Bissell 3576 CleanView II Plus Upright Bagless Vacuum

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  • 12-amp upright vacuum with high-suction power for thorough cleaning
  • Bagless technology with Easy Empty dirt container; HEPA media filter
  • 7 height adjustments; dual-edge cleaning; 13-1/2-inch-wide cleaning path; headlight
  • Stretch hose with extension wand; dusting brush, crevice tool, and multipurpose tool included
  • Measures 12 by 13-1/2 by 42 inches; 1-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Great price, great suction, hard to push
    5 stars for suction. 3 stars for ease of vacuuming/pushing. So I average 4 stars for the Bissell Cleanview II 3576. Overall, considering the low cost of this vacuum, it's a great deal. I have no issue with the level of suction I'm getting from this machine. I live in a rural mountain town with four shedding dogs and two males. Need I say more? Hair and dirt are a major part of my life. The Bissell fills the dirt cup when you could swear your carpet was already clean. I don't find emptying the dirt cup to be much of an issue as some people do. I don't "dump" it into the trash... instead I lay it on top of the trash itself, turn it over and then gently tap it. I would be dealing with way more dust flying around if I were changing a vacuum bag. I also like to use carpet fresheners (like Arm & Hammer Pet Care) which involve sprinkling, and then vacuuming, baking soda type powders. That would be a problem with bag style vacuums as they can feel up quickly and be quite heavy. This IS a heavy vacuum, but any good vacuum I see for sale is in the same weight category, to be honest. The only significant drawback to this Bissell is that it can really resist moving across the carpet. I can't say I blame it... I resist vacuuming, too. Ha ha. But, I would like for this Bissell to show a little more motivation! And vacuum suction at the edges is weak. But again, for the low price, if you want a well-made sturdy vacuum with great suction, the Bissell is great. Easy to switch between vacuuming and using the attachments, too... a problem with some higher end vacuums like the Dysons....more info
  • Something not quite right about this one
    I wanted to love the vacuum....

    and I like some of the features very much like:

    it's fairly lightweight
    it's bagless, and the filters can be washed
    you can easily empty the bin
    it's pretty!!

    and it cleaned my carpets really well, making them look fantastic...

    But what is going to make me take it back for a refund is:

    It has an odd smell when it's on
    the hose and attachments are worthless because they are too short, and if you pull on the hose it pulls the whole vacuum over
    the bin is too small, and I have to empty it every time I vacuum, and my place is small

    I have a feeling it's not sturdy overall, and notice that all the waste doesn't blow down into the bin...some seems to get a bit caught up in the upper part of the cannister.

