DeLonghi DDE40E 40-Pint-Capacity Dehumidifier

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40 Pint, Dehumidifier, For Room Sizes Up To 2,200 SQFT, Electronic Controls With Digital Display, Ideal For Basement Use, Low Temperature Operation Designed To Function At Temperatures As Low As 44 Degrees, Tank Full Safety System, Air Filtration Technology, 2 Systems For Collecting Condensation, Fully Portable, Fan Only Operation, Dual Fan Speeds, Quiet Operation.

  • 40-pint-capacity dehumidifier with soft-touch, electronic controls and LCD display
  • Collection tank or continuous discharge through connector hose; adjustable humidistat
  • Tank-full safety system with auto shut-off prevents water overflow
  • Permanent, washable air filter; durable castor wheels; functions at 44 degrees F
  • Measures 12-3/5 by 13-1/5 by 21 inches
Customer Reviews:
  • DeLonghi DDE40E 40-Pint-Capacity Dehumidifier
    I am rather surprised by the other reviews for this product. I purchased the DeLonghi DDE40E a month ago, because it had one of the best efficiency ratings I found in under-$200 units. This was a replacement for a 15-year-old Kenmore of slightly larger capacity. My basement is approximately 1000 square feet, unfinished. 400 sf is crawlspace, sealed with plastic sheet. It arrived with package damage, but the unit itself was undamaged.


    The unit is quite compact - the floor space required is less than for the unit it replaced - though of course this is really a minor consideration, as any free-standing dehumidifier requires a lot of space to allow for proper air circulation.

    The condensate tank is "self-contained" in the unit, rather than hanging off the back. This was a big problem with the old unit - before we installed a drain hose, our cats would attempt to drink the water, or play with the water, and their frequent pushing on the bucket cycled the "full" switch, leading to the premature failure of the switch. With the DeLonghi, the water is not accessible when the tank is installed.

    The unit is much quieter than our previous one, and quieter than others I have heard in the past. (I have no basis for comparison with current generation dehumidifiers.)

    Performance seems adequate. When first installed, with the default settings, the bucket was filling approximately once every 22 hours.
    Once the room was at a comfortable humidity, I increased the humidistat setting a bit, so now I'm going about 50 hours. Don't expect it to take a large room from 80% to 50% humidity in less than a couple of days - but do expect it to do so with minimal power consumption.


    Noise level - with the fan set on high, it is a bit loud. When our furnace blower kicks on, however, you'd never notice it... Once the humidity stabilized, we switched the fan to low speed. My daughter watches movies sitting right next to it, and has not complained.

    Tank installation is not as simple as one would like. The first time one of my teenagers tried to empty the bucket, assistance was required. It is possible to get the bucket in slightly cocked, which leaves the "tank full" alarm beeping. Also, to trip the "tank installed" switch, pressure is held on the tank with a large rubber band. I suspect this will require replacement some day. My guess is the reviewer who had the overflow problem had the tank installed incorrectly. I don't blame them - this seems to be the weakest point of this design. But - on the bright side - the unit shipped with a hose and spare plug so that you can drain directly from the tank into a floor drain. That's next on my honey-do list. (Note to cat owners: The included hose is soft vinyl. One of our cats manically chews clear vinyl hose wherever he finds it. If you have one of those, get a rubber hose from the hardware store!)

    Regarding comments on accuracy of the humidistat: I have never, ever encountered a dehumidifier or humidifier intended for the consumer market with humidistat accuracy approaching that of a laboratory-grade hygrometer. And I have never encountered consumer-grade hygrometers with particularly good accuracy. Keep in mind that an accurate measurement, by the nature of these instruments, requires stable conditions over a period of several hours. Verifying accuracy while room humidity is changing is impossible. A hygrometer sitting on top of the dehumidifier is out of the air flow, and will almost certainly read higher than the dehumidifier setting - across the room would yield a more useful measure. Also, as a general operating principle for any dehumidifier, the humidistat setting covers a range - not an exact humidity level. If the range is too small, the compressor will cycle on and off more frequently, and on a light-duty unit like this, you will end up replacing the compressor, or at least the starter capacitor, as a seasonal activity. Museum-grade humidity control will require a unit costing thousands, not hundreds of dollars. One way to equalize humidity a little more quickly is to leave the fan running even when the compressor is off - a feature which this unit offers.

