LG Electronics L1004R Digital Display 10,000-BTU Room Air Conditioner with Remote Control

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  • Window air conditioner with soft-touch remote control
  • 10,000 BTUs of cooling power for rooms up to 500 square feet
  • 9.8 ERE; digital timer up to 12 hours; digital display; auto restart
  • Temperature settings by 1 degree, 4-way air deflection; turbo fan
  • Measures 12-3/8 by 19-3/4 by 19-3/8 inches
Customer Reviews:
  • LG is NG
    I purchased this unit at a Home Depot also. Ran for 6 hours and then blew a circuit breaker. The compressor went. No cool air. We called Home Depot and they said to call LG service. LG service said it would take "at least" six to eight weeks to send a service man to look at it. (That's all the summer we have in this neck of the woods!) The labor to install it was more than the unit is worth. Now I have to un-install it. It's going back to Home Depot. I will never buy an LG product again. We'll see how Home Depot handles my return in person. They were not at all helpful on the phone....more info
  • Double Failure
    We finally decided this was the summer to buy an air conditioner. Usually I do a lot of research before purchasing a product like this, but we were in a hurry. So we ran to home depot and picked up a 10,000 BTU LG air conditioner. I was a little nervous because I had never heard of LG before. After finally getting it installed in a horizontal sliding window (with much jury rigging by my husband) it seemed to work well. Then we hit our first 90 degree day and it started icing up. We had mistakenly left the vent open so at first we thought that was the problem. However, it kept icing up at all times of day. I finally called LG and they told me it most likely had a freon leak. Since I would rather not own a defective product, I took it back to Home Depot instead of having it repaired. Because of the jury rigging I purchased another LG to keep peace in the home. This second was even worse though. It wouldn't even turn on!!! At this point I had had enough of LG and ran to Best Buy to purchase a 9800 BTU Whirlpool. So far, so good on that one.

    One note about the first LG: Home depot had a sticker specifically for low freon, which makes me wonder if this is a common occurrence.
    ...more info