Waterpik WP-70/WP-70W Family Dental Water Jet

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Product Description

Family model dental water jet, standard cleaning tips, tongue cleaners, frosted reservoir level gauge. Recommended by dental professionals, the family oral irrigator effectively fights gingivitis by cleaning where brushing and flossing can't reach. Pulsating jets of water - 1,200 per minute - reach and deep clean between teeth and under the gum line to reduce harmful bacteria. Can be used with water, mouthwash or any anti-bacterial rinse, and is safe for use with braces, crowns or bridgework. There's a button to control pressure, increasing or decreasing depending on the person, and a button to pause water flow. Comes with four color-coded jet tips so each person knows which one is his or hers, perfect for the entire family. Also included is a tongue cleaner to freshen breath.

  • Clinically proven 93% more effective than flossing at reducing gum disease
  • Removes bacteria deep between teeth and below gumline where brushing alone won't reach
  • Massages gums to make them strong and healthy
  • Healthier Gums in 2 weeks, guaranteed, ideal for cleaning around braces and dental work
  • Color coded jet tips

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Tool
    This is my 3rd WaterPick. I really like that it gives a stong stream of water to loosen food from inbetween my back teeth. Wish there was a way to quiet the sound as it is used but how it works is still more important. I recommend treating you gums with care by getting one yourself....more info
  • Good product!
    We have had several WaterPiks over the years. Although they haven't really varied all that much across the models, this one seems to be a little nicer overall....more info
  • Broke after less than two months...
    The product worked great, when it worked. The pump stopped working and I've owned it less than two months. Disappointed. ...more info
  • Waste of Money
    We bought this at suggestion of our dentist. However, it is difficult to use, extremely messy and the on/off button on handle is difficult to press. We used it a couple of times but have not used it since because of messiness and inconvenience.

    Our neighbors bought the same model, tried to use it a few times and have not tried to use it since for the same reasons we gave.

    Save your money and go back to flossing!!...more info
  • Works great....but only for a year!
    This was a great product and did a great job until this morning (it stopped working). Today, while using the product I noticed a variation on the pressure and suddenly no pressure at all, now it just makes noise but no water comes out. Warranty if over for me, so I will try to take it apart and try to fix it. I will definitely miss this product but will not buy again from waterpik unfortunately. Hope I can find something better....more info
  • waterpik dental water jet
    Over all the Water pik is an average product. The product should have a regulator to slow down/speeed up the jet of water. A high speed jet will detachb the gum from the teeth causing the root to be exposed to attack by bacteris thus causing decay of the tooth. Else the waterpik works flawlessly...more info
  • dentist recommended
    my dentist and dental hygienist recommended that i get this to prevent gum recession. it is very easy to use, very reasonably priced and hnopefully will help my teeth and gums from getting too old!...more info
  • At $10, it'd still be a waste of money
    It's very noisy. Once unpacked, you will NEVER get the cord stored again ... which also means you have to leave the reservoir laying on your sink. Leaks develop after several months. Dies within a year. I'm assuming this is true for all models made by the company, so I'd advise trying any of the other brands.

    NEW "Ultra" ... a world of difference. Quieter. Cord stores easily. More powerful. Just out of the box, it's 4 Stars....more info
  • Plastic supply hose is junk! (and they know it...)
    I have owned several WaterPiks over the years and the biggest problem is the junky plastic supply hose that gets brittle over time. Once it gets brittle there is no fixing it, as cutting off a little piece on the end and reattaching it to the handle only works for maybe one or two more uses, then it starts leaking and you have to do it again. After you do this about a dozen times you are ready to scream! So I bought the replacement hose on-line (about $15 with shipping for a 50 cent part!!!) and opened up the unit (have to use a couple small screwdrivers to pry open the tabs on the bottom, but pretty easy). But when I tried attaching the new hose to the little plastic nipple on the pump that it attaches to, the nipple broke. Poor, cheap design...the nipple should be made of metal!!! So now the unit is toast. Not worth trying to get a new pump for it.

