Bissell 3574 CleanView II Upright Bagless Vacuum

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Product Description

This lightweight bagless vacuum has a 12-amp motor for high-suction power and provides seven height adjustments so you can clean all types of surfaces, including bare floors, and never buy or change a bag again! A HEPA media post-motor filter captures more than 99.9 percent of dust mites, pollen and ragweed in an easy-to-empty dirt container. Ready-to-use tools include a crevice tool and upholstery dusting brush. Weighs 15.5 pounds. Limited one-year warranty. Model 3574.

  • 12-amp upright vacuum with high-suction power for thorough cleaning
  • Bagless technology with Easy Empty dirt container; HEPA media filter
  • 7 height adjustments; dual-edge cleaning; 13-1/2-inch-wide cleaning path; headlight
  • Stretch hose with extension wand; dusting brush, crevice tool, and multipurpose tool included
  • Measures 12 by 13-1/2 by 42 inches; 1-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Attachment Hose Problem
    We have had our Bissell for just over a year and have recently become very disappointed with it. The attachment hose has very, very week sucking power. Dust flies out of the opening when using the attachment hose. Bottom line is that we can no longer use the attachment hose. The base vacuum works great, though....more info
  • Cleanview II
    Pros: Works, wide cleaning path, easy to propel
    Cons: Short hose length ... Bagless causes a dusty mess, cleaning the filters

    I purchased a Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner a while ago, just to clean the basement carpet and stairs. What a mistake. I purchased this to replace that and have been happy ever since. It picks up the dirt, cat hair, and other stuff easily....more info
  • Good vacuum, maintenance needed
    Had this vaccuum for three years now...

    Initially it was great, did everything we needed it to do, vacuumed in a lot more then my old vacuum.

    Since then, I've had to replace a belt and the brush. Isn't too much of a big deal, came out to roughly 30 dollars. I guess when you look at the price of the vacuum when I bought it, 30 dollars may be a lot, but for 3+ years of service is has done really well.

    Would I buy another one? Probably not. Since then I've used many european ones (borrowed from friends) which run in the hundreds of dollars, but have lasted 10+ years w/o fail. This will get the job done if you dont have pets and have a relatively small and clean house, but may not be good enough if you vacuum heavily....more info
  • Bissell 3574 CleanView II-outstanding
    The Cleanview II upright bagless vacuum by Bissell is an outstanding
    vacuum. I've had trouble getting the dirt up out of my carpet with my old vacuum. But with the Bissell the first time I used it it took a lot of dirt and dust up. And the cleaning is easy. Just undo the plastic container, dump out the dirt, rinse it out, and then clean the filter by rinsing it off too. Let it all dry, and you're back in business, as they say.
    ...more info
  • Vacuum should Suck, not suck!
    I've had my Bissell for some time and was really excited to go bagless when I bought it and at first it was great then reality set in. This vacuum has so many components, so many filters and wierd things to clean. The top bit gets clogged with pet hair and dirt so you have to reach in there, twist off the little blue plastic thingy and pound it on something (usually my steps outside)to clear it out and pick up the gunk by hand and throw it in the trash. The canister has to be emptied constantly then there is the other foamy filter thingy that you have to take off and clean and then there is the white filter thingy that has to be cleaned (again, usually pounded on my steps outside. All this just to get the darn thing to kinda clean the carpets. Meanwhile you are covered in dust and dirt, the vacuum itself is filthy and you have to clean it too. The hose attachment barely sucks and so after quite some time coming to terms with my lame vacuum I have drawn a truce and vowed that just as soon as I can afford it,I will purchase a different vacuum and then find a creative way to take out my pent up aggression on this useless pile of plastic. Why two stars? Well, it started out fine enough (before all the filters clog) and since it still turns on and off when I plug it in I figure it still deserves a couple of stars for sheer dependable uselessness....more info
  • Great Gift
    I gave this as a housewarming gift to my daughter. She responded that it did a superior job in helping prepare her new home for the first visitors: her in-laws. She passed inspection with flying colors. I also own a Bissell vacuum and have been very pleased with its versatility and ease of use. The only drawback that I have experienced is the availability of parts and supplies at local stores. In most cases you have to order such things on-line. The good news is that their web site is excellent and their service is superior....more info
  • Read the other reviews and see
    I have only used this vacuum 5 times. The dirt cup is very small and you have to empty it after each use. I didn't like the fact that you have to clean 3 filters after so many uses. It cleans great. I noticed a lot of dust/dirt getting stuck above the dirt holder. On the 5th use, there was a terrible smell. Most of the other reviews says the motor only lasts about a year, after 5 months it gets much louder and they can smell something burning. So I returned it after the 5th use. Went to an eureka. ...more info
  • Easy to use and lightweight
    We bought this for my mom, she's 91, and she loves it! She doesn't like change very often, but she loves this vaccum. She can see the dirt that her old vaccum missed, and her carpets are noticeble cleaner. That is not an easy statement to make considering that her house is normally spotless, but she could definitely see the difference between her old vaccum and this one. This was one birthday gift that we never heard one complaint about. Bissell makes a great carpet cleaner, and now I'm convinced that they make a great inexpensive vaccum. I will continue to buy Bissell in the future; not only because they clean well, but also because the price is great too!...more info
  • It's like manually cleaning out the bag from a bag-type vacuum.
    I thought a bagless vacuum would be the answer I was looking for.
    The vacuum itself works wonderfully when fresh out of the box.
    However, every 2 months or so, you have to manually clean each of 3 filters and purchase a new HEPA filter (currently around $9) or the vacuum has zero suction.

