Breville JE95XL Two-Speed Juice Fountain Plus

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Product Description

Breville Two Speed Juice Fountain Plus JE95XL - This highly acclaimed electric juicer speedily and efficiently makes nutritious and delicious juice from most fruits and vegetables. Its large 3" wide feeding tube accepts large chunks so you don't have to slice fruits into itty-bitty pieces. That helps speed things along. It has a large pulp storage compartment so you can spend more time juicing and less time cleaning. Then you can take all that pulp and bake a cake! 850 Watt Motor 2 Speed selectable Juices an 8-ounce glass of juice in 5 seconds Breville 1-Year Warranty

  • Professional juice extractor adjusts to juicing load, maximizing juice extraction
  • 850-watts of power; juices an 8-ounce glass of juice in 5 seconds; patented micro-mesh filter
  • 2-speed electronic control; extra-large feed chute for juicing whole fruit and vegetables
  • All parts dishwasher safe except for motor; 1-liter juice jug and 2-1/2-liter pulp container included
  • 1-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

    I purchased this juicer for my mother in law as a gift. She's a twice daily juicer so I did quite a bit of research before purchasing a product that wouldn't conk out on here in a year. She has been VERY pleased with every aspect of the juicer. It has a very large hopper (about the size of a medium sized apple) so it cuts down on the cutting of everything. Plus the screen extracts much more juice. It is very clean as the pulp goes directly into an enclosed flying pulp spitting out on the counter and wall. And easy clean up. Bottom line is that she loves it as a product. The ONLY DOWNSIDE we found was that she had to find a different place to store it. It is very tall and there fore will NOT fit under your standard sized cabinets on the counter. She likes to have appliances out on the counter that she uses every day, so that was a bit of a bummer...but because of its performance she will certainly deal with it....more info
  • juicer
    I love my juicer. It is so easy to use and to clean. Very efficient. Well worth the money....more info
  • Living up to promises
    Breville Juice Fountain Plus professional Juicer - JE95XL
    Tried soft (strawberries, raspberries, mangoes, bananas, tomatoes) and hard (whole apples, carrots, pineapples) fruits and vegetables. Works great, makes juice in seconds. Easy to operate and easy to wash. Some noise is natural for a device making thousands of revelations per minute. And it is just for a very short period of time. ...more info
  • Every family should own one
    We've been looking around the internet for juicers before we decided to buy this one. Only regret after I bought this juicer is that its twenty dollars cheaper than it was. But it's well worth the money. Everyone in the family loves the juice it makes. This is the best decision we ever made as far as health is concerned. I think every family should own one; you won't be needing a doctor after drinking this twice a day. ...more info
  • breville juicer JE95XL
    I bought this 2 years ago , used it a dozen times and it quit running while in use. I could smell a burning odor. Of course, the 1 year warranty has expired and estimate to replace motor is $75.Do not buy this juicer! It also does not like to juice whole apples like it is supposed to. Gary...more info
  • LOVE IT!!!!
    After reading review after review for just about every juicer out there on the market, I came to the conclusion that this was the best one. I am so happy that I bought it.

    It is super easy to assemble and break down. It is super easy to clean (I clean it after every use that way it does not stain and the screen does not get clogged up with dried pulp). It is a lot easier to clean when everything is fresh I found. Also I line the pulp collector container with a plastic bag.

    Low setting on this device is not as noisy as a blender and the high setting is about equal to that of a blender, so nothing beyond the norm.

    Depending on what you juice will depend on the the consistency of the pulp left behind. I found that if I make a blend of apple, carrot and celery juice, the pulp is dry. If I use citrus fruits, peaches, strawberries, the pulp has been a little moist. Overall, the amount of juice extracted is a pretty descent amount.

    I have no hesitations recommending this juicer to a friend or family member to use. You feel really good and healthy after drinking your own fresh made juice and I think everyone should do it!...more info
  • Breville JE95XL Two-Speed Juice Fountain Plus
    This is a great product! I had heard of problems with the motor and was a bit worried, and admittedly I have not owned it for long, but so far it works just as advertized. ...more info
  • Great Juicer
    We've been using this for a month and think it's awesome! The good points:

    Easy Clean up
    Makes juice quickly and it's really not that noisy
    Juices everything we've put in it so far-greens, apples, ginger, berries