    All in all, I am extremely satisfied with this purchase. From the comments of others, there may be some quality control issues. I have not experienced any related problems....more info
  • impossible to keep the bucket from sliding out
    The thing that makes this dehumidifier unusable is that the collection bucket has no clip or detent of any kind to keep it in place. As soon as it slides back about 1/16" the unit thinks the bucket is overfull and starts it's annoying and insistent beeping. No matter how hard or how many times you push the bucket back into the unit, a few minutes later it slips back a bit. This is one of the silliest and most unnecessary design flaws I have ever seen....more info
  • Seems to do its job
    This is the only dehumidifier I've owned so I don't have anything with which to compare it. This model does it's job. I can set the desired humidity and it provides a readout of the actual humidity. It also displays the temperature. I have it in the basement with the hose draining directly into the sump pump. I've been running it constantly for 6 months with no problems. The basement is about 1300 sq. ft (although I have the door to two of the rooms closed) and is open to the upstairs through a pet door. The only complaint I have is the noise. I don't spend much time in the basement, but when the fan on the dehumidifier is running full power I can hear the motor in my bedroom just above it. The sound comes up the heating units....more info
  • WAY too much annoying noise!
    It dehumidifies very well-NEVER freezes up in the back and has worked fine for over a year but WAY too much annoying noise for a basement living space /TV room. I have to shut it off to hear the TV....more info
  • Worst product ever...
    Can't speak much about actually using this product. When I received it and unboxed it, it was destroyed. Straight from the factory. No damage to the box or during shipment. Pieces were actually broken off the fact and the metal encasement was bent, but no plastic was inside the box. So, it was dropped before it was packaged at the factory, packaged anyway and then subsequently returned to Amazon. Buy from Amazon, just not this company....more info
  • Poor quality and sensor didn't work
    I purchased this unit based on the good comments from other reviewers. But it turned out to be a big mistake.

    Sensor reading was not accurate. It showed 50% humidity while my other odometer indicated 70%. How could it be 50% humidity in the basement in August? Also, it continued to shut down after a few minutes and wouldn't go back on even I set the sensor to much lower level. Besides, it was extremely loud. It sounded like someone was using lawn mawer in the basement. I don't think anyone can stand the noise in the same room. The packaging was very poor, the bottom almost fell apart when I received it.

    It looks like the sensor of this unit is defective and the quality in gernal is very poor. I have returned this unit to Amazon and purchased a different brand locally. The other brand works well and is much quiter....more info
  • Tripping circuit breaker
    We just purchased this dehumidifier after reading the majority of positive views and were very excited to use it, but the unit keeps tripping the circuit breaker after running for about 5-10 minutes. The temp of the basement is about 70F and we put a 50% RH setting. We are using a surge protector and the unit is not sharing any other equipment on the outlet? Are we doing something wrong? ...more info
  • Great product - Performs Well
    Dehumidifier works great! When first plugged in, all it did was beep, until I discovered that the small knob that is in back of the collection tray had come off in shipping. Once that was popped back in, the unit works great. The basement is much better. It reduced the total level in just a couple of hours down to a much more comfortable/healthy level....more info
  • Nice Product
    Very pleased with DDE40E Dehumidifier. Seems to be very efficent in keeping humidity in my 25ft x 25ft previously very damp basement at desired level....more info
  • COOL
    I live in New Orleans and its as hot and muggy as anywhere here. I recently purchased this humidifier and it has changed my life dramaticaly. i no longer wake up in the morning in the swamp that i used to call my bedroom! This dehumidifer was a great purchase because it allows the air in my room to get recirculated/filtered every 10 minutes or so. In addition you can't even notice the machine its so quiet! I reccomend this to anyone....more info
  • Loud Motor...
    All the features listed above are true to form for this machine. However, the big disappointment is how loud the unit is! Picture living with a hair dryer on all the time... not good. Loudness aside, it does do a great job. Living in the midwest, I would opt for the 60-pint size- I am emptying the unit almost every 8 hours....more info