Elmo's World - Families, Mail & Bath Time

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Studio: Genius Products Inc Release Date: 06/08/2004 Rating: Nr

Customer Reviews:

  • Elmo's world
    My 10 month old little princes just loves Elmo, and i love him too because it buys me time when ever i need to get stuff done arroung the house :O)...more info
  • elmo dvd
    I recieved the dvd fairly fast. It was sent in great condition and works beautifully....more info
  • Don't kid yourself!
    About Louis Bailey's comment- This video is about Families, not friends. Two men with a child, being two buddies waiting in the park for their wives, just doesn't make sense. Think about it!
    ...more info
  • Wonderful DVD!
    Elmo's World-Families, Mail & Bath Time! is my 17 month year old son's favorite DVD! He has watched this DVD so many times that I have lost count! He jumps up and down and gets so excited whenever he knows he going to watch Elmo..Barney, The Wiggles are not as interesting as Elmo to this kid! I'm going to have to check out some of the other ones available as this is the only one I have at the moment!

    ...more info
  • Adorable -- one of Elmo's best
    My daughter LOVES this furry little red guy, so we naturally tried to get as many fun to watch DVD's as possible starring ELMO! Unfortunately many don't feature him throughout, and she gets bored, but this edition is jam packed with Elmo from start to finish. Each segment teaches your little one something useful: "Families" show various types of families; "Mail" teaches how mail is created and mailed, how it gets to wherever it's going; "Bath Time" is hilarious with a long segment starring Mr. Noodle goofing around showing us what "supplies" you need to take a bath. There are scenes with washing babies, animals, etc. Your child will easily associate their own routines with those played out in each segment and of course have fun singing the silly song Elmo plays on his piano.
  • Elmo is always such a cutie cute
    My baby loves Elmo and this video is no different....more info
  • Elmo's World
    My two year old son loves this DVD. He watches it over and over again. It keeps him well entertained while he is learning. I would definately reccommend it. ...more info
    Buy the Elmo Worls DVD's...I like them almost as much as my 17 month old!...more info
  • One of the best Elmo's World collections
    As with almost all the Elmo DVDs, this one has 3 different Elmo's World features from Sesame Street. Based on her reactions, we think our 1 yr old likes this collection the best (she has 5 others). No real slow parts, not a lot of "jiggly camera" segments (which she doesn't enjoy), extended "Mr Noodle" skits, and a lot of singing. My wife and I like the fact that the Family subject shows a lot of different kinds of families - not just the generic Dad, Mom, child x 2, but also extended and single parent, etc. The Bathtime and Mail episodes are entertaining as well....more info
  • Great DVD to learn the concept of family, mail and bathtime
    My son is 4 years old and still loves this DVD. As for all Elmo's World video/DVD, there is no storyline but to learn basic concept about family, mail and bathtime, it's a perfect tool. I'd say the targeted audience is 2-3 years old.

    I only wish each segment is separated since it's a DVD because right now when one segment ends, the next segment starts immediately and I don't want my son to watch the segments back to back (it's 50 minutes long, usually we allow him to watch for 15-20 minutes at a time). Still, I'm glad I got a DVD version as the other Elmo video we have is already worn out due to repeated viewing....more info
  • Another Great Elmo's World
    This was bought for my 2 year old son and he loves it. He has quite a collection of elmo dvd's, and this is one of his favorites that we have to watch over and over. I especially liked the family segment, because it showed there are many ways a family is made up of! ...more info
  • Great Elmo
    This is another good Elmo series even though I think the "mail" segment may be a little outdated with email and such . . . Still cute....more info
  • My daughter loves this DVD.
    My daughter is almost 18 months old and she loves this dvd. I've been able to get her to take her bath by singing the bath time song the Elmo sings. This is a great dvd to buy for your kid....more info


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