    It just plain works. It's a great find!...more info
  • Breville juicer
    I throughly enjoy my new juicer. It is easy to use and clean. The customer service I received was excellent....more info
  • Didn't even
    I bought this product at Macy's and immediately went home to try it out. I read the manual, cleaned and set up the juicer, and prepared all of the fruits and veggies. After plugging it up and locking the top, I turned the machine on and nothing happened. I thought maybe I did something wrong in the set up so I redid it over and over again even changing outlets and still nothing. So I spent $150 and didn't even get to use it once (bummer). If I had read these reviews earlier about the motor being faulty I probably wouldn't have spent the money and waisted the time....more info
  • Good juicer, but parts are deteriorating
    I bought this juicer about two months ago now. While I like the ease of clean-up, the plastic parts have already become clouded and discolored. I was using it daily for a while, and always washing it out in soapy water. Sometimes now I just rinse it out with hot water. Lately, I use it maybe every other day. I'm hoping the plastic will hold up, at least till I pay it off! Other than that, it works fine, I make sure I don't let the motor run longer than the stated 4 minutes.

    Got mine from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, with a 20% off coupon....more info
  • Broke on arrival x 2
    Factory-Reconditioned Breville XXJE95XL Two Speed Juice Fountain Plus
    I was extremely excited when i ordered this juicer. However upon unpacking the item, i noticed a chipped piece of the surround plastic piece that separates the juice from the pulp tray was broken. I returned the item to amazon which promply shipped me another recondioned juicer. THis time i didnt have to open i could see the same chip in the same spot as last time. I beleive it has to be a design flaw or maybe the way the machine is packaged for shipment puts to much pressure on this piece. It looks like a beefy strong machine but i am not going to take a chance on recieving a third machine....more info
  • Gift for my daughter
    This was bought as a birthday/anniversary present for my daughter's family. They are delighted with it - and consuming much, much more fruit. ...more info
  • My husband is the new "juicer extraordinaire"!
    Since the day our juicer arrived, we've had wonderful fresh fruit and vegetable juices everyday. My husband loves to experiment with new flavors and combinations. This juicer was recommended by friends and we're very happy with the quality....more info
  • Breville JE95XL Juicer
    This product works just as advertised. Juices carrots with ease, as well as whole apples. That's all that I've juiced so far. Clean up is very easy. I highly recommend this product. Great value!
    ...more info
  • Great Performing Juicer, Short LifeSpan
    Our Juicer died yesterday. Almost 2.5 years since we purchased it on Amazon. During its 2.5 years of service, we loved it. We used it 5-6 times a week and about 2 minutes per use to make 2 glasses of veggie/fruit juice in the mornings. I am extrememly disapointed that its life-span is so short. We always handled the unit with extreme care and never once was it abused. Yet, 2.5 years? I will not buy another Breville because of this quality issue as I've already replaced the unit with another brand (I have to admit, performance wise, Breville was #1). ...more info
  • Works great!
    I did lots of research on this product before buying it and the reviews stood true. This juicer is amazing and so easy to clean. Definitely worth the money and way better than other juicers I have seen or tested on the market....more info
  • Nice product, especially with hard fruits/veggies
    The JE95XL is real nice. It's attractive, easy to clean and fairly quiet. It works really well with hard fruits and vegetables like carrots and apples, though it's less efficient with smaller and softer fruits. Overall, it was a good buy....more info
  • breville review
    This product lives up to its reputation. It is powerful and very efficient. It cleans and assembles easily. I would recommend this juicer to anyone who is serious about his juice. The pulp from the fruits and vegitables is dry and can be used in other recipies. I am very happy with this purchase....more info
  • 3rd time is the charm
    Over a 20 year period - this has been my 3rd juicer and this one is in a different league all together. Cleanup was the feature that was most important to me after experiencing those other juicers and this Breville JE95XL has not let me down. I've owned it about a month and juice 2-3 days a week with it.

    Just like my other juicers it has that 'mesh' basket at the center of the juicing action. But before buying, I had read somewhere that the basket in this one was made of some material and in some fashion which did not result in the near-impossible pulp and debris removal from that mesh screen, which I had hated before. And sure enough - I don't know how they've accomplished it, but this basket brushes clean easily.

