DeLonghi DE50P 50-Pint Dehumidifier

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Product Description

A popular and convenient residential dehumidifier with a 50-Pint capacity. This unit has a built-in condensate pump - never empty a bucket again! Lateral in/outtake grill for easy room positioning. This unit is Energy Star for savings on your electricity bill and operates down to 44 degrees (F) and has a built-in humidistat and casters.

  • 50-pint-capacity dehumidifier for room sizes up to 2,900 square feet
  • Heavy-duty pump system; option for continuous discharge through connector hose
  • Tank-control system prevents water overflow; lateral intake/outtake grille design
  • Permanent, washable air filter; durable castor wheels; functions at 44 degrees F
  • Measures 17-1/4 by 13 by 22-3/4 inches; 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Good output!
    The dehumidifier appeared well designed and the idea of the pump is excellent; it just did not work. I contacted several of the factory service centers and all told me they no longer did service on any DeLonghi products due to lack of factory support of the product. I returned it to and was very pleased with the immediate and professional response. I would still like to have a replacement of a similar product(that worked) however Amazon does not have any more of them. ...more info
  • unbelievable! piece of junk
    Got a new from Costco and run one day. No single drop of water inside of bucket! (The room level was 65%, I set to 50%, and made sure the compressure unit was run, not fan. Even more stupid: I set to 80% (room level is still 65%), it still run forever at "auto" mode. What a junk!...more info
  • Delonghi garbage
    I agree with everything written about this piece of junk. First, it was sent to me with a defective tank, so that the unit wouldn't even turn on. They sent me a replacement (2 months later). Then it turned on, but wouldn't work - no matter how long it was on and no matter what the temperature or humidity conditions were.

    I now have to send it back - at my expense - to get fixed. What garbage!!!...more info
  • Delonghi Dehumidifiers are useless
    I too made the mistake of thinking that Delonghi was capable of making such a simple device that will work.
    I ran it for almost a week before giving up and returning it. In ideal conditions for dehumidifying, 71 degrees F and 75% humidity, this dehumidifier collected NOTHING. Not one drop. I checked everything they say to check. Nothing was set wrong and I tried various settings. It just plain doesn't work ... brand new out of the box....more info
  • Piece of Junk
    What a piece of junk. Do not buy this item. I turned this on and after about a day it about a cup of water in it and my old whirlpool I had to empty twice. This is such a piece of crap that I am surprised the company is still in business....more info