Felknor Ventures 82506 Topsy Turvy Upside-Down Tomato Planter
Felknor Ventures 82506 Topsy Turvy Upside-Down Tomato Planter

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Product Description

Topsy-Turvy Planter makes it easy to grow tomatoes and vegetables because it eliminates the need for a backyard garden plot, stakes or cages, weeding, soil prep, hole digging, cut worms and in-ground insects! Saves your back and knees too! Hang it from a hook on a deck or balcony and you'll work standing up. Water and fertilize through the built-in top funnel; trim... More and harvest at chest height! Also for cukes, peppers, flowers. Just add your soil and plants. FLOWERS thrive in TOPSY TURVY, too! And talk about an interesting way to grow them! Flowers grown in TOPSY will "curl" upward seeking the sun, creating gorgeous "upside down umbrella-like sprays" of flowers. Flowers grown this way look "interestingly different" (almost like a new variety of plant).

  • Just plant it and hang it up -- on a patio, balcony, terrace or tree
  • No need to dig holes, use stakes or cages, tie up tomatoes or get down on your knees to pull weeds
  • "Sucker" and harvest your tomatoes in a standing position
  • Eliminates cutworms, ground insects, and ground fungus
  • All the taste and freshness of vine ripened tomatoes without bending or getting down on your knees?or even getting your hands dirty

Customer Reviews:

  • Dissatified customer
    I ordered 2 items; however, I only recieved one. After, contacting the Gaiam company, I received an e-mail. "Your order was entered manually; therefore, there was a mistake in the number entered for your order. We hope this was no incovenience." NO apology. NO offer to correct the order or make any other offer, which would keep me as a customer. I WILL NOT BE A CUSTOMER IN THE FUTURE. I don't deal with a company, which I don't feel is reliable....more info
  • problem with over water
    I have tried 2 plants and they both died pretty much right away from the water dripping down the plant. I seems like acid water. Not really acid but its thick and yellow. I planted two more and on of them i planted in the top. The other was a way bigger base so i had to force the plant down instead off through the bottom. That plant is doing ok since it was big in the first place. Any advice on the crusty yellow orange brownish substance that forms on the bottom of the bag would be very much appreciated. I try not to let the plant touch it because it seems to kill whatever comes in contact with the what i have decided to call the orange gunk. but the plant has a mind of its own and is growning up right into it. There are some flowers forming which is a good sign but they will grown right into the gunk. I wipe it off but it comes back. Again any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for any help....more info
  • Woulda been nice....
    From what I've read, seen and heard, these work pretty well, and do what they are supposed to.

    Woulda been nice if I was able to get one to actually give it a review, but mine was back ordered, and never arrived. That's what I get for trying to get one at Christmas time for a gift.

    Hope you have better luck in getting one.
    ...more info
  • Make your own!
    Expensive, heavy, and over board! Just use a market bag you can obtain at any grocery store or Trader Joes for .99 cents. The handles are sturdier and the bag expands. Slit bottom center with an X, slip seedling in, add soil mixed with vermiculite and peat moss and hang on a sturdy pole. If your soil mix has vermiculite and peat in it you will water less often. I would use a gallon jug with top cut off to water slowly on really hot days. The whole set up with soil, plant, and bag cost me $2.50 each....more info
  • used right -- works well
    I've used the upside-down planters for five years. First: follow the directions. The round sponges are to be spaced inside your soil to help keep it moist. Second: the planters will be heavy if you use soil, but they will not hold as much water if you use perlite, styrofoam peanuts, etc. It's a trade-off. Easier to handle means more watering. When fruiting, the plants need a lot of water: they're tomatoes.
    After some experimentation, we've found that cherry tomatoes work the best and hot peppers are even better: cherry bombs, cayennes. And peppers don't need as much water. We've worn out three planters, have two currently, and are about to order two more. If you get them, make sure they are full-sized. We've been using 15 inch long ones.