    I can't speak yet for whether you'll get 5-10 years out of this model, but if easy-clean/simple-assembly is your thing - you could be really happy with this one....more info
  • Third use stopped working :(
    I loved this product the first 2 uses I got out of it, but then on the 3rd use (juicing seedless/stemless grapes) it just stopped working...mid-juice. I'm guessing it's the fuse (seeing that's what everyone else w/this model is having a problem with). I'm in the process of repairing it, but I'll have to take it to a small appliance shop to get it fixed, which is going to cost me about $40. Considering how much I paid for the machine you think they would hire someone to tell them you shouldn't put an 8amp fuse on a 850watt machine...duh! I'll be replacing mine with a 10amp fuse & hoping for the best.

    I agree w/other users- why in the world would they souder the stinking fuse in instead of putting a fuse holder in- that would make the repair SO SO SO much easier. ...more info
  • My first juicer, had it 4 months and still use it 3 times a week!
    At least 3 times a week, if not more!
    MY PRE-BUYING CONCERNS: My concern with buying my first juicer was just that. Would I use it regularly or would it be relegated to my cabinet dedicated to dinosauric, dusty appliances? (Actually, this new toy has me considering moving my blender to that cabinet--although I may start using both in concert for some beautiful smoothies)

    WHICH BREVILLE TO BUY:So once I decided the Breville was my choice, I had to decide between the top of the line Breville (that beautiful beast that is forged in one metal piece) or this more plasticine model. This one beat the other by at least 100 bucks and it still looks great on the counter-- so the choice was easy. The motor is still very strong, and I'm a clean freak so I wasn't worried about the plastic staining, etc. (I have had no staining in the four months of use)

    CLEAN UP CONCERNS: My second concern, which relates to the first, is what kind of chore would the clean up be? I put my trust in all the other reviewers here that assured me it was a quick clean up. You were right! I have everything washed and in the drainer in under 5 minutes. The only exception is sometimes the filter takes a little bit longer. I use an old oscillating electric toothbrush on it to really clean it finely (but I'm super nit picky) If you want to drink your juice and can't wait for the quick clean up, have a bowl waiting with soapy water and put your filter in there until you can get to it. Just quickly rinse the pulp out of the other parts until you can get to them. I definitely recommend following the tip of other reviewers and lining the pulp bin with a produce bag or any plastic grocery bag.

    ACCESSORIES: I bought the Juicing Bible that other reviewers have recommended. A great choice, and I now keep it next to the juicer at all times for quick looks ups, i.e., "I have some ginger, what can I do with it?" Flip open the Juicing Bible to Ginger and see what drinks are made with it. Voila! I also use those GREEN BAGS and they are invaluable at keeping my vegies/fruit fresh until I can juice them. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED They keep the vegies from off gassing some kind of chemical that makes them break down fast. Make sure vegies/fruit are thoroughly dry before putting them in the bags,squeeze the air out and use a twist tie, or better yet the twixit quick bag sealers sold on Amazon. I have kept lettuce for weeks that way.

    I have juiced Beets (my Breville chewed'em up quick as lightning as if were saying "Is that all you got?") Ginger, cukes, grapefruit, oranges, watermelon, small WHOLE Bosc pears, small WHOLE Granny Smith apples (although I do try to cut out the seeds now unless I'm in a big hurry), rolled up Collard Greens, parsley (rolled in Kale or some other big leaf) and of course, carrots by the half dozen! I do try to buy organic, but I also use Trader Joe's vegie wash. On shopping days the kitchen is full of colanders of vegies and fruit in the process of being washed or drying.

    HELPFUL HINT: I make my dog's food in a crock pot and I now add my juice pulp to it. Gives fiber to the food and he likes it. I imagine if you feed your dog wet food you could easily stir it into that as well.

    THE NOISE FACTOR: Speaking of my dog, he's old and doesn't like loud sounds, (he pees himself when I use my hand blender!) With the Breville he doesn't seem to hear it at all. I mention that because others have said it was loud. I don't find the Breville loud, (I have an open plan type house and use it regularly while guests are still sleeping with no problem)

