BonJour Hugo 3-Cup Unbreakable French Press, Black

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Smell that fresh coffee aroma! BonJour brings color, comfort and performance together in the versatile Hugo French Press. The rubberized comfort-grip handle feels great to hold, while the rubberized base keeps your press in place. The 53392 unique built-in filtering lid reduces loose grinds in your cup! A color coordinated acrylic scoop is also included. The patented high-dome filtering lid causes less sediments in your coffee. It is made from Borosilicate glass for superior heat retention and clarity. Rubberized base Specifications - Capacity - 375 ml / 12 ounces / 1 Cup Weight - 0.7 lbs. Material - Polycarbonate Made from Borosilicate glass

A virtually unbreakable polycarbonate carafe makes this coffee press sturdy enough for picnics, camping, or dorm use. To use a French press, grounds are placed in the bottom of the (preheated with hot water, if possible) carafe, then near-boiling water added. The lid with its stainless-steel rod and filter is pushed down after a few minutes of steeping, and the coffee is ready to pour. Many coffee aficionados swear by the French press method. The Hugo features a second mesh screen in the lid that removes even more of the coffee grounds sediment typically left behind by most coffee presses.

In addition to the polycarbonate carafe, the Hugo features a rubberized comfort-grip handle and plastic frame, which makes it possible for coffee (or tea) to be reheated in a microwave when the lid and stainless-steel fixtures are removed. The Hugo three-cup carafe makes about 12 ounces of coffee, which is merely one large cup for some coffee drinkers. A larger eight-cup model is also available, and both come in black, white, blue, or green. --Ann Bieri

  • 3-cup French press makes 12 ounces of fresh brewed coffee
  • Unbreakable polycarbonate carafe great for picnics or dorms
  • Rubberized, comfort-grip handle; plastic lid and frame
  • Stainless-steel filter rod and screen; mesh lid removes extra sediment
  • Microwavable when lid and metal parts removed

Customer Reviews:

  • Desktop Bliss
    Perfect for the office. Makes cubelife a little more pleasurable, one cup at a time. ...more info
  • Small
    Much like everyone else has said this does not look like three cups. Actually, if you hold on one second I will test this out; Okay, I filled a measuring cup with 2 cups of water, and to full capacity this thing didn't even hold the full two cups.
    Now, this is an outrage to me. Because a) it doesn't even fill two cups when it boasts that it will hold 3 and b) even if with the almost-two cups it can hold, it certainly won't make two cups of coffee in one shot. If you subtract the space occupied by the grounds, and the press element of the coffee press, it'll probably make one whole cup of coffee. Rip-off man.
    The only thing I liked was that it came with a nice little spoon to measure out the grounds. Yea I liked that, almost enough to forget about the whole discrepancy with the 1-cup it makes to the 3-cups it claims. NOT. I think I plan on calling the company to give them a piece of my mind!...more info
  • Unbreakable, my behind!
    The outside is unbreakable but not the plunger. I never dropped it or put it in the dishwasher. This thing didn't even last a year. I went to wash it the other day and the plastic around the screen just fell apart into a bunch of pieces. Who cares if the outside works if your coffee is full of grounds?...more info
  • Even works GREAT with tea
    I use my Bonjour press to press my loose Earl Grey tea leaves. It does a fantastic job and the measuring scoop you get with this thing is the perfect size for scooping tea. Get this... it even works great for pressing tea bags to get that extra kick of tea. I don't drink coffee (sorry if that is blasphemy), but I am sure it would do just fine with coffee. This press is NOT a standard U.S. 3 cups. You will do good to get 10-12 oz. out of it. Some may complain about that, but even though it is a little misleading, it is perfect for my 15 oz. mug....more info
  • Tea's a Dream
    This little press makes a wonderful cup of tea. I never knew that my tea could taste so much better. The press brings out the flavor of every bit of the tea. ...more info
  • Lousy
    Through a gift ordering glitch I ended up with two of these. Within two weeks the plastic ring around the plunger broke, one while washing, the other while swishing in rinse water. Not worth the wasted resources. ...more info
  • Good product!
    I ordered two of these so that my husband and I could have our own (we drink different flavors of coffee)... It works great at filtering the grounds! My only complaint is that I thought it would be a little bigger. It just barely fills a regular small coffee cup, but overall we're both very happy with the press!...more info
  • cute and easy to clean
    I love this little thing, but I just wish I had gotten the bigger one. I need it to be 3 times the size for my tea....more info
  • finally unbreakable french press
    i have inadvertantly broken so many french presses. this on, although tiny and good for only one mug of coffee, it is no where near as fragile as the tempered glass ones. it's great!...more info
  • Breakable "unbreakable" French Press
    While the pot seems to be unbreakable, the plunger is not. I travel a lot and love my morning coffee. But I've gone through three of these pots (one I gave to a friend, so two for me, one for them) because the plunger falls apart after a short while. I wrote to the company for a replacement part (it's a simple plastic piece) but got no response. Don't purchase this allegedly unbreakable pot....more info
  • Just about the worst press I've used
    Unbreakable, good. Everything else, Bad. I've been using this press for a year now and I just can't use it any more.

