Cuisinart CRC-400 4-Cup Rice Cooker

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Product Description

Use to cook rice or steam other foods. Keeps rice warm automatically after rice is fully cooked. Built-in steaming tray to steam other foods while rice is cooking. Calibrated measuring cup measures proper rice-to-water proportions. See-through glass lid with steam vent. "Cook" and "warm" LED indicator switch. Cool touch chrome-plated handles. Includes paddle to fluff and coop rice out of the pot without sticking. convenient retractable cord storage.

Healthy cooking and sleek modern design meld in this rice cooker from Cuisinart. A smaller version of the eight-cup cooker, this one also features a handsome brushed stainless-steel exterior, a square shape with rounded corners, chrome-plated handles, and a glass lid with a stainless rim, chrome knob, and steam vent hole. Inside you'll find a high-quality stainless-steel steaming basket and a nonstick cooking bowl that produces 4 to 7 cups of rice. The cooker also steams vegetables and thin cuts of meat, creating a complete, fat-free meal with little effort. Besides various types of rice, the cooker cooks couscous, polenta, oatmeal, boiled eggs, shrimp, and much more. An included booklet presents gourmet recipes for such mouth-watering meals as Creamy Parmesan Risotto with Asparagus, and Teriyaki Steamed Chicken with Cranberry Wild Rice.

Cuisinart gives this upscale rice cooker extra panache with a cord that pulls out and then retracts for storage. One lever is all that's required to flip the machine on. Two different colored LED lights illuminate, one during the cooking phase, and the other when the machine automatically switches to warm when cooking is done. Included with the machine are a textured plastic paddle for stirring and serving, and a plastic measuring cup calibrated specifically for rice. All the unit's removable parts are dishwasher-safe. The cooker measures 7-3/4 by 7-3/4 by 9 inches, and is covered by a three-year warranty. --Ann Bieri

  • 4-cup Cuisinart rice cooker steams rice, meats, and vegetables
  • Square modern shape finished in brushed stainless steel
  • Stainless-steel steaming basket; glass lid; paddle and measuring cup
  • Automatically switches to warm when cooking is done; retractable cord storage
  • Measures 7-3/4 by 7-3/4 by 9 inches; all removable parts dishwasher-safe; 3-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • poorly executed, good idea
    A messy device. The lid fits poorly on the pot, better on the steamer accessory. Boilover is a problem, even with a partial load. Hard to handle the steamer/lid to add to pot or to steamer. Steamer construction traps particles in the bead of the steamer, difficult to clean. I can make good food with it, but for the price, I can do as well with my Lodge stovetop dutch oven, with much less mess....more info
  • Cuisinart 4-Cup Rice Cooker
    Bought as a gift and the receipient like the product, however felt the
    "4-cup" is deceiving. Nevertheless, it goes very well with their new kitchen and it is good enough to cook rice for two people....more info
  • Poor Design
    This is one of the worst designed products I have ever used. It is impossible to make rice without it making a huge mess on the countertop. Then, it is very difficult to clean the outside of the thing. I should have kept the cheap one that I replaced; it was far superior....more info
    Makes a massive mess every time I use it. Burns brown rice. Sad disappointment....more info
  • Good,,, no retractable cord though
    Like the cooker, makes great oatmeal.
    Disappointed with the retractable cord, it doesn't exist...more info
    This thing is GREAT. I love it. It does only cook 4 cups (as advertised) but it is FAST and easy.
    Witht the flip over lid, you can steam veggies and stuff. I guess I didn't read about that feature, but it is great.
    After opening it, I drop the glass lid and broke it. I called cuisinart and they shipped me a new lid, AT NO CHARGE.
    How cool is that?
    This is one of the best things in my kitchen.
    ...more info
  • Easy as 1,2,3
    This is the most used small appliance in my kitchen! I have owned mine for over a year now, using it every other day atleast. It is so simple to use, taking away the mess and guess work of cooking rice on the stove top. Nonstick insert is clearly marked with measurements for water, making it easy to fill and clean up afterwards. I have found that you should rinse the rice a little before starting the cooker up or it will bubble over the side a little leaving a sticky residue to clean up. My son uses this as much as I do and will be getting one for himself when he heads off to college!...more info
  • Perfect rice but overflows or undercooked rice, no overflow?
    I was very excited when I bought this rice cooker from Bed, Bath and Beyond. I loved the stainless, boxy look because it went well with my kitchen. But lovely as it was, it could not cook rice.

