Midland WR100B Weather Radio
Midland WR100B Weather Radio

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Product Description

Midland is a world leader in wireless two-way and weather/hazard alert radios, with an extensive line of land mobile radios, CB, GMRS and FRS radios, MURS radios, weather-monitor alert radios, itinerant radios and a line of quality antennas and accessories.

Stay up to date on all the latest weather, hazard, and civil emergency information with the Midland WR-100B monitor. Capable of receiving seven National Oceanic & Atmospheric Association (NOAA) channels--each of which receives emergency advisories on tornadoes, floods, severe thunderstorms, civil danger warnings, and more--the WR-100B is a must for people who live in high-risk weather areas, such as the Southeast or Midwest. Plus, the seven NOAA channels offer coverage for roughly 93 percent of the U.S., so most people are well covered regardless of where they live.

Another valuable function is the monitor's Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME) reception. SAME allows users to program the radio to sound an alert only when weather and other emergencies threaten a selected county or counties. The technology eliminates all alerts from other areas, so users won't have to perk up their ears each time the alert sounds only to find the emergency is actually 100 miles up the highway. In addition, the WR-100B's memory system accepts up to 25 counties, so you can monitor a broad swatch of counties at once or restrict it to one.

Should an alert occur, users have a choice of three warning systems: a 90 dB siren, a voice alert, or a flashing red LED light. The siren is the best option for people with larger homes or who aren't always near the monitor, while the latter two options work well for smaller homes. Additional features include a clock with an alarm and a snooze button, an emergency power backup that keeps your radio working during power outages or outdoor use, and external antenna and alert jacks.

The WR-100B, which works with three AA batteries (not included), measures 5.12 by 2 by 6.25 inches (W x H x D) and is backed by a one-year warranty.

What's in the Box
WR-100B monitor, power adapter, user's manual.

  • Compact alert monitor for weather, civil emergency, and other hazards
  • Receives 7 NOAA channels with flood, tornado, thunderstorm, and other warnings
  • SAME programming sounds an alert only when specific counties are threatened
  • 25-county memory system; 90 dB siren, voice alert, and flashing LED warning systems
  • Built-in clock with alarm and snooze; measures 5.12 x 2 x 6.25 inches (W x H x D); 1-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Must have for all homes
    This item was a life saver to us. I really was happy to be able to find and buy this item here. The low price and speed was great....great buy!!!...more info
  • Midland NOAA Weather Radio
    I live in the midwest and we are hiy with severe storms on a regular absis, this radio allows me to keep abreast of weather developments before they arrive at my location so that I can prepare for whatever weather is coming my way. It's ease of setup and excelent features make it my selection for use in my home, it is so easy to use that my 10 and 7 year old kids can operate it with ease. I would highly recomend this unit to anyone looking to purchase a weather radio which in th emidwest I believe is a must for every home.
    ...more info
  • Bought three, one works!!
    In November 2006, I ordered 3 of these as Christmas gifts. Within six months, one was not working. I was able to send it back because it was still under warranty. Shortly after the warranty period was over, another one quit working. Only one of the three originals are still working. I am very disappointed with this product....more info
  • Midland Weather Radio
    Great radio. I already had an identical one but wanted one for my daugher who lives in a tornado prone area. I have been very pleased with mine since receiving it for a Christmas gift in '07. My daughter was very happy with the gift and says it works fine, alerting her to any impending weather threats that she should be aware of. Great radio for the money. Easy to use and I can sleep at night knowing it will alert me to any adverse weather conditions....more info
  • Midland WR-100 SAME Weather Alert
    I love my Midland WR-100. It is very accurate, was easy to program, and keeps us updated on which parts of the counties are affected by the severe weather. Since we live in a rural area and have no tornado sirens, this is very important to us. I would definitely recommend this product. ...more info
  • I feel better having it.
    I bought it after I slept through our city's tornado sirens. Once the radio is set up, it will alarm if there is any sever weather in the area....more info
  • Great Way to Get Local & Regional Weather Quickly
    I now have two of these radios ... one for our vacation home which is in an area where local TV doesn't cover that location and there is frequent bad weather. The Midland performs flawlessly and gives us instant access to weather information that is current. The other one is at home in a large metropolitan area and it provides a good method for obtaining reliable forecasts that reach out for the next 5 days without waiting. I don't miss the hype of the graphics and giggling/laughing of the local weather forecasters....more info
  • Life Saver
    A+ product Wakes me up out of a dead sleep...could save my life during a Tornado...more info
  • Great little radio
    I'm very happy with this purchase. It works like advertised. Its very simple (which is what I wanted). Its a little cumbersome to get the county codes from NOAA to set up the correct broadcast but once thats done its easy to operate...in fact it alarms for each severe weather broadcast for our area. I am very rural and cannot get local TV stations (satelite only) so this is great to have in the event of severe thunderstorms, tornados etc. It also has a battery operated alarm clock so that I can get to work in case of power failure- very important since I work in heathcare and HAVE to be to work. Also gives NOAA weather reports continuously so that we can check the weather at any time. Very happy with this radio....more info
  • Up an running in 3 minutes.
    Great unit. I had it up and programmed for my county in 3 minutes. Two days later it went off when local tornados warnings were in my area. Very cool device. Went off again with severe thunder storms in the area and sure enough, the actual storm came over our house. I should have bought one years ago....more info
  • A Happy Customer
    I am very happy with the product. I found it very easy to setup, and it has already provided several severe weather alerts. You can select just your local area or add several other areas(counties) to track warnings for. This unit was much less expensive than other units, and it had far better reviews than more expensive units....more info
  • Sleep???
    This was a fantastic gift that I received from my son on mother's day. Since we live in the country and cannot hear the tornado sirens I thought it was perfect--until I found out that the alert goes off for every hazard, flood watch, tornado watch, and all warnings. There isn't a way to program a specific hazard though. So every night I am awaken to flood watch or warning, thunderstorm watch or warning, when my only concern is a tornado warning. I would not recommend this item I am returning mine to upgrade to the Midland WR300 which can be programed to a specific hazard. Which will give me peace of mind but not wake me up every night....more info
  • Nice & Inexpensive
    I purchased 2 of these, one for my wife and one for a gift. Has worked perfectly for the past month. Easy to program for county alerts and you can do up to three--I did 2. Much better reception than our previous radio. This one gets moved from one room to the next every morning as my wife gets dressed so it gets a bit of abuse. I would recommend it....more info
  • This thing is as bad as the weather!
    I hate this thing. It certainly alerts you of any severe weather, I'll give it that, but the sound it emits is a nightmare! I'd rather get up and listen to the weather on the TV than that thing! I usually hear thunder anyway and can get up, but sometimes I do sleep through it. With this thing it's impossible to sleep through anything.

