanks to Dana Brown's delightful Step Into Liquid, the surfing scene in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, should get a healthy boost. That's because Brown, in the tradition of his father, filmmaker Bruce Brown (The Endless Summer), has captured dazzling images of surfers riding curls in some of the world's most exotic--and sometimes unlikely--places. Besides the action on Lake Michigan, Brown leads us to Costa Rica, where the sport's senior elite (including Summer star Robert August) prove they still have the moves, and Oahu's North Shore, where the legendary Pipeline inspires this quote: "It's so scary, maybe you die a little." Most entertaining is a segment in County Donegal, where the American Malloy brothers startle the locals and meet their Irish counterparts on the grayest ocean imaginable. Great personal stories here, including the tale of Northern California's Dale Webster, who has never missed a day on the waves in 30 years. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • Gorgeous.
    This film is beautifully photographed and in some very exotic places.
    The surfing is breathtakingly beautiful and so exciting you hold your breath. The surfers are good looking too....more info
  • 'Just about to drown

    While living for 16 years in Costa Rica, my family and I noticed an ever-increasing flow of bronzed surfers through the country's main airport. Then my sons started to surf.

    I figured I'd better pay attention.

    This remarkable video employs gorgeous footage to illuminate the surfer subculture and the waves they catch on the way to pure joy and the occasionally bloody death.

    This one is for seeing over and over again. The surfer's characteristic carefree spirit and devil-may-care attitude towards risk are endearing. The waves they ride with such grace are enthralling.

    You don't have to know anything about surfing to enjoy this fabulous documentary. All you need is the capacity to admire....more info
  • Incompatible Technology--do not buy this " DVD "
    It will not play on a standard DVD player of any type. It will only play on your PC and allow it internet access to check the " license ". So unless you like watching movies on the computer ( as oppposed to on your tv ) do not get this disc. Most disappointing. Bad technology. ...more info
  • Something Everyone will like.
    This movie has no story and no special effects, but you will like it no matter what age or background you are. The scenary is just enthralling and the characters are special people. Even if, like me, you are a responsible person who has a real job, you have somehow always wanted to be free like these folks. The kids will love it too....more info
  • Surfing is # 1 by Ray Sipe
    Watch Video Here: ...more info
  • wow
    Awesome footage. Even if you're not a fan of surfing this film is a great insight into the surfing world. I found myself enthralled up until the last 10 minutes or so, at which point I had had enough surfing for one sitting. I watched this with the inlaws, expecting them to be bored 10 minutes in, but they watched the whole thing!...more info
  • dvd does not work
    I ordered this as a christmas present for my dad... the DVD will start to play, then stop suddenly. At first i thought it was my parent's DVD player, it is not. I took the DVD home to watch it on one of my (3) DVD players... same problem. It will start to play, then skip. We ended up turning it off after about 20 minutes....more info
  • A "must have"
    Step Into Liquid is a "must have" for your collection. Beautiful, breathtaking, and educational. And, thanks to the DTS soundtrack, room- shaking, monster waves!...more info
  • Step into surfing's soul.
    Great stories,Excellent visuals.Shows surfing's free spirit,good carma,fine soul & layedback life style.To bad all of lifes experiances aren't like this....more info
  • Doesn't Play
    Let's see: It doesn't play on my desktop. It doesn't play on my laptop. It doesn't play on my DVD player. They put some kind of licensing / security program on the disk that wreaks havoc on all of my players. If you're thinking about buying it, rent it first to see if it will work....more info
  • Surf
    I like it a lot. I prefer shots from inside the waves. The interviews are with the best in the world. Even I know their names. I like it when the waves are so big they need a Jet Ski to pull the riders into the waves....more info
  • Awesome ride!
    I got this DVD for my eight-year-old son for the holidays. He has just gotten into surfing, and he is so obsessed with the images and what the surfers have to say. It has actually been a bit of a geography lesson for him as well, because he has pulled out his globe and a map, and he looks up every place the DVD shows people surfing, pointing to the locations, and exclaiming, "Look, Mommy, this is where they are surfing!" I am thrilled with this purchase, and so is my child. Even though there's a few words normally used by teenagers on up, my son doesn't take notice; he's so involved in the images. He has been very proud of owning DVD and quick to share it with friends who come visit. I highly recommend this!...more info
  • Cool for the history, but the movie is dated
    I liked the movie for some of the history and background on surfing, but the movie is geting a little old. And not "classic" old like the endless summer......more info
  • If you like surfing movies...
    If you like surfing movies, you'll like this one. If you love the ocean and outdoor activities, you'll like this movie. If you love daytime soaps and reality TV, pass on this one. ...more info
  • Step into Liquid
    I purchased a BD player a year ago and love it. So far my favorite BD DVD was the Planet Earth series but it now changed to Step into Liquid. I dont know how they captured these amazing scenes and it looks fantastic. I have a whole new appreciation for Surfing. I would definetly recommened purchasing this movie. You will be showing off your BD Player and TV to all your guests. ...more info
  • Step Into Liquid - Simply Amazing
    I'd wanted to see this film for a while, but living in Kansas it came nowhere near me to a movie theater (if it did at all). I finally got around to buying the DVD and watched it last night on my television, and I'm already making plans to run it on my office computer some evening and project it onto a big wall.

