Black & Decker RV500 Zoombot Remote-Control Vacuum

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Cleans wood, carpet & tile automatically --- with cordless, "no touch" ease. Avoids stairs and doesn't mar surfaces. 2 spinning edge cleaning brush sweep even fine debris into receptacle. 60 minute rechargeable battery. Remote control.

  • Vacuums and sweeps with a quiet motor and non-marring, touch-sensitive bumper
  • Adjusts automatically from carpet to hard surfaces; cleans hard-to-reach areas
  • Cliff-avoidance sensor keeps unit from falling down stairs; stasis sensor; bagless
  • Includes remote control, 3 disposable cleaning cloths, and rechargeable battery
  • Measures 3-1/2 by 13 by 13-1/2 inches; 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • dud
    apart from the time it takes to clear a room for the thing to work, the unit would flake out before finishing a room, then 2 months later it wouldn't take a charge at all.
    save your time and money and stick with a regular vacuum. ...more info
  • There should be a minus star rating
    Got item from a moronic seller who claims he`s never had to take back defective goods. Sitting on a defective Vacuum---batteries will not take a charge---and don`t seem to be able to get anyone`s attention that I want to order the upscale model. You might get a dood set of batteries, but if you don`t---be prepared for a whole bunch of mumbling! ...more info
  • Black & Decker RV500 Zoombot Remote-Control Vacuum
    This vacuum cleaner is mostly for use on bare floors -- it does an okay job. However, on carpets/rugs it doesn't do as good. After letting it run on my carpet for a good while, it still didn't get all the fuzzies & dirt that an uprite would.
    All in all, I rate it "okay."...more info
  • Quick replacement for defective unit
    Basically our experience is the same as that as everyone else. We got this as a gift for my FIL, who found it didn't work on his carpets at all. We took it back to try it on our hardwood, though, and it was fine there. Adequate, at least. There are some thing about it I don't like, such as the fact that the vacuum chamber has a paper filter that it is hard to completely clean without ripping.

    When we got the unit back from him it had a problem, though. No matter how long you charged it, it would only run for 10 minutes. Maybe a "memory" issue in the battery? I called the maker, which wasn't really B&D but their parent company. There was a date code on the plug prongs that estabhlished that the unit was under warranty, so I just had to cut the electrical plug off and send it in. In not much more than a week I got a complete replacement unit via FedEx. So I give the customer service people kudos. If it were me, though, I would probably still buy the Roomba for myself even if I only had hardwood....more info
  • It doesn't work
    I bought the zoombot as an alternative to buying the $250 roomba. Well I'll bet that i'm not the first person to tell you that this robotic vacuum doesn't work due to its lack of power, no roll brushes, and the short battery life. Do yourself a favor and give up a little more $$$ and buy a Roomba. I bought a roomba and I love it....more info
  • note from a low end techno hobbiest
    I'm not going to go into long details here--instead, I'll just lay it on the line. I paid $99.99 for zoombot at W--mart this past christmas. Now, it is $50.00.

    Bad timing for me--oh well!

    Next, zoombot does not do carpets of any depth. I have a seven by ten foot area carpet and each time it goes off the edge it gets stuck. That is not a huge problem. The fact that its' stair avoidance 'system' does not always work is not a huge problem. The fact that it adhers to the law 'if it can get stuck it will get stuck' is not a huge problem. Believe me...I understand how hard it is to design such a device.

    I can get around any such hang ups easily--it's only a machine, and a small one at that.

    What zoombot has to have is a small but dedicated rotating brush underneath so it can pickup more dirt off of carpets!

    Don't listen to all of the nay-sayers in the reviews above...look at the price of this thing! Look, gripe at the inventors because of the lack of a highspeed rotating brush underneath. Tell them you want longer battery life. Tell them the brush should be detachable from underneath without tools. Tell them a sponge roller should be able to replace the rotating brush--that way you can wet the sponge roller, snap it into place and then use it to MOP YOU KITCHEN AND BATHROOM! Maybe even wax and buff the hardwood!

    Look, this is still new technology though I could have built it fourty years ago,put it to work. You can't use it in the house because of carpets? Put it in you two-car garage and let it vacuum the concrete!

    What's wrong with you people?!

    You can't have the Jettsons lifestyle in one tech generation. E-mail them and give them suggestions.

    Sorry for saying it this way people, but golly people, it's $50.00!

    Last of all...
    listen people, I don't care how much we've fallen for our zoombots and roombas and that armored worm the -- I think it's spelled trilibyte or something-- don't be turning this or any mobil technology on in the house and then go to work.
    Would you start you clothsdryer in the morning and leave for work?! One of these days you'll find you house burn't down or the cats tail wound up in one of these machines' wheels.