    It's absolutely disgusting--like ripping open a bag from an old bag-type vacuum and manually scooping out all the dirt and dust. Filthy....more info
  • Good value
    I saw this model at a local thrift store, it looked good and I bought it. The rubber belt had snapped, I bought a new one online from totalvac dot com. They have a good inventory of vacuum supplies. It is now working great and I am happy with it.
    It is a little loud, but does a very good job of picking up dirt and stray threads on the carpeting. No problems and I am impressed with it. I would recommend buying a couple of extra belts and perhaps some extra filters. That would make it easy to swap out the foam filters and no need to wait for your filters to completely dry. There is some maintenance involved such as cleaning out your filters but nothing too difficult or time consuming. I would recommend this, or similiar models, as a relatively low-cost vacuum cleaner that does a good job....more info
  • My First Vacuum!
    In all of the 6 years of living away from my parents I have never bought a new vacuum. Finally when my boyfriends very vintage Commercial Hoover vacuum bag clasp broke for good we decided we needed a brand new vacuum. Amazon was the first site I went to for a great deal and possibly affordable and fast shipping. I wanted something light-weight, upright, bagless and with a hose and attachments. I found the Bissell 3574 Cleanview II Upright Bagless Vacuum to be the perfect choice. Not only was it a great price it also had 7 height adjustments, dual edge cleaning, a carrying handle for tricky places like stairs and best of all it had a HEPA filter which cleans the air sucked in and blown back out. Having asthma I knew this vacuum was a keeper! I placed my order on Monday. Recieved my brand new Bissell 3574 on Wednesday. I opened that baby up put her together with the greatest of ease and started vacumming the house. I never knew that my carpet was that dirty (Bonus points for suction!) because I had to clean the dirt container twice, which by the way is very easy to open, dump (depending on your dirt and lint), close and seal. Another plus is that the inner filters in the dirt container are washable. I absolutely love this product! I recommend it to everyone in need of a new vacuum! Five Stars!...more info
  • Buy it if you are mechanically inclined
    I have owned this vacuum for about 18 months and it does clean very well. True the filters get funky and are a pain to clean, but that means it is taking the dirt from your floor. I have however replaced the brush roller three times, Bissel supplied them and told me that the last time was the last time. It broke this morning and I am convinced that this is the last time I will buy Bissell for many years to come....more info
  • This vacuum did not last ....
    I have had this vacuum for less than two years, and it just died on me. For awhile I was happy with it. But over the last month or so, the sound of it became louder and louder until it was almost unbearable. I couldn't figure out why. Then it ate two belts within a few weeks, and the motor finally died accompanied by smoke and a burning stench. I also had problems earlier with the height level adjuster for various thicknesses of carpet. The knob would turn, but the wheels on the bottom never moved up or down. (I saw this in another review, too.) I took it apart and managed to get it back into proper alignment once, but it too easily slipped out again. This vacuum certainly was short-lived....more info
  • Just owesome
    Suck everything in its way. Very light unit. Love it. Easy to put together. Simple. Best choice....more info
  • bissell very good
    i used the bissell 3574 and for the price it is very good. it pick up well. and it is very good to clean. so i am gooding to pay one for my daughter....more info
  • Don't buy this poorly designed vacuum!!
    I have had this vacuum for about a year, and I just put it out with the trash. There are at least 3 areas that get clogged with dirrt and dust every time you use it. I have a straightened metal clothes hanger that I have to reach up into the hard-to-reach areas and dig out dirt clogs. I got so sick of doing this-because it still doesn't pick up well at all, that I decided to just trash it. Needless to say, I will not be buying another Bissell!!!...more info
  • Not good if you have allergies
    I will never buy a bagless vacuum again! I bought this one in a hurry when my Hoover stopped working. The Bissell CleanView II was on sale and, since I'd never tried a bagless vacuum before, I decided to try it out. I have been miserable ever since. I have a dog and a cat, and this vacuum doesn't have enough suction to get my carpets clean. The handheld roller worked for a few months only. Dog hair seems to get stuck above the canister, necessitating a very dirty job of emptying the canister. The canister comes out easily enough, but is much messier than a bag. I've considered buying masks to wear while emptying the canister, but think I will go back to a Hoover windtunnel. I don't know if there are any good bagless vacuums, but this experiment was enough to turn me off. ...more info
  • The vacuum that will make you homicidal
    This vacuum worked for exactly 3 months. Debris collected in the base of the vacuum, so I had to take the hose off and shake the vacuum upside down over the garbage can. The only thing that sucked more than this machine was Bissell customer service. ...more info
  • No problems
    I absolutely love this vacuum! It cleans really well. The dirt compartment is easy to dump and the filter easy to clean. I have had this vacuum for 9 months with no problems. You still can't beat a broom for large floors, but for carpet this thing is great. The extensions are very handy. I was hoping to be able to clean blinds with it, but the available extensions aren't brushy enough for that. Not light as a feather, but not horribly heavy.
    As with all vacuums, it is noisy. It is a bewilderment to me that engineers can make upscale cars virtually noiseless but not vacuums.
    Anyway, a great vacuum and worth what I paid for it....more info
  • Powerful vacuum cleaner, good value for money
    I have had this vacuum cleaner for a year now. Works really well. It does get clogged easily and loses power. It needs to be thoroughly cleaned after every use (just wash the containers and the foam and plastic filters with water). But if you take good care of it, it will give very good results. It brought out dust that my older vacuum would have never picked up. It's very sturdy and made of good quality material. The bagless format means that you don't have worry about buying bags all the time (which people like me always forget) :)
    Overall it's a great vacuum cleaner for the price....more info
  • Cheap and useless
    I had this vacume for less then a year. in that time I found that it clogged easily, and on bare floors it really could not handle anything larger then sand.
    There was smell of burning rubber, and then the spinning brush no longer worked.