    I tried several ways to cook rice -- I followed the instructions on the manual, used a technique taught by my mom, cooked for a longer period .. each time rice was always undercooked.

    My last experiment was to cook the rice with way more water than instructed. This time the rice was perfect but my countertop was a mess. Boiled rice liquid overflowed and leaked all over the sides of the cooker and onto my counter.

    Needless to say, I'm done with giving this rice cooker a chance. I'm returning it tomorrow....more info
  • Overflows almost everytime
    I got this for Xmas and began using it 4+ times a week. The first thing noticed was that it overflowed onto the counter every time rice was cooked in 1-2 person sizes. The rice turned out very nice, but after cleaning the unit and counter about 20 times, we decided it would never see rice again. Seems that a rice cooker shouldn't boil over to me. If we wanted that, we'd still be making rice on the stove top in a pan. We have a Zojirushi now.

    Ok, the Zojirushi, isn't a steamer, so the Cuisinart has become an egg and vegetable steamer. Six refrigerated eggs in the steamer for 23 minutes and they are perfectly hard boiled. For vegetables, just follow the times in the instruction booklet - they turn out very nice. No overflowing either, nice.

    2 stars since it isn't is a very messy rice cooker....more info
  • Great for brown rice, and oatmeal, too...
    We use this cooker at least once a day -- in the morning to cook oatbran cereal, in the evening to cook brown rice. We bought it after a few close calls burning rice on the stove, and have never had a problem with burnt rice since (it has never been undercooked, either).

    I'll admit that I did not really care for the brown rice or oatbran cereal my husband needed to eat for sugar-busters until we found this cooker. Now I really enjoy them!

    Pros: Compact, attractive, warming mode, great results time after time.
    Cons: Relatively small capacity, top gets very hot, can boil over if you do not use oil, have to unplug it to shut it off.

    Since rice expands, it's important to read the guidelines and not try to cook too much. We find using about a teaspoon of olive oil eliminates any boil over. Also, for the hot cereal, try adding dried fruit or nuts -- it's great this way!...more info
  • Worst cooker I've ever had
    - Rice gets burnt at the bottom
    - Water boils over every time unless you are willing to eat high-fat rice by adding a lot of butter or oil to your rice.
    - The knob of the lid is made of conducting metal and gets extremely hot. So dont try picking it up once the rice is done.
    - The cooker does not turn off once the rice is done and if you dont manually go turn it off, it continues to heat the rice and burn it (supposedly keep-warm mode)
    - Doesnt cook rice like all the other regular rice cookers I've owned (Panasonic or other brands)
    - Most of the time, the rice is not completely cooked.

    - looks good. ...more info
  • Good for two people or small family's
    does not make a lot of food. If you plan to make rice and vegetables for more then two people -forget it. Otherwise a great machine and looks very stylish and looks good anywhere in the kitchen. It is small too!...more info
  • This rice cooker is awesome.
    I purchased this for my daughter because she has a stainless steel Cuisinart coffee pot and I thought it would look nice. It not only looks beautiful, it works great. She made brown rice in it and it came out perfect. Many of her friends have commented on how unique it is because of the square shape and stainless steel finish. This rice cooker was a bargain. ...more info
  • This is the best rice cooker I've ever owned!
    Wow, what a fantastic rice cooker! I am extremely impressed by this unit. It doesn't burn the rice. It has a handy retractable power cord in the back. It has an easy push lever for initiating the cooking process, and it pops up when it's done; leaving it in a warming state until you turn it off. I've never had such great results from a rice cooker like I do with this one! Highly recommended!!!!...more info
  • Ok, if you like crispy rice
    This was my first rice cooker, and I've used it a lot since buying it. It's fast, convenient, looks nice and clean up is pretty easy. I used the steamer for a chicken dish, and that turned out great. I have two problems with it: 1) water leaks out the top and runs down the side of the cooker almost every time. You need to put a lot of butter in it to keep this from happening. The rice tastes great if you do this, but it's probably not very healthy, and 2) a portion of the rice is almost always crispy. I think the rice at the bottom of the cooker gets burnt, although it doesn't appear burnt. All I know is that no matter how much water I add, I still get crunchy rice. My boyfriend likes it that way, so it doesn't bother him, but it drives me crazy....more info
  • Unreliable, broken after 6 months
    We bought this cooker from Linen N' things. And after using it for about 6 months. It's already broken. Even if it's not broken, I won't recommend it, -- rice may be under-cooked, overflow problem. And we got perfect rice once in a while only. And strangely, the amount of rice, water that we used are the same all the time. Good luck with those who got it....more info
    I received this 4-cup rice cooker from my husband as a christmas gift. I am a total "foodie" who loves to cook and watch cooking shows. Boy did my husband pick the right gift for me this year. He knows how much I love my kitchen gadgets and when he found this, he said he had to buy it because he was convinced I would love this product. He definately hit it big this time.