    I live in an apartment and don't want to disturb my neighbors with this radio going off. We have severe weather from April-June here in West Texas and I do need a weather radio, but not one that would scare dead people out of their graves. I'll be buying another type instead. ...more info
  • Useful while it lasted
    I purchased the Midland WR100, which I assume is an earlier version of this product, three years ago from Amazon. This month it stopped working. I was going to replace it until I read a review that said it needed batteries even when it was plugged in. With new batteries it worked for a few days before the batteries were depleted again. Although this radio served us well for those three years, that seems entirely too short a time for such a product to function. I am replacing it with the "First Alert Public Alert Radio with S.A.M.E."...more info
  • 100B v. 100C
    Just a note for folks that may be wondering, like I was, what the difference is between the B and C models. I called Midland and the B stands for Box and the C stands for Clamshell, as in the plastic packaging that most folks hate to open....more info
  • Something you need to have
    This product is a most to have in your home; since we live in a State were we have bad weather most of the time (it has advice us 3 times about tornados roaming close to where we live) now we can go to sleep knowing that we will be advise of everything close to us....more info
  • Excellent weather radio
    I like the way it localizes warnings unlike earlier radios that would warn of bad weather several counties away....more info
  • Mine did not work
    Kind of liked the radio as it was simple and straight forward. Only after two weeks of trying on and off I could never get it to alarm on the SAME feature. Would work fine as a weather radio. Think mine was just a bad one and am going to return and order the WR-300. ...more info
  • A weather radio saves lives.
    Midland WR100B Weather Radio
    This product is a must have. It warns you if there is severe weather coming in your area, such as severe thunderstorms, flooding, and tornadoes. Every state has tornadoes, some more than others, so everyone would benefit from having one in their homes. There are even Amber alerts also for your area. You can easily program it specifically for your area. It has battery back if the power should fail. We have two in our house - one for upstairs and one for downstairs. We would not want to be without them. ...more info
  • Simple but good.
    I can't tell you much since we haven't had a weather alert since we unpacked the radio. What I can tell you is that it gets a GREAT signal and I've been able to easily tune into the weather broadcasts. It was a breeze to set up and the instructions were simple to follow.

    I'm looking forward to being jolted out of my sleep by this little fella!...more info
  • Junk
    The radio didn't work right out of the box. All I got was static. My other weather radio works great. I will buy another brand in the future...more info
  • Serves The Purpose......
    I bought this weather radio as a secondary receiver due to all the storms that the Northeast received during this past Summer.

