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Product Description

Sacred is a unique character-based fantasy role-player where you'll travel in an ancient world. Explore the vast, beautiful and deadly kingdom of Ancaria, where dangers and challenges are waiting in each town. Start facing deadly monsters and dangerous enemies, for gold and glory!

  • Third-person fantasy role-playing game with battle action
  • Epic story with over 30 main missions and 200 subquests
  • 16 different regions with 30 percent of the world getting unlocked as game unfolds
  • Six unique player characters with different fighting styles and special skills
  • For 1 to 16 players (multiplayer requires Internet connection or LAN)

Customer Reviews:

  • Good game get the patches
    Like the previous reviewer says it has a lot of bugs but if you get the patch at the sacred site online it'll be one of the best games you ever play. Once got the patch and ran it I had no problems whatsoever....more info
  • Amazing value for money. Fun. Massive world.
    The six player character options all play fairly differently. Plenty of scope for different builds within each of the characters. The offical sacred forum on the developers site is pretty full of debate on what is "best build"... a good sign.

    The game world as stated by many people is huge. I mean really huge. You can walk (or ride) across it without loading screens etc. Very nice. Saving games is also approx 5 seconds long.

    Many main and subquests to complete. Subquests are fairly easy to complete, main quests are often lenghty affairs across good distances. Some of the subquests are broken to some degree with the little subquest arrow not working right. I suspect this will all be patched at some point. The game is massive, so not surprising some of the wee bells and whistles don't work. The developers have shown excellent follow up on patch issus so far, which bodes well.

    Hundreds of items, plus many can be socketed with jewelry and runes, and there are at least a hundred of these to play with as well. Lots of combinations for outfitting your character.

    Simple to use, yet deep to think about, special combat arts, spells and combo system. Also leveling up requires thoughtfull application of stats and skills.

    Many people complain about difficulty with clicking on monsters to attack etc. "I have to click 4-5 times to attack a monster" sort of stuff. The game works best by clicking and holding the left mouse button down. Once doing that your character will continue to attack without constant clicking. (Nice for my carpal tunnel issues!) This info is also on pg 27 of the manual.

    Overall I've enjoyed it greatly so far. Player for 20 hours and explored 6% of the map. Excellent value for money!...more info

  • sacred problems
    sacred is a great little game but I think they rushed to get it out too soon..Their are numerous bugs in it so many quests get failed. I downloaded the patches and they made it worse.I play with a radeon pro card-my boyfriend plays with an n card is rated as higher than his but i have problems he doesn't
    have-like the game crashing-he has the others-unable to complete a quest..The bug fix downloads make it worse.It is a good game, but frustrating..I think they should have delayed putting it out and fixed the numerous bugs in it....more info
  • Diablo III anyone?
    I'll make this real simple, anyone longing for a Diablo III will love this game. It has the great gameplay action and skill building of Diablo II along with a seemingly endless amount of quests to add some interest to all the hacking & slashing. Another thing, the gameworld is HUGE. The game includes a meter that measures the percentage of the world you've explored and so far I've played 20 hours and have only explored 6%, although I must admit I am a plower from the older Might & Magic games....more info
  • Lot like Diablo, with a D&D aspect
    I found this game for $10 and at first, was kind of disappointed at the lack of options in game. Well, many options are there, but you have to find most of them yourself. Ok, first off, this is a spawnable hack and slash, like many of the reviews mention, so if you don't mind killing the same groups as you circle back and forth through the same terrain, no problem. The variety of character types is nice, each character has a great set of skills, spells, and attributes to work with.
    Comparing this to Diablo I/II, Sacred delivers in some aspects. The horse riding is fun, but seems to attract more enemies, and it's almost worth it to just walk from town to town. The idea of using up to 4 sets of weapons and up to 4 spells at the touch of a key is better. There's even the option to combine up to 4 spells/skills into 1 barrage of attacks, although this works better on quick attack skills, and not so well on longer spells, so if you get knocked around and distracted, it tends to kill the combination and you may have to wait a full minute for it to regenerate to use again, so it's a toss-up.
    Along with main parts of your quest, there are a multitude of minor quests you can take part. Most are simple tasks, making you feel like a gofer (you know, go for this, go for that), but they are usually quick and simple and can cough up some nice rewards.
    The Save feature is pretty good, although savegames tend to clog up your list and need to be deleted every so often, but it's nice to save anywhere you want, unlike Diablo II.
    Like Diablo I/II, you can find rare (Yellow), set (green) and sometimes unique (gold) items. Many have sockets, which you can have a blacksmith in any town add attributes to an item, although I highly suggest killing some undead in the desert and collecting skulls, as they add some to alot of damage to anything they're inserted into.
    One bad thing about the game is that sometimes people following you can get killed, making you fail a mission. One exception is a chap named Wilbur, who actually fights with you after awhile, and you can give him a better sword and shield if you like. If he dies, he takes a nap, with little birdies floating around his head, then miraculously comes back to life, ready to fight again.
    Overall, this is a good RPG with realtime combat and a nice variety of gameplay, including decent replay value. ...more info
  • Awesome game, but only for the Challenge Obssesed
    I sat for days waiting for this game to finally come out and when I FINALLY got it I was overjoyed. Great graphics, interesting voices in the background (Cursing and sexual innuendo abound!), everything about this game is amazing and great! You have a whole world to explore and villians to vanquish. Very open-ended and many different sidequests. It's nice, believe me.

