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X-Men Legends is the first role-player game that stars the world-famous superhero team known as the X-Men. Earth is facing total destruction at the hands of Magneto, and you'll lead a team of mutant heroes to stop him. Working together, the X-Men will use their unique skills to combat evil and determine the fate of mankind. Face each battle with teamwork and courage, because failure here means the end of the world. Also includes skirmish mode for head-to-head combat

  • Choose a team of 4 powerful X-Men for each mission, switching between them in real-time controls
  • After solving problems and facing enemies, players will get to upgrade character attributes -- unlock new moves and skills while you play, to build a better team
  • Epic storyline with plot twists, intrigue and cliffhangers
  • Explore a 3D game world with fully-destructible environments and fully-rendered cinematic sequences
  • Intense multiplayer modes for up to 4 others -- plus dynamic joining lets gaming partners jump in at any time

Customer Reviews:

  • If XML2 is anything like this...
    ...I'll definitely buy that one also. I'm not much of a gamer because I find most games kind of boring, but this game kept my attention for good one or two-hour blocks. And I'm one who'll quit playing Halo at a friend's house after ten or so minutes into it.

    Anyway, yeah, XML is a pretty fun game. The plot outline is good for the most part; it's the basic Magneto-plans-to-eliminate-humankind plot you're probably used to with the big-screen movies. Situated within the action play are little snippets of you controlling Alison Crestmere (later, Magma) and her journey to learn more about, and become part of, the team.

    I think the best part of the game are its quiet parts. The voice talents involved here are excellent, as well as the use of one of the history of the team. But don't get me wrong, the smash-em-up parts of the game are also stimulating and/or dizzying and electric. Experimenting with different teams is also quite entertaining (for instance, some characters can throw Wolverine, which is kind of comical). The addition of the Danger Room is also nice, but it really serves no purpose outside of the main gameplay.

    There are a couple of things that I hope the sequel addresses though. First, I hope that they make the enemies a bit (if not a lot) tougher. To my understanding, XML2 incorporates a difficulty setting which, in my opinion, is a (ahem...) monumental idea. I also wish that the characters are more balance the second time around because here, some characters are godlike while others, well, you just wonder what the hell they're doing here. But I guess that's where you can have your difficulty setting: just having Jubilee, Emma Frost, Nightcrawler, and whoever else in your team is a freaking nightmare.

    The graphics and controls are pretty straightforward. I'm not one to the complain about the cartoonish look of the action scenes (I think they look cool) and the FMV scenes look decent. It's during the mission briefing snippets where things fall apart. The cell-shading technique doesn't work here, which makes me wonder why the developers didn't just make these into FMV also. And don't get me started with the Astral Plane. I mean, what the hell...

    Nevertheless, these are just a few little drawbacks that keep this game from excellence. An RPG-style game with unique elements of its own, I think it should be a definite buy for fans and non-fans of both the X-Men and Marvel universe.

    Wait, where's Angel??...more info
  • Best X-Men game out right now
    X-Men Legends is the first true X-Men RPG for video game systems, and it certainly doesn't disappoint. You control 4 X-Men at once, and battle against The Brotherhood(Mystique, Blob, Magneto and more). X-Men in the game include- Wolverine, Cyclops, Iceman, Beast, Jean Grey, Gambit, Rogue, Jubilee, Nightcrawler and many more. Besides the main story mode, there is the danger room, concept art, comic book covers, and tons more fun stuff....more info
  • BAD GRAPHICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this game might be fun but has bad graphics,that annoyed me when i played.BAD GRAPHICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Awesome multiplayer
    Overall I agree with the previous positive reviews, except the one comment I'd like to make is that the the co-operative multiplayer is a blast. It's one of the few games in existence that you can play with more than one person without trying to KILL each other and it seems some thought went into it. The game is actually better with three or four people than by yourself. Same goes for the sequel....more info
  • Everything that's not the use of the license falls apart
    Oddly I actually played Rise of Apocalypse first and honestly, it was quite a blast. Being able to teleport all over the place with Nightcrawler or do a big windup punch with Colossus brought out the inner geek. Only thing is that RoA is the 2nd Legends game so it makes sense to play the first one next, right? Well while it arguably has the better story, it's marred by a lot of gameplay problems that oddly makes the game more difficult than it should be.