    ...more info
  • I love this thing! NOT FOR CARPETS
    The effectiveness of the cleaning does drops off considerably as the battery loses full charge. That's just a learning curve for the human assistant.

    It's pretty easy to spot the biggest trouble. Zoombot is not for carpet. My house has some short pile indoor/outdoor carpet in a enclosed porch. Just for grins I ran it there and even with the minimal nature of the carpet, zoombot seemed less efficient -- but it did successfully suck up dirt. If you have carpet, unless you just want it for a toy, I'd wait a couple of engineering generations for a future product.

    Except, there are so often those small uncarpeted spaces. For $50.00 this thing could still be great.

    Years ago I had an apartment roommate who was just a paragon of roommate virtue -- among other thing she LOVED to iron the way I love to muck out barns and burn stuff so my look was never again so crisp. She had this one habit though -- her mysterious personal grooming habits made the bathroom a weird place. Not only did she take showers every day for an hour and a half with a whole nearly ritual series of turning the water on and off (enviromentalist) once out of said shower she dusted herself so liberally that every morning the bathroom looked like my kitchen after a weekend of baking bread with 5 year olds. There was a layer of white dust EVERYWHERE. Yeah, it smelled great (unlike the flour) but it was thick enough on the floor to leave visible footprints. We ultimately dealt with the issue by moving to a different apartment with separate bathrooms. Zoombot would have been IDEAL for that special application. It's amazing on dust and small particles.

    Zoombot's supposed to stay in one room, but it just wanders freely through my house. If there's a setting that would keep it in one room, I haven't found it. I don't mind that, but for those with control issues . . .

    It's noisy, but not as noisy as "real" vacuume cleaner. That's the thing -- it's not a "real" vacuum -- it runs around on it's own and picks stuff up in it's tiny little dust bin -- but for real cleaning, you need real cleaning equipment. Think broom (or for some of us industrial strength shop vac) for serious cleaning. Still, this is just the first generation of these little bots, so I'll bet better days are a'commin.

    It can't pick up big stuff -- something else has to get the twigs and crumpled paper broken bits of old leather and metal filings. That said, it does remarkably well coping with said obstacles that would clog or jam a low end upright vacuume. It's kind of cute how it all plays out -- since part of the bots charm is that it works it's way under the couch and under the bed and other small wrench-eater sort of spaces, the bot handles dust bunnies like the cowboys at spring gather collectinig longhorns on the ranch and in much the same way pushes the collected dust bunnies herd out in front of it. If you don't intercede (I was testing after all and letting problems run to their QA extremes) it will eventually run itself and it's "herd" into a corner and back away, leaving the herd stranded for it's human assistant to pick up. In the process, with the aide of the special dust bunny herd support attachment, it actually collected and corralled wads of full sheet paper. I just wish it would fit under the refrigerator and behind the stove.

    And yes pet owners, there is an animal issue, but it's working out amazing well.

    It took quite a bit to convince the dogs that it was not okay under any circumstances to kill and eat the zoombot. Not even if it inticed them with mysterous sounds from under the bed. Not even if it coyly teased them by flipping up the couch skirt and then backing away -- repeatedly. And by the way dogs, we know it's part of all of your genetic code, but no fair herding the Zoombot just because you no longer have goats and cattle to herd around. Yes, said Zoombot does appear to respond to herding behavior since it moves off in the other direction when it bumps into your obstructionist dog legs, but it's not actually capable of LEARNING herd behavior. No excuse that this triggers your geneticly encoded compulsive behavior and that intermittent reinforcement is the most powerful kind. NO! OUT! Leave the Bot Alone!!!

    The cats were unconcerned about Zoombot as long as the dogs were obsessively monitoring it. Nothing says "obsessive" like a triggered dog with herd/chase instincts. In border collies it's actually hard wired in their brains. The cats have lived with these dogs on the ranch. Apparently if they could trust their well being to dog protection with hawks, eagles, racoons, coyotes, bobcats, possums, and stray dogs -- well, whatever that damn thing That Woman has brought into the house is no problem. The cats just transferred vertically 2 - 5 feet. They know enough to stay out of the dog zone when the dogs are obsessive compulsive. Nothing personal, but it's so easy to get stepped on and so hard to extract an apology.

    Now that the dogs have mastered the art of No! Out! Down! reltive to Zoom, the cats sense of comfort and fundamental well being has come into question. They're taking turns casually and surrepticiously monitoring it's actions. There always seems to be one cat in whatever room the bot's working, somewhere up high and feigning indifference. Since we have a full range of cat capacity here, I can say that the most timid of them remove themselves only one room away when the bot enters. In a true sense of threat -- say Ross knocking on the front door -- the more spookable cats normally rocket out the cat door in the back, cower inside a box inside a set of shelves inside a closet in the most removed area of the house. Or they do that cat thing were they invoke the dimensional portal and vanish entirely from this material reality to another plane of existance. Anyone who's had experience with the need to consistently shove a pill down a cats throat knows all about that secret dimensional portal after about the third dosing. All of which is to say that since this is only the third time Zoom's been out and about and operational, for some reason it's not all that scary. Watching the cats, I think it's the slow and steady progress of movement that makes it safe.