    The problem is the battle system. Like Diablo, yes. But you have so many powers and abilities to use, but no way to really get from one to the next, and run and fight? Don't even think about it! Parish the thought! It's wierd because the game is good, but you aiming is atrocious and you have to aim for everything...just...GAH! The battle system leaves much to be desired, but if you know a way around this then enjoy an otherwise awesome game....more info

  • Wow i like it
    Its very good and satisfying rpg because it plays a lot like diablo2 but its better because of graphics and slightly diferent in gameplay but basicly go around and hack everyone down which is fun. Combos and skills look awesome when you use them gracefuly kill your enemys. Magic is pretty to everything is visble like the kind of armor you are wearing you can tell it looks just like the picture of the armor itself. PLenty of cool special unique itmes and ENOURMOS WORLD ride a horse if you want! But i still dont realy consider this game D3, it is more like ARCANUM if you have heard of, nice rpg to. Its like a hybrid of Arcanum and diablo, mostly diablo though.
    Enjoy a great rpg with good variety of things to do i doubt youwill get bored in the next few month....more info
  • Almost perfect
    It's a wonderful game, but the prolific amount of bugs found in the game play cost it that final star. Overall, if you like rigid storylines with A+B+C plot sequences, this may not be the best of games for you. However, that lack of structure is also what makes the game so unique. You have the freedom to move about an immersive world that maintains a fresh feel even when you aren't working on the main quest. Sub quests are neither easy, lame, nor hackneyed, making it all feel like more an experience to play than a just another game.

    Overall, it's almost perfect....more info

  • Diablo? It's even better.
    Firstly, I haven't run into any of the bugs or game crashes that some of the other reviewers reported. The game runs smoothely and flawlessy at all times on me computer which isn't really high-end as I am just about ready to scrap it and buy a more current gaming machine. All their rants of crashes and buggy gameplay are probably due to their not keeping their graphics drivers updated or probably have something else running in the background. My only problem was getting the game to run while I had ventrilo running. That is the only thing that caused the game to crash. For this I give the game 4 stars. Would have been 5.
    This game is for lack of a better word, AMAZING. I haven't had as much fun in an RPG since Ultima VIII or diablo. I didn't like diablo 2 or Baldurs gate. BG was way too boring. This game is very fun to play. The inventory/Items system is straight out of Diablo. The combat is hack/slash like Diablo but with added skillsets to perform special moves and combinations of them. The world is pretty big with alot of cool suprises if you stray from the mainquest paths on the map. The map system is sweet and easy to use giving you the ability to zoom in and see everywhere you have already been. I could go on and on about every aspect of this game but I'll stop here.
    I was an Avid RPG gamer but the last few yrs I have barely played any due to the types of games coming out. This game has renewed my love for the Genre and i have been playing nonstop for the last 3 days.
    ...more info
    Sacred is an RPG of the highest class. Was selected as Game of The Year. It is big and Expansive. There is no correct way to play the game. The main Quest must be done in correct order, aside from that you are free to do wherever you want, Many many side Quests.