    My background: Coffee fanatic. I've spent a long time perfecting the grind and tamp for 12bar pump espresso and a fair amount of time perfecting my regular coffee technics. I like coffee.

    Problem 1: the screen might be a little too fine. The idea of a press is to use coarsely ground coffee. With a burr grinder (the best I can afford, anyway) you end up with a small amount of grounds that are too fine and clog the screen. Then, as you try to push the plunger down, the grounds sneak out around the rubber gasket that seals against the walls of the plastic cylinder so not only do you have problems pressing the grounds, but you can't drink the last few sips from the bottom of the cup unless you like gritty coffee.

    Problem 2: Once you do get the grounds filtered, you go to pour the coffee and the lid creates a vacuum so the coffee just dribbles out. So you have to pry up the back side of the lid a little with your thumb to allow replacement air in. Along with that, the secondary screen - which is a good idea in theory - immediately clogs. Then, once you do manage to finish the pour and you set the press back on the counter, you end up with an ounce of coffee back in press. Sort of a mystery until you realize that the ounce is being held in the domed lid as you try to pour it and never makes it out of the spout. So then you have to pull the cap off far enough so that the coffee can pour out and not get caught in the lid. I thought maybe this was a feature to help keep the fine grinds from making it into my cup so I tried leaving that ounce in the press (which is about 10% of the coffee in this small press). The bottom of my cup was still covered in coffee mud.

    WAY too much work involved here. And the end result is less than acceptable. I used a bodum for years before I bought this press without any of these issues. My daughter broke the glass cylinder so I went for this unbreakable one. I even have an Ikea 32oz press that's better. So back to bodum I go. This BonJour is a surprisingly bad press. I never realized how much engineering needs to go into something so simple, but apparently, it does....more info
  • very small coffee press
    This doesn't look like its a 3 cup coffee press, looks more like a two cup. Haven'tused it, still sitting on the counter. But it looks nice....more info
  • The Little Coffee Maker That Could - Almost
    This was the first "french press" I ever bought.
    The 3 cup size is measured by the European tiny 4oz per cup size, so it should make about 12 oz, though with the beans taking up room, it holds between 10oz-11oz. It makes the perfect (for me anyway) size cup for one.

    I was never a big coffee drinker, and when I did drink it, I always loaded up on cream and sugar. This press makes such wonderful coffee, and it's never bitter, I drink it black and love it. In case you are assuming that since I'm not a huge coffee drinker that I like it weak and light, I much prefer the coffee to be dark and full bodied. I'm mainly drinking one "cup" a day for the antioxidants and other health benefits you get from drinking freshly ground coffee, and by using a french press, there is no paper filter to absorb most of the beneficial and flavorful oils.

    I use two measuring tablespoons of coarsely ground beans for each pot, pour almost boiling water over them, stir and let brew for a few minutes, then slowly depress the plunger to push the ground to the bottom and pour.
    BTW, The leftover grounds are great for the compost - the worms never had it so good ;-D

    I buy my coffee locally from a small company that roasts their own beans, but I think any coffee would work fine as long as it is coarsely ground so you don't get small gritty pieces escaping through the filter into your cup.
    I get the beans whole and freshly grind them myself with the Krups Fast Touch Coffee Grinder.

    Now on to the big con and why I only gave it three stars:
    The housing for the metal mesh filter is made out of thin cheapo plastic. Over a very short period of time, from normal pressure of pushing it down on the coffee grounds it breaks apart rendering it useless.

    I bought mine several years ago from a local company and it was the only small one they had. I wrote this review because I see from the current reviews that they are still making this model with the same lousy plastic filter housing. When mine broke, I found one on Amazon that was identical but made of glass (which I prefer anyway), and most importantly the filter housing is made of stainless steel making a very durable product (it also doesn't have a silicone seal, its just metal mesh).
    Unfortunately Amazon is not currently carrying it, but I've heard that the Bodum brand has the all stainless steel housing in theirs.