    ...more info
  • I'll try again next spring.
    I bought four of these. Only one of the seedlings is still alive-barely. It wasn't difficult to get the seedlings through the opening, although I didn't use the foam thing that came with it. It was difficult to get the planters up once they were filled, and water runs through it pretty quickly. Other reviewers suggested poking holes at the bottom of a halved milk jug-definitely works. But time will tell if I'll get any fruit out of my tomato seedling. I'll update later if I do....more info
  • bottoms up tomatoes
    planted the tomatoes last week ,so far all is well , should have fruit in about 8-10 weeks...more info
  • The Upside-Down Tomato Planter
    We have not had good luck with tomatoes in the past mainly due to bugs. But the plants in the Felknor Ventures 82506 Topsy Turvy Upside-Down Tomato Planter are healthy and happy and there are lots of flowers and baby tomatoes on the vine. It looks like we are going to have a bumper crop thanks to this ingenious device!...more info
    This product is GREAT. The plastic bag is MUCH stronger than it looks and the directions were easy to read. GREAT PRODUCT!!...more info
  • product workable but not ideal for tomato plants
    This item came with great directions and was made well. Our two tomato planters work how they are supposed to but our plants don't seem too healthy. I'm watching over them carefully but I think the plant has gone through some shock from being placed upsidedown. We'll see though. No tomatoes yet. ...more info
  • Swivel *breaks* under weight
    I have been growing Celebrity Hybrids over the last month in the Topsy Turvey. All was well till today. To allow the topsy turney to rotate, the product has a built-in swivel. Well, it seems that this is the weak point in the product. The weight of the wet dirt bent what makes up this swivel causing my tomato plant and all the dirt crash down.

    I am now out of a maturing tomato plant and a few very mature herbs I had planted below it.

    So, yes the thing works, but the fact I didn't get to eat any tomatoes due to a hardware failure sort of lowers my rating slightly....more info
  • Doesn't work
    I could not get my tomatoes to grow in this thing, either. The dirt got too hot and it was ALWAYS dry. I devised a hanging system that works much better. Take a five gallon pail and drill a drain hole on the side about 3 inches from the bottom. Fill the bottom with packing peanuts (non-disolving kind) up to the hole. Fill with dirt to within an inch of the top. Plant your tomato plant in the TOP (it will later hang over the side). I start my seedlings out right in my bucket (indoors) several weeks before the weather warms enough to put them out. The 3 inch reservior in the bottom holds excess water from waterings that the plant can absorb as it dries out on top. I water it about twice a week unless it rains. The drain hole lets out water in case of heavy rain. I hang my bucket on the end of my clothesline, and it weighs no more than thirty pounds soaking wet. I'm going to try cucumbers in one this year....more info
  • Don't bother
    I don't usually do me-too reviews, but I'll contribute just to bring some balance to the overall ratings. Bottom-line: Your first hint should be the "As Seen on TV" label. These are sold with the promise of pest and disease resistance. The only hookworms I've pulled off my tomato plants this season are on the Topsy-Turvy. You will need to set up a drip irrigation system and keep it running constantly or your plants will wilt. Otherwise, be prepared to manually water it at least twice daily. Water filters through the soil readily and exits the bottom near the stem. If it is hanging over a wooden or concrete porch, the constant drip of water will leave soil and mineral stains. On my patio, the tomato plant in the Topsy-Turvy is a spindly runt which will never produce, the one in the pot on the ground near it is bearing fruit. You will notice that many (I acknowledge not all) of the five star reviews on this page are from well-intentioned people who only just received the item but who have not had any actual experience with it as far as its efficacy as a planter. Believe what the negative reviewers are saying....more info
  • Waste of Money
    If you like vine ripened tomatoes, don't buy this gadget. As the plant grows, and it grows very well with the branches growing upright towards the sun, the weight of the tomatoes themselves will cause each branch to break, ruining every tomato on the branch. This will happen to each and every branch as the tomatoes grow in size and before they ripen. I bought this gadget last year and every tomato needed to be picked green off a broken branch. A total waste of money for vegetables, although it may be fine for flowers....more info
  • Great planter for anyone!
    This planter is just what we needed. We planted two tomatoes and one pepper plant and all three plants are thriving! The planters were easy to assemble and we quickly had our plants up and growing. I look forward to ripe tomatoes this summer!...more info
  • Very easy to setup
    We just receive our two topsy turvys. They are very easy to setup. Though, we were not able to find small seedlings. So it was difficult to put larger plants in the holes. We have tomato, strawberry, rosemary, red and yellow peppers, and a hot pepper. I hope to come back and update the progress.

    Just an FYI I cut out the top portion of a milk jug. Put small holes at the other end. This made it easier to pour out the water into it very slowly the first time. ...more info
  • Plant broke off
    I read most of the reviews to get the best tips. Bought 2 along with 2 50 day old Tomato Plants.


    1 out of the 2 plants broke off in the wind. I live in SC, it's not terrible windy here, so keep them out of the wind or move them when it gets windy.

    I hung them on my porch and need a ladder to stand on to water them.