    I have watched many, many kitchen shows and cooking programs and I never could understand why anyone would buy or even want a rice cooker. Now I understand.

    I am very perplexed by all the negative reviews I have read about this rice cooker. Every time I have used it, my rice has been absolutely perfect. So much so, that my 2 year old will eat a whole bowl of rice himself. I don't do anything special to my rice at all. All I do is put in 1 cup of jasmine rice to 2 cups of water. I add in about 2 Tbsp of margerine and some season salt and away it goes. By the time my meat is done cooking, so is my rice. I have never had a problem with the machine spilling over or my rice not cooked correctly. If anyone out there is being swayed by the negative comments, IGNORE THEM!!!! I recommend this product to anyone and everyone who like to eat perfectly cooked rice. How cool is it that you can just start your rice and walk away and presto, in a short time you have perfect rice.

    Everyone, enjoy your rice cooker. My only after thought is that I needed to buy more rice. I find my family wanting it more and more. ...more info
  • All I can say is WOW!
    This is a great time saver. I can steam veggies, tamales or cook rice. The best part is it keeps your food warm until you're ready to serve....more info
  • Not what I was looking for.
    I thought the whole cooker would be stainless steel instead of just the exterior surface. There was teflon inside for easy non-stick cleanup. I got rid of all teflon cooking items in my home because of the toxins it releases. I returned this item. ...more info
  • Looks Great, Makes Perfect Rice, No Problems
    Used this 3 times. My wife and I can't seem to make rice well in a pot! So we got one of these, that looks beautiful in our modernist kitchen, and functions extremely well. I'd recommend one of these to anyone.

    Creates just enough rice for 3-4 people, or 5 people if you go light on rice....more info
  • disapointing for Cuisinart
    I use this rice cooker mostly for brown rice and it is a fiasco. You need to put in 1/2 the water that you are supposed to, wait until that is cooked in and then add the other half. Adding all the water up front causes the cooker to boil over - a real mess with rice. It looks OK, but it just isn't the quality item you would expect with the name Cuisinart. The price is also reasonable, so its not the end of the world - it might be better for things that don't require as much water or cook time (like white rice)....more info
  • THe CRC-400 4-cup Rice Cooker gets High 5 and show and tell by my wife!
    We have had 3 other rice cookers. They were of low quality and it showed.
    We looked high and low for a nice small cooker - there is 2 of us now -
    so the 6 or 10 cup ones were large. I found this and bought this for
    my better half and she loves it!
    It is a brag item. Visitors to the kitchen get to see it if they are new.

    We use it to steam and to cook rice. It is well made and the Roll up cord is Great!

    Martin...more info
  • Burns rice even w/ more h20
    Bought one recently from a Mervyns sale. Rice burned especially at the bottom (black & crunchy). So I returned and got another one in case the 1st one was defective. Nope, did the same thing. So next go around, I added more water, but still the rice tasted funny- a burned taste- although the rice didn't burn as much this time. For the cost and design, I was hoping this would be a great rice cooker. Design element is cool especially wiith the retractable cord, however, this cooker can't even perfom its main purpose- just plainly cook rice without burning it. Yes, I did add enough water and followed instructions and used the measuring cup. Hopefully they'll improve it. Better yet, maybe Krups can design a better abd sleek-looking yet working rice cooker....more info
  • Looks great but doesn't perform well
    I bought this in October, 2004 because I wanted something small for my kitchen. You cannot cook over 2 cups of rice without it spurting out all over the cooker. Now, it shuts off mid-way and I have to wait for it to cool down and try to reset it. Hopefully the "powers that be" will read these comments and make improvements....more info
  • Doesn't work for brown rice
    I ended up returning this because every time I tried it with brown rice it burned the rice. I even tried doubling the recommended water amt. for brown rice and it still burned. ...more info
  • Great Rice Cooker
    Great looking machine and cooks perfect rice every time. If you are experiencing boil over using this machine you are simply putting way too much water. Follow the instructions below for perfectly cook rice:

    1. Place the desired amount of rice (any kind) in the container using the included measuring cup. (You must use the included measuring cup)

    2. Fill the container with water using the water marker guide located inside the container to the appropriate level. For example, if you put 3 cups of rice in the container fill the container up w/water to the "3" water marker.

