Windchaser AAT2003 Air Washer Humidifying Air Cleaner

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  • Air cleaner purifies and humidifies rooms up to 600 square feet
  • Dishwasher-safe plastic discs eliminate need for traditional replacement filters
  • 2 speeds; self-regulating evaporation system guarantees optimal level of humidity
  • 1-8/9-gallon detachable water tank; anti-bacterial safety system; whisper-quiet operation
  • Measures 15 by 12-4/5 by 16-1/2 inches; 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • doesn't do what it says
    This product does not humidify the room like they say it does. The fan speed simply is not fast enough to encourage evaporation. I am running 2 of these in a 2 bedroom apartment and cannot maintain a comfortable humidity level. I still can't figure out what the high level does because nothing actually runs faster. It simply does not stand up to the claims made by the manufacturer....more info
    The description lists that the discs are dishwasher-safe. I ASSURE YOU THEY ARE NOT! My discs look more like abstract art than function now. Until then I think this worked well, as the air and my nose and throat did not seem dry in the morning when I woke up. I think it's worth the money, just be careful with it. Be prepared to add water daily to it, however (which is possibly a good sign if your air is as dry as mine). The resevoir isn't very big. I haven't used any other similar machines, so I honestly don't know how it compares to others in water resevoir size. WIsh it was a little bigger though....more info
  • Works as promised, but not for bedroom use
    It does a good job as a humidifier, and does pull large dust particles from the air (definitely not a hepa filter by any means). Easy to clean, which should be done often. Interesting and simple design, but the inverted water bottle is a bit awkward to fill and load. One major downside is that every few hours the water bottle refills the water dish. It is a loud bubbling sound like the water cooler at work. It wakes me up at least once every night. Also the continuous noise from the unit is not the soothing "white noise" of a traditional humidifier. It is more mechanical, especially when the water level gets low....more info
  • Too noisy for a bedroom
    I like the idea behind the venta humidifiers but I did not like their price. I bought two of these to use in my childrens room. They do a great job at humidifying but they have two drawbacks - they are too noisy to sleep with and they are VERY large.

    I plan to order a venta to try and use these in larger rooms.

    Very well designed and constructed - I expect these to last a very long time, ...more info