    THE PAY OFF: When I drink a glass of freshly squeezed juice I immediately feel good, can't explain it, but it's like my body is saying "thank you". I must say Pears and Grapefruit are gorgeous together. I juice the grapefruit first then grab a little of the grapefruit pulp out of the pulp bin and throw it in the juice pitcher before I process the pears. My husband, who is not a health nut of any kind, has loved everything so far except the beets (I think it was the color that put him off). Also we like the FOAM, I would recommend trying the pitcher without the foam guard first to see what you like. I hope anyone that is considering buying a juicer will enjoy the Breville in good health!...more info
    Top quality juicer. It does it all. Very pleased. On my way to health!!!...more info
  • Great Juice Making Machine
    I bought this juicer based on reviews. We have not used it as much as we would like but when we did used it we have been very happy with it. It's easy to operate and easy to clean. I am looking forward to use this product to the fullest once I invest in a juice recipe book....more info
  • Great Juicer
    I bought this juicer so that we can dtart drinking healty drinks. This wasa the best purchase that I have ever made....more info
  • Buying This Juicer Was a Great Decision
    My wife and I have utilized this juicer multiple times each day almost every single day since we bought it six months ago, and it's performed like an absolute champion....more info
  • Great Juicer
    I found this product to be very well represented. It does what they say it does. I am making awesome juices. Clean up is no big deal. It's not too noisy. It was priced reasonably. No complaints and many raves. ...more info
  • Adequate but some flaws
    I like the juicer but there are a few things which could be improved. The pitcher is not well designed: a) You can't pour when the lid is on b) It is not sealed so it will pick up oders from the fridge c) There is a lip on the base so when you invert it and wash it in a dishwasher it collects dishwater.
    There is a similar issue with the pulp container. It collects a lot of water when inverted.
    My criticism is not of the juicer itself but of the additional parts which could be much better designed, especially the pitcher....more info
  • Flawed motor--DON'T FALL FOR THE HYPE!
    I bought one of these "top of the line" juicers for my girlfriend. The second time she used it, the motor died. Okay, maybe it's just a fluke. I see some happy reviews out there and only a few people with this problem. So I get the replacement. She uses it a few more times, no problem. It sits for about a year and the first time she goes to use it again, boom--motor dies. Breville tech support is no help. No troubleshooting guides online. And the warranty is just one year--expired.

    Don't waste your money. Buy a different brand....more info
  • Breville JE95XL Two-speed Fountain Plus
    This juicer works great! I expected it to be more noisy than what it is beacuse of the motor size, but it isn't bad.
    I can't belive the amount of juice I am getting compared to the last juicer I had. Awesome!...more info
  • Breville JE95XL Two-Speed Juice Fountain Plus
    I bought the Breville JE95XL Two-Speed Juice Fountain Plus for my daughter. This was a Christmas gift for her and she really loves it! She also bought the very same kind for her daughter. J. Hall...more info
  • I did my research!
    I researched for hours on end; read everything I could get my hands on. I finally chose the Breville JE95XL and found a GREAT deal on it here at Amazon. I only wish I got a referal discount since my mother, friend & neighbor have ALL bought the same one because of my research! :)

    The large opening (so there's no cutting down the fruit/veggies), SUPER easy clean up, sturdy design and great price sold me. Now that I've used it, I'm hooked on juicing and SO glad I got one that will stand the test of time and usage.

    Happy Juicing with the JE95XL!...more info
  • Wonderful
    I like every side of this item except cleaning which is not a big deal. I recommend this. ...more info
  • Solid product
    This product is solid and sturdy but can be loud for the morning. It can juice a whole apple like it says but the shoot does not fit most sized apples. And beets seem to be a little tough on it as well. But overall it seems strong and juices consistently. The one big drawback to juicing is the clean up. Takes forever....more info
  • Unit failed under light to moderate use... read on to discover the failed part.
    I had the Breville JE95XL juicer for a few months and was quite pleased with it. When my daughter visited from college she loved it and so, it went back to school with her.

    After a couple of weeks, she called to say that the unit simply stopped working. (Recently she visited again and brought the unit to me.)

    The first thing I did was a web search to see if there might be some helpful hints posted somewhere. I found nothing.

    So, I read a number of the low ratings on Amazon for this make and model and found many stories that matched my daughter's experience.

    Breville does not make it easy to service this, but it is servicable with a little bit of effort... here's how.

    Poor Design, Inexcusable.
    For an appliance like a juicer, a manufacturer should expect that users might overtax the motor from time to time. So, the solution they should have employed is a simple "reset" button on the bottom of the unit that will reset the circuit breaker, just like you might have in a garbage disposal.

    But no, Breville decides to solder a fuse (the circuit breaker) onto the main board... so, once that fuse is overtaxed and is "blown," the unit, for most owners is useless, and having read some of the reviews here on Amazon, it also seems that Breville's customer service is virtually non-existent.

    If you are moderately handy, you can do what I did:

    Cut out the old fuse from the circuit board, and onto the wire leads of the old fuse, simply solder the wire leads to a fuse holder.