    Story: The story centers around Alison Crestmere, a young mutant who was about to be kidnapped by the Brotherhood. Luckily the X-Men rescue her and she's brought into the Mansion. The game switches back and forth between specific missions the X-Men go on as well as the development of Alison in learning to control her powers.

    Graphics: On occasion they can get really ugly. After the awesome cinema quality of RoA I guess I got spoiled since not only do these look a bit underdeveloped but I actually noticed quite a bit of grain and pixels. The in-game graphics look kinda nice though although level design tends to be abnormally repetitive and kind of bland.

    Sound/Music: Largely forgettable music and the voice acting's hit and miss. Xavier of course is spot-on as well as the girls such as Storm, Rogue and Alison but then you hear the way-too-gruff sounding Wolverine or Cyclops.

    Gameplay: This is where it excels as well as falls apart. You have a team of 4 X-Men you can choose and pressing a direction on the D-pad switches to that character. Each has strong and weak punches as well as throwing and specific character-related skills. Gambit throws his explosive cards while Beast rolls into a cannonball which oddly he can't seem to aim well. Luckily the AI is quite nice since they don't just stumble off cliffs however they'll call out for aid even though you've established that they should heal themselves and you have the health packs to do it. Not to mention the packs don't necessarily fill your gauge so even if you did cure them which you tend to have to switch to them yourself manually, they end up getting pummelled further requiring more health packs.

    The major issue for me was levelling up. Essentially you get lots of enemies to beat up and get EXP but not enough to keep your character levels equal with theirs so pretty soon you find yourself underlevelled and you find you're getting decimated incredibly easily. You can remedy this by going into the Danger Room and doing certain lessons over and over but in order to raise the enemy levels you have to find certain disks hidden in the level that correspond to a specific lesson. So you can see if you don't find these things then you can't train. Others though will probably find it incredibly easily but on occasion the game can be a real *****.

    You get X-Men favorites to pick from such as Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Rogue, Gambit, Beast, Jubilee as well as unlockable characters. Each has a specific skill unique to them. Cyclops blasts enemies while Wolverine does a slashing move and Jubilee sends destructive fireworks(I'm not kidding). However, each use of it requires energy, not to be confused with health. So Wolverine can't use his healing, he has to learn it? Use Storm's lightning too much and now she doesn't have it? It makes sense on a game front but it just comes across as frustrating. Not to mention said health and energy packs have to be bought and you don't actually do that until a specific mission.

    If it sounds like I'm complaining well I felt this game gave me a right to. Spider-Man 2 was a great use of the license and Superman Returns looks promising. They did so many things right here but then they completely drop the ball elsewhere....more info
  • Not A Game For The Impatient Gamer
    X-men Legends is a great game for X-men fans and hardcore RPG players. The game combines plenty of fighting combined with challenging puzzles and mysteries. The game features several highlight characters from the popular comic series. X-men legends also has an unique storyline explaining the conflicts between humans and mutants over several levels. The game is also centered around the character Allision who is also known as the mutant Magma. While fun, this game can also be frustrating. The game features levels which are like mazes. This leads one to get often lost in the level. There are also timed part of the games where you have to rescue civillians. For example, one of the most challenging levels was abord a Combat ship called the Arbiter. The character must rescue eight players within 20 minutes. I often got lost within the many corriders and barely passed the level with only 2 minutes remaining. Though frustrating, the game also is alot of fun. It is based on a popular level system. The character gains experience and levels up and you can choose different skills for the character to learn. On a point scale of 10, I would give this game an 8. Mainly because of the endless levels. Now for a price of 20 dollars, this game is a great buy!...more info
  • This a X-Men games for the generations!!!
    Of course I only mean for solid gamers cause if your a giver upper like my friend take a second about getting this. My advice is you should rent it first, but for me renting a game is spoiling the suprise. This game took me total of 2months. I didn't give up though. The plot is amazing follows the story froms different types of X-men comics to make for an amazing tale of legends. The Graphics I like cell shading I don't know about everbody, but they sure did capture the X-men look and feel right down to wolverines fury. If your looking for super fast attacks and speed I won't say this is perfect, but the gameplay is pretty fast. The attacs remind you just of X-men and there qualites and iceman is over used. The game could of last longer. It will only take you about 30min to get use to the controls. So if you like X-Men and wan't to take them home get cause with all famous characters, and the great story this will give you a blast....more info
  • x-men
    i enjoyed the game, it had lots of characters, an plenty of action for me to pass the time away....more info
  • Is it really worth the time?