    So, I'd say keep looking.....more info
  • Bissel CleanView II does a great job...
    We've owned this vac for several months now. Contrary to some reviews I've read it still works great! Yes, you have to clean the filters on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, but it's really no big deal. We have two hairy dogs (a golden retriever and a yellow lab). You can imagine the dirt these two generate. Well, the Bissel just sucks it all up. You can actually see the carpet change color while vacuuming! And, I vacuum that carpet every other day! The on-board accessories are the standard types you would expect plus a Turbo Brush that works pretty good on stuffed furniture. Are there better vacs out there? Probably, but not in the $80-$100 range....more info
  • worked great for 2 months, then trouble
    Purchased this vacuum because we needed one with the height adjust for our new carpeting. THis vacuum did a great job for 2 months, then it just quit. Luckily it was under warranty and we contacted Bissell and they sent us a new vacuum. Good customer service. The replacement vacuum was good, but seemed to work a little less each time. Emptying the dirt cup and washing the filters is a real chore. If you dont clean them though the vacuum wont suck up anything. Well, in about a year the replacement vacuum has died. One day while vacuuming I smelled something burning. I checked the vacuum and the brush was not turning. I opened up the compartment that houses the brush and out came this burnt piece of plastic. The belt had also fallen off. I put the belt back in place, snapped the vacuum back together and was able to complete vacuuming. Unfortunately now I can only vacuum 2 rooms at a time before the belt falls off again. Now I am in the process of researching vacuums because I do not want to waste my money again. A vacuum is not something I look to replace every year or two and it seems that most made these days do not last any longer than that. DO not waste money on this bissell. I personally would not buy another bissell either. If one product is poorly made it does not speak well for the rest. ...more info
  • This vacuum is crap!
    We bought this vacuum hoping to have it for a long while. We had been going through vacuums pretty quck, guess we just have bad luck. I was dissapointed right of the bat. The suction leaves ALOT to be desired. We had it for a little more that a year and it stopped working, it simply wouldn't turn on anymore. We got a Dyson and will never own any other type of vacuum. It is worth every penny!!! No other vacuum can even come close to a Dyson, so save your money and buy one instead of this piece of junk!...more info
  • Powerful vacuum, useless tools
    This vacuum is powerful. It works well on big area floor. But if you want to use those on-board tools on hard-to-reach area or furnitures, it will be very dispointing. This is a big design flaw of this vacuum. There is a floor brush on the bottom of this vacuum. The brush works efficiently to loose the dirts from carpet and let the hose, which locate behind the brush, to suck them up. When you want to use those tools, you have to pull the hose from the bottom and connect it with the tool. However, the floor brush still works! Now you can imagine what will happen. The powerful high speed brush throws all dirts from floor through the bottom opening and these dirts happily fly over in your room....more info
  • Clean the filter after a month.
    In response to all of you customers who commented that the vacuum stopped working well after one month, clean the filters!! The same thing happened to me and after cleaning the filters, it worked like new again. There are two filters, one above the dirt cup and one below it that build up dust gunk. My only complaint for this vacuum is that cleaning these filters every month can be a pain....more info
    I have owned the product for one month. While using it one day, I smelled what I believed to be rubber burning (the belt). I took off the bottom piece to check the belt and a large piece of plastic fell out. I replaced the contraption and tried to use the vacuum again, but now the belt will not stay in place, causing more damage. The vacuum worked well for the month I had it, minus the noise and weight. I contacted Bissell and they basically told me "too bad, so sad." Good luck returning it to the place you purchased it....more info
  • This Vacuum Doesn't Suck... Literally
    When I forst got this vacuum, it worked well for about a month, but that's about it. While the vacuum is light and easy to maneuver, the attachment hose suction is terrible. I have to go back over and pick things up by hand after using the attachments. The other problem is when picking up the vacuum to move to a different part of the floor (from throw rug to throw rug), a little pile of dust and dirt is left behind. Why bother with a vacuum when you have to clean up after it?

    Even though this wasn't the most expensive vacuum on the market, it is not worth the money. After 8 months, I switched to a different brand, with great results. Do your research before buying this one!...more info
  • Don't bother!!!
    I'm online looking for a new vacuum to replace my Bissell Cleanview which worked well for just one month. I wish I had just spent the money on a Dyson the first time around. This thing STINKS, literally, always has if I run it for more than 5 minutes. It hardly sucks up anything and the attachment hose is even more pathetic. Don't waste your money, don't go the cheap route, buy the best the first time and you will get your money's worth over the next several years!...more info
  • For the price, can't ask for much more.
    === Quick Take ===

    Bottom Line...
    The Bissell Cleanview II vacuum is a Quick Recommendation from Consumer Reports if low price is a main concern. Which I took as meaning, if you don't want to spend a lot of bucks, this will be plenty good. They were right and I'm pleased with the ~$80 spent on this vacuum. My model is actually the 3576-6 model which is the 3576 model with a TurboBrush and shorter cord. CR's Best Buy is a Eureka model at almost double the cost. If I had more area to clean, other than my living room rug and a long hallway runner, I may have considered the Eureka.

    - Picks up everything
    - Long hose attachment with tools
    - Easy to put together
    - 27-foot power cord
    - Easy to empty dirt cup
    - HEPA filter
    - Inexpensive filter replacements (HEPA media filter is $9.99)
    - Headlight
    - Soft bumper sides
    - Pile adjust settings
    - Easy carry handle
    - 1 Year Warranty

    - Pretty loud
    - Big & heavy
    - Wheels make a lot of noise
    - 1 Year Warranty

    === Review ===
    I live in a flat that has hardwood floors. I purchased a small stick vac with a 6-amp motor to use on a living room rug, a hallway runner, and a small patch of carpet in the bedroom. After a while, I realized it wasn't working very well at all. It tended to push debris, dust, and pet hair around instead of sucking it up.

