LG Electronics L6004R Digital Display 6000-BTU Room Air Conditioner with Remote Control

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  • 6,000 BTU
  • 9.7 EER
  • Digital Display
  • Soft Touch Remote Control
  • 4-way Air Deflection
Customer Reviews:
  • Very satisfied
    First, please don't be put off by the picture for this model -- it is inaccurate. This is a better unit than in the photo -- it has an electronic control pad, not those knobs. It also has a timer and a great remote control, which isn't immediately evident either.

    This is a very nice airconditioner that does an excellent cooling job very quietly. It is compact without being very heavy (which is why I got this instead of an 8000 BTU model). It's in my bedroom, which is an attic type room with slanted ceilings about
    about 300 square feet in size. Although you're supposed to get a higher BTU model for that size room, I have been pleasantly surprised with how fast this relatively small sized unit can cool that room - a very reasonable amount of time considering it's undersized for the space (by the way, in my research I found that you should never buy a unit that is too big for the space, go with too small if you can't get the size you want. A unit that's too big won't properly dehumidify the room for some reason).

    The big selling point for me is the noise factor. I am a very light sleeper and having a unit on all night tends to wake me up. Well, true to consumer reports on LG, this is much quieter than all the other air conditioners I have owned. It is MUCH less disruptive to my sleep, which makes me love this thing more than any other feature it may have.

    Overall, I am very pleased with this air conditioner and highly recommend it. There is another 6000 BTU model offered with a lower profile, but it's a lot more expensive. This one is just fine!...more info