    Put the foam disk on the plant before inserting it into the planter.

    Roll the plant in a piece of aluminum foil to feed the through the small hole (I had no problem getting the 50 day old plants through w/o damage to them).

    Leave room at the top of the planter for a plastic container with holes punched in it to allow the water to gradually filter through the soil.

    One of my plants broke off from the stem in the first 24 hrs. The other I had tried to get more of the stem into the soil, so that's another thing to consider since it's hanging upside down I guess it needs better protection from the wind.

    I save old plants that died because they were seasonal and used that soil to fill the planters, this made it very light and easy to do in comparison to using "fresh" soil. If you try this, be sure to add water regularly till the soil get back to a normal moisture level.

    I will update as time progresses....more info
  • Cannot rate yet...but will update..sloooow shipping!
    Let me just say, I ordered this on June 10, 2008 and I just received notice that it finally shipped today July 3rd.

    I am a regular customer of Amazon and realize that this comes from a 3rd party, but really 3 weeks to ship without any communication! Bad show so far, this had better be good after this wait....more info
  • Topsy Turvy
    The product is too expensive. I could have gotten a better buy for the same product other places. I discovered after I placed my order....more info
  • topsy turvey tomatoe planter
    I have read most of the reviews before I bought the Tosy Turvy Planter. I have harvested tomatoes successfuly. I changed the planting procedure like this. To make it 'not so heavy' I layered the planter with potting soil, styrofoam peanuts and spaghnum moss. Each layer was about 3 inches in depth. This took away the weight problem. I hung them(3) from outside fence posts surrounded by sun. This took away the rot problem. It is a good product if you customize the procedure to fit the environment. Dave Kunkler, Rushville, Ohio....more info
  • Two thumbs down
    I followed the directions, but my tomato plant quickly withered. I watered it a ton throughout the day for about 5 days- slowly, making sure the water had time to absorb all the way through. I finally gave up the battle and decided to start over fresh with one in a pot. I had to have my husband take it down for me because it was too heavy, which was frustrating. In retrospect, I think my plant may have been too big when it was planted- I don't recall reading this anywhere but in reviews. Oh yes, and it leaves an ugly mess underneath where the water drips....more info
  • I can work magic with plants -- but not in this thing!
    I have to echo some previous negative reviews. First off -- many of the positive reviews are from people who have just received the topsy turvy -- or people who have only seen some growth -- but haven't raised a successful crop. This is the third year I have tried to grow a tomato plant in this thing. The first year I admit I started with a larger than recommended plant -- and wrote that off as my mistake. The second year I started with a properly sized plant -- but the sponge trapped moisture around the stem and the plant rotted. I wasn't over watering -- it's simply that the sponge is the last section to dry out. Then I discovered through research that the 2 large discs included in the box were to be used to divide the soil into thirds for even moisture. So this year I planted a properly sized seedling the correct way -- and it rotted. I got a second tomato plant now that the hotter weather is here to see if that made a difference -- and pulled the sponge out after about a week. Still had the stem rot. Just cut the plant off -- removed some leaves -- and will see if I can revive it in a regular pot. Just talked to a woman who has worked at a nursery for 20+ years -- and she can't get tomatoes to grow in her topsy turvy either!...more info
  • Topsy Turvy at the beginning
    the Topsy Turvy was fairly easy to assemble. The plants are little now so it is hard to tell how they are going to do...more info
  • Not 100% Happy
    The product boxes that it came in where dented but the product was not.
    Also the two sponge disks to hold water inside the product that was advertized for the product was not in either box??...more info
  • A fun, space saving way to grow your tomatoes
    Last year our tomatoes did really well on the south side of our home, but we needed to make room for other things so I decided to give this a try.

    Out of the box it's pretty self explanatory as to what you need to do. Open, insert tomato start, fill with potting soil, hang and water. So far my tomatoes are looking great! They haven't ripened yet, but there are plenty of them on the verge. One important thing is to water often! It's easy to forget and if you don't water enough you won't have good results.

    Overall this is a good product that I think is worth the price, especially if you are limited on your space. The only suggestions I would make are to make sure that you get your tomato start in early. I got busy and put mine in after it had grown quite a bit, not easy at all and more stress on the plant than it needed. Also make sure your hanger is sturdy, with the soil, water and mature plant it becomes quite heavy.