    I finally decided to stop playing around with stick vacs and decided to get a full-sized one. I referred to Consumer Reports for advice and though I really wanted to get the Eureka that they recommended as a Best Buy, I couldn't justify the price for the small area I would be using it for.

    My main requirements were that it actually pick up everything off of my rugs and that it had easy to use attachments. The HEPA filter was a bonus. I now realize that since the last time I bought a full-sized vacuum (1995), vacuum cleaners have come a long way.

    Couldn't be simpler. All you have to do is attach the handle with one screw and then place the hose and attachments onboard.

    I had just used my stick vac a few days earlier. After putting together the CleanView II, I thought I'd give it a whirl. What it picked up that the stick vac didn't was amazing. The dust cup was already beyond the full line! My rugs have never been cleaner.

    The hose is extendable and easy to to use. It is as simple as lifting it off of the unit and placing any of the onboard attachments to it.

    Don't run it at night if you live in an apartment and want to be considerate of your neighbors. It doesn't have a super high pitched noise, but it definitely rumbles. The cat went scurrying away and hid when I turned it on. The plastic wheels seem to contribute to the noise too. I don't know why someone hasn't come up with rubber or inline wheels for vacuums.

    It's a heavy vacuum (21 lb shipping weight), but it's not so heavy as to be a burden. Granted, I don't have much to clean. The headlight is nice so I can see in areas of my flat that are not well lit. The manual pile adjustment dial is easy enough to use and has seven height settings. The dirt cup is easily removeable and emptied, though slightly messy. It's also easy to turn the power on and off.

    The cord is located on the right side of the vacuum. If felt somewhat awkward when I tried to guide the cord while vacuuming since I normally vacuum with my right hand and guide the cord with my left.

    === Summary ===
    This vacuum works and is easily the nicest I've ever owned. I thought I could get away with using one of those smaller vacs to take care of simple jobs on small areas. I was wrong and wasted nearly $50 learning that lesson. The Bissell Cleanview II is not that expensive and does a good job. What more could I ask for?...more info
  • No more cat fur!
    Just bought this vacuum and love it! My husband & I have a small carpeted apartment and 2 cats. Our last vacuum was just a small stick kind that looked like it was doing a good job, until we brought this thing home. Was a snap to put together, just one screw and you're done. Read over the instructions, plug it in & go! It FILLED the canister after just doing the living room. We were amazed...and disgusted at ourselves! It was very easy to empty and replace. Then did the bedroom and rest of the apartment and again, filled the canister with cat fur, tons of dust. We are very clean, and couldn't believe that much dirt was in our home. This will probrably help with our allergies with the HEPA filter. It was so easy to wheel around, under coffee tables (if you tap the foot lever again it can go even lower), it feels sturdy and powerful, the hose is very powerful and the "turbo attachment" is really great for the couch and small spots. You can adjust for carpet height and for bare floors. We thought it was a bit loud, but who cares, all vacuums are. I guess since it's not a Dyson I can't give it 5 stars but this vacuum is truely great!!...more info
  • rated 1 for price
    This vaccume works well. it is light duty and seems to suck well. I purchaced 2 of them for up and down stairs. all is good...more info
  • A sad good bye.
    I just bought my second Bissell Clean View Upright Bagless Vacuum after three years of faithful service from its predecessor. Sadly, my wife forgot to put the round filter back into the clear canister after a thorough cleaning. I ran it once without the filter and that was it. From that day forth, no suction was available and after a few words from each family member and a hearty growl and hiss from the cats, it was sorrowfully laid to rest on our curb. Maybe, some industrious garbage man will take it upon himself to open her up further than I did and clean out her suction motor. I cracked her open, taking everything apart except the motor but refused to do open heart surgery. I think she would have been happier knowing that she went out at full suction, rather than fading away.

