Crest Premium White Strips, 28 Count

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Product Description

Crest Premium Whitestrips removes up to 14 years of stain build-up in just 7 days - Satisfaction Guaranteed. Contains 7 days of Premium Whitestrips: 14 for Upper teeth, 14 for Lower teeth. 28 Premium Whitestrips = 56 Original Whitestrips.

  • One package containing 28 strips
  • Contains the same enamel-safe ingredients dentists use to whiten teeth
  • Visibly whitens up to 14 years of stains in just seven days
  • Comes with 14 strips for upper teeth, and 14 for lower teeth
  • Use twice a day for 30 minutes, almost anytime, anywhere and enjoy whiter teeth for one year

Customer Reviews:

  • Instant results, instant pain!
    I have sensitive teeth so I expected to have some of the symptoms described in the reviews, but WOW ... I didn't know what I was in for. I would describe the the pain as sharp zaps that come and go. It is unlike any other tooth pain I've ever experienced, and I can see why some people would stop after their first encounter with this pain. I decided to stick it out anyway, and I'm glad I did. I saw results instantly, and by the last day my smile was perfect. A tip for anyone with sensitive teeth: clenching my jaw or rubbing the gum area directly below the affected teeth helped with the severity of the pain....more info
  • Whiter Teeth for 12 Months
    I've used the regular Whitestrips before this and got great results (my sister, a dental hygienist, saw me and exclaimed "wow, your teeth are white!"), so I was eager to try the Premium Whitestrips.

    Contrary to what some reviewers are stating here, the difference between the different Whitestrips are not how white they make your teeth, but how long the whiteness will last. Crest Premium Whitestrips supposedly make your teeth whiter for 12 months, whereas the Ultra ones keep your teeth whiter for 18 months. The original Whitestrips supposedly last 6 months. You can do the math and see what's worth it to you financially (and if you really think it will last as long as claimed).

    True to the package cover, I started seeing measurable results at around 3 days. Actually, I noticed whiter teeth after even the first day, but by day three, I was feeling a few shades shy of Regis Philbin's pearly (okay, stark) whites.

    The Premium kit will give you 7 days' worth of strips. You wear both upper and lower for 30 minutes twice a day. I would suggest you do it exactly as prescribed rather than following the other reviewer's claim that it's okay to wear them back to back for an hour. Things are prescribed a certain way for a reason. In this case, it may be due to the time necessary for your teeth to "recover" from the treatments. What I mean is, unlike the basic strips, I'm noticing lots more sensitivity with the Premium ones. I'm following the directions and wearing for 30 minutes twice a day. Chocolate, anything sweet or acidic all set my teeth on edge. Something about having that gap in treatments during the day seems to give the teeth time to calm down and be ready for the next session.

    Others have mentioned that it's hard to keep the lower strip in place. This can be true. I've found a couple of things that help immensely. Before applying the strips, dry your mouth and teeth with a clean towel. Then apply the strips, trying to limit them to your teeth rather than gums as much as possible.

    Finally, though some have said it's possible to talk with them, just don't. Your life surely has 30-minute increments of time that you're simply not needing to talk. I would also suggest not doing anything incredibly vigorous (such as cleaning the house) during that half-hour. For some reason, I've found that makes it more difficult to keep the strips in place. Perhaps we salivate more when we're working up a sweat. So reading, watching the news, driving to work, vegetating-these are all good activities.

    When time's up, pull the strips off and toss them. Don't brush your teeth! Things are sensitive, so give your mouth and gums a rest. Instead, rinse with slightly warm water, and take your index finger and "brush" your teeth with it to remove any extra gel. Spit (don't swallow that stuff) and smile.

    I have only two days left of this round of Chrst Whitestrips, and I'm already incredibly pleased with the results. Your teeth are some of the first things that people notice about you, and they also are something easy you can do to make yourself look more youthful. You've got nothing to lose but some gray-yellow staining and a little bit of cash. And to help with the cash, be sure to check Crest's web site where they sometimes offer coupons for the Whitestrips.
    ...more info
  • These help and are totally worth it
    I tried this product about a month ago and I must say I'm actually pretty impressed. Admittedly, my expectations for this product weren't that high prior to using it, but I think they exceeded those expectations in the end.

