Zojirushi PAMTC14 Ultra Slim Air Purifier

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Product Description

This Ultraslim Air Purifier has a contemporary ultra slim design removes pollen, tobacco odor, dust, mold spore, tick corpse, garbage and pet odors, nitrogen oxide, sulfur oxide! The Air Purifier features an odor sensor and automatic operation mode that adjusts the fan speed according to the odor level of the room, and a convenient auto shut-off timer at 1, 2 or 4 hours. It also features a quiet, virtual silence at low setting (only 21 dB), energy efficient with 20 watt output at low setting, a filter replacement indicator, and a noise level during operation: 21 dB / 36 dB / 49 dB for your convenience.

  • Energy efficient air purifier with 20-watt output at low setting
  • Odor sensor; automatic operation mode; filter replacement indicator
  • Quiet, virtual silence at low setting; auto shut-off timer for convenience
  • Includes remote control; 2 replacement filters; 2 deodorizing filters
  • Measures 5-1/8 inches thick
Customer Reviews:
  • A great product!!!!
    Works like a champ! Definitely less dust around the house and my families allergies have improved! Very quiet! I own several Zojirushi products and all of them are outstanding! Zojirushi products might cost a bit more than other manufactures products but you get what pay for! ...more info
  • Great product from a top Japanese company
    We purchased one 3 years ago when we had our first baby. It served us well. Quite, automated and looks great. Now we got a second one for another room in our house. Replacement filters can be a bit costly at ~$45, but they do last long. It's worth the money.

    We alway like stuff from Zojirushi. Great products and well built....more info
  • Good for allergies
    My wife and I moved to Philadelphia for medical school. Within a few months she was experiencing problems breathing due to the bad air quality. At night she would continually sniff. She could not sleep at night due to the discomfort and I had to find refuge in the guest room if I wanted to sleep undisturbed at night.

    A Japanese friend of mine recommended this air cleaner. We tried it and within a week the sniffing and allergies decreased.

    I can't possible rate this product high enough for what it did for me, her and our sanity. There was a noticeable difference. I would gladly pay thousands for this benefit. It's great!...more info
  • Quiet but not sure how effective it is ...
    I agree with everything Patrica had to say in the previous review. There are two speeds: high or low, and two modes: always on or automatic. In the automatic mode is senses the air quality and turns on as needed. In the manual mode, it's the same speed all the time. It does seem to be completely random and I don't have a lot of faith in the algorithm - but who knows - these are supposed to be very small particles anyway. The low mode is ultra quiet, as promised, but the high mode is ultra noisy, so loud that it wakes me when sleeping. So, I use low mode. I've had it for around a year or so, and, the filters are not dirty at all. This makes me wonder if it's doing anything useful. If it were cleaning the air, I'd expect to see buildup of materials in the filters. It's probably doing no harm, and doing some good, just not sure how much good ... ...more info
  • Ultra slim, but not ultra effective
    [UPDATE: I've now had this air filter for one year. It's still in good condition, and I've figured out how to use it. Basically, if you are a sensitive allergy sufferer like me, you need to keep it on its very highest setting while you are in the room (I was leaving it on "auto" when I wrote this review.) Luckily even the loudest setting is not much different from my friend's Honeywell filter on "quiet." When the setting is left on high, I can smell that the air inside my tiny room is noticeably cleaner and fresher, and my allergies are noticeably better. I wish I could upgrade the star level to "4". My original review follows:]

    I'm not sure this filter is really doing anything; it certainly hasn't helped my allergies. I have it in my bedroom, which is a closet-sized room very high ceilings, about 98 square feet/1000 cubic feet in size. The filter itself is very narrow and tall, about the size of two flat screen computer monitors, so it fits really well against a wall despite the very limited space.

    One thing that makes me less confident in this purifier is that its air quality detector's readings seem completely random. For example, it'll switch from the green "Everything looks great" indicator to a bright red "High particle concentration" alert within seconds, without going through any of the intermediate levels. So you're lying there asleep with the fan going at a gentle whisper, and vroom, it's like someone plugged in the vacuum cleaner all of a sudden. I don't understand how the air quality in my room can get that bad in a matter of seconds when nothing visible has changed....more info