Vornado HU1-0016-14 Air Softener

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Product Description

Create a tranquil, relaxed, and overall comfortable environment with the Vornado Air Softener. It quietly humidifies, filters and circulates air—providing easier sleeping and breathing, and moisturizing dry skin, noses and throats. The large 4-gal. capacity for 4-gal. output of uninterrupted 24-operation is ideal for large or multiple-room coverage. Features include advanced water distribution system (making your disposable filters last longer); easy-fill, spill-proof bottles; moisture control and 3-speed fan maintains your personal comfort level. Visible water level indicates when refilling is necessary. Filters sold separately. Wipes clean with warm, soapy cloth. Made in USA. 13-5/7Hx11-7/8Wx20-5/8D". 14-1/2 lbs.

  • Three in one system- Humidifes, filters, and circulates
  • Unique vortex action for maximum output performance, heat recovery and evenly distributed humidifcation
  • Energy savings. Maximizes the performance of a home's current heating system
  • Personal comfort level is maintained by moisture control and 3 fan speeds
  • Rugged indestructible bottles are the easiest to carry and fill. A visible water level indicates when refilling is necessary
Customer Reviews:
  • I'll second the review: "While it lasts!"
    This would have been our third winter with this humidifier, and for the price it should have lasted MUCH LONGER. After much cleaning and oiling throughout last winter, I think I staved off the inevitable motor seize, but alas, we got it out of it's tote this morning and the fan axle is rusty and locked. I am MOST unhappy about this, as I had already purchased a few extra boxes of replacement filters. I will not be buying another of these models in order to use up the filters, that's for sure. Be wary!!!...more info
  • Great humidifier, while it lasts!
    We purchased this last year - Although it was a bit noisy, and worked great (Humidifies the entire floor), it broke down after 4 months (motor burnout). Luckily, Sam's Club let us exchange it for a new one. Ran great last year, but it broke down again (motor burnout) this year, after about 6 months of service (over 1.5 winters).
    It appears that the fan motor is of low quality, and burns out with the moisture usually prevalent in such units....more info
  • Pleasantly surprised
    I've gone through a lot of humidifiers as I get unhappy with their output and performance. I've been very satisfied with this unit from Vornado. It humidifies a large area quickly and maintains the humidity without multiple fillings per day, I usually just have to fill it once.

    The water containers are meant to be easy to fill, and from a faucet are but you won't have much luck filling them faster from your tub as you would on other models. Plus, the open mouth requires you to be a little more careful with dropping them back into the unit. Everything's plastic and sturdy.

    Sound wise, it's not too loud. It has it's moments right when you fill it our turn it on for the first time, but it's rather quiet otherwise. There is some noise and unless you want some small white noise while you sleep, I'd leave it in another room.

    While you may see this unit a lot in Bed Bath and Beyond and Linnens and Things those two stores do a horrible job of maintaining filters and additives for it or any other humidifier that the sell. Buy some spare ones here, you'll save about $4 or $5 dollars and use an additive on each fill as you would a normal unit.

    As for it's airwashing ability, it doesn't hurt. I can't tell you for sure if it's a good replacement for normal air cleaner, it's certainly a little quieter. As I have cats I have a host of aircleaning products and bought this with aircleaning and humidification in mind, but more for the humidification first and air cleaning second. It's constant recycling of the air pulls the warm air down and recirculates it. I wouldn't buy this as your sole unit for air cleaning, but a nice add on in the winter if you need humidification.

    I've really been quite surprised at the amount of coverage I get with this unit. I would definitely recommend you try it before you spen $100+ on console units which do a similar/less job of humidification. ...more info