    I knew I wouldn't get the same gleaming results as I would by getting my teeth whitened at the dentist office; anyone who has those kinds of expectations from a $25.00 grocery store item is setting themselves up for disappointment. However, the results I did get were a lot better than paying loads more to the dentist.

    Like the box says, I noticed results after the third day and by the end of the week my teeth were very noticeably whiter. I'm 27 years old though, so my teeth were just starting to get that yellow-ish tint to them. I'm sure someone older than my self with a life time of say, smoking, drinking coffee or tea, would probably want to get themselves two boxes. However, if you're like me, and just had a bit of a yellow tint to your teeth and want to brighten your smile a bit, this product will do the trick.

    As other reviewers have stated, after a few days of using the product your gums may become a bit sore. It's not unbearable and it goes away shortly after you take the strips off. I did notice my gums were a bit sore while brushing my teeth a few days after the last day of the strips, but hey, no pain, no gain. That little bit of pain was worth it to me to have a better smile. I feel a lot more confident when I smile now, that's for sure.
    ...more info
  • Crest White Strips - Coffee Teeth beware!
    I received a free sample of Crest White Strips in the mail and I am very pleased with the results. For anyone who has tried whitening strips in the past, Crest White Strips offer significant benefits. First they don't slide around in your mouth, competing strips I have tried have to be adjusted every time you speak, swallow or breathe...not convenient. Second Crest has eliminated the slimy-gel that gets all over your hands while you're putting them in. And finally b/c the strips adhere tightly to the surface of your teeth the solvent is equally distributed and you don't get a messy half-white, half coffee-colored look on your face. My teeth feel cleaner and look healthier, strong recommends for any caffeine junkies out there. Cheers, K....more info
  • I saw results in 3 days!!
    I found this easy to use and my dentist recommended it. My gums burned a little but not any real pain. I am on day 5 now and my husband actually said my teeth looked great. I would feel confident in recommending this product to any of my friends....more info
  • Works Well
    The strips are easy to apply and whiten effectively. The only down side is that they're a little pricey (use coupons)....more info
  • it's okay...
    It's not so great as expected...they do looks better though. But the yellowness hasn't gone totally...i guess partly because i drink too much coffee...besides, if the time btw was too short(<12h), my tooth get very cold...cold==b I don't know what's wrong...
    my suggestion is used 2 package.....more info
  • Seems to be Working
    I'm really excited because after three days of use, I can see some improvement in my teeth already. I've had no burning of gums and have experienced only a slight sensitivity to my teeth. I don't know if the Sensodyne I started using two weeks ago in preparation for the use of the strips had any effect but the sensitivity is very tolerable for me. Some gripes: I wish they made the upper strip longer to cover more of the upper teeth and I wish they had cut the lower strip better because you can very well see 3/4 of an inch wasted when you peel off the lower strip from its plastic backing. Will report back on the final result once I've finished the whole treatment....more info
  • Worked well.
    My teeth and gums are pretty sensitive so I thought it might be wise to stay away from these after reading some of the reviews, however I was able to use them with no pain at all. The only thing I disliked about them was that they were extremely annoying to deal with and the taste it would leave....more info
  • amazing product
    years ago when the original whitestrips first came out, i tried them. i had great results and the whitening actually lasted longer than i had expected. fastforward a handful of years and i have decided to try the premium strips. i'm getting braces in a month, and i wanted quick results that would last at least through a portion of my treatment. i used the premium strips for 30mins lastnight and i had amazing results from only one strip! if my teeth keep whitening like this, i will have to stop using them before the box is done to prevent having the unnatural 'hollywood glow'. i was blown away!...more info
  • great results!!!!
    my husband I and have used these twice. the first time we were amazed at the results!!!! that was about 8 months ago and now for the holidays we just did another treatment this week. they are very easy to put in and there is hardly any taste if at all. they fit very well also and I have had no problems of them coming off liek others say. I mean seriously for the price you CANNOT BEAT IT!!! esp for my husband who is a heavy coffee drinker, pop drinker and smoker. the only thing for me is YES the first 3-5 minutes my gums burn and it is uncomfortable but not too bad..the results are WELL WORTH it for me.....I would not say it lasts 18 months but about 6 months for me...great product!! I highly recommend! plus other people even say How did you get your teeth so white???!!!!...more info
  • Seems to work OK, but the bottom strip is very annoying.....
    These seem to work ok, but the bottom strip can come off easily since saliva accumulates over the 30 minutes period you have to keep these in. I hated swallowing while keeping these in, because the taste is really bad -- so I started folding up a napkin and putting it under my tongue when I began the 30 minute period. This helped keep the saliva off of the bottom strip, so it stayed on better. 30 minutes is a really long time to keep something disgusting and slippery on your teeth though -- I wonder if there is a way they could make a product that would only take 10 or 15 minutes?...more info
  • Crest Whitestrips
    Excellent product.. More comments on whiter teeth and nicer smile than i've ever had in my life ! Most everyone noticed w/out even a prompted question to them.
    ...more info
  • Burn
    I recently got my braces removed and decided to whiten my teeth. During my previous experiences with the strips i experienced no burning, but after i got my braces off, i experienced an unbearable burning. Im sticking through it, but when i take them gums turn white where the strips were. i don't know if this is bad or what, if anyone could tell me i'd like to know. But when i did use them before i had braces, the effects were incredible. they really work...more info
  • Quick and easy and super cheap (compared to dentist!)
    I bought this because my teeth were beginning to yellow. My dentist (of course) suggested that I use an in-office whitening system that would cost a LOT of money. I decided I would give the Crest system a shot before I took the plunge with the dentist. This worked GREAT. In a couple of days my teeth had already begun to get lightened. Now, after the whole 7 days, I am pleased. They could be whiter for sure but they are absolutely good enough (especially at only $25). Application was pretty easy - be sure to press down the strip as much as possible as a lot of saliva collects while they are on. I got a little tender but nothing I would even remotely describe as painful. I am super glad I bought these!...more info
  • Get Ready to Salivate
    My experience after using them 3 days: My teeth are getting whiter. No pain. No sensitivity. My hygenist said people with thin teeth or thin enamel experience the most sensitivity. The strips are very thin and shift easily so don't move your mouth when wearing them. I make sure the strips are on straight and I press the strips into the cracks between my teeth to insure even whitening. The peroxide will slightly foam in your mouth. I think the peroxide works best if you don't get too much saliva on the strips. I salivate like crazy with the strips in my mouth so I lay on my back and look at the ceiling for the whole 30 minutes letting the saliva pool in the back of my mouth. I occasionally swallow to limit the pooling of saliva or use a rolled up paper towel to blot out the saliva. The goal being to keep the strips from getting diluted with too much saliva and keep the strips from shifting around in your mouth. The strips seem to fit my teeth well and should whiten all teeth that show when I smile. ...more info
  • These do NOT work...I promise!
    These do NOT whiten teeth. I've tried them and the commercials are deceiving. You will NOT get the results they show on the commercials. I was very disappointed in this product.