    After seeing a recent thread in the Amazon Gold Box Forum I remembered that I hadn't come back to post any pictures. Several forum posters complained that the Topsy Turvy was a waste of money and didn't work. I have already had one successful year and expect another one. I just uploaded one, it's within a week of putting the start. I will continue to add pictures as the plant progresses. ...more info
  • Great Idea, A Little Pricey for What you Get.
    I recently purchased a pair of Topsy Turvy planters and have since plugged in a tomato plant and filled them up with dirt. One note of advice: do as others have mentioned and prepare for a heavy planter! I followed one reviewer and bought two shephard hooks and spot tied them together so there would be even balance between the planters. So far, so good.
    On the downside -
    These planters are pretty pricey for what you get. A 5 gallon bucket with a hole in the bottom will provide a similar configuration.
    One of the planters was defective, the top wire ring was split, so I did a quick repair with a spot tie. It works fine, just a small annoyance considering the price you pay for these items.

    Time will tell if these are worth using. They're easy to set up and the concept makes sense. One other thing, make sure you get the tall shephard hook, not the short 5 footers.
    ...more info
  • My Topsy Turvey Tomato Planter
    Love my Topsy Turvey Planter. It is a very well made product that does what it says it will do. I was impressed with its design and easy instructions. All you need is a bag of dirt, a tomato plant and away you go. A heavy duty hook comes with the planter.

    I am happily waiting for my plants to start blossoming and tomatoes to start growing....more info
  • tsquared72
    This product does exactly what is described. My only complaint is that when planted in let's say Southern exposure... The item gets too hot i believe. It dries out much faster than it should. Obviously this is a placement problem and not an item problem. I've already decided that if it were placed in the perfect location that it would work wonderfully!! ...more info
  • Interesting spin on growing tomatos
    To be fair, we have 2 turvy's and 2 potted.
    I must confess the turvy's are in far better shape than the potted plants.
    Our biggest fuss is that the position makes it awkward when keeping in full sun. We spent weeks turning the plant every other day. It's not that big of a deal though.

    Requires lots of water. You must water every other day without fail if in dry, hot, humid areas.

    DO NOT BUY FROM THE WEB ADDRESS topsyturvy.com/hangingtomato.com/ or any other redirects this company may send you to.
    This company is deceptive. You've seen the commercial. Buy one get one free? Just pay extra shipping? They charge 31.00 for shipping, and it all comes in one box. It totals $71.78
    If you return it, you are refunded on $39.99.
    They do not refund the whole amount.

    Instead of $71.78, which I am still fighting the company about through the BBB, I bought 2 on Amazon.com

    I paid about $30.00, that includes shipping.
  • Farmers have NO LUCK!!
    I gave 2 of these to my grandfather and great uncle for Christmas. They are lifelong farmers and I knew they would LOVE their new toy.
    Each family---First plant dies, second plant dies, 3rd plant dies. They give up.
    Whats up with these things? My families go to extreme trouble to care for their acre gardens and they did the same with this but had absolutely NO LUCK!...more info
  • Topsy Turvey Review
    I got this product since I missed the number on a TV ad. The product had all the parts and was sent quickly. The box was damaged so it wasnt good for a gift, but it was for a project that I am doing. You can see the address below. I want to see what the difference is between making your own and one of these. I have seen other ads for more than one for the same price, so next time, I would go for those. Overall, good product....more info
  • Black Spots & Rust
    This product is a great concept, makes it easy to grow veggies without some of the hazards of normal garden planning. Two problems; 1) it is heavy one filled with dirt and watered according to instructions; and 2) more importantly, excess water runs down onto the plant. Draining excess water is important to avoid rotting the roots, but running the water down on to the leaves can cause black spots and rust. This can be fixed but is not cheap. Adding a concave bottom to this product to drain water away from the plant would solve the problem. Watering in the morning only does not cure the problem in damp climates. ...more info
  • Topsy Turvey Planter
    Upon seeing this planter on an infomercial it looked like the ideal setup for our patio. I ordered the item and it arrived. Purchased a shepards hook to hold the set up, moisture control dirt and my tomato plants.
    We live in a windy canyon, and the weight of the planter made the set up bend and crash to the ground. After about $20.00 additional dollars and a galvanize pipe it was secure. We also installed a drip system that would give the plants daily water. They were fertilized and I waited for growth. NOTHING LIKE THE PICTURES ever appeared.
    I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS ITEM AT ALL. If I had ever gotten any tomato's the cost would have been about $$'s a tomato....more info
  • Pleased with product
    The product came quickly and my Dad is growing a tomato plant, now we will need to see if there are tomatoes he can eat.
    ...more info
  • Not as I had hoped for
    Yes this is a great idea. The grew well from the time I transplanted the young plants.HOWEVER if you live in a hot weather climate do not get this product!! By june & july you must water these plants twice a day and due to the fact there is not much soil as they would have in the ground the tomatoes do NOT grow very big. I would not buy this product again!!!...more info
  • Disappointing visual
    We thought that this was a wonderful concept. Unfortunately, because of the visual, we assumed that the starter tomato plant was included. We purchased it as a gift for our daugher-in-law and had it shipped to her in another state. Six weeks later, we inquired if she was enjoying the "home-grown" tomatoes. We were surprised when the answer was NO!!!...She will try to grow them next year. It seems that the cost of $15 for a mere plastic planter sleeve is rather high....more info
  • Turvy is Tops!
    We are thrilled w/ our purchase. A few things to keep in mind....when filled, the Turvy is HEAVY. Make sure its secured onto something that will withstand approx 50lbs and additional weight if the wind is blowing it around. We put ours on the overhang of the house in a stud. We used an eye bolt into the stud then hooked a small tow clip to that. Perfect. Use potting mix, not potting soil. When you are putting the plant in, you might want to consider wrapping the leaves in tin foil...this will protect them from damage when squeezing through the hole. If you are using tomato plants...bury the stem in deep....this allows all that stem to turn into roots to secure the plant in tightly. We bought a long water wand for the hose. This allows us to get water through the top hole without having to use a ladder. We are trying grape tomatos and bush tomatos for our first attempt...and they are doing great! Time will tell, but I have high hopes!...more info
  • Requires MUCH daily care & Luck
    I'm an avid gardener and would only suggest that folks that have lots of tinkering time on their hands consider this item. The photos look great, but remember that the weight of the tomato plant (and it's soil + water) is tough on the bag and supporting hook (I used an eye bolt through a 2 x 8).