    Well, about a week ago I got this game and I gave up on it about a half hour into it. The graphics are good, the controls are easy, and the battle system is alright, but I played for a long time as wolverine only to die like three times at the hands of mystic (who, by the way, has guns to combat your claws, like that makes sense). Frankly, I'd suggest LOTR: The Third Age over this game. I dropped this one for it, anyway.

    Graphics: 9/10 (It's an overhead view)
    Characters/Plot: N/A (I can't rate that, I haven't gotten that far)
    Battles: 8/10
    Worth it? You decide. I disliked it though....more info
  • Decent Game w/Some Major Bugs
    Firstly, I would like to mention that I have not yet beaten this game, but I've played it for nearly 24 hours (actual playing time).

    Secondly, I'd like to mention the pros, in my opinion, about the game. A lot of people complain about the cell shading graphics, yeah, they're a bit annoying at first, as are the repetative "talking" animations, but honestly, you really stop noticing them after a few hours of playing the game, and theres enough true 3D animation clips that it's pretty cool.

    I myself have not played any other x-men games, but this game does give you a sense of playing actual x-men (minus health potions, and the comparable mutant powers).

    One thing you'll notice is that all the mutants have 4 mutant powers. The first one is called your "light" mutant power. The 2nd is called your "heavy" mutant power (which you can't start putting points into until level 3 or 4 I do believe).

    The next is the mutants "buff" power. Each mutant has the ability to give themselves (and possibly allies) certain bonuses for a limited amount of time. These bonuses vary greatly from mutant to mutant, but they all have the similar characteristic of costing a LOT of energy. Additionally, I've found that, when left up to the computer AI, the AI will only use the "light" and "heavy" mutant powers, it will never use the mutants buff or extreme powers.

    Finally, all the mutants have an "extreme" mutant attack. These don't take power, but use "extreme tokens" which you collect through the game. I have some gripes about them, but suffice it to say, your extreme mutant attack is pretty useful from the time you get it until probably close to the end of the game.

    However, there are a number of bugs that I've discovered:

    1) Emma Frost has a skill that, at the two highest levels, does the exact same thing. There's simply no point in maxing the skill out.
    2) You lose extreme tokens (powers your extreme mutant attacks) at the end of missions, as well as unpredictable times during certain missions.
    3) Aiming at certain hostile objects doesn't work. You have to do it manually, and it takes a LOT of time and patience.
    4) The friendly AI's are buggy. I've caught them huddling next to an enemy in a corner without actually attacking them, just standing there. AI also won't move out of your way if it's moving the opposite direction as you. Almost cost me my life more then once.
    5) Co-op mode is lacking. The computer can use your allies off the screen, so you're actually more efficient not having your friends play with you.
    6) Vs. mode just sucks. It gets old fast, you can't set the time limits, and you can't customize the characters other then choosing them.
    7) Game experiences crashes.
    8) Abilities in the game are left unexplained. Example: Many items subtract a % or completely eliminate your character from taking/experiening "pain." I don't even know what pain is and I'm starting to get close to the end.

    I'd like to warn anyone interested in buying this game, it doesn't seem to be exactly "complete" to me (as though the developers failed to properly test and design the game). If it were on PC, I'd expect it to be patched rather soon after it had been released. Since it's on a console, it can't be patched, and thus, it will ALWAYS be a game that is a bit lacking....more info
  • This game is multiplayer FUN
    First off, I'm a long-time fan of the X-Men. I've always loved it, though I had to stop the comic book habit about ten years ago when the costs of keeping up with it interfered with pesky things like rent. (Heh) I've never stopped enjoying the X-Men universe though, nor it's characters. So when I hear that there was finally a *good* X-Men game out, I was super interested.