    Our original weather receiver is the sister to the WR100 the Midland WR300 and still works very well.

    Though this radio does not have all the Bells & Whistles as the 300, it did serve the purpose we bought it for.

    One difference with this unit compared to the WR300 is the volume control. The 300 volume control is a knob on the side of the unit compared to the 100 that is controlled with up-down button control on the top of the unit.

    Also with the 300, you can control the level of siren tone you wish to use
    (low - high), but with the 100 there is one set level of the tone which is high.

    The 100 does have a digital screen type of display which will inform you of the type of watches or warnings being announced but will not inform you of it's expiration time (watches/warnings) as does the WR300.

    It does not take up much room on a table or cabinet.

    Both the 100 & 300 are battery backup working on AA batteries.

    One feature not contained in the 100 is the AM/FM radio which can be used also to monitor local news. If you do not need this radio feature, then this radio is for also for your purpose.

    Though many look at costs these days, life and safety can not be bought. But a good reliable working radio is the number one concern to be considered.

    With the recent change of weather patterns in the USA, NO HOUSE should be without a weather radio to keep you up-to-date with watches & warnings in the summer and/or winter.


    ...more info
  • It Works
    The radio works just as advertised. The alarm is loud enough and I like the blue back light that is normally off.

    Easy to set up, the antenna is a bit obtrusive, however I pointed it down and set the radio at the back of a dresser and so it is hidden by the dresser....more info
  • Another Great Product
    I've had this radio for about a year.
    It's awesome...........just works great.
    I highly recommend this product....more info
  • The Box Who Cries Wolf
    This is partly my own fault for not researching more, but I was shocked to learn that this has no way of filtering the events it screams at you about. I only wanted this to tell me when there was a tornado warning: a thunderstorm watch or a high wind advisory is not worth waking me up at 3am for.

    My advice: spend more and get something that only alerts you for things that matter....more info
  • Perfect Gift
    After a system of recent tragic tornados in our area, we realized our Midland Weather Radio had given us potentially life saving 30 minute advance warning. We purchased 3 for gifts from Amazon.com at a time when they were difficult to find in the local stores right after the storms. Excellent purchasing experience for an item that is a perfect gift.

    Midland WR100B Weather Radio...more info
  • Midland Weather Radio
    I was pleased with how easy it was to set up. I haven't had any alerts yet, so I don't know how well it works....more info
  • Useful
    Since I bought the Hazard monitor, I have received two severe thunderstorm warnings and a flash flood warning. It is good to know that I will be woken up for any tornado warnings. However, the flash flood warning was at 2AM! (Not as annoying as a 3AM phone call though ;-) )...more info
  • Quality for price
    Great little unit and easy to set up. Haven't had to use it yet, but the storm season is almost upon us, so we'll see....more info
  • If you live in the mid west...you need this!
    We live in Tornado alley and this is a much have. This is located in our kitchen and is loud enough to wake us up from our bedroom. I know I can rely on this product and highly recommend this....more info
  • Read The Instructions - It Works Great!
    I live in Kansas where, if you've been reading the news, you know we get more than our share of severe weather. Last month tornadoes did quite a bit of damage in a nearby area because the county didn't activate the emergency sirens quickly enough. Those with NOAA radios, like this one, already knew there was a tornado on the way, though, and more than one person credited their safety to the radio's alert.

    That was enough to convince me that we needed one, too, and I'm very pleased with this well-priced unit. Contrary to what one previous reviewer wrote, it DOES NOT BEEP FOR EVERYTHING if you follow the instructions. You simply dial into the NWS and get the code for your county, then you can program the unit to alert you solely for severe weather (e.g., severe thunderstorms and tornado watches and warnings).

    The reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is due to the antenna - first day out of the box my little boy had bent ours. There's a spot on the back to attach a wire one (the kind you use with some home stereos to pull in radio frequencies). Since those things are very low-cost it seems the manufacturer could have thrown one in without affecting the price much.

    I do like that the unit is small and is easy to remove from the A/C adapter so we can take it to the basement when we need to go to our "safe place". The Weather/Snooze button is handy as well: I often push it just to hear the day's forecast while getting dressed rather than having to endure the "blah, blah, blah" of our local meteorologists (who seem to believe we all need to be educated about pressure systems and jet streams before we can be trusted to know what today's weather will be).

