LG Electronics DH404E Dehumidifier

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Product Description

By quickly and quietly removing moisture from the air, this 40-pint electronic dehumidifier helps reduce mildew and musty odors. Its water bucket conveniently loads from the front and a "bucket full" indicator shows when the water needs to be emptied. There's also an automatic shut-off feature for added safety. Draining the water isn't such a chore due to the ability to simply attach a garden hose to the unit. Humidity levels are adjusted in five-percent increments by electronic sensors and are trackable with the easy-to-read, digital LED humidity indicator. Other features include two fan speeds, a washable filter, and roller casters for easy mobility. The dehumidifier is Energy Star rated and measures 21-1/4 by 13-3/8 by 15-1/6 inches. --Catie Unger

  • 40-pint electronic dehumidifier removes moisture from the air
  • Automatic shut-off; "bucket full" indicator when water needs to be emptied
  • Adjustable humidity control; easy-to-read, digital LED humidity indicator
  • 2 fan speeds; washable filter; roller casters for easy mobility
  • Measures 21-1/4 by 13-3/8 by 15-1/6 inches
Customer Reviews:
  • Not happy.
    Purchaced unit for basement and it worked great for the first year & 1/2 but it no longer works properly. It seems the compressor doesnt work any longer. Fan works and the compressor is running just not getting the radiator cold to remove the moister, just sucking my electricity. I had to switch back to my old unit that I have had for approx 12 years and still works great once I fixed the switch. wish they still made them like that. LG is loosing in my mind. my 1 year old LG dishwasher is starting to piss me off now. NO MORE LG...more info
  • Quiet, efficient and effective
    This dehumidifier works just as advertised! It is quieter than our last one, and provides just as much of a fresh scent to our basement. ...more info
  • Does its job - but makes room hot!
    I bought this when I was living in New Jersey. It is my first dehumidifier and I may have been expecting too much.

    It removes plenty of moisture and works great. When the bucket is full it shuts itself off. You have the option of connecting it to a hose and let it run indefinitely with no water collection. Don't set it on max, because a room that is TOO dry is also uncomfortable. You can set it as low as 40% humidity, and can increase this in increments of 10% to Max.

    Main problem is that it runs very hot. It will heat the room in which it is placed. On a hot humid day the last thing you want is a hotter dry day. This is not one of those units you would want to put in your bedroom.

    It is not really quiet. I don't know if it is quieter than other dehumidifiers, but it produces the same amount of sound as a room air-conditioner....more info