    This game was just fun. I got it for Christmas and myself, my boyfriend and another friend played together. We just finished it tonight. We're pretty casual gamers, but we could easily lose three or four hours in a stretch on the game without realizing it. You just want to keep going.

    The mutant powers are fun. And building them up and seeing how high they get is great. My favorite character has always been Jean Grey and she's always either missing or terribly underpowered in previous X-Men titles. This one, she can really build up and be a strong character on her own. By the end - we spent a lot of time in the Danger Room gaining experience to max out our characters to level 45 (though you can't fully max out all skills you can come darn close) - I could fling just about anything with the telekinesis, use the psionic scream to push, damage and stun enemies not only in all of my room, but through nearby walls, fly, carry another person when I flew and even shield myself and all my team mates. Super, super fun for an always underrated character.

    I wish there were more games like this. Multiplayer and just plain *fun.* Yeah, some moments were hard and we didn't know what we were doing wrong, but it felt good to figure it out and get past it. Thankfully, a sequel has already been announced and the ending hints at who the Big Bad will be in it. Sign me up; I'd love to have more of this to play.

    This game is really best as a multiplayer experience so get together with your friends and have something to regularly look forward to playing. You'll really enjoy it....more info
  • X-Men Legends is the kewlest ^_^
    There is only but one word to describe this game... TOTALLY AWESOME! I give this game a 5, count 'em, five star rating! (unlike that jerkwad Leon W. Blocker) But anyway, I was checking this game out on the website with all the previews and short clips of actual game play footage and all that other good stuff. The graphics are awesome with the cell shading because it makes the X-Men stand out more from the back ground and the dialogue is kool. This is probably the best game for the NGC! (until the new Zelda comes out). But i don't think that the powers should be on a gauge, except when you do special moves. but the normal moves shouldn't have to use up the gauge. But other than that, i give it a tumbs and big toes up!...more info
  • X-Men Legends is a good game for the Game Cube and one of the first games I bought for my Game Cube
    X-Men Legends is not a spectacular game by any means, despite some of the cutscenes looking marvelous. However, X-Men Legends is a really good game. In fact, it is good enough in that it recently helped me to decide to purchase X-Men Legends II. The characters in the game are somewhat and lacking detail, but all the same okay. The size of the characters was enough to make one of my friends discouraged from playing the game along with me. The best part of the game is the sheer variety of the game and being able to choose from so many different X-Men to make up your team at times and battle so many different enemy bosses. At certain points in the game, however, the X-Men is selected for you. The fact that nearly everything is a combo of some sort is laughable yet quite enjoyable. The ability to level up is also quite exciting as you unlock more and more powerful attacks and abilities. The armor system is okay. The game even has an X-Men quiz during one of the RPG segments and a back in time battle. The game has not much to come back to once the story mode is done. All in all, X-Men Legends is good but far from great. It is a good buy for Game Cube but not for $50 way back when I bought it and first got a Game Cube and was not sure what games were cool or not. (...)...more info
  • X-Men fan of the 1980s
    As a 34 year old, I am old school when it comes to the X-Men. I liked Prof. Xavier's second team (Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Banshee, etc.), but I also liked the original 5 members. Well, this game satisifies me on both those levels and I still haven't finished it.

    My daughter (6 years) loves it as well. She has been a Nightcrawler fan since seeing X-Men 2 and has Nightcrawler on every mission she ventures out on. I, myself, have come to realize that you pretty much can not venture out without Cyclops and Iceman...their mutant powers are often required to overcome environmental obstacles and in some cases, the scenes have time limits - making it a hassle to go back to the save locations, where you can change teams. You'll find Wolverine will probably always be on your team as well...he's just that good of a fighter. Currently, I do not have Colossus (my childhood favorite) as a selectable member. I generally find Storm or Rogue fill my 4th team member spot best for me. I do play all characters though routinely, as I build up their levels. Magma, so far, only goes on training room missions, but MAN is she a pretty cabable character.

