VENTA AIRWASHER LW24 Air Humidifier and Purifier All-in-one

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AIR WASHER" HUMIDIFIER 2 gal. tank capacity 11/5" x 11.8" x 13" 3 speeds Humidifies/purifies up to 360 sq. ft. Humidifies and purifies air Revolutionary, worldwide unique technology No bacteria ridden filters Unique wheel technology w/purifying additives Extremely low energy consumption Easy maintenance 10 year warranty Grey Boxed

  • Uses no filter pads
  • Water is the filter. Fresh every day. Cleans with a consistently high level of effectiveness, as water doesn't clog the way filter pads do.
  • Extremely quiet. Ideal for use in bedrooms.
  • Visible purifying performance. Pure water evaporates, leaving dirt trapped in the tank like salt in the sea.
  • Odorless. No smell of moldy filters or stagnant water.
Customer Reviews:
  • fewer sinus infections
    We purchased this unit in Germany after my son had repeated sinus infections. (He has asthma and is prone to have it triggered by these infections.) After this purchase, his sinus problems were significantly reduced! Our troubles began again after the unit fell off the dresser and the casing cracked, rendering the humidifier useless. It's expensive, but it worked well at helping to ward off my son's illness. Other humidifiers have not seemed to prove as effective. ...more info
  • Venta Air Washer
    This is my second Venta Airwasher I have purchased. They work as far as keeping the dust down. I keep it next to the bird cages to keep the feather dust down. The 10 year warranty is a plus. I had to send for a gear part twice on my old one in the last 8 years. The company promptly sent me the replacement part at no charge. It takes a little mechanical ability to install the part. The only down side is having to fill it with water about every other day and then cleaning it about every 2 weeks. ...more info
  • Cleans and Humidifies The Air Nicely, But a Little Difficult to Clean
    My family owns two Venta Airwashers: this one and the Venta #5014436 LW14 Grey Airwasher. I am writing this after having used them for about two years. We live in a dry apartment, and we are also musicians with wood instruments, so it is important for us to keep our apartment well humidified. We are also sensitive to sound, so we need to make sure that whatever machines we purchase work quietly.

    Before we purchased these, we measured our apartment to make sure we were purchasing the appropriate models for the space we live in. I think this is crucial, as you cannot expect a model that is too small to properly humidify a space that is too large, and vice-versa. This seems obvious, but I think a lot of people overlook this and purchase the wrong model.

    I think people are missing the point when they complain about the level of humidity and whether it reaches an optimum level or not. Ventas humidify and purify at the same time, and once a room has a certain level of moisture, it will essentially stay that way if you leave it set to a certain level. It's not like it ill keep ramping up the moisture until you are living in a rainforest. It can only humidify so much, unless you use the largest model in a closet-sized space.

    Regarding the noise issue with the fan, I found that when it starts making that subtle clicking noise that some reviewers mention, it is because the fan mechanism has lost lubrication. A few drops of light oil (such as lemon oil) clears up the noise immediately.

    As long as you follow their directions--and we all know how much Germans love accuracy and directions--these will last a long time and provide and work excellently.

    The reason I am giving this four stars is because I am convinced that they could have designed these with less hard-to-clean crevices. There are many hard-to-clean spots, and a few spaces that are almost impossible to clean. Granted, you won't see them as they are deep inside, but I like to know that I can clean every bit of gunk that I see. You really need to thoroughly clean the Venta every month or so, which should only take a few minutes, but there are an awful lot of crevices.

    Another tip: the way to clean the rotating disc assembly inside the Venta is to use a soft brush, and scrub in-between the discs, and it can also be washed in the top rack of a dishwasher. They offer a special substance that also cleans gunk from inside and off the bottom half of the Venta, but vinegar works just as well.

    Also, as mentioned by others, you need to use their additive in order to allow the water to sheet off the rotating plastic disc assembly. Some folks mention using a few drops of dish washing soap instead, but I haven't tried that yet. When you consider that other models by other companies require you to purchase filters and the like, I think buying a few bottles of this additive is not so bad. Each bottle lasts ca. 3-4 months.