    The cinemaphotography is simply amazing. If you aren't impressed with the shots, you could be one of those poor souls that takes the ocean for granted. This is a film worth watching over and over again.

    I replayed the Cortes Bank (Mount) sequence three times last night. Imagine riding a 66 foot wave!! If you can find this movie - rent it. If you love the ocean and respect the stoke, buy this movie immediately. You won't be disappointed....more info
  • Step Into Cinematography
    The only reason I bought this movie was because of Dana Brown. After watching Dust To Glory, I wanted to see more of his work, and I wasn't disappointed with "Liquid". I'm an amature videographer, and really appreciate seeing work that the pros do. The scenes in this movie are spectacular, especially the shots where the camera operator is in, and under the water. Like in Dust to Glory, the surfers stories are intertwined with the beautiful scenery. I highly recommend buying this movie! ...more info
  • Right on
    I dug this film because it shows you that you can surf anywhere and make any wave your own. Makes me feel better about being stuck in New Jersey and trying to surf. You just gotta be creative. That's the core idea of this doc. Some of the commentary is sort of cheesey as are a few of the songs, other than that, it's really cool. it's not just clip after clip of wipeouts. There's thought involved....more info
  • step into...nothing
    the HD version requires a license that is only valid for USA and Canada...and I made the mistake of living in Portugal!
    I'm been trying over and over (and over)xN again to get it!
    be carefull! don't let your entusiasm for HD video fool you!
    these guys from ARTISAN are very "professional"...
    ...more info
  • Astoundingly amazing.....
    This movie is what we all should be moved by. I watched this movie for the first time on 06-15-05. I was moved to a point that I have a completley different outlook as well as perspective on life. This documentary moves you into seeing the inner you. The footage that you see is really spectacular, but....

    It's more than the waves, it's more than the beauty of Tahiti, more than the great lakes of Wisconsin, even more than the shipping channel of Texas. It's about a journey of life. This documentary on surfing is very touching. Thank you to Dana Brown for bringing such a magnificant video into our generation.

    I am very impressed by the time and energy spent making this video. So much so that I have taken a back seat on the opinions I have about my future and life. There are some movies that you just watch, then there are movies that are life changing. This is that movie. You will be amazed....

