Cuisinart Chef's Classic Nonstick Hard-Anodized 12-Inch Skillet with Helper Handle

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Sloped sides and wide flat bottom for frying fish, sauteing onions and garlic, or browning big batches of chicken. Open design maximizes cooking surface. Long handle offers balance to provide control when tossing food. Durable hard anodized construction heats fast and even. Dense, non-porous and highly wear resistant. Tapered rim for drip-free pouring.

From eggs for a crowd at breakfast to fish, chicken, or steak at dinnertime, this roomy 12-inch open skillet is a great all-round performer. The advanced Quantanium nonstick coating is designed for healthy low-fat cooking, and titanium reinforcement makes it tough enough for use with metal utensils Even the most delicate foods can be cooked without sticking, and cleanup is quick and easy. An additional helper handle makes it easy to maneuver this large pan on the stovetop.

Cuisinart Chef's Classic cookware is constructed from durable 3mm hard-anodized aluminum, providing superb heat transfer without hot spots. The securely riveted stay-cool steel handles are oven-safe to 500 degrees F, so food can be browned on the stovetop then transferred to the oven to finish cooking. This pan should be hand-washed with a mild detergent, and it carries a limited lifetime warranty against defects. --Simon Leake

  • 12-inch hard-anodized aluminum skillet with durable Quantanium nonstick coating
  • Durable Quantanium nonstick coating, safe for use with metal utensils
  • Riveted stay-cool steel handles
  • Hand wash only; oven safe up to 500 degrees F
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Customer Reviews:

    Nice for the price. Very large pan. Easy to clean and nothing sticks! You are going to eventually have to toss all nonstick stuff anyway because it enevitabley scratches and peels, so why spend alot. This is great!...more info
  • warps and lost its non-stick
    this pan has warped severely and has lost some of its non-stick features. It was always hand washed, never used on high heat and is only 2 yrs old....more info
  • Love this skillet!
    This is the largest skillet I've ever owned. It's great for pan frying large quantities of food. Everything gets equal "pan-time" and cooks evenly with no burnt or undercooked pieces. This skillet is great for Asian cooking or any kind of stir frying. The food cooks evenly and quickly. Cleanup is very fast, though the pan is quite large and you will need a big or deep sink. Every kitchen should have at least one skillet this big and this good!...more info
  • Fantastic Pan
    I bought this pan and have used it many times already. It heats evenly,browns well and is durable. I love this pan!! I bought the 10" pan in the same Cuisinart line. ...more info
  • Excellent cookware
    Very stylish and great to cook with. For the price, you can't beat it!...more info
  • A Perfect Skillet
    I am very pleased with this skillet. It is heavy duty without being so heavy that it is difficult to lift when it is full. It conducts heat very well and cooks more evenly and quickly at a lower temperature than any non-stick pan I have ever had. It also cleans up easier than any other non-stick pan I have owned. I think this pan is a great value for the price....more info
  • Fantastic skillet
    I have 2 of these skillets and need more. I travel and cook when I travel. This skillet goes with me in my luggage. I abuse this item and it keeps on being the best skillet I have ever owned. I have a skillet I paid 175.00 for and this little 31.00 (when I bought it) puts it to shame. It definitely needs a lid but the non-stick surface remains amazing after 4 years of use/abuse. My only complaint is the price increase since 5 of my family members have requested this item for their Christmas/birthday presents. GREAT skillet....more info
  • versatile everyday skillet
    We use this skillet most days of the week for something or another! It is absolutely wonderful for top of stove but also in the oven. Great for making 2 grilled cheeses at a time for our toddlers, frittatas, omelets, and whatever else for the grown ups. We also have Cuisinart coffee maker and food processor and have found all of these products to be exceptional quality and very functional....more info
  • Great product
    This is a great pan to cook with. Cleans like a dream. Cooks like a dream. Wish I had one in each size. Love it....more info
  • don't go overboard on all-clad... this is just as good
    If All-Clad is 5 star, then this is 4 1/2... at about half the cost. Unless you need the name brand hanging in your kitchen, try this out first. Having worked in a professional kitchen with the real deal, it's tough to tell the Cusi from the gold standard. Great pans, just need to find how to get the covers. Try the stainless 12-inch too to make a set of great, cheap pans. ...more info
  • Great pan!
    I'm not a huge fan of non-stick cookware, but every kitchen needs at least one non-stick frypan! This pan is a good substantial weight and is well constructed. The size is perfect for sauteing several pieces of meat without crowding. Also, like most non-stick it cleans up easily. All in all, a good value. I recommend this pan. ...more info
  • Excellent!
    This is an awesome pan! It performs very well and cleans up with the greatest of ease!...more info
  • Big, very nonstick, a perfect addition to my kitchen
    I recently switched to a beautiful set of KitchenAid Clad Stainless (LOVE IT!!!), but found I needed a large nonstick skillet for eggs and such. After reading "Cook's Illustrated" (my favorite cooking magazine) I decided on a Cuisinart Chef's Classic Nonstick. Like the article states, "All nonstick WILL eventually scratch, so don't invest so much money on a pan you'll have to eventually toss." This pan is beautifully balanced, very large with sloped sides, heats up quickly and evenly and cleans easily. I found this pan (without the helper handle) at Linens 'n Things for $[...] + a [...] off coupon + a $[...] rebate from LNT (good only if purchased by 12/3/06) = [...] What a deal! For that price, I'll live without the helper handle. You should, too....more info
  • Beautiful Pan
    You cannot beat Cuisinart's products for price and quality. This is a gorgeous pan. I have 2 smaller pans of theirs and they are excellent. Clean up takes seconds, Very even heat distribution. You can't go wrong....more info
  • Nonstick sticks
    I unpacked this highly recommended skillet and tried to cook a fried egg. It stuck to the skillet like glue. Be carefull with this one....more info
  • room to roam
    the perfect sized pan I would not have selected however a friend insisted and after trying it out, I realized I had been missing out for many years. Food cooks evenly and pan heats quickly.