    Following the steps above will produce perfectly cooked rice every time. Hope this helps.
    ...more info
  • Stay Away from this Product!!!
    We bought this product thinking all rice cookers produced the same results. Unfortunately, this couldn't be further from the truth. The product does cook rice but the boil-over produces a mess that requires 30 minutes of cleaning time. This boil-over happens every time you cook and not just rice. Cooking oatmeal produces the same mess. The steam-cook system that sits on top didn't seem to produce the results stated by Cuisinart either. Not all the vegetables cooked and we ended up cooking them separately.

    We ended up having to buy another product that did the job we needed. We spent half the money and got a better product on eBay made by Ikeda....more info
  • Big Mess
    If you follow the instructions you will have a pool of very difficult to clean starch water all over your counter top and cooker. When I contacted Cuisinart about this I was basically told to get lost. Beware; this is a defective product!...more info
  • Just bought it yesterday- wild about it
    I bought a substandard rice cooker a few months ago and was bitterly disappointed. Took the plunge again yesterday with this better made, more expensive rice cooker. Read the reviews here and believe the issue is related to boiling over which can be remedied by putting in butter or olive oil in before cooking.

    Set it up. Put the measurements in and walked away to study. Came back to check on it and what I found was the most perfect rice I've ever made. I reserve space on my counter for only the most elite efficient appliances and this one has earned a spot. It is attractive and well designed. You won't be disappointed. Just read the directions.

    Update- had it a couple of months now and love it still. Very successful at steaming fish on top of lettuce leaves. ...more info
  • Does not work
    After repeated efforts, my experience has been that rice rarely turns out well with this rice cooker. I have tried to make adjustments to the amount of liquid but the rice is usually undercooked by varying degrees. It is very inconsistent on how long it cooks for a fixed quantity of rice and water, and often burns the rice on the bottom before cooking all the rice. I give up and am looking for a different rice cooker....more info
  • Simple and great
    Hands down the most stylish and useful little rice cooker on the market. We use it almost daily. With jasmine rice from Thailand and a 1:2 ratio, there has been no mess. When we first got this or if my spouse first used it, it would boil over. Right now we could not be happier with it, Stainless steel was the draw, the performance made it a keeper....more info
  • Waste of money. Stay away from this item
    This is the worst rice cooker I've ever used! I'm Asian, so I know what a good cooked rice should be like. This rice cooker does not cook!! Rice always come out undercook. I tried following the direction in the manual, tried different ratios of rice vs water, followed instruction in the rice package, tried different type of rice. IT ALWAYS UNDERCOOKED!

    You're better off buying a non-branded rice cooker from your chinese supermarket or store....more info
  • It cooks rice consistently perfect
    This little cooker does exactly what it is supposed to do... cook rice. It is compact, consistent and well built. I have cooked brown rice, white rice and even Uncle Ben's Rice Pilaf box dishes with excellent results. As long as you accurately measure the rice and water you will be fine....more info
  • I expect more from Cuisinart
    I love using the rice cooker. The rice turns out perfect every time. However, no matter which recipe I use, it over flows onto the counter.

    The shape is great, the squareness of it makes it easy to store. I still use it all the time, I just make sure that there isn't anything near it when it cooks. The only other complaint I have is that there is not an off switch, you have to unplug it after every use. Maybe they are all like that, I do not know, this is the only one I have ever used.