    I have never touched a board in my life. I know now that I will....more info
  • Step into Liquid- product a disappointment
    Unfortunately, when we opened up the 2-disk set, we were disappointed to see both disks are disk 2 of 2, and that disk 1 was missing. ...more info
  • Great Motivator for a Surfing Expedition
    Dude. I watched this with my daughter and we were both well stoked before we left for Morocco for our first surfing trip together. Great film footage and a pace and narration quality that does justice to the Endless Summer series. The surfer videos on the extra features are great too. I live in Europe, so the surfing options are sometimes distant, but this DVD shows you only need a little motivation and some immagination to make it happen. ...more info
  • Ultimate Extreme Sport
    "In 2003, at a spot on Maui called Jaws, a surfer rode the largest wave so far - 70 feet. Meanwhile, the search is on as elite surfers around the world attempt to be the first to ride a 100-foot wave!" ~Drew Kampion, Waves

    Step into Liquid captures some of the most extreme sports adventures I've ever seen on DVD. The 66 foot waves in one section alone explores the incredible power of the ocean, harnessed by a surfboard and an extremely talented surfer (please notice his very muscular build when interviewed later...needed to surf those huge waves) who may be the bravest man in the world. The sheer magnitude of the experience is almost overwhelming to the point of exhilarating and beyond and could be the most exciting moment in extreme sports.

    As a child I was saved from a wave rolling me endlessly at a beach in Cape Town, SA. A surfer (or angel) in a black wetsuit pulled me from the rough waves and I never forgot the experience.

    To throw yourself into such an experience where the waves could literally devour you (note the coral reef that looks most frightening) seems to require an extremely adventurous spirit.

    I thought this surfing program would include more footage from places in Africa (Durban in particular where we would vacation in the summer and the sand burns your feet!), but they focus mostly on Ireland, Vietnam, Australia, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Tahiti, California and surprisingly Texas! Lake Michigan? You won't believe the places people are willing to surf. Some of the most surprising surf moments take place surfing the waves behind tankers in Texas. I assume they avoided the African coastline due to the Great White sharks and I don't blame them!

    The most humorous sections were the three brothers surfing in Ireland and the most heartwarming is the section where they show the kids learning to surf in Ireland. Surfing really crosses the boundaries of culture and religion and reaches for a sense of peace and happiness. While there are negative aspects, not explored in this program, the focus is mainly on the excitement of the sport and the positive outcomes from the experience.

    The most informative sections were the extras, which I must say were extravagant in content. You could not wish for more extras, interviews, details on how to make surfboards and even music montages. An extensive section on surfing etiquette is included and you can also find the perfect surfboard by using the instructions on the second DVD. There is also information on the hydrofoil boards.

    Step into Liquid is a wild and exhilarating experience that will leave you longing for the beach and thinking about buying a surfboard even if you never tried surfing before. If you love the ocean, this is a must-see!

    ~The Rebecca Review
    Born in the USA, but once "also" rolled in a wave filled with shells
    by the South Coast in Africa. It seems I spent a lot of time under the water. ;)
    ...more info
  • Beautiful visual effects
    This movie has the most wonderful cinematography!! As opposed to a movie about hot shot surfers and their stunts, this movie explores the soul of the surfer and the essence of the surfer's medium, the ocean and its abundant and powerful waves....more info
  • "Hollywood" Surf Documentary
    The voice over sounds like the guy from the hoky motivational videos everyone had to watch in high school. This is an overly-sentimental piece of sh*t. Some, and only some, of the visuals are really incredible (the tow-in scenes)..the rest is a feel-good, surfers-are-awesome waste of time. I love to surf...for my own reasons. It's not because I need to feel like a part of a big "community". For authentic, thought-provoking surf films, check out "thicker than water", "brokedown melody" and "september sessions". Save "step into liquid" for the people who fall all over themselves for the next predictable hollywood offering....more info
  • A lifestyle to die for.
    This movie tries and succeeds as nearly as possible in conveying the surfing mentality. Great footage and interviews. Watch it . . . feel it. The stoke will grab you....more info
  • Have water, will surf
    Man I loved this movie - it completely captures the passion of surfing, including the lengths people will go to catch a wave. I loved the counterpart/counterpoint, from Hamilton's ultimate wave search to the barge riders in Wisconsin.