    I firmly believe that WaterPik could easily provide their units with a higher quality plastic supply line that doesn't get brittle after just a few years use, but they won't do that because they want you to buy a new one. And they don't want you to try fixing it either.

    Note -- I did try finding some other hose that would work. The closest I came is some rubber windshield washer hose (avaiable at auto parts stores, cheap) that is 3/32" ID and 5/32" OD. But the problem with the rubber hose it that it restricts the flow of water...the flow is not nearly as powerful as the plastic tubing. And I couldn't find any plastic hose of that size at Home Depot, Lowes, hardware stores, etc. So you are stuck having to order the WaterPik replacement hose at top dollar.
    If you do, be VERY careful attaching it to the pump!

    ...more info
  • Unreliable
    The entire family of WaterPik products has a history of "motor freezing." Actually it is the pump that locks up and the motor can't turn it. This one is no exception. I was able to disassemble and grease the pump, however there is no excuse for this design. I got this one locally to replace the cheaper WP-70 bought on amazon in December. That one lasted three months. This model lasted only two. I like it when it works, but it is quite noisey. ...more info
  • head of household
    Well made. big improvement of the older model. Spray is powerful and gets in places I have been too yet.

    But I am impressed with this unit. I replaced a five year old of the same model and this one is showing where Waterpick has made improvements in it....more info
  • Waterpik WP-70W Family jet
    We Love it. Way better than flossing and our teeth feel really clean as well. My son loves the tongue cleaner, I can't wait to do the in/out at the dentists office on teeth cleaning day. Be sure to read the instructions on how to use prior to using or you will have a mess on the counter and mirror! A bit noisy until you feel the benefits....more info
  • Badly engineered with inferior materials
    When my family first bought a Water Pik irrigation appliance back in the sixties, it was a very well crafted piece of equipment. It lasted for years and years.

    I bought one of these WP-70s and noticed off the bat the dramatic change in quality from the original product. Flimsier, lighter, and noisier.

    But considering that I used it only once or twice a week, it didn't take long for the product to fail. In about a year, the hose sprung a small leak. And because of the pressure in the hose, the leak created a tiny stream that sprayed all over the bathroom .

    Within days, the leak increased, and then became a crack, and then simply broke into two separate pieces. Now the machine - with total flight hours of, what?, maybe a few hours worth of use?, the product is kaput.

    It's been sitting on the counter taking up space while I search for replacement parts, but the hose seems integral to the handle, and I haven't been able to find a replacement hose for this model.

    My advice, based on my experience is to steer clear of this one.

    While I think the product concept is a good one, and it really provides a superior oral cleaning, it's a piece of junque that reeks of manufacturing corner cutting.

    And environmentally, the idea of building this half way around the planet and shipping it to the US only to drop it into already overburdened landfills seems somewhat absurd. ...more info
  • Improved!
    I have used WaterPik Dental Water Jets for many years. Finally, the WP-70 seems to be improved. On my most recent purchase, the handle head turns smoothly so the cord doesn't twist and after being used, the water drains out of the cord more completely....more info
  • Poorly made
    I bought this product last year and used it a few times and put it away. I just took it out a few days ago to use it for the 5th time and it sprung a leak on the handle and water gushes out all over the place. Just like the other comments/reviews say here....

    It did work pretty well as for getting in between the teeth but breaking after only a few uses isn't really worth it.