    As for the design, the power button is in a inconvenient place. i should have retuned this immediately. Oh well, never another Bissell....more info
  • Good vacuum, small collection capcity
    This is a very good vacuum. It picks up pet hair (2 dogs and 1 cat worth) and packs it into felt. That's also the problem. The dust bin fills up quickly and needs to be emptied often. Of course, an American Eskimo Dog can dump a lot of hair onto a rug.

    Overall we are very pleased with this vacuum.

    ...more info
  • Powerful Vacuum
    The vacuum is wonderful. It picks up so much dirt that I did not realize was in my carpet. The nozzle is also very easy to use. Although the vacuum picks up tons of dirt, some of it comes out when you empty the waste compartment. I still love it though....more info
  • Works well but jams easily
    When new this vacuum performed quite well, sucking quite a bit of dirt out of the carpet and the removable hose is very handy for picking up the larger stuff on the carpet and removing dust and spider webs from baseboards and the corners of the ceiling.

    However, there are four design issues that have consistently caused problems.

    First, the "knob" that adjusts the hight of the vacuum for the pile of carpet does not align properly making the height adjustment feature worthless. The wheel turns but the actual platform on the bottom of the vacuum never changes.

    Second, the suction tube from the agitator area to where the removable hose fits into the base of the vacuum clogs. Be very careful about sucking up anything large (like a paper clip). These items can jam in the corrugated hose where hair and dust collect, eventually completely clogging the hose. The first time we noticed the complete loss of suction and attacked the clog with a hanger, we discovered a solid 7 inch tube of crud (noting really large, though) that had just packed into the tube over time. I've found that occasionally using the narrow hose attachment and sucking out the tube helps remove the stuck gunk.

    Third, while called "bagless" there are so many filters in the vacuum, it can be a real pain to "empty" it. Sure, the main collection area is easy to remove, but there is a sponge style filer that has to be removed, washed and dried, along with a second smaller filter and then the HEPA filter.

    Finally, the collection of hair on the agitator--a common problem with vacuums--is especially bad where there are indentations on the roller, especially where the suction intake exists. This might contribute to problem 2 above.