    Now the crucial information: does it really clean the air and humidify well? Although we have not tested our air with any gauges to see if there is a marked difference, I can assuredly say that the air in our apartment is cleaner and definitely moister. The air even seems to smell cleaner. Our wooden floors creak when we don't run the Ventas, and after a day of running them, they are silent. The truth is in the water: when we clean the Ventas and replace the additive every two weeks, the water is definitely filthy. The Ventas must be doing something right.

    All in all, we have no regrets. These are simple, yet well-built humidifiers, albeit a little pricey. They are a little difficult to clean, but if you are even somewhat attentive and can follow directions, they should serve you well....more info
  • Not exactly what I wanted, but OK...
    I had a fantastic Sears Kenmore with a rotating belt evaporator that had to be replaced only three times in 15 years. An Emerson replacement required new filters frequently that turned into mush after a month or two. For some reason the humidifying method that Kenmore used and which worked beautifully is no longer available. The problem with this unit is it's low capacity and high price. I have to keep it next to my bed; the Kenmore effectively humidified the whole house.

    If the thing didn't have a little annoying rattle, it would very quiet and it does have a quality appearance. It's clear to me that a good humidifier is still hard to find. Remember how the Japanese came in and replaced all the old clunky American table fans 40 or so years ago? It's time someone came out with a decent humidifier for not a whole lot of money.

    Venta may have a good idea, but this isn't IT yet. This isn't rocket science....more info
  • Expensive yes but it lasts a long time
    I have had this humidifier for going on three years. I agree it is expensive but considering I was buying a new humidifier 1-2 time a year it has more then been worth it.
    My main problem with other humidifiers was the cleaning. If you forget to clean it you will never get the mold out of it. I am just one of those people who forget things and with this humidifier that works fine since it only needs to be cleaned every 2 - 2.5 months.
    The humidifier works well enough so my family's noses and throats from drying out. If you are looking for a sick room humidifier that turns your bedroom into the subtropics then this is not for you but if you wanr something that is low maintenance and works as a humidifier and freshens the room, then this is for you.
    I do recommend using the additive it keeps the water fresher and makes cleaning necessary less frequently. You fill the bottom up and pour in the additive. For the next two weeks you just top off the container. At the end of two weeks you empty it and rinse it out and start again. Once a year (before I store it for the summer) I clean it really well. Thats it. No other humidifier can claim that....more info
  • Incredibly overpriced and ineffective
    I just wish I had had access to these reviews before I plunked down the money for this product. Exasperated with buying and replacing filters, smelling mold, listening to noisy contraptions, I figured what the heck - I've tried everything else. Running full blast this thing couldn't even get the humidity in my small music studio up to 30% on a cold day here in a suburb of Philadelphia. As other reviewers have pointed out, you get no water level indicator, no shut-off when the water dries out, no humidistat to turn it on and off automatically. I could go on.
    I see that they're selling them used starting at $280. I'll give you mine for $25 with my undying thanks....more info
  • Works but is noisier then advertised
    A very simple design that works humidifying a room but I am not so sure about the air cleaning properties. The special soapy mixture you use seems to collect an amount of dirt when it's time to replace the liquid but what does that mean? Replacing the fluid and cleaning the unit is more work then throwing out a filter but that's not a real problem.

    The unit is not bedroom quiet, at least for me. I eventually banished it to another room until I gave the unit away to someone with a two floor house. They are are very happy with it as it helps keep their musical instruments from drying out in winter. The aromatherapy option is very nice and works well.