    You'll probably love the 4 special power features each mutant has. I know I literally experimented one day with each character to see what they all were. Nightcrawler can turn invisible, Rogue can drain the enemy, Wolverine can go berserk, Storm can send various weather problem to one side of the room...etc.

    The game is fun, but I find it really easy. Mystique, Blob, Toad, and the Sentinels were beat in a heartbeat by me. I will admit Pyro put up a pretty good fight and actually killed two of my team members, but don't freak out...they can be revived. While the game is easy for me - it is far from that for my 6 year old. I find myself virtually playing for her...but I am not complaining - lol.

    Easy or hard...I highly recommend this game. It's great!
    ...more info
  • Good Game Great Additon to Your Collection
    I am a huge X-men fan so the idea of this game seems really good to me. I'm often against games where you're one person doing a certain objective alone, so having three other people following you who you can switch to and use, made me really want this game. I thought most of the characters are great even though I think Beast and Nightcrawler are terrible. I also like the whole idea where if one character kills someone everyone gets credit for it because sometimes you'll only use one character and that person could become better than the others. I thought Iceman's skills were overused because he's not excatly everyones favorite X-man. The missions are challenging and long which is good but I think there should be more checkpoints in them. This game is great but if you're not a solid X-men lover rent it first and see how you like it....more info
  • X-men Legends is an entertaining game
    This game is extremely good with good graphics and great story but unfotunately is lacking some elements that would have made it much better. First off you can't replay levels after you beat the game which basically means you have to do a seperate save at the beginning of each level which is annoying. Also one of the x-men universe's best villians, magneto is incredibly easy to beat which I found annoying considering how he alone has beaten teams of 10 x-men by himself easily before. But outside of other minor flaws this game was very enjoyable with almost all the levels being fun to play outside of the morlock tunnels. ...more info
  • Awesome Game
    I am a X-Men fan and this game was more than I had even hoped for. It's definitly the best X-Men game so far. I hav'nt beeten it yet but it's still really cool. My ideal team is Storm, Magma, Rouge and Jean Grey....more info
  • really hard
    i have been an xmen fan for a long long time and i cant say that i really like this game.it is very fun to play but very very very hard and you have to unlock all the characters.for instence gambit is my favorite character and you have to unlock him on the third level and the levels are so long and hard,like the sewer level(third level) farther within the sewer level there will be so many enimies that you will find your self in a life or death run for it to the door to the next part of the level and when your doing this running for the exit with about 35 enimies on your tale theres a 30% chance you will make it.

    and when your not on a mission you have to controll a girl mutant named alison(magma)...more info
  • X-Men Legends video game
    This game has a very large variety of things of things to do.I mean how cool can it get!!!.Using points to beef up your characters, then onslaughting your enimies with your attacks.You go through a series of levels, getting new characters as you go. If you were thinking of getting Baldur's change your mind get this game!!!....more info
  • A solid game with a few rough spots
    Having been an immensely popular comic-book series for some time, the X-Men have recently enjoyed a new level of mainstream recognition thanks to the live-action movies starring Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart. Whether you've followed them for years or have just become a fan recently, X-Men: Legends is game you'll probably enjoy.

    A note: I played this on the GameCube, YMMV on other platforms.

    Gameplay is typical for a hack'n'slash console RPG -- your party roams through a number of dungeon-like levels and kills a bunch of baddies, picking up experience and various goodies along the way. The game is arranged into a series of missions (some long, some fairly short) spaced by interludes in the X-Mansion.

    Controls are generally good, and the character under your command will generally do exactly what you want, though sometimes large thrown objects will explode rather closer than you expect. Attacking and moving are simple and intuitive, though stringing some of the longer attack patterns together can be difficult. There is a limited ability to command those characters that are not under your direct control, but if needed it is a simple matter to take over whatever member of your party you wish. Enemies can also be thrown around -- off of bridges, into walls, and even into each other, making for some interesting battles.

