Windchaser WECR60 Remote Control Evaporative Humidifier

List Price: $119.99

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  • Cools a 16 sq ft area up to 12 degrees
  • Full function remote control
  • Anti-bacterial 2.64 gal. water reservoir and ice cube compartment.
  • 7.5 hour adjustable shut off timer.
  • 3 fan speeds
Customer Reviews:
  • Mobile Air Cooler
    I am quite disappointed with the Windchaser Evaporative humidifier. I purchased it to cool a garage efficiency by at least 12 degrees, as stated in the product manual, and rather than cool the room, it just makes a lot of noise blowing air. I filled the ice chest for the first two weeks with ice consistently and then I just realized it was pointless. I puchased it to save money on a mobile air conditioner, but I have been unable to sleep without any cool air, so I had to go ahead and purchase a portable air conditioner. ...more info
  • It really works !!!
    I wasn't able to get the air temp down a full 12 degrees,
    but it was able to cool my room by about 7 degrees in
    an hour(using water and ice)...a very noticeable difference, it has a very powerful fan, and the full function remote is great!
    I would have to say that it's well worth the money !!...more info