    Save the money from these and go to the dentist and have a professional zoom whitening. There is no way you are going to whiten your teeth at home using these. The peroxide isn't strong enough. The dentist uses over twice the strength of these. I don't care how many packages of these you use, it will not work.

    Also...The bottom strips are too small to cover your teeth and they float off in your saliva. You're basically ingesting peroxide from them. I don't know how safe that could be, but it's not very promising to me. The dentist will cost more, but it will be what you are really expecting. Save your money....more info
  • DEFINITELY WORK if you follow the directions, but the pain... oh my god...
    No doubt about it, these strips work. I've gotten countless compliments on how white and beautiful my smile is. I haven't used them in about a year, but today I decided to resume my whitening again with a new box of premium whitestrips. After about 4 minutes of wearing the strips, I experienced the WORST PAIN I EVER FELT IN MY LIFE. It felt as it the pain was coming from inside my bottom teeth, and I actually was nauseated from the pain, that's how severe it was. I immediately ripped off the strips and rinsed out my mouth, and now I'm PETRIFIED to attempt using them again. Does anyone know if this is normal? Please email me and let me know why this happened!! ( info
  • Works great, but how do you maintain it?
    As I read everyone's reviews, it took me awhile to figure out how to properly put it on. It is kind of a hassle to dry up your teeth, gums, and mouth area in order to get a perfect fit. But I managed to get most of them on just right. I had trouble with making sure it is in the right position because I kept thinking if it was too far to the right or left. I didn't know what to do with the saliva that kept coming out of my mouth so I just ended up swallowing it before it reach my teeth. I did notice sensitivity but it wasn't that painful, but my fingers were stinging really badly when I didn't wash them right away after applying them.

