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The KoolatronTM Wet/Dry Canister Vacuum (1 gallon capacity) is ideal for small clean-up jobs. It features a 15-ft power cord with a 12V plug on the end, compatible with your car's cigarette lighter. The 40-in flexible hose has a standard wide-mouth attachment with interchangeable brush and crevice tools. An extra filter bag is included.

  • Plugs into all 12V outlets.
  • 1 gallon capacity , 40-in flexible hose , 15-ft power cord.
  • 160-watt motor draws 14 Amps.
  • Standard wide-mouth attachment , Crevice attachment
  • Brush attachment, Inflater nozzle,
Customer Reviews:
  • No Power
    I bought this vac to keep our car clean with three children. It was unable to pick up even the smallest things like grass. Overall, this product was a waste of money....more info
  • just toy
    it grade is just toy.
    sound, looking is vacuum.
    quality is just toy.
    not strong, fit is no good, smell is bad....more info
  • good while it lasted
    this was like i said....good while it lasted. i miss it too, even tho it was awkward to use. the hose was stiff & rarely stayed connected to the unit but it had good suction power to run off the lighter. i loved sitting in traffic cleaning my car! but the switch broke not long after i started using it. just a simple toggle; much too flimsy to hold up to regular use. i was never able to use the wet vac feature as the only power source was the car lighter. guess that's a good thing; that i never upended my liter of dew!

    so if u can be very careful using the switch & put up w/ the hose being so stiff its hard to maneuver, i'd say its a pretty good buy. i'd buy another but i plan to buy a new switch for the one i have.

    happy cleaning!! ...more info