    Thus, my only caveat would be never operating without the filters in place. I should have known better, and from now on I will definitely check before each use. However, on the plus side, as long as you can remember to replace them, washing all the filters (the old girl had three) in the dishwasher once a month was all it took to keep her in top sucking shape.

    For $75, you can't get a better deal. Buy this and spend the $300-$400 more dollars you were going to use to buy that DYSON and invest it in a few years worth of professional carpet shampooing. Ask yourself, does a five-hundred dollar vacuum make me cool? Or, does it make me a fool with too much money?
    ...more info
  • What a vacuum...what a difference!! If you have a dog get this vacuum!!
    After 6 long years our Kenmore upright smoked itself to its death. I went right to my latest issue of Consumer Reports magazine and saw that they had just rated vacuums. I looked at their chart and knowing I didn't want to spend a fortune and wanted something good. I saw in the #12 spot, the Bissell Cleanview. It was the first one in the chart under $100! They had the suggested price at $80. I went right to the computer to compare. Amazon was the first place I checked and the one I deceided to go with. Free super saver shipping was the clincher!! It arrived in 2 days!!
    So I put it together with ease---only one screw to put in. Then I vacummed my 5x8 low pile area rug. OH MY GOD!!! The carpet was just done three days ago by my old Kenmore, I just wanted to see how this new vacumm worked. The cup was half full!! I do have a yellow lab that sheds alot but WOW there was a lot of fine dirt in the cup as well. All this time, (two years at this address), my old vacuum wasn't doing its job.
    The only down side to the vacuum is the suction in the removable hose, I don't feel as much suction as I did in my old vacuum. The other, very minor one is the brush with small bristles. I just saved my old brush tool.
    You will love this vacuum!!!! I am a very critical buyer and for this to get my stamp of approval it means alot....more info
  • Very effective with a few minor drawbacks.
    This thing CLEANS. The amount of dirt and fur it picked up is amazing. The multiple settings for carpeting are great; I have varying carpeting depths in my house and it can accomodate them all.
    This thing cleans STAIRS. I have found no other vacuum that works on carpeted stairs. This vacuum, using the TurboBrush, even gets fine cat fur off of carpeted stairs. Amazing.
    SUCTION. This vacuum has more powerful suction through the hose tool than any other vacuum I've ever used. A definite plus.

    Cleaning out the three filters. They come apart and go back together easily, but I find it inconvenient having to take three filters apart each time I vacuum.
    The vacuum does not reach under furniture such as a coffee table very well, as it does not recline very flat. It also does not get right to the edge of furniture as well as I would like.
    A minor inconvenience - the cord projects from the right hand side of the unit, and I am right handed. This makes it difficult to grab the cord to pull it out of the way.

    Overall: 4 out of 5 stars for very good cleaning power with only a few minor drawbacks....more info
  • Great vacuum
    it's lightweight and handles big jobs. Great value, a lot of vacuum for very little money....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    I just got this vacuum and I could not believe how much dirt it picks up. But then again it is a Bissell. I am glad I got this machine. ...more info
  • Awesome
    This vac is perfect if you own an apartment. Hell.. even a house! It is lightweight and picks up damn near everything!...more info
  • Be prepared to be disgusted by the dirt this model will pick up
    This vacuum is amazing! The carpets in my studio were professionally cleaned before I moved in, but I wanted to vacuum just to pick up any remaining dust. I was surprised by how much dirt and dust was still in the carpet! I have no pets, take my shoes off at the door, and am hardly home, and yet this vacuum picks up an incredible amount of stuff each week. Generally, I fill up 1/3-1/2 of the cup each time I vacuum my studio. This vacuum is probably better for use in studios and apartments rather than a home. The only drawback to this model is that it functions better if you clean it after each use. The filter can take a few days to dry if the weather is cool. Overall, this vacuum is excellent and worth the price....more info
  • Burned my carpet
    I have had this vacuum for a month now. Last week I had the wand attachment hooked up and I was vacuuming a shelf. It didn't take long, but the motor got hot and the vacuum tipped slightly back burning a hole in my new carpet. The irony is thick. Be wary of the hot motor. Other than that the vacuum works well so far. ...more info
  • Short lifetime
    When I first bought this item, the suction was great but it lasted only one or two months. Then it started to blow dust back on the floor. It was a gift so I didn't have the receipt. I couldn't give it back. AVOID!...more info
  • ANOTHER belt problem!
    As was mentioned several times, the cleaning power of this machine is awesome (even with 2 long haired cats) but it just doesn't hold up. The 1st machine I purchased had the roller seize up and the belt burning the 2nd time it was used. Thinking this was just a fluke, I returned it to Walmart and got another one. This time the plastic piece holding the roller brush disintegrated and the belt burning smell occurred after 2 months of use. Buyer beware!...more info
  • Short Lived
    This was a great vacuum....for about 4 months. After that, it started making a wheezing sound and now if I don't clean it after every other use, the hoses get clogged. Judging from some of the other comments, this vacuum has major design flaws. Save your money and purchase another vacuum....more info
  • Great at first, died in less than a year
    I was thrilled with this vacuum at first. It was inexpensive, but did a bang-up job even in my heavily-trafficked house. After about 10 months, the hose lost its suction. Cleaning the filters helped temporarily, but I noticed that the dirt cup wasn't filling, so where's the dirt going? The bissell people couldn't help me on the phone and for an $80 piece of equipment, it's not worth taking it in to be fixed.