    Bottom Line: If you can find the one with the stainless steel filter housing grab it. If you want the unbreakable carafe (this one) be very careful not to exert much pressure on the plunger or the plastic will break.

    Edit: I forgot to mention that the sturdy rubber base the carafe sits in makes it very stable, and allows you to set it on surfaces where heat would have been a problem....more info
  • Huge piece of crap
    This french press worked fine for about a year (hence the two stars as opposed to one)...and then it literally just fell apart in several places, all at once. It was cheap in price and quality....more info
  • Great little thing!
    It's pratical, very easy to use and makes great coffe! It's for 1 or 2 cups of coffe. It works great for when you want coffe for your self, you don't need to use the big pot....more info
  • Great little press
    We got this press for travel and it is perfect. The size fits wonderfully in our suitcase or grocery chest and it operates exactly as a french press should. You have to know how to operate this to get it to make coffee, and that means drinking the coffee strong as is or adding hot water after you press it to make it more American style. We later purchased the larger size of press as well for times that we want more coffee without having to make two pots....more info
  • Not very good
    The material this is made of is not nearly as good as glass. It discolors when washed, so who knows what leaches into the coffee when it is made?...more info
  • french press
    this is deffently designed in France. they use very small cups to drink their coffee,, 3 french cups equal 1 usa cup,, arnt we the land of plenty. Or is it? by the time we drink 1 cup, the Frence had 3!?!?...more info
  • false advertising
    3 cups only if you're a child having a tea party. i called and complained when i received this item but received no satisfaction. the cups they advertise are european style and even though this is made to be sold in america the company is so elitist that they don't mention the ounces per cup and refuse to even consider that they are fooling the public....more info
  • Unhappy
    The BonJour Hugo 3-cup is a total of 12oz's it is not a conventional 3cup times 8 oz's. It will barely squeeze out a single 8oz cup of coffee. I was not happy when it arrived and contacted the company to suggest they update their ad to say the press produces 3,four ounce cups and not mislead the public by labeling it 3-cup. (Buyer beware.)I did decide to keep it as it makes a great single cup of loose leaf tea.
    ...more info
  • Great, easy to use French Press
    I use this press almost every day at work. It certainly is not three cup by American standards, but this three cup is perfect for my thermo mug I put my coffee in after it has steeped. I had read some reviews that there were some issues, but I haven't seen any of them. The measuring cup that comes with it is perfect for the right strength I like, I heat the water for about 2 mins 15 seconds, let it steep for 4 or 5 minutes, and then put it back in the cup. No grounds and lots of flavor. At first, I didn't think I liked it but that was because it was very different from what I'm used to. I like it a lot now; much more flavor. One caveat for those that like boiling hot coffee, you'll need to put it back in the microwave (in your original cup of course). I don't have to because I can't drink it really hot. It is just right for me. I'm very glad I got this. It's better than the instant I was drinking and certainly better than the vending machine. Also, much less than the premium convenience coffee. ...more info
  • Don't do it
    I bought one of these thinking the plastic would be better for work.

    The unit lasted only two months before the rubber seal and plastic seat disentigrated.

    The plastic handle / holding band slip when the beaker is hot.

    It is drippy.