    The camera, however, is problematic. Despite obvious efforts by the programmers to make view-obstructing surfaces transparent, you will often find yourself completely unable to see your characters. Even when this is not a problem, you will also experience difficulty on occasion in trying to see an enemy. The ability to zoom in or out is very limited, and consequently you will sometimes find yourself being blasted by opponents who are offscreen and unseeable.

    The incorporation of mutant powers is done fairly well, though at times it seems like the programmers worked a little too hard to come up with four different power attacks for each character. It seems odd, for instance, that Wolverine has any special attacks, or that Colossus has a special punch. It seems like any punch from Colossus would hit just as hard as this 'special' one. Additionally, it does seem a little strange for the mutants
    to 'run out' of power (particularly Wolverine, whose attacks are all physical). This is a necessary concession to gameplay, however, and in most cases the attacks make sense and fit the character, so these are minor quibbles. The arrangement of attacks is also intuitive for the most part, with A and B special attacks for offense, X for buffs, and Y for the character's super attack (usually an area-effect blast rather than pinpoint destruction).

    The ally AI is fairly competent, though it tends to underutilize powers. AI characters also don't seem to use health packs, even when they are set to do so automatically. Thus they will occasionally die. They will also get trapped in doors at times, and, because there is some effect caused by bumping into each other, occasionally fall off bridges and die. However, a lot of these problems can be solved by having your friend pick up a
    controller and join the fray. It's not too hard.

    Level design is a little uneven. Although some areas are very convoluted, progress is almost always linear, with only a few instances where there are genuinely different routes one can take through an area. Save points usually appear in every other zone of a mission, which is sometimes too infrequent, given the prospect of accidental character death. Additionally, there will be times when you need to have a particular X-Man in your group (usually Iceman or Magma will be required, but sometimes Storm or Cyclops), and you must pick your way back through a level to change out your team. You'll find yourself always using Magma or Iceman and trying to swap out other characters, but the game really isn't long enough for you to get used to them all. There is mercifully little key-hunting to do, and when a key or other pass is needed it can usually be found close to where it must be used. Additionally, just about everything in the levels can be destroyed, from trash cans up to (in some cases) walls. It doesn't all yield treasure, but if you're frustrated, having Magma or Wolverine blow up the scenery can blow off a little steam.

    The spoils of war are not terribly exciting. Characters can only use three accessories, and the effects of these aren't usually very interesting, though they can be quite helpful. Some accessories can also be purchased using "tech bits", but this monetary system feels stilted and artificial; additionally, these tech bits can be very hard to find at times. Most items can be sold for tech bits, but because of a limited inventory size this is not a reliable way to make a buck. Health and Energy packs are only rarely dropped when you need them. On one level my dying characters strode waist-deep through a sea of useless energy packs, with nary a save point (where health packs can be purchased) in sight. Additionally, because of an obscure and arbitrary cap on the number of health and energy packs that can be carried, you will find yourself passing up a whole zone full of them with ease, only to run out in the next zone, where there are none to be had.

    The only real awkwardness in the game setup was the menu system. There are different buttons for "Back" and "Accept", but in most cases "Back" also accepts your setup, while "Accept" sends you back to the game. Also, some actions at save points will return you to a menu once completed, while others will send you back to the game, forcing you to enter the save point and start the process over again. The "objectives" system was also not particularly helpful, as some objectives only appeared on the list after being completed, and others never got checked off even if I did them. Ignoring that screen is easy, though.

    Despite the (mostly minor) problems, gameplay is a blast. The breadth of moves (and characters) available means that you'll probably never run out of ways to engage the enemy, and the destructability of the environment means that battles are visual treats. The first time Wolverine slashes a guy and knocks him THROUGH a wall, you'll know what I mean. Your exploration of the X-Mansion in the interludes also provides some nice insights into the massive web of backstory behind the X-Men, though it seems a little smaller than it should be. And I frankly had a ton of fun just getting around at times; there's a unique thrill in ice-gliding through New York City as Iceman.

    The writers for the game have produced a very good story that lays out the situation simply enough for X-Men novices to understand what's going on, while simultaneously layering in a number of references for the comics' hard-core fans to enjoy. The various X-Men and their abilities are introduced gradually enough that we get an appreciation for most of them. The plot is reasonably tight, the various X-Men and villains all behave
    naturally, and the dialogue, though occasionally stilted, never really bogs down.