    Beware the seemingly short life of this vacuum, although if you need something good and cheap for light vacuuming, this may work for you. ...more info
  • Dies within one year
    Like many of you, I was very happy with this vacuum, until it died on me last month. I've only had it for about 10 months. It overheats easily, the rubber belt burns and starts to smell, and it stopped sucking. Even before it died, I had to take it apart and unclog the tubes many times. While it was a good vacuum while it lasted, I would definitely recommend spending more money on a vacuum that will last you longer than a year. No more cheap vacuums for me! ...more info
  • Wonderful Vac!!! Great UPS shipping!!
    UPS delivered this vacuum three days before my estimated delivery date. Yeah!! The vacuum is amazing! The amount of dirt it collects after the first use is unbelievable. You will never believe how dirty your carpet and rugs can get. The filters are fantastic because it makes you feel like your carpets are really getting clean. As a mother and daycare provider who vacuums several times a day I highly recommend this reasonably priced vacuum. ...more info
  • Works very well, good suction and not overly noisy.
    I bought this when I moved into my new apartment after I seperated from the wife. The new apt had wall-wall everywhere, and was fairly new. This thing works great. Picks up dirt even when I thought there was none.

    - Easy to assemble
    - No bags! Big plus. Others claim that the outside gets dirty, haven't noticed that. I empty the container after every use.
    - really long cord. (not sure on the previous posters rant on lead, but doubt it's enough to be of any consequence.

    - Really long cord. :) Tends to get in the way, should be a clip at top of handle to keep it up and out of way, but not a major problem.
    - Lights stopped working after first use. Go figure. But this is not uncommon, almost every vacuum I've ever owned that had lights, stopped working within 1 or 2 uses. Never figured out why you needed them to begin with unless you like to vacuum in the dark.

    I only gave it 4 stars because IMHO, nothing is perfect, but for the bang for the buck, you can't go wrong. ...more info
  • Great and inexpensive vacuum
    I recently relocated from a house with Central Vac - needing a vacuum quickly that would pick up cat hair and bird dander (I have a cockatoo), I opted for the Bissell 2576 CleanView II Plus Upright. I paid $79 here on Amazon w/ no shipping charges. The vacuum is a gem! I was afraid it would not do a good job, but it is awesome. I would recommend this vacuum to all. It's also easy to clean and to assemble. ...more info
  • Looks wonderful, has LEAD in cord
    I had thoroughly researched new vacuums, settled on this one, and came to Amazon for best price. I downloaded the manual just to check which HEPA filter to buy for backup replacement, and was startled to read that the power cord contains LEAD and you are urged to wash hands after handling. For others, this may not be a big deal, but in my household of 3 small ones, it is simply unacceptable. No vacuum is worth the remote possiblity of brain damage and the other risks from lead exposure. I love Amazon, not so sure anymore about Bissell?...more info
  • Great on carpets
    This machine is just awesome! Simply go for it. It was very easy to set-up; took less than ten minutes to unpack and start cleaning. I live in a 800 sq ft apartment with plush carpet in all rooms except the kitchen and bath. Due to the wide cleaning path, it took less than 15 minutes to clean my living and dining rooms. When I saw the dirt container, gosh!, I couldn't belive the carpet I use to sit on and watch TV had so much dirt in it!! Dumping the dirt was a snap. If you let the dirt build-up beyond the 'full' mark, it spills on to the vacuum's bottom and all over, when you remove the dirt container; so keep an eye on it like very five minutes. The headlight is an useful feature for corners, closets and under the table. The motor is quiet powerful, so keep an eye on loose stuff on the floor like bed skirt or shoe lases etc.