    Sacred Gold must be installed on your Computer in order to load and play Sacred Underworld, which realyy expands the game....more info
  • Barely works, and support is lacking
    I got this game a few months ago and I have only been able to keep it running for a few hours of gameplay. And the company's technical support doesn't know anything at all about their product. I let them know what is wrong, give them crash logs, everything...and they still can't figure it out. It got to the point where I gave the game to my friend and I just play it at his house all the time now. Don't get unless you know EXACTLY that it is going to work....more info
  • More interesting than Diablo
    I recently purchased the game during my R&R from Iraq and found that the game ran well on my laptop. Although being a bit Hack and Slashy for me, I found that the game was enjoyable enough for me to keep. I can't wait to get out of this rock of a country and back home to the US so I can play it online :)

    I found that the ability to wander the woods slaying whatever comes in your path was interesting. Moreso than Diablo or Diablo 2 ever was, allowing more freedom to do as you please. Although the different letter keys took me a few deaths to figure out. Trying to find your healing potion on your alphabetical belt while being slashed and shot with orc weapons can be annoying. The graphics were outstandingly better than other Hack and Slash games Ive played. The voices left me somewhat baffled and were not to well done. Overall though this game is definatly a keeper.

    I never ran into any quirks or problems as so many of you said you found. I havent patched my game yet or anything. Maybe I just got the good copy? :D

    At any rate its definatly worth your hard earned dough. Im a long time Dungeons and Dragons Player though, and nothing beets a good old fashioned pen and paper dungeon crawl ;)...more info

  • stop whining
    The people that actually play the game dont care if your computer doesnt play the game. if u cant play it then its your computer cause mine isnt top notch but good enough and i can play it no problem with no gliches or anything.

    otherwise i have polayed it through and it is a great game. a pure hack n slash and just like diablo 2 cept bnet way better. if you like d2 then you will like this cause it is awesome gameplay and lots of fun to play. i only borrowed it and the day i returned it i bought it. its awsome and buy it....more info

  • If the copy you have does not work, exchange it for another
    If the copy you have does not work, exchange it for another. thats what I did. and the copy I got, works fine. If you like diablo, you'll love this game. it is more enhanced and much better at least in terms of gameplay and graphics....more info
  • There are less bugs in a Louisianna Swamp!
    I have NEVER had so many problems with a game as I have with this one. Mind you, not every game that comes out is perfect, but at least they could have made the darn thing able to START without having to hack the file and UNCLICK all of the "supposedly" great features!! I'm glad that I bought it used for a cheap price! ...more info
  • i quite adore this game.
    this is a great game for any diablo or diablo 2 fan. the graphics are superior and the quests are less routine than those of diablo 1 or 2. plus, you can have a horse which makes traveling quite a bit faster. also, the game was less jumpy for me than when i tried to play diablo, which caused my computer to freeze. as i said, the graphics in this game are much sharper than any other game i have played on my pc. the features keep my interest longer than diablo, which gets boring very quickly....more info
  • A really classy RPG!
    I'm relatively new to gaming, but this gaming experience is definitely superior to Baldur's Gate and Diablo 2. The beautiful graphics and ability to zoom in and out are amazing. Character appearance actually reflects the different styles of armor/weapons with which they're equipped. Great sounds and music.

    I powered through the game with a Wood Elf and have started with a Vampiress (lots of replay value to this game). Character leveling is smooth and predictable. Once you learn how to "run" your character, battles are pretty straightforward. Controls are easy to learn.

    Maybe not "true" to hard core RPG rules, but I really enjoyed the quick save option, large capacity backpack and storage chest, and no penalties for resurrection when you "die." I also liked the compass system which helps you locate your objectives and eliminates any need for walkthroughs. Much variety and many quest options.

    Game is very demanding of computer hardware, so I had occassional problems with freezing and rebooting that were resolved when I updated my Radeon drivers.

    Highly addictive and fun to play!...more info

  • Sacred
    So far i have only played the demo version of this game. It is not as addictive as Diablo 2 LOD but the graphics make up for that. I think that Encore has a lot of work to do on fixing those bugs though. There are lots of places for improvement. For example i called my horse and my characted disappeared until my character mounted it. That kinda freaked me out. I hope that Encore polished the rough egdes of this game a bit, and it might just be as smooth as Diablo 2 and Ultima Online. ;)...more info
  • Better off saving your money
    This game would have been good if it came out four years ago, but now it just looks dated. Also, the game is plagued with bugs. I recommend holding out for the price to drop significantly and the bugs to get fixed before picking up this dud....more info
  • A Great Time-waster with a few flaws.
    For those who want a Fantasy based "RPG" that will waste a few hours or days (depending on whether or not you do the side quests), consider Sacred.