    You can't not like this documentary, the personalities of the persons involved are just too infectious. Its really a magical film.

    If you liked it, definitely see also: Riding Giants and Billabong Odessey, both deal with the more extreme side of surfing and the advancements in technology to give riders the ability to surf 100 foot waves without killing themselves. ...more info
    This is a fantastic documentary film about the world of surfing. The reviewers (on Amazon for this DVD) who gave it less than four stars, don't know very much about the history of surfing on film (and video). This is better than most, maybe one of the best. And it's another example why ESPN, the world's leader in sports, should be embarrassed that they NEVER show surfing - the ULTIMATE sport!!...more info
  • You don't have to like surfing
    Since the trailer, I was always intrigued with this film. I never saw it in theater, but when it came out on DVD, I finally decided to watch it. WOW.
    Not only the filming is beautiful if not spectacular, but the story telling is excellent. It is to me one of the best docufilm ever made, because it holds for start to end, and there are no egos portrayed here, just passionate people in love with nature.
    The Blu-Ray version adds to the picture quality dimension of it, even though some of the interviews are a bit out of focus (the betrayal of the the high definition world), but it isn't enough to spoil such a brilliant motion picture.
    I can watch this over and over again, and as a video editor, I'm always learning something new every time about it's production, but also never get tired of the beautiful images and the great soundtrack throughout the film (Heavy Metal songs free ;-)

    So I highly recommend this feature, it is always fascinating to watch!
    ...more info
  • Surf culture ABC's
    One of the best surf vidios ever produced,, allows the public to understand the surfing world...more info
  • Can't even view the WMVHD disc !!!!
    I bought this this disc to view overseas but the online licensing really sucks! I get a reject message everytime. Firstly you need to be located in the U.S./Cananda and secondly, it has to be renewed periodically. I had no problems with at all with the Coral Reef Adventure. The distributors and licensing companies had better take a long hard review of their licensing policies....more info
  • A superb Bluray example
    Are you a surfer? No? Ok well just admire the beauty then of high definition water and a rather compelling documentary that will have you wow'ed in no time at all....more info
  • Average
    Footage at Cortez Bank is the only thing that saves this movie. Would not recommend....more info
  • Get "Stoked" by this great surfing video
    Awesome video for surfing lovers and anyone interested in surfing. I was inspired to buy this after watching endless summer 2 on cable tv and was not disappointed in the least bit....more info
  • An Eye Opener
    I am not a surfer, nor am I interested in surfing, however, at the recommendation of an uncle, I watched this movie, and was quite surprised.

    Just for the cool surfing, this movie is great, but it doesn't stop there. Not being into surfing, I didn't find this movie overwhelming, but instead, very informitave! I learned a lot about surfing, and surfers.

    The cinematography and sound are awesome as well, and watching on a large screen with surround sound, you almost feel like you're on the waves....more info
  • fun, exciting, touching
    hailing from southern california, i've always been fascinated with surfing and surf culture. i remember being a little tyke and watching my dad out on the ways with the wooden surfboard he made in the my grandpa's garage. for whatever reason, i've not actually gotten on the board and tried it myself, though one day i certainly will. to enjoy the art of surfing and embrace the surfing lifestyle, however, one need not necessarily be a surfer, because it's a lot more than just standing on a board or shredding, it's a state of mind.

    it's with this perspective that i watched dana brown's 'step into liquid,' a contemporary talk on his father's famous 'endless summer' films. brown, fortunately, realizes that surfing isn't just about blonde-hair, blue-eyed adonis' shooting through the curl at half-pipe. the movie is more about the effects of surfing on the lives of those who do it--and more importantly, how surfing, strange though it may be or sound, actually brings seemingly disparate groups of individuals together. for example: the scenes of the malloy brothers in ireland. the brothers arranged for a group of kids from northern ireland down to southern ireland to surf with southern irish kids--catholic and prostestant kids, surfing together, embracing the surfer spirit of joy, unanimity, respect and most importantly, love. it might sound hokey, but it's real and genuine. and when one of the malloy tells about the irish boy who asked him, 'how much does one of those surfin' boards cost?' you can't help but smile, and maybe squirt out a tear or two. to see those kids absolultely lit up like xmas trees, smiles from ear to ear, laughing and enjoying themlseves, was, for me, one of the most touching moments of the film (a close second are the kids in vietnam who practically mob the americans and shanghai their surfboards--it's a delight).