    After that is done, when, and if, the fuse blows again, you can simply open the fuse holder, and replace the fuse after simply removing the bottom of the unit. It's not as good as a "reset" switch on the bottom of the unit, but it works just fine.

    All this trouble and customer disappointment for a 35 part....more info
  • Juice is delicious, I forget it is also very healthy.
    It is easy to use, the juice is absolutely delicious. We have been enjoying the different recipes. It came quickly, and just seems like a very solid little machine. It is my favorite appliance presently. Thanks....more info
  • Excellent juicer
    I had to buy a juicer here in the US after buying one for my son in the UK. This was my first choice after reading the reviews and noting the two speed ability.

    It is straightforward to use, but most importantly it is straightforward to clean. I havent washed it in the dishwasher yet as it only takes two or three minutes to clean and rinse it out by hand, the mesh screen being the most time consuming cleaning exercise.

    Full marks to Breville....more info
  • Great Juicer for first time buyers
    When I looked at purchasing a juicer machine, I had no idea what to look for in such a machine. I based my purchase off of other reviews of this product and took a shot in the dark when I purchased this model.

    I purchased this machine and after using it awhile think it is great. It is the perfect machine for people first starting out. The price is right and the machine is well built, sturdy, and easily chops up everything I put into it.

    As for the criticism of extra cleaning. This is a juice machine, it is the nature of the beast to have a bit more clean up then some of the other appliances you own. This machine cleans up very well with a quick rinse and requires a little bit of scrubbing to clean out the screen/blade part. Not bad at all.

    Again this is the perfect juicer for those of you who like me had no idea exactly of what to look for in a juicer. ...more info
  • Chose over Jack LL's Power Juicer Pro
    At my mother's recommendation, I originally purchased the Jack LL's Power Juicer Pro. I kept and used it daily for a few weeks but wound up returning it and getting the Breville Juice Fountain Plus instead. Here's my feedback on both:

    JLL Pros: clearer juice, little to no pulp or froth in juice.

    JLL Cons: Spout location is too low (only allows for a small, perhaps odd-sized, catch container, which, as someone else aptly mentioned, is not convenient if you're juicing more than a cupful; as compared to the Breville, the cleanup takes a little longer since you have to detach the blade from the filter and wash them separately; non-drip spout would frequently get clogged and cause the liquid to leak from the sides (a mess) or especially with harder items like pineapple, the machine would find it too much to handle at times & shut off and you'd have to wait a while for it to recover before it would work again (the main reason for the return.)

    On to the Breville:

    Pros: Very attractive (the reason I bought the JLL Pro is because it was more pleasing to the eye than the basic JLL juicer, as there are no differences in motor. I'm sorry, I can't pay money for ugly things!), handles pineapples, carrots, beets, etc. like a champ- no problems whatsoever. Spout height is user-friendly, not to mention that it comes with a tall catch container with a cover (no splashing on the counter) and a spout (which is wonderful. True, I could just as easily use a large measuring cup, but the cover is nice, and it fits the machine.) I'm no engineer, but I wonder what role the difference the wattage increase & the 2 speeds plays in the better performance for me (in which case, I would wonder if a similarly-credentialed juicer (but lower priced), the Juiceman,Jr. is competitive. (I won't know. I like the Breville, so I'm keeping it.) Is cheaper than the JLL Pro (got at Bed,Bath & Beyond w/ a 20% off coupon - tx to the reviewer who suggested this, so was 120 + tax.) Faster cleanup with the blade attached to the filter basket.

    Breville Cons: Juice is thicker/frothier/pulpier than that of the JLL, even in switching speeds according to the hardness of the fruit/vegetable (Isn't really a 'con' unless you dislike it. I don't mind, but the difference was notable.)But I should add that there is an attachment to the catch container to separate the froth from the juice.

    Addressing other things mentioned, I've not had anything bounce back into my face, but I do immediately place the plunger in the chute after the fruit/veg. Agreeing with others, even though both juicers' parts are dishwasher-safe, it's so much easier to wash everything right after juicing, before anything gets hard and crusty. And it doesn't take that long at all.

    Overall, I am very happy with this juicer, and it's so true what they say about juicing. My body loves it and I can feel and have observed positive changes in my body since I've started.