    I love the retractable cord!!! Rice is perfectly cooked and appliance is easy to store. Too bad it makes such a mess, I expected more from Cuisinart....more info
  • Good product
    Some design flaws such as no handles on the interior cooking pot. The lid does not fit tightly over top of pot. Have to take lid off for a few minutes until the water cooks down to point where won't boil over when cooking rice. I like that the steamer bowl is stainless steel and not plastic. Easy to clean and store with retractable cord. Overall a pretty good product, but a little over priced....more info
  • This is A Great Product
    I love this rice maker and steamer. Each time I have used this product I enjoy it more and more. Cusinart products have never disappointed me. Great price from amazon as well....more info
  • Cuisinart CRC-400
    The product looks nice but It should have a pressure released valve on the cap rather than a hole and the cap has not sealed well....more info
  • overflowed
    water spilled out every time, followed directions and measured carefully. Surprised that it wasn't better considering the brand....more info
  • what a mess
    I really wanted to like this as it's small and a good brand but what a mess it makes! EVERYTHING boils over. If you reduce the measurements, it burns. It works well as a steamer for a small amount of food, but that's not why I bought it. Will look for a better model....more info
  • More of the same.
    Like many others, steaming rice in one of these contraptions is a waste of time. We thought perhaps we were missing a gasket, given the mess that was on our counter after each use. And reducing the water made the rice come out crunchy. So, we're chalking it up to a bad purchase and returning to our tried and true pyrex casserole dish in the microwave. That always worked just fine. ...more info
  • Looks Great, but Makes a Mess!
    Being a daily 'rice maker' I wanted a rice cooker I could keep on the counter top. While it looks sharp on the counter, this rice cooker boils over when cooking- even if only making one cup. I have discovered the problem is with the lid which allows boil over. I simply used my old rice cooker lid and problem solved! For aesthetics, I switched the top knob so that it matched. Also the existing lid is difficult to clean as it has a small lip underneath that can only be cleaned out with a toothpick... Rice cookers are simple devices, just boiling water for x amount of minutes... So overall looks great, works fine, but needs a different lid! ...more info
  • I really disliked this rice cooker
    I gave alot of thought to buying this cooker after my old trusty Black and Decker cooker died after 15+ years. It makes a mess, spitting out water. If I reduced the water, it came out dry ( I live a t altidute). When steaming one day, the water ran out, and the heating element melted giving off a awful smell. At least it is dead now, and I can try again with a different brand...more info
  • Easy to use
    We have used the rice cooker every night since we received it. Delivery was very fast, received it 2 days before their ship date. Very easy to clean and does steamed vegetables really fast....more info
  • Cool design, bad execution
    We finally gave in and replace our very old but reliable Salton RA3A. The handle broke a while ago but we used it many times since it still works although the switch has gotten a bit loose that sometimes it would turn itself off when you thought you turned it on. It was a cheap basic cooker and we never had complaints. It does what it does satisfactorily. We were thinking of buying the Rival from Target which costs only $13 (hey that's even cheaper than Amazon's next-day shipping!) plus it has a warmer, but we were turned off by the red color which is the only color available. So we decided we reward ourselves with something better and can be used as a steamer.

    When we first saw the Cuisinart CRC-400, we thought it has the coolest design, also has nice stainless steel finish with chrome and black accents. Looks perfect for the kitchen and it only costs $50. Unfortunately, this cooker makes rice a little mushy but that's not our biggest complaint. We thought it's a defective product but after reading some of the reviews here, the design flaw mentioned by many is major and for real. The rice cooker makes a big mess! The rice water spills over and this is because the lid is not flush. Don't know why they did this on purpose because there is already a hole on the lid to let steam out. I believe Cuisinart QA were sleeping when they were testing this product. They should be fired. It also missed on one functionality, and that is the on/off switch. It's easy to forget to unplug it because we were so used to the old one which turns itself off automatically. We did forget at first use and that can be a fire hazard. Maybe they try to cut cost by omitting this switch.

