DeLonghi DE40P 40-Pint Capacity Dehumidifier

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Delonghi DE-40P

Designed and engineered in Italy, this quiet, 600-watt, 40-pint-capacity dehumidifier features two systems for collecting condensation. Moisture can either be collected in the large tank or it can be discharged continuously through the connector hose. Its patented heavy-duty pump system automatically removes moisture from the collection tank so there's no need for emptying the bucket. Just attach the included 16-foot hose, and the unit's moisture can be easily drained through a window. For added safety, its tank-control system (TCS) prevents water overflow due to a full, improperly positioned, or missing tank, or even if the optional connector hose is blocked. Its permanent, washable filter traps dust particles and extends the life of the unit, while its patented high-efficiency fin system saves energy and improves the dehumidification process. A unique lateral intake/outtake grille design and convenient self-contained construction give a wide range of options for positioning the unit. Designed to function in temperatures as low as 44 degrees F, this dehumidifier is ideal for use in the basement, but is effective wherever excess humidity is present and can handle rooms up to 2,200 square feet. Durable castor wheels and measuring only 17-1/4 by 13 by 22-7/8 inches allow for this fully portable unit to easy be moved from room to room. --Catie Unger

  • 40-pint-capacity dehumidifier covers room sizes up to 2,200 square feet
  • Heavy-duty pump system removes moisture from collection tank
  • Water-overflow prevention system; unique lateral intake/outtake grill design
  • Air filtration technology with permanent, washable filter; castor wheels for portability
  • Measures 17-1/4 by 13 by 22-7/8 inches
Customer Reviews:
  • DeLonghi DOES NOT last too "De" LONG...
    I already had 2 dehumidifiers that worked really well...but I was tired of emptying the buckets... I went out and bought condensate pumps which worked great, but they were ugly and my kids kept knocking the hose out of the pump. Then I found this Delonghi and from its feature list I knew I found my answer...a dehumidifer with a built in i bought one for a couple hundered dollars.

    When I pulled it out of the box I was impressed. Not that it really matters to anyone by my wife, but it was one of the sleakest looking dehumidifers I'd I was psyched.

    Overall - it didn't get the humidity down as far as the kenmore I was using before of comparable power but it looked better and I didn't have to empty buckets so I lived with it. The season ended.

    This season I got it running again. I noticed pretty quickly that it didn't seem to be affecting the humidity levels...I cleaned out well and set it running again...but no change...i went on-line looking for answers and started to read dozens and dozens of negative reviews about delonghi dehumidifiers breaking quickly and customers having to pay shipping to get it fixed even under warranty. I was out of warranty so I pulled it apart...just the frames..not electrical or important stuff...when I looked inside I was stunned...the thing was bone dry and all I saw was a fan blowing..turns out I had a $200 fan...the tubes were try, the coils were dry but the fan was cranking away. So I turned off the pump and ran it for a couple of days...but the bucket was empty too.

    My sense from continuing to read complaints about Delonghi dehumidiers is that there is something seriously wrong with their dehumidifier line. I may be crazy, but something that costs that much should last longer than one season. Like I said I have 2 other Kenmore dehumidifiers and they are 5 years old and still work great. The condensate pumps I bought for them are a couple of years old and work great. But the
    Delonghi dehumidier I bought DID NOT last too "De" Long....more info
  • dehumidifier
    I have been very satisfied with the Delonghi DE40P Dehumidifier. I have had absolutely no problems with it. The Dehumidifier was very easy to set up and has been running in my basement for over six months. I would highly recommend this product....more info
  • Working for eight months nonstop. Like a reliable horse.
    My works fine. I keep wondering when there are going to be problems because I am using it continuously over a large square footage. But no problems at all. I do have to empty it about once a day or day and a half- but that is a good thing isn't it? It works.

    I see no problems with the setting wheel when I use it but usually I have it cranked up to near constant operation.

    I did try to turn it on initially without removing the instruction book from under the tank and it did leak. I then pulled the instruction book OUT and it has performed flawlessly. I think people who bought it maybe didn't first take out the tank and get the booklet? Also you have to take the tape OFF the float. I don't know what would happen if you didn't. Probably would effect the auto shutoff.

    I am surprised people have problems with these - they seem very well made. I am a little surprised at the Styrofoam INSIDE the tank compartment to stabilize and center the tank. But then it is lightweight and dense and if it works I guess why complain? I wouldn't want a little kid to carve on it or pull it out though... Not malicious kid proof IMO...

    I use it everyday and I like it. I got mine at Sears.
    ...more info
  • lousy product
    We brought the first one home and it didn't pump..Got a second one and it pumped for three weeks and stopped..This is a junk item. They should test these items before they leave the factory...more info