    ...more info
  • This Pan Is a Must in My Kitchen
    The 3 star rating is for the inherent weaknesses of all nonstick skillets I have ever used: the surface will last a little more than a year, or less; the handle is sub par; and the skillet is too light and prone to warping. Among that group this one is a 5, hands down.
    The cooking surface is large and it will work in a 500 degree oven. I like it much better than any other nonstick skillet it's size.
    For everyday use I have 12" Le Creuset, but there are some dishes that work best with a nonstick and this one is an excellent performer. ...more info
  • Great Skillet
    It is a great skillet,big enough for about anything you want to fry.
    Be sure and use non metalic utentials wife ruined the non stick of our old pan by using metal utentials....more info
  • very disappointed!
    Upon recommendation from America's Test Kitchen, I purchased this pan. I am a good chef and know how to properly use a pan. Within a few uses this pan was scratched. I did not overheat the pan, nor did I use mental tongs to turn the meat. So, I am very disppointed with this pan. Also, for the record, I did not use excessive cleaners that would compromise the integrity of the pan. I do not recommend this pan at all. ...more info
  • Loves her skillet
    We have been married 40 yrs.and have purchased a lot of skillets in order to find the right one. Believe me this is it. Easy to use, easy to clean,
    easy to store. And most important, uniform heat for complete cooking....more info
  • excellent
    like this skillet a lot. It heats quickly and is really non-stick. Because of this I can cut down the amount of oil used in my stir-fry dishes. I really enjoy this healthy cooking. I have already bought two of these for myself and for my mom. She really loves it too. BTW, the helper handle is very helpful. When I cooked a lot of food, the whole think became heavy. With the handle, I can lift the whole thing much easier.
    ...more info
  • Outstanding
    This 12 inch skillet is truely outstanding it is everything one would want in a quallity skillet
    I am very satisfied with it...more info
  • Great size pan!
    So far, so good! Great size for larger recipes or several eggs at the same time. Pan has not shown any problems with sticking or scratching (it is still "new" though!). Helper handle is a great feature. Do wish it had come with a lid, but well worth Amazon's price!...more info
  • Not so heavy!
    Although I like this pan it is a little disappointing in the weight, it doesn't appear to have as much weight as I like in such a large pan, makes it appear to be a cheaper version I will see how long the nonstick lasts....more info
  • Cuisinart Chef's Classic 12" skillet
    I purchased this pan because of a recommendation from the testing lab of "America's Test Kitchen". It has performed exactly as expected, we couldn't be more pleased....more info
  • Great cookware
    I needed a good skillet. This one fit the bill. It was inexpensive - 12" - nonstick - oven safe - etc. I found that it was larger than my old 12". It's heavy - which is good for a pan. Once its hot - it stay's hot. I found that I could use a lower setting on the stove with this pan - it's efficient.

    There was no lid - which I knew when I purchased it. But its so much larger than all of our other cookware, even the largest size lid I have doesn't fit.

    I'm very happy with my selection. And I would recommend this pan!...more info
  • Excellent Skillet !!
    This skillet is awesome. One of the best non-stick pans I've used. The 12 inch skillet I purchased is large enough for just about any task. Great even heat distribution also. You'll cook like a pro with this one !!...more info
  • Great cookware
    I needed a good skillet. This one fit the bill. It was inexpensive - 12" - nonstick - oven safe - etc. I found that it was larger than my old 12". It's heavy - which is good for a pan. Once its hot - it stay's hot. I found that I could use a lower setting on the stove with this pan - it's efficient.