    Please consider growing only tiny patio tomato's as they weigh less.

    Use in a wind free area and be ready to supply an additional drip watering system.

    Remember, If this method was so easy, then Commercial growers would be doing it......more info
  • Waitin' for the "maters"
    The bottoms up mater planter is GR8. Twas EZ to plant. Just waitin' for the plants to grow and give me some "maters"....more info
  • Everything was not included...
    I was not happy when I opened the package, it only included the Topsy Turvy Bag with no stand like what is shown on the TV commercial....more info
  • Just make your own upside-down tomato planter!
    When I originally saw this commercial on TV about the Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter, it caught my attention and I immediately went online to purchase this item. Well, after adding up all the expense of shipping and what not, it just didn't seem worth it to me for what they were giving you.

    So I decided to make my own upside-down tomato planter. I used a basic plastic hanging basket/planter from a home & garden store. Drill some 1" holes on the bottom. Lay a piece of landscaping fabric on the inside and cut some slits into the fabric where the holes are. Guide the tomato plants through the hole and fill the basket with dirt. How hard was that? Piece of cake!

    I actually drilled 5 holes on the bottom of mine and have 5 "Big Boy" tomato plants growing underneath. I also have some peppers growing on the top. The planter hangs from a tree next to my deck that gets hits by my sprinkler system that runs daily, so I don't have to worry about lack of water. The tomato plants are growing quite a bit and have started to produce the little yellow flowers. Hopefully tomatoes are soon to follow.