    So far I have little to complain about this vacuum. I've used it just a couple of times. However,

    - the dirt container gets filled really quick; you'll endup dumping it quiet often - can be a problem if you have a large house.
    - It will be nice if the power switch is close to the handle so that you can push and switch on/off with one hand.
    - The cable gets in the way often; if there is a way to hook the cable on to the handle, it will be nice.

    Packing was great and shipping was quiet quick....more info
  • Where did all the dirt come from?????
    I purchased this vacuum based on the reviews that I read here on Amazon. It was replacing a vacuum that was 10 years old and needed to be put out to pasture for sure! I am very pleased overall with this vacuum so far. It looks nice, and was a cinch to put together. The first time that I used it, I couldn't believe all of the dirt, dust, sand, hair, and other unknown junk that it got up, considering that we do not wear shoes in the house, and have no pets. I love the wide path on it. My carpet looks and feels better than it did before I purchased this vacuum, it is softer, and the nap of the carpet has perked up a bit. It is really easy to empty the dirt container, and to remove and wash the filters, which is good since this thing picks up so much dirt that the filters have to be washed at least every few uses.

    I do have one complaint, and that is the fact that the vacuum gets somewhat dirty on the outside from vacuuming. I have to either use the hose and vacuum all the dust and dirt from the outside, or use a Swiffer cloth on it. I do notice however that it isn't getting as dusty as the first couple of times I used it, once it had really gotten a lot of this stuff out of my carpet (which I had thought was sooo clean before I purchased this vacuum.)

    Overall, I highly recommend this machine, it was a great value, and works very well....more info
  • Fantastic Machine
    My old Hoover, which I've used for the past decade, just died on me last week, and I've been too lazy to get a new one, so my carpet has been pretty dirty. I've been looking into the Dysons, but I don't have $500...So I got this machine today at Target(actually, the special edition, but I can't see any difference between the two, except the SE is red colored) and it was a snap to put together, and I vacuumed. I was simply amazed at how much dust this thing pulled out of the carpet, which is pretty plush. The extension hose is also very nice--since you remove it from the vacuum itself when you want to use it , you get 100% of the suction in the little tube, which is REALLY powerful.

    This thing is MUCH quieter than my last vacuum. I don't know how quiet it is in comparison to others, but it's not bad.

    The dust cup is easy to empty, and a snap to replace.