    Characters - The game provides a nice selection of different character types. Characters in Sacred include the Gladiator, Dark Elf, Wood Elf, Vampiress [complete with soul], Battle-Mage, and Seraphim (let's not get technical about the name). Sacred Underworld and Sacred Gold (Sacred + Underworld) add the Daemon and the Dwarf. The Dwarf is humorous enough to recommend buying Sacred Gold instead of the original. The makers have provided each character with some nice personality features and comments making the choices both important and distinctive. Each character has a back story. Back stories range from unimaginative to purely humorous. Each character begins with it's own starting place and mini-quest.

    World - The world is well developed and fleshed out. Non-Player Characters range from those with something important to say (these have names) to those who merely exist for environment. In the course of the adventure you'll visit farm lands, plains, deserts, forests, mountains, ocean. The land is huge but still a bit small to explain all of these terrains in such proximity. This is a trade off to minimize the amount of time it will take to get from one area to another... and this game will definitely run you all over the place.

    Horses - To help minimize that distance, most characters will get to ride a horse. The horse aids in defense, attack strength, and outrunning annoying pests who are trying to attack you while you're trying to complete a mission.

    Gear - At the outset you will have only one ready weapon or weapon-shield pair slot, and one special ability ("combat art") slot. As you progress you will gain levels you will get up to 5 weapon-shield sets and 5 ready combat arts. This will allow you to switch rapidly between your spells and the appropriate weapon for a situation.

    Combos - Additionally, you will discover combos. A combo allows the character to combine several combat arts into one special ability slot. With a combo, a player could begin combat by putting a couple of protective spells on himself and adding a couple of protective auras without using up all of the available slots.

    Sets - In the course of exploring, questing, and adventuring, you will find some armors and weapons that are part of sets. When all parts of these sets are used together, they provide vastly improved abilities. Unfortunately, these are purely random with duplicates of these "unique" items turning up as often as new members of the set. By the time you have assembled a complete set, it may be no more powerful than items you've had to pass up.

    Controls - In order to minimize the number of controls, most of the code has been placed behind the mouse. While this can be helpful it can also be a serious (sometimes deadly) nuisance. To cast a spell on yourself, you need to click on your base circle, but in the midst of combat, monsters may mob you making it impossible for the mouse to identify your base circle through the mobs. Similar problems happen when you are escorting someone. You may need to quickly protect them, but catching them while they move or are mobbed can be difficult. Additionally, some are chatty and the mouse may activate some pop-up yammer-box which not only keeps the spell from activating but blocks you from doing anything else until you close it (at which point you or your charge are dead).

    Escorts - These can be one of the biggest annoyances. You usually need to move this person safely from point A to point B through monster infested territory. However, the designers have decided to have these unarmed puny NPCs run directly into combat (often bare handed) so that they can shed their mortal coil. An NPC aggressiveness instruction would be so nice.

    Horse combos - The combos mentioned above are tremendous, but most will not work from horseback, even though all of the individual combat arts will. There's no real point to this other than to make you trade slots for time.

    Monster levels - Monsters advance at roughly the same rate you do, so the puny level 1 goblin you killed at level 1 will be a level 35 goblin when you get to level 35. However, some monsters are initially much more powerful than you are making levels of at least SOME use.