    So... save your money and make your own planter!...more info
  • tomatoes and cucumbers
    This is great since no animals can walk through something you are going to eat...more info
  • a total waste
    Plants have to be watered ridiculously often. Twice a day during the summer in CO. So you may never leave for even a couple of days. Tomatoes were not bountiful, and were tough due to exposure. Worst of all, though was that the planter only made it through one season. The weight of the dirt and one season of exposure to sun and water made the planter spontaneously rip right in half under it's own weight! The manufacturer will not even comment to negative emails. Waste of water, time, and money....more info
  • Not worth it.
    I bought two of these on a lark. I told fellow gardeners they were just too silly to pass up; secretly, I hoped they would indeed be the Holy Grail of tomato horticulture, providing us with gorgeously full, green, fruit-laden plants like the one pictured on the box. I used the yummiest organic soil mix I could find, and the best fertilizer; hung them in a warm, sunny spot; watered them well... Yeah, you guessed it. I ended up with pallid, sickly-looking plants that produced a grand total of three tomatoes. True, as with any garden adventure, some undiscovered anomaly could have affected their growth...trouble is, I won't have the opportunity to try again next year, because the planter bags are already falling apart. I had assumed I'd get several seasons out of them; as it is, I'll be lucky if they make it through this one. More crap for the landfill...sigh. Next year, I'm asking hubby to make some nice, sturdy cages, and stick with growing tomatoes the old-fashioned way. ...more info
  • Upside-Down
    Saw this product advertised on the TV & called company to order. They charge an additional $19.99(?) for "handling". Purchased two on Amazon for a much better price & free shipping! Just planted a tomato & strawberry plant 10 days ago so it is too soon to tell if plants will grow. Each came w/a sturdy hook which was a plus. The "cap" on the top of both planters did not stay in place. That is ok because they are not necessary. Weight could be a problem for some. Also, I have purchased several items from Amazon at great prices and have had no problems! ...more info
  • great product
    Excellent idea but very heavy. Hard to find a place to hang it and there was a recall on the stand for it. But excellent idea they need to just master how to hang it....more info
  • Topsy Turvy planter
    Order for the Topsy Turvy planter from Felknor Ventures was handled very quickly at an excellent price. ...more info
  • Great Gift!
    Trying to find the perfect Christmas gift for my 86yr old Grandpa and found this. I had seen it on TV and thought it was a great idea. My grandpa loves tomatoes, but now he can't enjoy growing them because it is hard for him to tend to a garden with the bending over. He was very interested in the gift when he opened it Christmas day. He couldn't believe that it would grow like that and that he didn't have to bend over to tend to it. He has not used it yet, but will as soon as he gets some tomatoe plants. My mother said that he has already talked about getting a few more to grow more plants in them!...more info
  • Undecided....
    More cheaply made than I expected but okay. So far it was a pain to put together, I needed another set of hands. My first tomato plant looks like it is dying after about a week and half. I think I will try again....more info
  • Topsy-Turvey Planter
    So far, so good. My tomatoes are growing well. My only concern would be the difficulty in getting the little seedlings into the foam that fits in the bottom of the planter. Otherwise, it's fine. People need to know that you need a really well anchored pole to hold the planter ~ it gets quite heavy when filled....more info
  • Just say NO both upside down and rightside up.
    Tried them. Plants die for either the pressure from too much water at first or not enough water the next day. Once the full sun hits the bag, basically it gets so hot inside the bag regardless of the outside air temp that the roots cook or the water dries up. I did not take an actual temp reading but when I finally gave up and dumped one out to feel the dirt, it was as hot as the decaying dirt in my compost pile. Heat that is part of why a compost pile destroys weeds, etc. Bad idea that is presented well on TV. Do not bother. Total waste of time. If you need to hang your veggies just get a hanging basket with peat moss etc., and hang them the right side up....more info
  • Love It
    Planted two in early May and until 1 week ago they didn't do much (got one tomato growing tho). Moved into a spot where they get at least 10 hrs of sun and they have doubled their size and have lots of blooms. Used miracle grow moisture soil and not having trouble with having to water too much. I do water every other day....more info
  • Topsy Turvey a winner
    I now have 5 Topsy Turvey planters and all are doing great. It's wonderful to be able to stand up and tend to my plants. The product is sturdy, well made and very easy to install. The company is very easy to work with and very responsive. Also, Amazon's price was terrific. This product gets a 5+++ rating from me. ...more info
  • Topsy-Turvey tomato plant
    This is great! This is the second year I have used this method of growing my tomatoes. Granted, they are not the super-sized tomatoes as used for sandwiches/hamburgers, but they are a great size for salads. I have my plant hanging from the sunny side of a covered deck. So easy to trim suckers and water. Highly recommend!...more info
  • Going to Try It!
    I just bought Beefsteak/Roma/Big Beef/Beefmaster tomato plants to try out in the 2 - Topsy Turvy hanging planters at Target for 9.99 each and was going to use 2 - 5 gallon buckets as described here also. Problem I am concerned about is a quite a few comments I seen on this site & other sites is that when the tomato gets too big the vine breaks and then withers away. Since 3 of my plants are for large tomatoes then I think this will happen to me too. I haven't planted them yet. The only tomato I am going to try in this Topsy Turvy is the Roma and I will just plant the others in the ground with cages. Thanks for all the info.....It saved me from a loss of my big tomatoes. Also to let you know.......My husband welded a stand for me to hold 4 of these Topsy Turvy planters. So we will hang 1 tomato plant and 3 flowers and hopefully still have large tomatoes in the ground and fight all the bugs and fungus....more info


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