    Overall, this is a very inexpensive vacuum that does a good job, and it shows. ...more info
  • Works well, but clean up is a mess and very noisy
    This vac is a great value and I would recommend purchasing it. Be forewarned though. Emptying the bagless chamber is a messy process and can involve cleaning a half dozen different parts in the sink. Also the vac is very noisy and quite heavy. It does pick up a LOT of stuff and does a good job sucking. (In fact, I was trully disgusted at what was in the chamber after a few minutes running over what I THOUGHT were my relatively clean carpeted floors.) The headlight is suprisingly bright. For eighty bucks - it is worth it. I expect it to last a year or two - typical for vacs in this price range....more info
  • This thing sucks in a good way!
    I had a gift card for Target and decided I was going to use it for a new vacuum cleaner because the Eureka I have is heavy, noisy, and barely picks up anything. I saw this one advertised in Target's ad today for $74.99. I snatched up the last one on the shelf after reading all of the great reviews about it. I just bought this thing about two hours ago. It took all of about 60 seconds to assemble. I have a small parrot so there is a lot of feather dander in my apartment. This thing is so powerfull, it snatched up some of his bird food on the floor withoout a problem as well as lot of his feathers because he is currently molting. The HEPA feature is great. I cleaned my whole apartment and decided to clean under the sofas and furniture. The container filled up about one and half times, but it is so easy to change. The light is superbright on this thing, so I even unplugged the floor lamp and was able to vacuum in the dark without a problem. The cord is long enough to reach anywhere in my apartment without switching outlets. It does a great job on barefloors too. One of the best features about this thing is the attachment with the brush. If you use the reverse side of this attachment, it is so strong it will stick to things like coffee tables, television sets and blinds and suck the dust right off of them better than a Swiffer could.
    This is the best vacuum you can get for the price, plus it has the HEPA filter and a couple of other filters, which all look to be very easy to clean and change. This machine is highly recommended, especially if you have allergies and/or pets....more info
    I have a Dyson for my home and just love it, but I needed a new vacuum for our business and did not want to spend $400. I did a lot of research as well as reading many reviews of different brands. I decided to buy a Bissell based on the many positive reviews. I narrowed my choices to the 3576 and the 3594, both with many positive reviews. The 3594 was $50 more, had more features and more attachments, but I felt I did not need the extras featured on the 3594.

    I purchased the Bissell Cleanview II #3576 today on sale for $79. I decided to try it at home before taking it to my office. Assembly was a snap. Suction was excellent, it collected as much or more dirt as my Dyson does each week. The Dyson is slightly quieter, but the Bissell is much quieter than most other brands I have had in the past. It is lightweight and easy to maneuver (almost seems to light to last, but time will tell).

    My only complaints are:

    1. The cord is too short, I had to change outlets several
    times. Easily solved by leaving an extension cord
    attached, or you can spend the extra $50 for the #3594
    and get an extra 8' for cord.

    2. The handle may be too short for anyone who is very tall.
    I am only 5'6" and I had to hold the handle at the very
    tip to keep from stooping over.

    3. The cord clip at the handle does not do a very good job
    of keeping the cord is place while vacuuming, but only a
    slight inconvenience.

    My two main objectives--Good suction and not too noisy-- have more than been met with this $79 Bissell. Anyone who wants a vacuum that does a very good cleaning job, but doesn't want to spend the high price for a Dyson should definitely consider the Bissell 3576. ...more info
  • Sure does what all the other reviews says.
    After looking up for vacuum cleaners on Amazon, we went with Bissell 3576 where my girlfriend got it at Target. We have a cat and dog in our three floor casa and I just used it to do the top two floors and that alone was amazing how much hair it sucked up into the easy removable catcher. Only problem was the belt overheated on this one so we are exchanging it suspecting just a random defect. Despite the smell of the belt burn which is common for any vacuum cleaner when the belt burns, it did a great job for its money. We got it for sale at Target for 67 dollars so it was a good deal....more info
  • Its really good.
    We got a Bissell 3576D this afternoon, it works very well. We live in an one bedroom apartment with 2 cats. This tool can clean everything in one hour totally, light weight and easy use ^_^.