    and who knew there was surfing on lake michigan? or vietnam? we all know about north shore and half moon bay, but who knew about surfing 100 miles off the san diego coast? who knew about tow-surfing? and i had never in my life seen foil boards -- when you see it, you won't believe it. hats off to laird hamilton for his continual innovations.

    while most people, i assume, view surfing as something of a slacker-culture, nothing could be further from the truth. surfing is about live, joy, and love. and as several people in the film state, 'once you've surfed, it never leaves you.'

    even if you aren't familiar with surfing, you'll enjoy the film because it's a film about people, a film about finding joy, and ultimately a film about love....more info
  • liquid gold!
    Loved it! really captures the spirit of surfing and the surfer. I watched this with my kids who are surfing beginners and they loved it. Some great shots and a nice mix of locales. ...more info
  • Four stars for video...1 star for content
    The film is great!!! ANY outdoor enthusiast should own this film...It is lovingly narrated, beautifully shot, and the waves will leave you breathless even if you have never surfed...Their featured surfers are amazing and totally insane!

    If you are looking at the video for it's HD content forget about it. The service on the back end (licensing stuff) failed every time I tried it. It uses some gimmicky through windows to make sure you have a legit copy of the DVD Data content (which I most certainly do). I attempted to watch this on several PCs, with different flavors of XP or Vista, and on a couple networks...Nothing!!! The second disc is a frisbee. If you want the HD content, it is not going to happen....more info
  • Best Surf Movie Ever ?
    I was completely blown away by Dana Brown's most excellent film. I truly believe it's the best surf movie to come out since Dana's father came out with Endless Summer back in 1964.

    This is a movie the whole family will enjoy. It's evident that some of Bruce Brown's DNA has been passed on to his son. Brown has his father's wit for telling a story and including things we've never seen before. Like the crazed Texans who ride the wakes of huge steamer ships for miles. The stoked crew at the Great Lakes were a hoot to watch.

    I loved the scene where Brown takes his crew to Ireland of all places and shows us that Ireland has some great waves. And then switches to three young brothers from Santa Cruz teaching both Protestants and Catholic kids, how to surf. The brothers are hysterical and the kids warmed the heart, showing that surfing totally eradicates politics and brings people together. It makes you wish the Middle East had some good surf.

    The greatest theme of this movie is kind of summed up by Kelly Slater who stated that surfing is kind of like "The Mob." Once you're in, you're in for life. It's like a tribe of people who have "found the stoke."

    That's exactly what this movie did for me. It revived the "stoke."...more info
  • Step into Liquid
    If you love surfing this a great overall view of surfing from the kiddos to the big wave surfing. My husband has watched it at least 5 times....more info
  • RIP OFF - DRM makes this title unplayable
    This *was* an awesome DVD. I purchased it some time ago and got the 2 disc version with the WMV HD (high def) release. I watched it on my PC and it was truly amazing.. but now a year or so later and a new PC, it no longer works. You put the DVD in, and it tries to validate at, which no longer exists! The DVD can not be viewed without the flippin DRM validation! WHAT A RIP OFF!!!!! I am so p*ssed off - they could at least provide some way of removing the validation requirement, but noooo, too greedy and too unethical to do that. This is why I refuse to buy any software with DRM that requires activation or limited installs. No wonder these companies are being sued....more info
  • Totally amazing surfing documentary!
    This is such a good surfing documentary, anyone would enjoy it, surfer or not. Really well done....more info


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