    The price prevents me from recommending it. I have some $50 ultrasonic humidifiers that work just as well....more info
  • Works well, but .....
    We have two of these units. They work well and humidify efficiently and quietly. I find them easier to clean than other humidifiers and like the fact that I don't have to buy filters that cost $20-$40 depending on the brand. I gave it three stars, because the fan mechanism seems to be poorly made. In both units the fan was defective and had to be replaced. The first did not engage the discs, while the second made a rattling noise. Venta sent me replacement parts without questions, however that should not happen at that price level....more info
  • Expensive Mistake!
    The Venta-Airwasher may be good as a humidifier in countries like Germany where it is extremely cold in winter and the heating stays on 24 hours round the clock, thus there is a continuous need to replace the replenished humidity in the air. But here in San Francisco the weather is mild and we have plenty of humidity in the air due to fog and there is no need to keep heating on 24 hours. If one airs one's apartment on a regular basis, one would have sufficient humidity in doors. What we need here is a good solid air-purifier to clean the allergens, dust, etc from the air.

    The problem with the Airwasher is that it has no separate button to turn off the humidifier section when the room gets saturated with humidity. Secondly, there is no thermostat built in to check and turn off the machine when the humidity reaches the optimum level in the room. Because both humidifier and air cleaner are one, you can't separate the two. Thus if you keep on running the machine after saturation point, you'll get mold all over the walls and clothes. Even my clothes in my wardrobe were wet. I had to stop using the machine. For the past two weeks I could hardly find clothes to wear that were dry. Thirdly, what they don't tell you on their web site and publicity brochures is that this machine requires an expensive chemical substance added to the water chamber on a regular basis otherwise it won't clean the air. But even then, this machine is more of a humidifier than an air cleaner. After two weeks of use I noticed almost no residue in the water chamber, i.e. it did not clean the air at all. I felt the change that air was getting cleaner once I operated the new Sharper Image Hybrid GP Germicidal Air Purifier. I am glad that I bought two different machines to try. Now I know.

    By the way, the Venta-Airwasher has not been tested by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM)or the US Environmental Protection Agency or the for Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR). When I called the company in Illinois and asked why, I was told that their technology is different than the competition that's why. Well, if you believe in that excuse go and buy this machine and see it for yourself. The machine is made of plastic and is very basic.
    ...more info
  • it's ingenious as a humidifer
    It's of course bogus to point out the German social system as reason for the price. A free market is characterized by supply and demand setting the price. I asssume there is a free market in the U.S.?. What you effectively pay for in this humdifier is the idea and patent, not the material. It's the same why an Armani suite costs 2000$ and why Microsoft Office costs more than the CD it is burned on.

    I have this humidifier now for a year. I am an allergy sufferer and dry air makes it worse. I live in CA. Thye humidifier extends on the principle of what my Mom always recommended: Put a bowl with water in your room. Since it does not heat the air you don't have problems with overheated air that then condenses on windows etc. The dryer the air the more it will pick up the humidity. It's kind of self regulating.

    It does the job for me. I measure it and I get usually a jump from 45% to 55% of humidity in my room. I personally think cleaning is very easy. You have to use their cleaner, I do it every 8 weeks or so. It's true there will be mineral deposits on the air cleaner. I wipe them away every 2.5 months. It's not a problem as you can dissassemble this thing completely.

    I think this is the best humdifier out there. It avoids all the problems of heated humdifiers and it's self regulation is ingenious. I don't believe it does a good job of cleaning the air however. That's why I have Friedrich B as well. BTW speaking of which it costs 500$ and is a set of metal plates with a fan made in the U.S....more info
  • cleans and humidifies - could be cheaper
    The political commentary on Germany of one reviewer notwithstanding, this thing works. I have 3 of them. I don't need fancy measuring equipment to tell me that it works when it cleans the air in a smoky, unventilated (windows closed) room overnight. No odor. My little humidistat tells me that room humidity rises by roughly 15% on the lowest speed setting, and an extra 5-10% each when you go to speeds 2 and 3, depending on room size. I have one at work where it keeps my skin and sinuses from drying out in the winter air, and saves me from the aroma of burnt popcorn, which sometimes emanates from the breakroom. I sometimes add a little fragrance, which this does a great job of spreading. Just a few drops of essential oil will do. And yes, Venta is too expensive, which is why I got mine on eBay. Also, when I needed a replacement part Venta mailed it to me very quickly no questions asked. Great warranty....more info
  • Both Praise and Complaints Are Legitimate
    True to form, the European reviewer praises the Venta's holistic simplicity, while an American criticizes the cost!