    I am disgruntled. ...more info
  • correcting misconceptions
    First, the eternal admonmition: read the damned manual
    Then we, Americans are the onlypeople on earth to measure a cup as 8 ounces. Even our US china makers make drinking cups in the 3 to 4 ouncesrange. in reality a 3 cup(read 3 tasses) will produce one 11-12 ounce coffee mug.
    Re the non metalic plunging 'filter: plunge slowly with a pristine clean mesh.If resistance becomes strong, back up an inch and plunge anew. in extremecases(usuallythe resultof the "fines', the powder produced by poor grinders) remove the plunger, rinse, restart the plunging(slowly!)I soak my plunger in hotwater immediately fter making my coffee, never had a problem but again,I'm not ham-fisted and Idon't mind taking a full 30seconds to plunge the water/coffee mix.
    Finally: never forget to vigorously stir the mixture, with a PLASTIC utensil until a 'crema' tops the brew( you read the littlemanual, yes?) you'll getthe richest coffee this side of an espresso but not to the last drop:it is coffee mud(the excess of the 'fines' that were floating in your coffee and enriched its taste. Cn't stand the little mud get a Twchnivorm drip maker(the one and only that gets the water to the minimum 185 degrees F and use it witha gold mesh filter, not paper expectto pay about $200 for the basic Technivorm(it is worth the price! and it is made in theNetherlands, not China)...more info
  • It worked great ..... until it broke.
    I've use it for less than a year. the press part of the french press broke. there is no way to replace it.
    too bad....more info
  • review of product
    I am well pleased with this coffee pump. l It is my second one. The first (unbreakable)on broke and I immediately re-ordered. ...more info
    WHY DO THEY CALL IT a 3 CUP PRESS..I barely get ONE cup out of it!! Are they talking EXPRESSO cups?
    Well anyway, every single time I use it I get grounds in my cup! EVERYTIME! GROUNDS!!!! yuck!
    This is the third French Press I have owned and it is the worst of the three! I guess I will continue my search for a fourth French Press before I choke on too many grounds!!!!!...more info
  • Coffee Press
    It makes the perfect one mug of coffee for me on days that I only allow myself one cup. I need to use a larger coffee press for more than one mug of coffee....more info
  • Great little French Press
    The BonJour 3-cup French Press works like a charm and the coffee tastes delicious. Downside is that it's very small. The maker must be thinking of demitasse cups. The unbreakable feature is also a plus. ...more info
  • plastic broke
    The plastic screen mechanism disintegrated.....This coffee press is poorly designed,,,,,>>>Meant to break after 3 months .....more info
  • small but gets the job done
    It's a little on the small side, however, it's good for a mug of coffee in the mornings which is all I need....more info
    You can see it's cheap junk when you open the package. The cheap plunger just fell apart after a few months of occasional use. Very disappointed. The Bonjour website and customer service is similar to their craftsmanship.

    Not recommended....more info
  • Nice!
    I give it four stars because it does let grinds by sometimes; doesnt feel like a solid seal. ALl in all it great, and i've never had such delicious coffee...!!...more info
  • Great for when I want a single "cup" of coffee
    This smaller French Press is great for when I want a single "cup" of good coffee. A user needs to be aware that a cup measurement is only 4 oz. in the manufacturers palance. My "cup" is 12 oz. Therefore this 3-cup makes one 12 oz. "cup"....more info
  • French Press
    Fast delivery, good price.
    Would be better if the cup was glass - plastic stains so bad....more info
  • unbreakble but breakable
    First I liked this press - good coffee, reasonable price.
    But in 3 weeks operation, the press itself has already broken. The plastic holder for mesh filter has broken...
    May be this pres is good for ones a year usage, but not for everyday... ...more info
  • not so durable
    While the beaker may be unbreakable, the rubber sealant ring and plastic construction under the plunger began to disintegrate after several months of daily use.I don't recommend....more info
  • Stupid Product
    I bought this back in 2007 and was initially happy with it. Turns out "unbreakable" only refers to the cup, not the rest of the press.

    After a month or so the plunger screen broke in half.

    Lots of other people must think the same thing, because among the tag suggestions Amazon is giving me are "horrible" and "junk". Just be warned. You get what you pay for, and sometimes less....more info
  • Practical, Simple and perfect
    The coffee maker is brilliant, it's better than the normal bodum glass press as it has a rubber surrounding to the shaft filter, so no coffee will run through the holes. It's great as it doesn't break. It has an embedded coaster which is an addition i like.

    great value, great buy. You'll love it!...more info
  • A good buy
    I love French-pressed coffee, but I've had bad luck with the glass ones. This one makes great coffee, just like the glass ones, but it's non-breakable. That's a good thing!...more info
  • Great value
    Wish I bought a few more to give as gifts to college kids going away. Expecially great if you are the only coffee drinker in the house. Awesome to travel with. Unbreakable, just throw it in the suitcase and forget about it....more info
  • unbreakable carafe, breakable components
    I've had mine for about a month and the ring around the screen on the plunger has already come off and doesn't appear to want to go back on. In general, I think the screen/plunger piece does not fit well and lets a lot of air (and grounds!) pass through the ring, no matter how slowly or carefully you press down the plunger.

    This may be okay for camping trips since the carafe seems very durable, but I do not recommend this for daily home or office use. In fact, this weekend I'll be shopping for a larger and less cheaply built glass coffee press in a brick-and-mortar store.