    We bought it from Costco at Ontario, Canadda, 120 CAD + Tax.
    ...more info
  • The BEST!
    I got this vacuum cleaner this morning and just finished using it in one room. The results are absolutely outstanding! It picked a lot more dust and hair than my old vacuum cleaner that I used in the same room just yesterday! The Bissell 3576 CleanView II Upright Bagless Vacuum is really the best I've ever owned. Another wonderful Bissell product!...more info
  • best upright vacume ever
    I just bought my Bissell about 3 weeks ago. I purchased this model because of the reviews on Amazon. Every one was right; this is a great vacuum, easy to use and fairly lightweight. It is great because the hose attachment is already attached, so as you are vacuuming if you want to use the hose, just pick it up and start using it. No attaching to anything. The vacuum is easy to clean, it is great not having bags and the filters are easy to wash and get to. The suction power on this vacuum is great. It has a wide clearance path and it is nice having the light. I would suggest buying it at Wal-Mart if not online. I bought mine at Kmart, because my husband did not want to shop around, & I saw it for $20.00 cheaper at Wal-Mart a few weeks later. Wish I would have bought it a long time ago!!...more info
  • great price, great vac
    My daughter recently purchased this Bissell and highly recommended it to me. I purchased it today...Lo and behold, she was right....more info
  • A superb vacuum!
    I just received my vacuum today, and putting it together was a piece of cake, all you need is a screw driver and some common sense. At first i was hesitant because the vacuum was inexpensive as it came with tools and such, but wow, it was worth every penny. I just vacuumed my living room, and to my surprise, i had more dust and hair then i could have possibly noticed if i juss used a broom. Highly recommended....more info
  • This Is A Phenomenal Piece Of Equipment!!!
    I received my Bissell CleanView II on Thursday and used it for the first time today. Putting parts together was a cinch and once I vacuumed my entire apartment, you would've thought that I lived in FILTH with the amount of dirt this thing sucked up! (I DON'T live in filth, by the way)!!! This vacuum is, simply put, EXCELLENT! Getting under the bed was a breeze and it's no noisier than any other vacuum! My carpets turned out looking as good as if I had JUST bought them! After I was done, I had to IMMEDIATELY write this review up because no one else who doesn't have this vacuum shouldn't spend another day without it!!! It's absolutely SENSATIONAL! Now, mind you, this is coming from someone who's not exactly THRILLED to house clean, but this vacuum may actually wind up changing my mind --- at least about vacuuming!


    I'd like to take back everything I wrote about this waste of money! I got the opportunity to use this for less than a YEAR, before it lost suction and had to be thrown away! PITIFUL waste of funds! I now have an InfinityVac vacuum cleaner --- a poor man's version of the Dyson. I've used it only once so far, and MAN, does this thing work! I'll have to use it a few more times before I write up a review for it, but like the Bissel, on its first try, it's a dream!...more info
  • The absolute BEST bang-per-buck value in vacs today!!!
    I am a vacuum conoisseur, if you will. Meaning I have extensively studied, researched, and owned all kinds of popular bagless vacs for years, having owned Hoovers, Eurekas, Dirt Devils, Fantoms, and Bissells, to name a few. All in all, since the advent of bagless vacs, I have probably owned at least 7 over the years. Most of them did not perform nearly as well as the Bissell, did not last, or both! Being I am both a dog owner, and allergic to accumulated dander and pet hair, I have to vacuum at least every other day. So over the years, I have put my vacuum cleaners to the practical test, and then some, you might say. In short, I loved the first Bissell 'Cleanview' bagless model so much, that I bought the 'Cleanview II' as well. This is without question, the absolute best of all the affordable bagless vacs I have owned. The Bissell has a very intuitive and simple to use emptying canister, easily removable and washable filters, great suction power, and quality build. Plus, this vacuum has never given me any problems whatsoever. Amazingly, my original Bissell 'Cleanview' is operating as well as it did on its first day, now being almost 2 years later. No broken belts, no loss of suction, no mechanical issues, etc. Amazing!!! Folks, this is how products should be built. A truly great, inexpensive, high performance, trouble-free, bagless vac. P.S. Another model which deserves high acclaim as well, is the 'Eureka Maxima' bagless. Check out my review of it here on Amazon as well! ...more info
  • I love this vacuum
    I've only had it for a week, but I love it already. I have a small house and a bunch of kids (plus one cat) the stuff this vacuum pulled out of the carpet was amazing. I thought I kept a farely clean house already and as my old Hoover was begining to fail, (it stopped sucking on one side so I'd have to go round in circles) I bought this hoping it would do a better job.
    Great value for the money, no bags to empty, much quieter than any vacuum I've ever owned, lighweight compared to my old vacuum and washable filters (all but one)
    I did have to empty the cup after each room as my carpets were so full of dust and dirt (who knew?) I usually vacuum daily and as the week has gone by the cup has needed emptying less often each day, so I must be getting cleaner?
    ...more info