    I was only semi-pleased with the results only because of a few factors I encoutered. Part of my teeth weren't white enough, like the ones at the ends. This was due to the problem that I didn't position the strips perfectly and the ends usually start falling off. It did make my teeth a little whiter but not completely white, I'm not sure if a second box of that will help. It would be nice if extra stripes were given for free just to practice putting it on.

    I was happy with the results for about a month. My only discouragement is how can I maintain that result if I drink coffee and tea everyday? Currently my teeth looks exactly the way it was before I used the Crest White Strips, I'm just disappointed that I wasn't able to maintain the same whiteness. I can't really carry a toothbrush and tooth paste around me all the time, I guess I should look into chewing whitening gums.

    ...more info
  • actually not a kid, just dont want to make an account
    this has worked AMAZINGLY for me, but my bottom gums have been burned by the peroxide and my top gums have bled sort of profusely, it doesn't really hurt though. it just can't be good for you.

    worth the pain though, definitely. beauty over pain any day....more info
  • No Whitening Whatsoever
    I had high hopes for these, but after using them I couldn't see the slightest difference and neither could my husband. :(...more info
  • I'm not sure...
    I don't really know what to say. It worked wonders for my boyfriend, which is why it's getting 4 stars, but it barely did anything for me... so I guess it depends on your teeth....more info
  • Very difficult to use
    This product may be very effective when used correctly, but I cannot recommend it simply because it is nearly impossible to use correctly. I had previously used a generic store brand and had hoped to achieve better results with these. After the first day, I can tell that the whitening effect is stronger; however, the overall result is probably diminished by the difficulty of usage.

    Some tips I learned the hard way:

    -Don't believe that you can just throw them on and do something else. I spent the entire time they were on in front of the mirror adjusting and dealing with saliva. Paper towel is almost a necessity. I can't help but think that those who just quickly apply them and do other things will end up with uneven results.

    -Don't rip the pouches open, use scissors. Ripping them will pull on the backing, and wrinkle up the strips before you can use them.

    -Immediately after placing the strip, wipe your fingers off before adjusting the strips. Adjusting could take a while, and your fingertips will turn white from the gel.

    I really think Crest could do a better job of making these strips easy to use. Some rigidity to the strips would do wonders. The backing should be a different material and the strips should be precut, something more like bandages would be nice. Also, why not make the lower strips as wide as the top? The material is there, they just cut a smaller strip out...

    I may end up with whiter teeth, but next time I'm using the old-fashioned tray and gel....more info
  • Close to expire
    This is a very good product, and a good price for it, but they send me the product close to expire, that's the only thing that I don't like....more info
    I opened up the crest strips to "NO AVAIL" it was completly empty with the instructions I am asking for a refund I will let you know what happens.. It can be an honest mistake lets see when they refund me...more info
  • Good Product
    Just after couple of days of use I got whiter smile. This product really works, no bs. you should check this product out.
    ...more info
  • I can't believe I wasted my time doing that.
    I'm a coffee/tea drinker; I bought the stripes to try to combat some yellowness from that. I wasn't expecting supermodel teeth-- just a noticeable improvement. The bottom line is that they didn't work. I can think of a million things I wish I'd bought with the money instead.

    I also experienced the tooth sensitivity that other reviewers have described. It has been 3 days since I stopped using them, and my gums still do not feel right. I cannot believe this is truly a safe product for repeated use.

    In addition, I am a small person with small teeth. The stripes barely covered enough teeth for me.

    ...more info


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