    This unit is also very small. If I fill it to capacity I can almost make enough coffee to fill my standard-sized coffee mug....more info
  • Pretyy darn Cool
    I'm in the Army and Army coffee is lousy. Bought this thing for the field last month and it was well worth it. We aren't easy with our gear and this french press made it for a month in the field. I would recommend the next size up because this is a French thing and the three cups they use are TINY. Made enough for one American 12 oz cup. You know we supersize everything...anyway. five stars. It's worth it....more info
  • Is it really a 3-cup?
    I ordered this item thinking that it was really a 3-cup French press... but when I opened the box, it seemed more of a 3-cup espresso. Too bad it was that small....more info
  • Durable, easy to clean, pefect for when you want only...
    ...a single cup...small enough that it makes a nice travel amenity...however, bear in mind that three cup, in this case, amounts to only about a half a cup for most you might want to consider the "8-cup" version...I've had mine for almost a year now and I'm quite happy with it....more info
  • Good French Press
    I am not a regular coffee drinker, but when I do drink it, I like the good stuff,that is coffee made with a french press. I used a french press gifted by a friend for a couple of years, it made great coffee, but I had to use it very delicately and one day it cracked and broke. No such worries with this one though- it makes great coffee and even my husband can handle (or mishandle) it!...more info
  • Screen Holder Broke
    I've used french presses for years and always managed to break the glass pots so I thought I'd try this one. Well, the pot may be "unbreakable", but the plastic gasket surrounding the screen broke after about 10 uses. Cool idea, bad design. ...more info
  • piece of junk
    I bought this french press about 5 months ago. For the first four months, I only used it on weekends. For the last month, I used it almost every day, until it started to fall apart and finally broke today.

    About a week into my using the press everyday, I realized that a lot of the grounds were getting into my mug, despite the double-filter system. I couldn't quite figure it out and just gave up on the last sip of coffee.

    Then a week later, the rubber ring around the mesh filter fell off while I was rinsing out the press. Merely rinsing! I didn't even get to the gentle sponging that I usually apply. Needless to say, from that point on, I was even more gentle with it. I was able to tuck the rubber ring back around the plastic, it looked fine, but the grinds really started to seep through.

    Today, when I was pulling out the filter to dump out the grinds, only the top portion came out. The plastic ring holding the mesh filter together was stuck to the bottom of the press and the plastic ring had crumpled into several pieces.

    I enjoyed the press very much...until it started to fall apart bit by bit. ...more info
  • Plastic screen holder can break
    I got this little French Press for Christmas (cost was the full $25) and used it every day for five months, until the plastic screen holder on the bottom of the plunger pretty much disintigrated. I've used french presses for years and am in the habit of disassembling the plunger/filter mechanism for periodic cleaning. This is fine for metal screen holders, but this plastic one cracked and soon broke into small pieces.

    I'm going back to Bodum. Their glass carafes can break (and be replaced), but I never really liked the plastic carafe on the BonJour Hugo -- it quickly began showing minute scratches, giving the impression that it wasn't completely clean. (I'm not a clean freak, but good coffee calls for clean brewing equipment.)

    If it weren't for the broken holder and the plastic carafe, I would have given this french press five stars....more info
  • I loved it - til it broke
    Well, I bought it, and originally gave it a 4 star review. But I've had it less than 5 months, gently used, and like many others - the screen broke.

    I really like the design of this, and the fact that it is only good for one (not 3) normal coffee mug is perfect for me.

    But to market an item as unbreakable, when obviously at least one part of this item is very breakable - just read the reviews. That's just not true.

    The price is very low, considering, and if I got a year's use out of it, I wouldn't really complain - I'd just buy another. But less than 5 months, using not quite once per day? Sorry....more info
  • size matters
    its too small, even for a small-sized french press

    the mesh naturally starts to sink into the coffee before you even want to press

    i wouldn't recommend the little presses...more info
  • Switch to Aeropress
    I used the BonJour 3 cup Unbreakable French Press for about a semester. Then, I forgot to clean out the coffee grounds and left them in the mesh for about a week. I tried to clean out the moldy mess that was left, but it was incredibly difficult to get everything out of the mesh.

    Then, I bought an Aeropress. It's easy to use, easy to clean and makes a better cup of coffee. You should buy that instead. No, really....more info
  • Unbreakable, unless you intend to make coffee.
    I won't start by complaining about the size, it does say twelve ounces.

    It also says "Microwavable when lid and metal parts removed."

    So I used this to boil water in the microwave and the bottom cracked after four uses.

    Other than that, great press....more info


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