Honeywell Enviracare 60000 Tower Air Purifier with IFD Filter

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Product Description

ENVIRACAIRE IFD60000 -- Most of the best health spas are situated in or near mountains, and apart from picturesque surroundings the air must be a big part of the beneficial effects reported by those who visit such resorts. Also, most of us live in or near major cities, and our air quality is far from pristine. Winter weather traps in bad air, compounding the problem. That's where a good air cleaner comes into play! Most effective in rooms up to 150 square feet

  • Air purifier with built-in ionizer and permanent easy-to-clean IFD filter
  • Whisper-quiet operation; AHAM clean-air delivery rate (CADR) of 100
  • 2 air-cleaning levels for customized and efficient operation
  • For medium-sized rooms up to 150 square feet; compact design
  • Measures approximately 15-1/2 by 14-1/4 by 19-3/8 inches; 5-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Works well for me
    I bought my air purifier several years ago. It is somewhat noisy as mentioned in other reviews. However, I just run mine at night and when I'm not at home. I know it's working because I have pets and my mother is allergic. I started running it full-time for about 1-2 weeks prior to her visiting, and it cleared the air so well that she had no adverse reaction to the pets for the two days she was there. I would recommend it for the money. ...more info
  • Not sure I'd buy this again.
    Seemed to work (anectdotal evidence during pollen/allergy season), but not sure how well. Not much dust trapped on the screen or pre-filter. Not sure what happened. It was worth a try, and seems to work a little bit (seems to have cut down on fresh paint smell in two bedrooms we painted).

    I would investigate other units before buying this one. ...more info
  • Just What I Was Looking For
    A great air cleaner for the small apartment I live in and I love the fact that I never hace to purchase a new filter for it. Just remove the filter and clean !!!...more info
  • Honeywell Enviracare Tower Air Purifier
    This is excellent value for the money. The fan is noiser than on more expensive models, but no lounder than a regular fan. However, the plastic control broke after two days from being turned in the wrong direction by my toddler. I'd recommend a push button control for anyone with kids. ...more info
  • Never better air purifier
    It is the best air purifier I have seen. You should try it....more info
    This is my first purchase on Amazon and I am satisfied with the timely delivery of my purchased product. However, I am very dissatisfied with the quality of this product. First, the removable rear casing, which allows access to the filter, does not fit properly on both units I purchased. Once the rear casing is removed it takes some force to get it back into place. Secondly, Amazon promotes this product to operate with "whisper-quiet operation". This statement is a farce. This product produces much more noise than my upright rotary house fan, both in the turbo setting and the quiet setting. I have made the mistake of purchasing two (2) of these Honeywell Enviracare 60000 Tower Air Purifiers for my family. I will not make the mistake of keeping them and will be returning them very shortly. This product is best used as a stationary low speed fan. Please note, in both the turbo and quiet settings this item does not produce the ionization & filtration that you expect when comparing this item with other similar items retailing at the same MSRP listing. Third, this products filter is not sanitary. The filter is of a honeycomb designed column that when cleaning you merely tap out the debris, vacuum and replace for further use. The core of this filter is impossible to access for thorough cleaning. Again, I can't believe the fact that this product claims to operate under "whisper-quiet operation" and it is hard to believe that Honeywell and Amazon dare to promote this item as being able to retail for $179.00. I am not being paid to criticize this product and am an independent consumer who thinks people should know the facts of this product....more info
  • A bit too noisy
    The unit is a bit too noisy, so much that it is very annoying if not on the low setting (but still noisy). I've had it several months, and have found it to be reliable, but not that good of a cleaner. It is a bit large, but not heavy. It's probably best for a room in which you wish to circulate air, with a small bit of purifying needed....more info
  • Great Unit
    Works very well. Only drawback it's large - but stands upright.
    Well worth the money and quit in the low speed. ...more info
  • Useless
    I purchased this air filter a few weeks ago. Apart from being very noisy, it was totally ineffective. After running for two weeks, the filter still has not collected any dust! I didn't research enough before buying an air purifier, but now realize that HEPA is the only way to go if you actually want to purify your air, not just move it around.


    As a replacement purifier I purchased the Honeywell 17000 HEPA QuietCare Air Cleaner (see my review of this product). It works much better and actually removes particles etc from the air really well.

    I tried selling my IFD fiter on E-Bay but no one would buy it - not even for 3 dollars! What a POS!
    ...more info