    Respawn rate - The respawn rate is too high. Monsters respawn almost immediately as you leave an area. This keeps you from proactively clearing an area to bring your escorted charges through and insists that you will experience all of the fun of protecting them from mobs of Dark Elves or what have you....more info
  • sacred review
    this is a fun game with a lot of cool features (like the option for horses). The gameplay is a little rough at times, and the storyline is barely there, but it makes for a good rpg style hack 'n slash. Multiplayer is definitely rough, with no party options and no clue where anyone else is. Overall good game, and a good start to the Sacred series (no, I haven't played the new one yet)....more info
  • Interesting world ~ Sacred
    Not bad game, graphics of the environment you play are quite detailed, although a little bit repetitive. Probably about 1/2 way through the game playing vampiress now. Awkward access to potions when you want to use them on accompanying characters is frustrating and there are some bugs on the version I'm playing (unable to complete some side quests). Otherwise great, particularly that most the world (Ancaria) is open to explore at your leisure, rather than available only after some prerequisite missions have been completed....more info
  • alright, with flaws
    I must agree with other reviews that it is a beautiful game, meaning graphics, character creation etc..
    but...I hate the music system. It keeps on repeating and repeating. Doesn't it get boring? The quest are buggy, why you could try run off to a castle to try and kill a bad guy, and never find the bad guy in the castle!
    Further more, too monsters. While I was on the way to Port Vallum(or something like that), I was attacked by uncountable monsters. Not in large mobs, just maybe 4-7. But the thing is, with a horse to ride on, you just get tired of getting off the horse to fight them all. Alright it is ok to fight on horse, but not when the game ignores your clicking half of the time, letting you character get wacked. And they are not situated together(the mobs). Imagine riding for only a few seconds after finshing a mob to meet yet another identical mob comming over to wack you again....
    Game play is repetitve(perhaps because I was playing the Seraphim character). I just couldn't stand the boring game play by the time I first got to Port Vallum, I just uninstalled it.
    It's just not Diablo 2.
    It's even worse than Arcanum.
    I guess it might appeal to those who want endless smashing of globin heads, but not to me as I really want a good storyline with interesting gameplay. The storyline was quite predictable and boring too.
    The game gets choppy when you enter towns. Although the demo itself was worth stars, the game is only 2 stars. Forget it RPG lovers, you will get bored before finishing the 2nd main quest.
    This is for mindless smashing of monster lovers....more info
  • Great graphics, fun game
    Very good engine - didn't run into the quirks other reviewers have seen - Encore has been active in bug fixes, maybe that's the reason.

    Enjoyable graphics, interesting quests, reasonably non-linear world to explore with several non-main quests hidden throughout. Easy interface to master and use. Needs more variety in monsters - the same basic types keep coming up, and there seem to be random hordes of monsters incessantly wandering the countryside. Would prefer fewer but more interesting monsters.

    Documentation is OK, not great. Took a while to figure out several items, although the interface is pretty easy. E.g. nowhere does it describe differences at the beginning of "Bronze" vs. "Silver" selection - that seems to be a difficulty level selection, but it doesn't say so anywhere.

    Ending is a let-down. All of a sudden you're done. Doesn't let you back into the world to finish other non-main quests, which would be nice.

    Look forward to replaying the game as a different character. Magic seems to be challenged, but I'll give it a try. The game writers seem very dedicated to improving the game....more info

  • Tried the demo
    Demos don't always show the full product but if this storyline continues on in the manner that it is, a player will spend many hours exploring this new world.

    It is very similar in feel to Diablo II but with some excellent additions including the ability to combine spells and weapon styles into one easy button that you can push.

    Distance always proves to be an issue in many RPG's. This game provides an easy to get there horse system and if you forget where you parked your animal, just whistle by using the easy to hit horseshoe on you character's picture. This game even has horse upgrades.

    Six character classes include some of the old favorites like a gladiator "tank" and some new ones, like seraphim (angel) and vampiress.

    This game is even boasting a similar online setup as Blizzard did with Diablo II. So if you played Diablo II like I did all day and night, your wait for a successor is almost over. Twenty - four hours and counting!...more info