    ...more info
  • changed my life
    I recently took a notion to start juicing. I had a really old juicer which was difficult to clean. It finally broke for good forcing me to purchase a new one. Luckily I purchased the Breville JE95XL. It has changed my life. It is so easy to use and clean that juicing has become part of my daily routine.

    It has a large opening so that vegetables don't need to be cut in tiny pieces to fit. It has a very strong motor and a fine mesh for extracting all of the juice and leaving dry pulp behind. It even has a strainer on the collection container that skims off the foam as you pour the juice into your glass. The designers of this machine must truly be juicing fanatics themselves to have thought of all of these good points to include in their product.

    Since using this product every day, I have lost weight and even better than that, I have more energy than I know what to do with. I have to ask myself, shall I climb a mountain today or run a marathon? I have been a vegetarian for years but juicing raw vegetables apparently provides all the phytonutrients my body needs to feel younger, better and more alive....more info
  • Great Juicer!
    I received this juicer Christmas of 2007 and love it! It's easy to use,take apart and clean,and put back together. My goal was to get a juicer that I would be happy using and have an easy job when I had to clean it and THIS IS IT! ...more info
  • Its a great juicer
    we were thinking of buying the Jack Lalanne's power juicer, but when we looked at the actual product in the store, that one looked so plasticy model, i was not impressed! On the other hand this Breville model was sitting next to the Lalanne and looks very classy and robust.
    and it is, has a very powerful motor and looks strong, has safety features and works well.
    Simple to use, simple to clean! It is our first juicer, and i dont regret the extra $50 i had to shell out compared to the Lalannes model.
    ...more info
  • Great Juicer
    After much research I zeroed in on this product. It was a great buy and would recommend it to all. It is powerful, not hard to clean and does a great job....more info
  • I got a big mouth first then got this one
    I love this juicer.However after one month of normal juiceing the filter basket tore and they do not warrant this item.Luckily I purchased this item at BED BATH & BEYOND .They would have given me a refund if I wanted it.They gave me a new unit and told me if I had any more trouble I could return the peoduct for any reason even after the warrany period was up.
    I would not purchase another juicer from this company unless they offered a warranty on the basket as it cost $50 ...more info
  • To juice, or not to juice- with this machine its an absolute YES!
    I have owned juicers before and they performed admirably. Their down-fall,however, was the difficulty in cleaning them. The positive benefits of natural juices was out weighed by the difficulty in cleaning the machine. Sad, but true. After reading reviews about the Breville juice fountain I was skeptical but have been made a believer! It juices with magnificent speed and the juice it extracts is wonderfully healthful. AND, the clean up is quick, easy and efficient. A quick rinse and then right into the dishwasher. The only time it takes is to use the included brush to get the last particles out of the screen surrounding the blade. It doesn't take much work and I prefer to clean it well each time I use it to prevent bacteria build up.
    I would recommend this machine to anyone who's interested in juicing!...more info
  • Lots of Power, Love this Juicer...
    I had never owned a juicer. When I wanted to get one, I had no idea where should I start and what should I expect until I spotted a high-end model of Breville in Sonoma Williams store. I fell in love with it right away. Good looking, professional and substantial build but costs $400. That is too much for me as a starter. Then, I started to search for Breville and read users reviews on different models with the concerns of how dry the pulp should be liked, how much juice should come out, how easy to clean and assemble.....with all kinds of comparisons with this and that... I decided to buy JE-95XL of which the price falls within my budget. I got it at Bed Bath and Beyond with a 20% coupon, final cost $120 + tax.

    I have had it for a month now, use it 3 times per week. It is very powerful and professionally built. I mainly use it for hard veggie, like carrots, apples, and potatoes. It produces good amount of juice, pulp is dry enough, easy to clean, just rinse it off under running water right away and use the attached brush to scrub the mesh screen/filter. To avoid more cleaning, I place a plastic bag in the pulp collector so that I don't need to wash it and just throw away the plastic bag. And I don't need to use the juice container (use it for some thing else) since I drink the freshly squeezed juice right away by placing a cup at the juice outlet. The only discrepancy I found is that sometimes, there are small chunks of veggie left un-juiced in the pulp collector. But it is no big deal for me. Just very satisfied with this juicer.
    ...more info
  • Love my juicer
    This is the first juicer I have ever owned... and i love it! The design is great... perfect for a modern kitchen so if it is out on the counter it still looks nice. I love the fact that it has two settings. My mother uses it more than i do... and she loves it just as much....more info


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