    Short version:

    If you like to run a vacuum and enjoy cleaning as part of your regular daily rounds, Zoombot's probably superflous and silly.

    If you like a REALLY clean house and do dilligent weekly cleaning, running Zoombot while you're gone on uncarpeted floors will make you happy. It really does a great job of collecting the loose dust that inevitably accumulates.

    If you know some toy oriented geeks who seem alien to the concept of houscleaning, acquire this immediately. There's nothing like the introduciton of a new toy . . . um . . . novel technology . . . to reorient behavior patterns for the better.
    It's actually FUN to pick up the house now, in anticipation of our new robopet's vacuume dedication.
    ...more info
  • Not for carpet at all
    I bought and returned this item. It did nothing at all on my carpet, even though it claims to be for bare floors to low carpet. It might do ok on bare floors, but -- to be honest -- that's not what I bought it to do and I didn't even bother to try it there after my disappointment with its performance on the carpet....more info
  • pretty good for it's price
    I was jsust slightly disappointed with it's ability to pick up debris, but basically it was okay. Could use a stronger motor. It's a godsend for me because I have arthritis and it's hard for me to do chores. It's very simple to use, and so lightweight. Does pick up some stuff, so it's worthwhile. ...more info
  • Failed to meet worst expectations...
    I didn't expect too much from this device, nor would I from any of these first-generation RoboVacs. However, this thing is a particularly pathetic, albeit interesting, attempt - even with consideration of a highly-discounted price. It is quite noisy, ineffective, obtrusive, and died less than half an hour into its 40-minute "Medium Room" routine - half of its rated 60-minute battery endurance. Despite "prepping the room" of obstructions, etc., the Zoombot's patterns seemed inefficient as it moaned along, picking up precious little of the (unfortunately!) abundant debris. Save yourself the time and hassle of returning it, and don't buy it at all. We can put people on the Moon (Or did we?!) - Why can't a manufacturer take this basic idea and create a REAL, HOT ROD of a RoboVac???...more info
  • Not good on carpeting
    I found that the Zoombot worked on our kitchen floor, but not well at all on carpeting. We will be returning this to the store we purchased it at tomorrow....more info
  • it is amazing
    I recived the zoombot for christmas and I cant seam to get enough of it. I have tile and hardwood floors its does great for picking up everyday dirt from 3 boys.I cant say it does well on carpet but I still love it it does do most of my house its a very wonderful product...more info
  • Didn't do anything!
    After reading the reviews for this product, I expected alot more. It didn't do anything, it didn't suck up anything, and it doesn't have brushes on the bottom to fluff up the carpet and at least make it LOOK like it did something. It didn't suck up anything on hard floor either. Target store took it back just fine, but I still had to repackage it and didn't get a refund for shipping. I don't know who said that this product works, but they need glasses. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY....more info
  • It's great for the money!
    We just recently installed new hardwood floors. We have two dogs and lots of dog hair. This vacuum is very good at cleaning hard wood. In a matter of minutes the floor is barefoot clean! It's not as loud as a regular vacuum. It comes with only 3 electrostatic cloths but once I used all of them I just put those Swifter cloths on and they work fine. The little filter fills up pretty quick with dog hair but it's easy to clean. It's probably not the best choice if you want to hurry up and clean for company but it's great for everyday maintenance....more info
  • Don't waste your money
    Hubby picked this one out. Wanted something for every other day on area rug. Have cats and dogs. Did so so on hard wood floor but nothing for carpet. Very disappointed. I'd rather deal with my Rainbow. It's wonderful - just a little too much for frequent vacumming. Still looking for a reasonbly priced stick/upright that's easy to handle and has powerful suction....more info
  • Cute little guy does the job.
    We bought ours at a Target store apparently before they were available anywhere else. Right out of the box, there was enough of a charge for us to get an idea of what to expect from this type of vacuum. It has about the same pick-up power as any other rechareable type of vac, but the idea of it running when we leave the house is what sets it apart.
    Our pattern is to run it about the same as we do the dishwasher and clothes washer, leaving all of them running when we walk out the door in the morning. We were somewhat disappointed that it only had a NiCad battery as opposed to the now less-expensive LiIon we use in practically every other device. That said, we have to let it run all the way down before charging so as not to burn in a "memory", shortening our overall battery life.
    Since it is more or less automated, we run it every day, starting it in a different portion of the floor each day so as to get maximum coverage....more info