    Overall, probably good value for your vacuum money, but be ready to perform household maintenance on it in order to keep it working. And if you suffer from problem 1, good luck getting the right amount of contact with your floor....more info
  • I swore I'd never buy another Bissell but so far so good...
    We've had this vacuum since May '05 to replace another bissell (which only lasted 6 months). I was skeptical since we've had problems with bissell vacuums before burning up & eating rubber belts but so far, this one is holding up well & we use it at least 3x a week if not every other day (since we have 2 cats who shed a lot). It's pretty easy to dump the dust bin & clean the filters once you get the hang of it and I don't have any trouble with it being 'cumbersome' as one reviewer put it. I have to keep an eye on the roller-brush to make sure it doesn't get clogged up with hair & put strain on the belt like our old vacuum but no problems yet. Overall, a good vacuum with my one complaint being the hose attachment...the cleaning brush that attaches to the hose for cleaning furniture/upholstery has a strange design which makes it easy to turn & flip over to a non-bristled side. That would be fine if it would stay in place, but it has a tendency to flip over on its own if you aren't careful about keeping the bristle side down which can be annoying. I don't know why they designed it like that but since I don't use it very often it's not too annoying considering how cheap the vacuum is....more info
  • Great vacuum cleaner -- does the job
    For years I vaccuumed with an old Electrolux Tank, and it came time to update my cleaner. Having to pick out a new vaccuum, at first only thought about the more popular companies (Hoover, Eureka) then came across Bissell. The 3574 seemed to be a good choice based on price and features, and having used it several times now, I would very much recommend it to anyone looking for a 'bagless' vacuum at an affordable price....more info
  • Bissel Cleanview II Bagless is very cumbersome
    I am returning this item, it is so heavy and cumbersome. The power is good, 12 amps, but what good is it if you can't use it on your stairs or carry it to the second floor? The lever to make it stand upright is also very difficult to use. I have to force it into place with my foot, actually kicking it, but it comes out at the slightest touch and the vacuum falls over. It doesn't come with a stair cleaning tool, although they show a photo of a woman cleaning her stairs with it in the advertisement. I'm really disapointed in this item and in the advertising for it. Unless you are a body builder, I wouldn't reccomend this vacuum....more info
  • Dust be gone!
    I've had this vacuum over a month now and it has done a great job of removing dust. The whole house feels a lot cleaner. The down side, however, is that the air filter needs to be cleaned often, which is messy due to all the fine dust. Other observations:

    - powerful suction
    - filters fine dust particles
    - light weight
    - bright headlamp
    - great price!

    - filter needs cleaning often
    - rotating brush doesn't disengage when using hand tools
    - hand tools are flimsy
    - a bit loud...more info
  • Excellent, Real Clean and Best of Price Performance & Easy
    We are 100% satisfied about our decision to buy Bissell for its performance in cleaning and suction. Easy to operate, relatively less noisy [My old Eureka was making horrible noise] and best price with nice look.

    I did spent a week or more for research and study when my current Eureka smoked out. This time, I don't want to go wrong, needed a better cleaning Vac as my son would be 6 months soon & getting ready to crawl. Read Reviews, went to shops to feel its sturdy and quality aspects.

    I wanted best performance for reasonable PRICE. Bissell 3576-ClearView II is the WINNER and we are satisfied. Removing, cleaning of cup is easy. Suction is great. ...more info
  • Really good vacuum
    I have nothing but good things to say about the Bissell Cleanview vacuum. I did a little bit of research before buying this model, and I am happy to report that it performs better than I expected for such a low price model. I have 2 dogs and I was amazed at how much dirt and hair it picked up that my old vacuum left behind. There are a couple of tools included too that work nice on baseboards and stairs. Definitely a great value and worthy of the 5 star rating....more info
  • Never again Bissell
    I have owned the 3575 model for about nine months. Saw the reviews, it fit my budget, thought it would be a good thing. Definitely not. It gets stuck on the places on the carpet that are a bit worn, suction is awful, the hose doesn't stretch like it says it should. At first it was ok, not the best, but as time has gone on, it has just gotten worse. And even though I clean the filters, empty the cup(that's easy, one good thing), check the belt, it still smells like something is burning. I used this machine to vacuum my rug, then used a friend's Oreck. I couldn't believe the amount of stuff I heard going through that machine, even though I had just vacuumed! So, this machine is headed for the thrift shop, along with the Big Green CLean Machine....more info