    Great, economical buy....more info
  • great product, easy to use
    I purchased this product for my own peace of mind since my parents live in the south and severe weather seems to be the norm and has been quite severe this year. I wanted to make sure my parents were aware if there was a danger. They received it, my mother set it up and it was ready for the weather. No complaints! Reviews are great and helped me make the decision's it buy this....more info
  • All The Radio You Will Need
    I bought this weather radio for it was made by Midland. A very old and reliable maker of weather gear and electronics. I also chose it for at the price of $30,(and free shipping), it was a bargain. I am happy to say that it has definitely turned out to be a very wise investment. The radio is small, receives excellent reception,(here in New England anyway) and most of all was a snap to program and personalize. You can also set the blue back light to remain on at all times, (although it is not mentioned in the manual, but easy to figure out.) Also, some other reviewers have mentioned that the alarm is very loud and cannot be adjusted. Although this is true, you have the option of setting the alarm to silent, with only the back light and scrolling alert being visible during an emergency broadcast. Unless you live in a very dangerous weather area, this is all most of us should ever need. If you do live in a dangerous area, then be happy the alarm is that obtrusive! I highly recommend this radio for anyone that wants a no frills weather radio that still has all the features you will ever need. ...more info
  • Weather radio
    This item was recommended by a ham radio operator, who works with the hurricane center in Miami during storms. He bought one at Publix for $30. I found this one on Amazon for $30 and free shipping. What a bargain! It was easy to set up, and now we're waiting for a big storm to test it out. Wait, please, no big storms!...more info
  • Great product
    The Midlands Weather Alert radio is easy to program, and has great features & controls. My only reason to give it only 4 stars is because the volume control is by preset notches, and I would like it to be 1 notch quieter. We turn it on to listen to the weather when we are going to sleep, and it is a little too loud for me.(but it might be ok for someone else) It is also much better than a more expensive model we got at Radio Shack which has only VERY LOUD volume, and is hard to program (some settings are impossible)....more info
  • NO More Surprizes
    I bought this after watching a tornado destroy everything a half-block from my house. It works as advertised. Yesterday, it went off exactly the same time as the tornado warning sirens. The only thing I wish it had is the ability to program the types of alerts you want. Not real big on being awakened at 3AM for a flash flood warning....more info
  • Midland Weather Alert
    We have used one for years and ordered a couple more for our remote farm buildings. They work well and have proven to be extremely reliable with absolutely no problems other than accidentally unplugging one and letting the batteries run down. Good reception although we are outside the normal station range. We have tried others and I would rate this one the best of all of them. ...more info
  • Great unit, great price!
    There are a ton of reviews here, so I don't know if this will make a difference. I live in North Texas, and I am in the bottom portion of tornado alley. I bought this unit based on other customer reviews.

    I am really glad I did. This unit works really well. I like being able to set it for my county only, and I like being able to turn it on, and put it to snooze so that it only goes off when a tornado watch or warning has been issued. I don't have to turn it off to make it be quiet. It is loud, but I like that. since you can set it to tornado only, it won't go off all night long unless the tornado warning continues, but that's exactly what I want.

    I had no problem finding my county code based upon the link that was provided in the directions, but I had problems finding my "channel" to listen to. My dad is a ham, so I just asked him to do it. But I am sure you can find it easily enough. The reason I couldn't find it easily is because I had a bit of a reception problem, but now it's coming in nice and clear. Put it near a window.

    If you are in a county that is further than 50 miles from your nearest weather repeater, you will need to get an external antenna, so if you know that already, you might as well get the external antenna when you order the unit.

    Great unit. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Good little radio
    This is a good, dependable, basic weather/hazard radio. It was easy to set up and can monitor several counties. This is good if you live near the border of one or more counties. The directions do a good job of helping you find the codes for the counties you need. It does use batteries as a backup. This model, however, cannot delete watches, so you will hear every watch or warning given out, at any time of the day or night.

    The radio can be set to use one of three types of alert modes: siren, voice, and red flashing light. Since the flashing light won't wake anyone in the night, your choices are siren or voice. You cannot adjust the volume, so be prepared to be jolted out of your sleep if a watch or warning is given during the night. There is also an alarm setting on the radio if you wish to use it for this purpose.

    You can review any watches or warnings given while you were out by pressing a button on the machine. Anytime you wish to hear the current weather, you just push a button and you will be connected to the weather station for your area.