  • Caution Laptop Users
    First, I gave this game a single star for one reason. I couldn't play it. It might be a great game and bought it based on recommendations made here. However, when I got it home and loaded it on my laptop (866 PIII-M, 1 GB mem, 16 Mb Video), it actually hung my XP system - impressive! I set all display and sound options to the minumum, downloaded the patchs, got the latest DirectX runtime (9.0b) and still it would not load. If you look in the readme file the company mentions that the game may not run on all laptop tops due to their inability to test every integrated video chip configuration and I guess mine was one :(. So, if you're thinking of installing this game on a laptop please be aware that there may be problems. I'm not saying it won't run (I had the minimum recommended system requirements but not the recommended requirements) but be prepared to be frustrated and ensure you can return the game if it you have too....more info
  • Tedious and boring.
    I tried this game over a course of several months and really tried hard to enjoy and like it. But unfortunately it is just too boring. Nothing of significance ever happens. You just go from one place to another slashing and hacking but get nowhere. Unfortunately this problem is not unique in PC games. Some games such as the old King's Quest and Ultima series as well as the newer Baldur' Gate manage to keep the story interesting but this one does not! For example, you can do a whole dungeon and all you get it is some very standard treasure. On the occasion you may get a stand alone side quest. To keep the game interesting a story must unfold. Conversations with locals is very limited and you don't get much by going around and talking to people. On the good side, the interface is great. In fact the game engine by itself is very good and able to create a great game. It is the story which is poorly done. ...more info
  • what ain't no country I heard of
    I do not know what or where this game is from or made for but it seems windows was not it's 1st intended place to be played as I could not get it to work and shelved it after hour of trying....more info
  • Still fun years later
    I got this game soon after it came out and really enjoyed it. Now my kids are into it, and though the graphics look a little dated, it still looks really good and plays well. I played on Bronze level the whole first time through, now I'm trying a different character on Silver and it plays very differently. Each character has their own flavor, fighting style and lots of fun animations and effects.

    The only downside is that this game can have some real trouble starting up if there are other apps running in the background. I've found that mouse pointer software, any kind of cpu cycle-sharing program like folding@home, and some full-time virus/malware scanners can really slow the boot-up of the game. Once it's up, it's smooth and runs great.

    This is a lot of gaming bang for the buck. It runs well on older computers, has a patch that adds many more square miles of map to explore, has an active modding community even now, and goes beyond just following in Diablo's footsteps. Fun, replayable and interesting, years after its release. I think that's what you call a classic, isn't it?
    ...more info
  • Sacred vs Diablo
    I like to play many games and I use virtual cd player so I dont have to keep swapping CD's - This game requires the CD to play.

    Game play can be buggy at times. Getting the lastest patch 1.8 doesn't seem to do much about it.

    More drops and loot then you can shake a stick at. Can advance your player above level 100, so you have some definite goals and it will last quite a while.

    Overall its a good game. The ending is extreamly disappointing and will leave you with a feeling of... ?? ...more info
  • Awesome! BRilliant! GOt it! Love it! Nicely addictive, & inspiring...
    Easay to install, pretty gool graphics and sound effects & music. Easy to fall in love with.
    Addictive too. I am fairly picky, but this one sure measured up (unlike Divinity, which was a let-down game, that one was). Unlike anything I have played before, much better. Like darkstone, but way, way better. Beautiful. Easy controls, intuitive, FUN (and bits of humor).
    The only drawbacks are tiny characters and buildings on map, & i wish it moved a tad faster. I guess a better vid card and/or processor w./ a larger monitor screen would fix that (installed on P3 of 800MHz with ATI9250 Radeon pci 128mb w./ T&L- i think an 03 or 05 Vcard/graphics card- and 512 ram, which is now 1BG Ram, so that should eliminate the ever-so-occasional lagging, mainly B4 combat or during, but easily corrected by zooming in, which is WAYYY cool, like Darkstone by JoWood, and which you can do at any time). The 2nd reason i gave 4stars & not 5 was the intricate, slow building process, only a bit repetitive, of killing the same orc armies over & over, albeit a different vast landscape, in order to gather money coins to (bummer) find your way back to a store to upgrade equuipment.
    Character upgrades are mostly automatic, but i think there was some leeeway as to how you tailor abilities, which spells one chooses and which attributes to increase.
    Riding on (2x faster than running) and attacking (though slower) , and even charging orcs with a HORSE-- ya, a real live-looking one you can hop off of and on at any time indefinitely. The water and lakes and flowers are rather pretty. Awesome music and battlecries. Devastating (and customizeable attack packages of moves, and othjer powers/ combo attacks: lightening flashing multiople chromatic swooshing arcs of color with sound effects as you swing your blade. You keep saying , "Wow! Neat-o, cool!" Characters do cool jumps, kicks, and somersaults too. The magic is woven in with the attack/ fighting.
    You can even pick which of the detailed characters to be. The storyline is coherent and pulls you along; quests are inter-related. The way characters react to you improves as you conquests build your fame. There are even some teleportation arches scattered around. This game is dangerous fun for wasting hours you might never miss. One of the best ever. The only old school thing about it i noticed was the tediousness of the store where you buy equipment and upgrades (a grueling, ongoing experience), and the pop-up chat dialogoes of all the npc's. Note, this is a top-down 2-D view, though you can rotate 360 & zoom (not as much as Homeworld though, another good game but i can't get past ch./lvl 3 or 4 on that one).
    This game, however, is winnnable, with tactics of attack, retreat & regenerate, then go back for more-- mainly a time investment & common sense, and being a good shopper, and sometimes you pickup NPCs that tag along and fight with ou/ for you, alongside (automatically, following you). NO need for any walkthrough [Thank Heavens] OR for any cheats! How refreshing, huh? The game offers a lot of freedom. Enjoyable to play. You'll love it. Easy to figure ot. Offers re-spawning where you left off at if killed. Character regenerates health & magic (mana)....more info
  • really fun...
    i bought this game on a gamble, not sure what it was really like...turns out it's great! if you like Diablo II you'll like this one. i think that Sacred does have better graphics and a bit more humor than Diablo. there's also a few features that are far superior to Diablo such as you don't get tired when you run, if you import a high level character the merchants automatically have stuff that fit your skills, and so on. you can play this game with multiple people, which just adds to the enjoyment. all in all i love this game....more info
  • 3D Diablo
    Starcraft is to Warcraft 3 as Diablo 2 is to Sacred. Not quite as addictive at first but definately improves where the other left off (not that sacred is a sequel). Horses, charged special moves, graphics (weather effects are awesome), unique characters, and best of all, very user friendly for those who aren't role-playing fanatics! Just plain cool... try it if you loved Diablo 1 or 2....more info
  • Refreshing game, but cherry on top is missing
    After playing Diablo 2 for the last few years, I was really excited to see Sacred released. It's different, yet the same from Diablo 2. The graphics are superior and there are a TON more things to do. They smartly programmed the experience gain, too. No more level 80 in one day. The skill variations are VAST, so you could make several different builds of one character, might take you a few months.

