Mr. Bar-B-Q Cast-Iron Ribbed Fajita Platter Set
Mr. Bar-B-Q Cast-Iron Ribbed Fajita Platter Set

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Product Description

Specially designed channels and pouring lip drain away unwanted fat and grease. Ideal for serving beef, chicken, pork and vegetables sizzling hot. Perfect for cooking healthy & nutritious foods. 5 year warranty. Includes cast iron platter with handle, durable wooden base server, protective hot handle holder.

If you think Fajitas taste best when served sizzling hot, you'll love this cast-iron grilling platter. Heavy cast iron absorbs and retains heat at the high temperatures required for searing strips of steak or chicken, as well as green peppers and onions. Ribs in the platter raise the meat above grease, which can be poured off by means of two lips, one on either side. The 7-1/2 by 9-1/2-inch cooking surface produces enough fajita filling for one hungry person, or two who like to share. In addition, the set contains a padded mitt for safety, as well as a 12-1/2- by 7-1/2-inch oval, lacquered wooden base to keep the cast-iron platter from slipping during serving.

The fajita platter must be seasoned before first use to create a nonstick patina that also helps prevent rusting. After washing, a thin layer of vegetable oil is applied and the platter is heated for one hour. While the platter can be seasoned on a grill, an oven works best. Instructions for the seasoning process are included. After subsequent use, the platter should be washed by hand and dried before storing. Mr. Bar-B-Q covers the fajita set with a five-year warranty. --Ann Bieri

What's In the Box
Cast-iron platter, wooden base, handle mitt.

  • Channel awy unwanted fats and grease with special lip built in to platter
  • Cast iron platter with handle, wood based server

Customer Reviews:

  • Very good value
    The Mr. Bar-B-Q Cast Iron fajita platter set is a very good value. It seems to be of the same quality as ones costing much more. I have only used the platters once so far since I finished seasoning them, but believe I will be happy for years to come....more info
  • These are just great!
    What else can I say that hasn't already been said. These Mr. Bar-B-Q Cast-Iron Ribbed Fajita Platter Set pans are handy for everything. I love ordering skillet breakfasts in restaurants now I can make them at home and keep them hot!

    Before you consider buying them from Target for $21.99 check them out from Amazon at $10.99 and get two instead of one, plus free S&H if your order is over $25....more info
  • Fajita Presenter
    Very happy with this product! It has a classy wooden base and the skillet is very solid.

    We have put this in for a regular use since it arrived. Great Deal!...more info
  • Just like eating at a resturaunt!!!!!
    The items were delivered two days early. Once I recieved them I could hardly wait to use them. I seasoned them right away, very clear and easy to follow instructions right on the package. The next day I was cooking on them like I owned a resuraunt. The food that I made was Amazing, it tated like food cooked on a grill but it came from my oven. The one bad thing that I would say is they need to send a recipe book or something to give you ideas..... But with a creative mind and a little know how in the kitchen and I'm sure one could cook just about anything on them. I have a family of six, so it gets very expensive to go out to eat. I love to cook, so these steak plates were a very good buy for me. If any one would like to share reciepes through reviews that might be helpful for future buyers....... I would definetly recommend this product, and already have to some friends....more info
  • Great gift!
    Husband likes his latest gadget for his cooking pleasure. We both love cast iron. Lodge makes durable cast iron cookware & the handle mitts are a great enhancement for the hot cast iron handles.The possibilities are endless for this grilling pan. Love it!...more info
  • Perfect
    Just what I was hoping for. Restaurant quality. Ordered another four.
    Looking forward to some fun parties!...more info
  • Great Skillet
    This was a great find, and a great price. We followed the instructions, limited that they were, and it worked out great. The product is really solid I would highly recommend. I only wish they would have had a little better instructions on how to prepare, care for, and clean. It would have also been great if they would have included a few recipes. ...more info
  • Very Satisfied
    We own this set and have purchased for gifts. It's quality without breaking the bank. Can't go wrong on this one! You may want to use a little heavier handle mitt, otherwise the set is perfect. ...more info
  • Fajita pans
    Excellent value, my sister bought another set so we can use them when we have a party !....more info
  • Not just for fajitas!
    We bouight this set, not just for fajitas, but for meat/veggies after grilling. They work great and keep food hot. Also, the mitts work good when transporting the food to the platters. No unwieldy pot holders to deal with, another nice feature....more info
  • Cast Iron Ribbed Fajita Platter Set
    I bought two and they were better than I expected. The cast-iron pans are perfect for fajitas, but they also work great for a couple of hamburgers, bacon, veggies or anything else you'd like to "grill" on the stove (or on a real grill) when you don't need big, round, cast-iron pan. The top varnish on the wooden pan-holders quickly gets toasted, but that's part of it's charm, it goes with the cast iron. The little pot-holders for the handles are great for the table, but a larger mitt is safer while grilling. NOTE: this IS cast iron and you will need to properly "season" the pans before you first use them to keep food from sticking....more info
  • Excellent purchase
    I had always wanted to buy sizzler platters, but since I needed three, I was looking for the right price, which I found at amazon. I followed the instructions very carefully before use so that they will last me for a long time. The wooden base and the handle holders make it very convenient and comfortable to hold. We use them atleast once a week and enjoy homemade sizzlers.
    This is probably one of the best purchases I have made for our kitchen in some time....more info
  • nice product
    It really helps the presentation for serving fajitas. I would recomend buying more than one if you want to serve more than one person, or two light eaters. The pour spouts work great, and seasoning this was much easier than my Dutch oven....more info
  • fajita pans
    These pans are excellent for making fajitas. I make the fajita filling in a larger pan and then transfer it to these individual pans for sizzling. They are great and my grandkids like eating off the individual pans....more info
  • Cast Iron Ribbed Fajita Platter Set
    It's a very nice set for the price. I always wanted the ones just like the restaurants and these fit the bill. They retain heat well and look great. The only thing that takes getting used to is the cleaning process so they won't rust but so far so good....more info


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