    Thematically, however, the story disappoints. The usual arc of human hatred for mutants is nicely constructed, but the parallels to real life are drawn only tenuously. Given that the plot could have allowed a more convincing analogy to real-world terrorism, this is something of a disappointment. Also, the rapid end to the story sort of waves off the mutant vs. human problem, leaving the issue hanging without any real sense that progress has been made. The inclusion of a major, non-mutant, sympathetic character whose viewpoint changes even a little might have helped this out; except for a brief cameo by Moira McTaggart, all the humans in the game appear as unrelenting monsters. A more on-the-fence character who comes down on the side of the mutants would have created a more optimistic closing.

    Given the usually lame and paper-thin stories one usually finds in games, however, this was much more fun and a lot meatier.

    Most of the voice acting is quite good; Patrick Stewart shines as always. A few characters, however, feel a little off. Wolverine is particularly uneven -- sometimes dead on, sometimes sounding like a piggish moron. Cyclops also sounds a little too peppy, and Allison's voice grates on my ears. The music in the game, however, is seriously annoying. Outside of combat, the music is repetitve and droning, adding no pleasure and in some cases seriously detracting from it. It's nice that the tune changes in the proximity of enemies; however, the battle music is only louder, not better. Fortunately, the score is mostly quiet enough that you can ignore it.

    Sound effects are nothing to write home about, but not bad either.

    The graphics in this game are generally good, with just a few painful failings. The character models move realistically, and it's a real treat to see enemies tossed about by Storm's tornadoes. Most of the attack effects are strikingly good, though the buffing powers almost universally look lame. Character and enemy designs are very good during gameplay, but as many reviewers have noted, the heavy outlines of the pseudo cel-shaded
    technique cause the game's appearance to suffer in many of the cutscenes. The movie-style cutscenes look fine, though a few characters look distorted or rubbery.

    The environments in the game also look very good, for the most part. The Astral Plane, however, is horrible. You'll have to do several levels in this monotonous, semi-transparent, muddled hell-hole, and I grew to dread it.

    The character heads used in the HUD and the character screens are pretty uneven. Some of them look awesome, and others look simply hideous. Allison and Gambit look particularly bad, but ugliness, flawed proportions, or muddled texture are not uncommon. Which is unfortunate, because you see these heads constantly.

    The game is pretty short, even more so if you don't partake in many of the Danger Room missions. The second playthrough offers the ability to choose the appearance of the characters from several iterations of the X-Men saga. The linearity of the levels means there's not much else new to do the second time around. However, the "Danger Room" feature from the main menu offers you a chance to play out numerous scenarios and battles, for some additional gameplay. You'll be able to get a little extra mileage out of this one, but not a lot.

    OVERALL: GOOD (76%)
    X-Men: Legends offers great hack-and-slash gameplay and an entertaining storyline, paired with a much-loved franchise and generally good graphics. There are a few sour notes in the graphics and programming, and the music is a boring droning mess, but these problems don't ruin the fun. Though not a game for the ages, Legends is a solid offering that will please hardcore X-Men fans and newcomers alike....more info
  • The game I've been waiting for...
    After watching the first X-Men movie I remember thinking- why doesn't someone make a game where the player can control a group of X-Men and utilize each of their unique skills to complete missions? Apparently, the team at Raven where thinking the same thing and the game they have given us with Legends is a real jem! X-Men: Legends is an action-RPG. It's a genre made popular by PC games such as Diablo. For those who've never played an action RPG, In short- it's a combination of arcade action with the longetivity of roll-playing. The majority of the game plays like an action arcade game, but at the same time you're collecting money, items and gaining experience points. As your characters advance they "level up" and eventually the begin to gain extra combat moves and abilities. As with other RPG (Roll Playing Games) you can buy and sell items.