    The single player mode is the winner with this game. You can do quests at your own pace, explore at your own pace, etc. Multiplayer on the Net is a little shaky. Wanna do a campaign or mission on multiplayer? Good Luck. I have an extremely difficult time questing in multiplayer. It seems all the quests are already done or in progress...that is the frustrating part.

    The battle graphics are smokin' HOT! They will bring a tear to your eye!!

    Verdict: Excellet game that needs a few finishing touches put on multiplayer. Then this will truly be the "Diablo Killer"....more info

  • The old 3-D engine reborn.
    Theres a few pros and cons about this game, but I'll get to that later on. First off, Sacred is alot like Diablo II, only with a good story. It's very open-ended for an action-RPG, over 50% of the world is open to explore as soon as you start the game. Unlike most action RPGs, where the smaller enemies just seem annoying, in Sacred the monsters carry random items. You could kill the smallest enemy and find a great weapon or item on it. As you go along, you find "runes" to place in slots to do special moves. You can combine these moves to make a really cool looking (and powerful) combo attack. Theres alot of movement in this game. It's not just "hack & slash". Characters have moves where they can kick, punch, spin around, do acrobatics, and all kinds of stuff. Theres also "particle effects" on some items. One of the armors for the Seraphim class, when you put it on, sprouts blue "wing" like things that sway around when you walk or move. You can also have blacksmiths combine weapons and armors to make completly new items.

    - Lots of 'eye candy' for this type of game.
    - LOTS of items, weapons, armors etc etc.
    - Diverse enemies and characters.
    - Nice music and sound effects.
    - Each character class has a differant type of "play". You can beat the game with the gladiator, and have a totally differant experiance if you beat it with a vampire class.
    - The replay value is great. 30 main quests and 200 sub-quests. You wont be beating this in 4 hours like some action RPGs.
    - You can buy a horse and ride it around, and attack from it.
    - Online play.
    - The overhead view has a zoom feature. Where you dont have to stare at tiny characters running around. When you zoom in you can see how much detail is in this game.
    - A really "clean" interface.

    - Kind of a "dated" engine. It has an overhead view like Diablo and Baldurs Gate. But it's not really a resource killer. This game will play on any average PC.