    There was no lid - which I knew when I purchased it. But its so much larger than all of our other cookware, even the largest size lid I have doesn't fit.

    I'm very happy with my selection. And I would recommend this pan!...more info
  • Useful skillet
    I'm enjoying my Cuisinart 12" skillet. I especially like the large wide bottom which gives me more cooking space. The only thing I wish is that it came with a glass lid. Just so happens that the skillet that this one replaced had a glass lid that fits perfectly. I like the fact that it's not as heavy as some skillets because I have difficulty picking up heavy pots full of food. ...more info
  • A Great Skillet
    The construction of this skillet is terrific; from the strong rivets attaching the handles, to the materials used, and the anodizing of the surface. It is well worth the price for a sturdy, well-performing piece of kitchen equipment....more info
  • Great pan!
    This is an awesome pan. I bought it as an addition to my Cuisinart set and it is well worth the money. It's large and heavy, non-stick, easy to clean and spreads heat evenly. Perfect size too! I paid $31.99 on amazon, now it's $49.95 (?). ...more info
  • Great buy!
    Bought this as a gift for someone needing a nonstick 12" skillet. The recipient absolutely loves cooking with it. He says it is an excellent pan and uses it all the time. ...more info
  • Cuisinart nonstick 12 inch skillet
    This skillet is perfect if you are looking for a large pan that food will not stick to and you can use metal utensils in the pan without damaging the nonstick surface. I bought this skillet for my father and he loves it but he does not like the helper handle. Says it gets in the way....more info
  • Excellent quality
    Very nice quality cookware. Heavy duty riveted construction. The non-stick surface works great. I'd say it's more "non-stick" than standard teflon coated pans. Got it to complement the others we have in this series. It's a good addition to the others....more info
  • GREAT skillet!
    Great quality skillet! Love the large size and super easy to clean! Will be using this for many many many uses! I highly reccomend and worth every penny - especially with FREE shipping! ...more info
  • Solid Non Stick Skillet
    This pan has worked out quite well. The non-stick has been excellent. It has good weight, so much so that it may be heavy for some. The extra handle definitely helps when cooking, but makes for a bit of a pain when washing, drying and storing the pan.

    Overall I've been happy with the pan, but it isn't quite perfect. A little lighter and a smaller 2nd handle would be nice....more info
  • Excellent so Far!!
    Excellent pan thus far does great for non stick recipes. Easy to clean, I'll probally get the 10" too!!...more info
  • Does it all!
    Love this pan! Heavy but with the helper handle it's super easy to lift. Requires little to no oil to saute foods. Is especially great for re-heating french fries. No oil, just have the pan on medium-high heat and stir for a few minutes. No muss or fuss and much less hassle than heating the toaster oven or broiler and not limp like in the microwave. Have cooked many different foods in this pan and have always been pleased with it. Clean-up is a breeze. Just wipe out with paper toweling then run a soapy dishcloth all around. Rinse and dry. ...more info
  • best skillet ever
    This pan is one of the best that I've used. It heats evenly and quickly, food doesn't stick to it, and it's very easy to clean. We liked it so much that we bought the 8 inch and 10 inch to replace our circulon pans....more info
  • This is the pan I've been searching for....
    I live in a fairly rural area and have been looking for just the perfect pan for my needs. It wasn't to be found. This is the perfect pan. It is heavy enough to seat on the stove top to keep the surface flat on the burner. The handle is more than adequate to support that weight plus whatever you are cooking. And the conductivity of the aluminum allows cooking at the recommended lower temperatures that is not only good for the cookware, but good for your health too. I highly recommend this pan. I will be looking for additional pans from Cuisinart to replace my other cookware. ...more info
  • Fine quality pan
    Cuisinart Chef's Classic Nonstick Hard-Anodized 12 in. pan is a bargain. It's quality is on par with our All Clad pans without the round bottom of the All-Clads which are miserable to use on a flat top range although if you can afford to buy All Clad you probably have a pricey gas range. If the non stick surface holds up under use it will be an extra bargain. If not we will pitch it buy another and still have a fine pan at half the All Clad price. Even tho the pan is aluminum it is not light weight and the helper handle is appreciated.
    Bought the pan on recommendation of Cooks' Illustrated and was not disappointed but only wish the smaller 10 in. Cuisinart Chef's Classic Nonstick Hard-Anodized pan was available at a bargain price on Amazon like the 12 in. pan. ...more info


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