    Anyway, you have been warned. I guess the people who gave this higher ratings don't mind the clean up and non-environmentally friendly products. We really want to like the CRC-400 because it looks perfect in our kitchen but I find it hard to recommend it for its shortcomings. My partner bought this without reading the reviews else I wouldn't have bought it in the first place. We even paid fast-shipping on this so shipping was not free. We've already thrown the old rice cooker away the moment we got this new one. Hopefully, Amazon will give us full credit for the return because we already threw the box away, thinking it will perform flawlessly. ...more info
  • you can do better
    I have owned this for over two years. I hate it. It is messy,hot and often burns the rice. It overflows and leaves scum all around.If thats not enough you can get burned easily using it....more info
  • For the price, it's OK, but...
    We've had this steamer for 2 years & while it does a nice job of steaming veggies, the rice results are inconsistent. To get the rice cooked seems to require more water than the directions call for. This might be because a lot of steam escapes during the cooking process (and there's often a watery 'overflow' onto the counter, too). Once the rice is cooked, you need to remove it w/in 10-15 min. or you get a brown "crust" on the bottom (not burned exactly, but unpleasantly browned). I've decided to move up to a higher quality steamer after 2 years of struggling with this one......more info
  • Small yet powerful!
    The rice cooker is smaller than I had pictured it when I placed the order yet we are satisfied with the results it has given us. It may be a bit slower than my last cooker but still faster and more convenient than stove top cooking and tender moist rice is always the result!...more info
  • Don't need Fuzzy logic to make rice
    After researching rice cookers (there are many) and learning just how they work (, I purchased this model. This product is everything I expected and even more. For the price of 49 dollars this rice cooker is a great value producing perfect rice every time. I have made rice of all kinds in this cooker. Long grain, brown, Basmati, Jasmine and even the Royal Blend rices. I have steamed vegetables, and a bonus, this cooker makes great oatmeal, including absolutely delicious steel cut(Irish) oats. When cooking oatmeal one reviewer suggested not putting the lid on tight and that keeps it from boiling over. It works!! We use this cooker almost daily and it is easy to clean. When done you retract the cord and just put it away. I suppose I could say it doesn't do this or that but I knew its limitations before I purchased it. Therefore this review is based on what I knew I was getting. Bottom line is if you want to spend 200 dollars on a rice cooker go ahead but I am more than satisfied with this 49 dollar purchase....more info
  • Good rice , but always makes a mess
    I bought this one based on the Cuisinart name. After about a dozen uses, it's going in the garbage. A rice cooker should not spew starchy bubbles all over the countertop when filled to only half of it's capacity. Watching how vigorously this boils, my guess is that the heating element is oversized for the bowl. I use a rice cooker to reduce the amount of work, not increase it....more info
  • Performance questionable
    This is a well designed, attractive unit to use as an extra, helpful kitchen appliance. It's particularly good for steaming a single portion of vegetables. For rice is only so-so, not much better than just doing it the old fashion way on the stove. In my first experience carefully following the instructions and measurements, the water/rice mixture overflowed and made a mess well down inside the unit. The instructions emphasize to always point the steam exhaust toward the back. Now I know why, it will spit all over you and your kitchen floor if you don't. ...more info
  • Cuisinart CRC-400 4-Cup Rice Cooker
    This is a great product. It was given as a give and the family that got it love it....more info
  • Don't buy this
    Not a good choice-must be watched to make sure it doesn't boil over, didn't switch to warm automatically & burns. Spend a little more $$ and get a programmable unit if you cook rice often....more info
  • Great multi-purpose cooker
    We use our CRC 400 rice cooker for cooking rice, oatmeal and steaming vegetables. Rice: We use one cup rice and 2 cups water and add a small amount of margarine; it does not boil over or make a mess. Oatmeal: It does an excellent job, we leave the lid off the entire time it cooks. [It does make a mess with the lid on]. Steaming: We leave the lid on and use the stainless collander that was included; does an excellent job, no mess. We particularly like the retractable cord which makes it convenient to leave on the kitchen counter. We think it is very handsome. Overall, after using it for 2 months about 6 days a week we are very happy with it, we would purchase it again. Suggestion: As with any kitchen appliance that produces steam, when using, move it away from under wood cabinets to avoid damaging the finish and loosening glued joints. ...more info
  • Awful....just awful....
    This product should serve as nothing more than a stainless steel paperweight. After having my trusty (if battered and aged) old rice cooker replaced by this contraption after my wedding, it quickly became apparent that Cuisinart has no idea how to manufacture a quality rice cooker. The product produced a gelatinous goo that bubbled through the steam escape, and even pushed the glass lid ajar. I took to using a piece of tinfoil as the lid, so I could best manage the steam release. My problems are now solved, however---the heating element just burned out; TWO YEARS AFTER WE RECEIVED IT!! I'm a Japanese-American, and grew up eating and cooking rice. Trust me: stay with the Japanese brands!!...more info
  • Hey it is a great item Do not believe all the negative reviews
    Read the majority of the review before I purchased my rice cooker. Yes it came in a bit soiled but that is why I have soap and water near my sink and there were a few cosmetic scratches from the previous owners attempt at cleaning with the wrong product. I only gave it 4 stars because of the rather conspicuous scratch marks on the front of the unit.

    The bottom line is the cooker works great, no it works absolutely great. I took the time to accurately measure both my rice and water as suggested in the owners manual and in no way did it come out mushy, wet or otherwise inedible. If anything because I am over a mile above sea level could have used a tad bit more water to compensate for the cooking temperature difference of the boiling water. I was able to steam up a batch shrimp and a bunch of batches veggies with great results. In my opinion I got a great bang for my buck and am happy as a skunk in a pea patch. After all re-conditioned is not cosmetically like new but works like new.
    ...more info