    Over all, I really liked this game. I compare most of these game types with the famous Baldurs Gate series (gameplay, content, originality, etc). And this one was more than enough to keep me interested. It's just alot of fun. It's good to see that games are still being made that just arent all about the graphics....more info

  • Nothing but problems
    I was excited to get my copy of Sacred and that's pretty much where the fun ended. I installed it, but kept getting disk verification errors when I tried to play. I read the "readme" file and found that the game may not work properly with Windows 98 or Me. So I went and bought Windows XP. I reinstalled Sacred, and I am still having the same trouble. I can now see the opening sequence, but then the game just turns itself off. I read in previous reviews that there were bugs, I just never imagined it would be this bad! I'll be returning my copy and buying Beyond Divinity instead!...more info
  • For Diablo fans!
    I don't know what to say. This game is just totally amazing. I gotta say to you, after I started playing this game my life got better. My mom won't let me play any games unless I got good grades so now I do better in school instead of failing like other reviewers who plays games and also I can finally play a real Diablo clone! Like it says in PCgamer review (82% rating for PCgamer magazine), I also trully think this is the first well made Diablo clone and everyone who is a Diablo fan will love it. It might not have everything that Diablo has but it sure does come close. And this time you can play up to 16 people online instead of 8 people which makes it more fun. In my opinion, Sacred's single player missions seem actually better than Diablo's single player missions. The multiplayer is about the same but Diablo still stands on the top. Just think of this game as another great expansion for Diablo 2 with better graphics, better single player levels, and up to 16 people online. You don't even need good computer to run this game. My recommended system for this game is only P3 1ghz, 256mb ram, and GeForce 4 or Radeon 8500. It didn't work so well on my cheap Celeron 897mhz, 256mb ram, and GeForce 2 but I finally got a new computer last month to fully enjoy this game with no slow downs or bugs. My new system is AMD Athlon XP 3200+ , 512mb ram, Nvidia GeForce FX 5600 Ultra 256mb video card and I ran the game on highest settings. This game a trully one helluva game and any Diablo fans or RPG fans should definitly get this game.(...)...more info
  • Don't Buy It
    A good idea, but the game has WAY TOO MANY PROBLEMS. I could not get it to run on my top of the line machine and tech support was of no help. Check out the Sacred web forums for the thousands of persons who bought the game, but cannot play it.

    I really disapointment for my whole family. It is really unfair that they get away with selling something that does not work for soo many purchasers, and then we are stuck with it....more info

  • Please pay $40 to beta-test this terrible game.
    I've had this game for an hour, and it has crashed 5 times. The first three times took my PC down completely. The PC itself is a nice AMD 2500+ with a Radeon 9800 PRO, 1GB dual-channel RAM, and it runs today's high-end games like FarCry and UT2004 without a hitch. Obviously the fault lies in Encore Software's shoddy coding.

    After I lowered the game's video settings to their lowest level, I was unfortunately able to play the game. The gameplay is straight out of 1997, with an inventory and fight system that is clunky and hard to use. The graphics were very poor even for compatibility mode, and the voice acting was dull.

    Sacred is marketed as being 'like Diablo'. This is an incomplete statement. The game is 'like Diablo,' only if one removed all of the fun, enjoyment, and excitement from the game.

    Actually, that's unfair. I suppose there is a certain amount of excitement in waiting to see if your computer will crash 'this time'.

    The developer's website doesn't seem to have patches linked, but I was able to find the 1.66 patch via Google search. This patch fixed some multiplayer issues, but did nothing to improve the stability of the game.

    I'm very tired of having to pay to beta-test poor software. I took this game back within 2 hours of buying it, and will steer clear of all other Encore products -- though if they last long enough to produce anything else I will be suprised....more info

  • Diablo+bugs
    This game has so many flaws its pathetic. Complete a quest, and it wont know it. Buy a horse and it vanishes. Take a portal, and all quests are erased. Crashes frequently as well. But, it is a copy of Diablo 2. And it ends the same as Diablo 2(without the expansion)if you know what I mean. Another reason not to buy it. Wait for the expansion and buy the complete game so you can beat it. by then maybe Encore will have enough patches for all the bugs. Oh, and you cant multiplayer via LAN unless you have a HUB or router. More money I didnt have to spend when playing diablo. Help BLIZZARD save me from these idiots....more info


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