Zojirushi PALTC10 Ultra Slim Air Purifier

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Product Description

This air purifier features contemporary ultra slim design, and is virtually silent at low setting. High efficiency HEPA-type filter reduces pollen, tobacco smoke and odors**, and can last up to two years under normal operating conditions. It also has a convenient auto shut-off timer that automatically shuts off the air purifier after 2 hours. It's not just slim, it's UltraSlim?? -just over 5-in. thick and 16.5-in. high x 16.5-in. long.

  • Energy efficient air purifier with 16-watt output at low setting
  • High-efficiency fan filters pollen and tobacco smoke and odors
  • Quiet, virtual silence at low setting; 2-hour auto shut-off timer for convenience
  • Includes 1 replacement filter and 1 deodorizing filter
  • Measures 5-1/2 inches thick
Customer Reviews:
  • I am alergic to this stupid cleaner
    I mean what is the problem? I bought this to get rid of my alergies.
    But every time i use it it puts this very fine powder in the air.
    i am really pissed off ...more info
  • Nice and quiet yet still filters air enough
    Very quiet on low setting yet it still blows lots of air. High setting is a tornado of air but quite loud. Low is where it's at though, so you can have the air continuously filtered all day and night. It's not only quiet at low setting but there's no whine or high freq sounds. As I'm really sensitive to noise, I hesitated purchasing this unit at first since I heard a lot of other air cleaners in this price range be noisy. However, it is indeed very quiet! Physically the unit is about the size of a 19" LCD monitor so it takes up very little depth and could even be wall mounted if you desired! I put this unit in a room next to the cat liter box. Needless to say, the odor relief was welcomed and rapidly realized. Cat's not afraid of it being on since it's so quiet, doesn't bug her at all.

    ...more info
  • simple and no frills
    Does the job. Air intake through the front grill face passes through HEPA and then a carbon filter and finally vents out the top. quiet mode is noiseless. Compact. Dimension is basically that of a 25" square lcd computer monitor. I don't have allergies or pets, so I don't know if it powerful enough in quiet mode - air vent feels like I'm gently blowing. In regular mode you can hear the fan and really feel the air blowing out the top. Company is Japanese, hardware made in China....more info
  • Works well
    The previous reviewer apparently did not read the instruction manual. The Zoji does have a rapid mode that goes like gangbusters and then ramps down. But it also has other modes that stay on continuously for 36 hours. We are very happy with this machine, and would buy another. ...more info
  • annoying
    this machine looks great and hides anywhere - but dont make it too hard to reach -
    it turns off by itself after 5 minutes.
    i see no way to change this - it seems built -in - unless of course i have a lemon. maybe i'll sit on the phone for 3 weeks to find out -
    it just goes on then hums awhile then goes off - basically doing nothing to help my dusty desk.
    a waste of money...more info