    ...more info
  • Lousy compared to models from a decade ago
    My family used to have a weather radio that had an easier to use interface that wasn't deafeningly loud when performing set up tasks. Most importantly you could set it up to just wake you up for tornado warnings. I have health problems and desperately need to sleep through the night when there are no life threatening emergencies. Last night my family was awakened around 2am by this product for a thunderstorm WATCH. I will be throwing this product out and searching for one that is easier to use and that allows me to select only tornado WARNINGS for the audible alarm (like our old family model used to)....more info
  • Perfect
    Great value and easy to set up. Has been dead on with every storm that entered my preprogramed area....more info
  • Midland Weather Radio is Worth the bucks
    This is the best weather radio yet.Easy to program. I like the alarm clock. I use it daily to listen to my local forcast and the alert is always on. I can sleep knowing I will be warned no matter what time it is. Everyone needs one of these little jewels. Very affordable too!
    ...more info
  • Perfect
    This radio is perfect for keeping track of the weather. Tornado season is coming and I'm glad to have it!...more info
  • sleep safe
    this alarm works just the way I wanted it to. I set it for our county and it only wakes me up if a major storm is in our area. I can sleep well knowing that it will wake me up if needed....more info
  • Midland WR-100B SAME Weather and All Hazards Alert Monitor with Alarm Clock
    The weather radio works great.Midland WR-100B SAME Weather and All Hazards Alert Monitor with Alarm Clock
    ...more info
  • A Gotta Have!
    I received a Amazon.gift card for Mother's Day and thought what should I get with it. After much thought, I came up with the idea of this Weather Alert radio which I had been thinking about for quite some time. Since I live in the Midwest, this radio was very important to me. Well, let me tell you, it is a MUST have. It works perfectly. We, here in Wisconsin, just went through a terrific weather system for the last five days with lots of alerts and warnings. This raido never failed to alert us. I would highly recommend this to everyone one. It is one of the BEST Mother Day gifts I have gotten. Love it!...more info
  • Weather And All Hazards Alert Monitor
    This weather radio lets you know when the bad weather is on the way. You plug the monitor up, it finds your station for news and it tells the weather. It also sound an allert too, I really like my radio....more info
  • Midland weather radio
    Great product! I have to agree with one post, this thing beeps for ALL weather related information sent out by the National Weather Service. I was on my feet at 3:30am this morning for a severe weather thunderstorm that was three counties to the North of us. My wife is mad, thankfully she fell right back to sleep! The radio was purchased due to the openess of the area we live in, and a F0 tornado that happened 15 miles to our North a year ago. Our area is mostly cornfields and high winds/tornado's are a real threat, so to keep the family safe and aware, I made my purchase without any hesitation. I don't think you'll go wrong, just make sure radio is set properly (mute or on). With mute, you may never know of a real threat coming through your area. ...more info
  • Terrific weather information
    The Midland weather radio gives us current, accurate information on the weather at a touch of a button. The alarm during weather emergencies has been very informative. Good product at a good price....more info
  • Power supply failed
    The radio worked great, alerted us ervery time, but the power supply died and we got no email response from Midland. For the price I am ordering a new one....more info
  • All I get is static - terrible reception
    I was able to set up the radio ok, but I can't get any reception at all. I've walked all through my house and all around the outside of my house and can't pick up anything. Terrible reception. This model is going back. ...more info
  • Very cumbersome to use
    I hate to disagree with those who've praised this unit, but having owned one for almost two years now, I'm fed up with its unnecessarily complicated controls. Here's an example: to change channels--something that most radios can do with a single button press--you must press Menu, then press the Up arrow, press the Up arrow again, press Select, press the Up or Down arrow, then press Select, and finally press Menu again. That's seven button presses--minimum!--just to change channels.

    Oh, I forgot: you can't change the channel while listening to the radio. So if you need to switch from, say, channel 5 to channel 6, you must first turn the radio off, and THEN go through the seven step button-pushing sequence I just described. I am not making this up!

    Everything about the radio is like this: cumbersome beyond belief. It's the worst user interface design I've seen in a consumer product in a good many years, and I'd never have bought the radio if I'd had an inkling of how frustrating it was going to be in use. I'm replacing it with a Reecom R1630....more info
  • Wide area coverage
    Because the radio is not zip-code specific I get alarms and warnings for surrounding areas sometimes fifty or more miles away. These are most troublesome when the radio alarm goes off at one or two in the morning.

    It is esay to set up and otherwise works well....more info
  • Midland WR-100B SAME All Hazards Weather Monitor
    The WR-100B weather monitor has performed flawlessly since our purchase. We have had numerous flood and severe weather warnings in our home area this Spring. We do not have any sirens or weather warning facilities in our small comuunity. We set the WR-100B for our specific county per the instructions and use the VOICE warning mode. We found the TONE only mode was somewhat abrasive for a night time warning and you still had to get up to turn the unit to the weather. The VOICE mode gives a brief tone, then the weather broadcast for your area. Very convenient at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. We don't use the clock feature because we don't need it but if one wanted a clock-weather radio combination this unit would fit the bill. This is a good unit and well worth the purchase price. ...more info


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