    I'm going to buy the 100 watt one and try it out since there is a Nov 2008 coupon for 10 [...] off. Lets see if this one can last 10 uses.......more info
  • Avoid this product ...
    Our first unit lasted about almost 2 months. Despite the relatively short lifespan, I thought the product was worth it considering the dirt-cheap price. However, the second unit we got leaked water at the base during its first use; so, it went back to Amazon the very same day it arrived our home. This product is so dangerous. Without exercising some safety precaution, it can cause electrocution! ...more info
  • No confimation and late delivery
    The way Amazon jump by placing the order and sending an email, without showing confirmation page with all the details and a submit button bathers me. When I ordered this item I selected 9 b days, but when it shows the order it started the counting 5 bd later and it was delivered even later.
    Although the product is great and the price is good, but I will go to Amazon more if I see all the terms (price, tax and delivery date) before I submit.
    ...more info
  • Waterpik Family size
    We like the size of the water bowl and the force of the water jet. We have had other ones but like this one the best. A 5 star item....more info
  • Don't buy this Waterpik!
    This is a piece of junk. Why is the company still producing this model? It wasn't even three weeks before it stopped working--no power and it sounds like a jack hammer. I want to buy another oral irrigator but I'm reluctant to trust any Waterpik product. I do not want to give it even one lousy star....more info
  • Excellent Product
    Exactly as described. . . No more, but no less. You get what you paid for....more info
  • Everything I expected and more
    Product cleans teeth perfectly. even if I brush and floss first, the pik cleans more material from my teeth. This is perfect for me because I have a number of crowns and food gets stuck to the underside of the crowns as my gums recede. This product removes all stuck material. It's great....more info
  • WaterPik WP-70 review
    We had used a WaterPik for many years and just wore it out. We bought the new version of WP-70/WP-70-W and have been very unhappy with the oeration of this unit.

    Apparently,over the years, WaterPik has redesigned their units to give a "pulsating" flow of water. Our old unit performed the cleaning with a "volume" of water, thus flushing out anything between thec teth. The new pulsating action is very poor. If you turn up the pressure to get more volume, the water jet is very hard on the gums.

    I wish we were back with our old unit and not this supposed newer technology....more info
  • No user installed parts available
    I have owned and used Waterpik oral irrigator products for many years. As with anything mechanical, certain parts wear out and the manufacturer used to sell those commonly replaced parts such as hoses and handles on its website. No more; now they tell you that there are no user replaceable parts and one must send off the entire unit to an "authorized repair facility." BY the time you pay for shipping and the repair facility's charges, you could buy a new machine! When I asked the customer service rep from Waterpik why I couldn't repair the machine myself as I had done many times in the past, I was told "special tools are needed." Yeah right! The "special tools" needed are screwdrivers! When I called the authorized repair center and tried to purchase a new hose, they wouldn't sell it to me and wanted me to send in the entire machine so they could relace the hose - a 5 minute job. When I told them it wasn't worth the cost they suggested that I buy a new machine - for about $60.00. I asked the repair guy "Hey mister, if you had a two year old car that needed a new radiator hose, would you junk the car and buy a new one? He had no answer....more info
  • Waterpik
    Great way to clean your teeth. Very easy to use once you get the hang of it. Would highly recommend....more info
  • Motor froze up in 4 months
    Purchased in February, the motor froze up in June. ...more info
  • Motor freezes up
    I have just returned my third Waterpik WP-70. In three months time, the motors froze up on all three. Coincidence, or just poor workmanship? I always followed the directions in the manual exactly as written. Another complaint is the noise level. I am currently searching for a better alternative to Waterpik....more info
  • Cleans well, cheaply built
    I must say that it is impressive, and gratifying, to give your teeth the best brushing you know how, then turn on the water jet and watch all the hidden bits of detritus get chased out of their hiding places. It really does clean in places the brush can't reach, and if your teeth are tightly packed (like mine), it is much easier than flossing. The basic idea of cleaning with a pulsed water jet seems sound to me.

    That said, I really think there's room left in the market (the aging-boomer-healthcare market that is) for a quality, well-made dental irrigator. My Water Pik sounds like a little jackhammer running, the tubing to the handpiece is stiff and tangles easily, and... mine sprang a leak where the tubing enters the handpiece after about four months. A leak that sprays water all the way across the room, mind you. The handpiece is cheaply molded onto the tubing and can't be disassembled for repair, and the parts don't seem to be available.

    I'm here on Amazon shopping for an alternate brand, but it seems that they have similar shortcomings -- short life heading the list. So I repeat my remark, and hope that someone from Bosch or Panasonic or somewhere were they value quality stuff is reading... what this country (USA) needs is an irrigator that works well, stays together, and doesn't wake up the house!...more info


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