    I have some criticisms of my own. First, the simplicity of design means no control over humidity level. If the water feels like evaporating, it does! The manufacturer claims a typical range of 40%-55% humidity, but for me it never even reached 40%. Like the American that I am, I returned it to the store for a less "elegant" model that just boils the water, and keeps doing so until you get to the level you want.

    I also don't understand why a simple window to indicate water level is not included, and agree that -- however sturdy the case is -- it really, truly is just two pieces of plastic. This thing should cost fifty bucks, tops.

    But I also agree with the German commentator about the effectiveness of the unit in cleaning the air. The room just smelled clean -- much more so than with the Ionic Breeze ripoffs, or even some smaller filter-based units I have used. It generates only a very soft hum, it definitely is well-constructed, and the "natural" approach of simple, cold evaporation has appeal. I just wish it worked as well as the alternatives at doing its primary job, or had a price advantage....more info
  • perfect
    At low speed you won't even know it's on and it's still quiet at med. and high speed too. We normally run it on medium or high speed when the weather is 35 or colder here in New England and turn it down to low if the temperature outside goes up or it's raining out. Doing this keeps the humidity in the house a pretty constant 40-45 per cent. We have a Colonial house and keep the upstairs bedrooms closed so the unit is just taking care of aboout 1100 ft. downstairs. I fill it in the morning and just before bedtime. They only hold a few gallons of water, but what a difference they make. We have had hardly any colds since we bought ours a couple of years ago, and we're not constantly having to put on lip balm or hand lotions like we used to. Your skin will thank you for it. But wait...there's more...hehe...Wait til you empty and clean it like I do every 2 weeks. The water you dump in the sink...unbelieveable what this unit takes out of the air. Remember, it's an air purifier too. It's amazing to see the junk that's in the dirty water. Stuff you would normally be breathing in.

    It's light weight and small enough to be unobtrusive. I had a problem with mine the second year...called the company and within 3 days had a replacement part that was a snap to install, free of charge of course. Fantastic 10 year warranty.

    Proof of how much we love this unit...the day it broke was a Sunday and dry as a bone...temp in the teens. Within an hour I was home from Bed and Bath with a new unit. Didn't even want to go 3 days without one running. Now we run them both on low speed most of the winter.
    Check out their website...commercial buildings all over Europe use them as well as musicians with expensive wooden instruments to protect. Little known product just introduced to the US a couple of years ago. Highly recommended....more info
  • Cleans the air efficiently
    I purchased the smallest version, the LW 14, for the purpose of cleaning the air in a small kitchen without windows.

    Air ionizers didn't rid the air of the frying smells, but this appliance works.

    The initial price is high, but not the cost to keep the Venta running. Water is cheap. Power consumption on highest setting is about 35 Watt. For whisper-quiet use in a bedroom a lower setting is better. Any air-con would be much louder anyways and drown out the Venta on the highest setting.

    The motor used to power the machine is indeed very silent, and possible can't be manufactured for 30$. The other components are ruggedly constructed and hopefully last many years.

    The device can also be used for aromatherapy, which I'm just testing with some natural Mint oil against my cold....more info
  • Spinning plastic disks for $300!?!
    It's really hard to effectively rate the humification and filtering properties of such appliances. You really need equipment that nobody has. So for the purposes of this review, I'll assume that the machine is the best purifier and humidifier out there (which it probably isn't given that its evaporating from a flat surface and purifying without a HEPA filter). But issues of effectiveness notwithstanding, this is WAY overpriced. Why is it that when something is made in Germany, it costs $300 to get plastic to spin? This would cost $30 if made in India, $100 if made in the US, but at this price you're mostly paying for the German social system and labor market, not an air purifier. The Germans are the best engineers in the world, but until their politicians can figure out how to let them make something with two plastic moving parts cost less than a computer, you should save your money....more info