    The action-RPG genre is hands down the best choice for any combat driven mythology.X-Men Legends is an excellent example of when this works. As a result of solid design and excellent use of a license, this is the X-Men game to have. I would love to see a Star Wars, Star Trek or even Transformers based action RPG (a G1 Transformers based action-RPG would be a dream come true).

    Because the multi-player mode was added in as an after thought, the game plays best as a single player game and increases in difficulty the more human players you add. If you plan to play four-player mode, expect to invest a large amount of time getting everyone on the team up to speed and working togeather (you'll have to use strategy, the AI controlled X-Men sure do).

    Overall a very fun and challenging game for all fans of X-Men....more info
  • Not Yet Released But Looks Good
    Okay i no this item hasnt been realsed yet but i have heard a lot of information about it and it looks amazing. The first X-men RPG follows the storyline of a young mutant named Allison Crestmere (Magma) as she is discovered and rescued by the X-men. The game features 15 playable characters (Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, Iceman, Gambit, Nightcrawler, Psylocke, Rogue, Beast, Colossus, Magma, Emma Frost/White Queen, Professor Xavier, and either Jubilee or Angel) you assemble a team of four mutants and can easily switch between controlling them while the game controls the other three. You fight popular marvel villians including Magneto, Mystique, Toad, Juggernaut, Blob, Sabertooth and Avalanche. Along the way you also meet atleast 13 characters relevant to the X-men universe who help you out including Havok Multiple Man and Moira McTaggert. A must have for X-men fans like me. This item is available for Gamecube, X-box, and Playstation 2 it is rated T (teen) for blood and violence. Playble for between 1-4 gamers. ...more info
  • Best X-men Game Ever
    This is one the best X-men games ever. Everyone has there own uniqe style of moves and you can team up with your friends to make it even more exciting. I think Night Crawler is the best character in the game but thats my opinion. If your an xmen fan you should definitely buy this game...more info
  • One Flaw From Perfection
    It is time in inject a little reality about X-Men Legends :

    They don't get the characters exactly right.

    Sure, the game is fun to play. It is visually stunning, and the sound is as good as it gets in video games. If you buy this game you will not be horribly disappointed. I am disappointed to a small degree because the companies and people who crafted this game once again screwed up the characters.

    Cluebat for programmers : Nowhere - in over thirty years of X-Men comic books - are mutant powers on a "fuel gage". That is the glaring flaw of this game and all others like it. Wolverine has to "progress" to earn his mutant healing ability? How screwed up is that? Cyclops can actually lose his optic blasts? Storm can't control the weather?

    C'mon guys! Get it right for once - instead of limiting the ability of the hero, do what the comics have always done and give them a sufficiently powerful villian to fight. Don't put superpowers on a timer, or mutant abilities on a fuel gauge. Yeah, call me a purist, or fussy, or a nitpicker. I plead guilty to whatever you want to call it. Is it really too much to expect that an X-Men video game actually follow the comic on something so basic?

    And that is why I can't give this game the full five stars. Yes, it is easy to learn, fun to play and marvelous to look at. This is a game by which others could and should be measured. Like a diamond, there are just some things that prevent if from being considered perfect. ...more info
  • very very FUN!!!!
    This game is one of the best gamecube games ever and one of the most funnest games to but I don't have yet but I know it's fun because my friend has it and I played it with him for hours and I just can't wait to get X-men legends but there is also two things that I didnt like about it the first thing that I didnt like is that the first level is harder than some of the other levels witch I think is dumm becuase for one its the first level and two you have to fight two bosses and the second thing I didnt like was that its realy hard if you havent played it but overall its a realy good game....more info
  • It's a holy game and it came from heaven.
    Well to start you all should know that there is a total of 15 characters in all and you start out with Wolverine and the rest you have to unlock and you know who the rest of the characters are because of course the other reviews tell you the rest of the characters but besides that you should definitly buy X-Men Legends and well i'm done with that and now to the rating I will give the game the things I will review is the gameplay,sound,Graphics,and the camera well lets start the gamplay 5/5,sound 3/5,graphics 4/5,and the camera is good I would give it overall a 5/5 but I only beat two levels so far because I only got to play for a little bit and when you beat the first level you unlock 6 more characters but thats all....more info


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