Throat Rescue

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Product Description

Strep or sore throats can hit at any time, usually not the most convenient time. They are painful and can develop into something that is much more significant. Laboratory tests have shown Throat Rescue to be superior to competitive throat sprays at killing harmful throat bacteria. Throat Rescue kills significantly more Streptococcus A. Hemolytic (Strep A.) bacteria in 30 minutes than Erythromycin and other throat spray products. Ionic silver may be an effective tool for supporting your immune system in the presence of emerging strains of bacterial, viral, and fungal infections.

  • All Natural, soothing ionic silver throat spray
  • Lab tested to kill strep a.
  • Avoid antibiotics for your Strep throat.

 Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent healing for throat
    Throat Rescue was recommended by our local natural foods store and has worked wonderfully - it helps immediately to heal the throat and we have avoided antibiotics. At the first sign of a sore throat - use it and you will see its effectiveness!...more info